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Good Morning, My Love

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A soft tickling on my neck woke me up. I knew that feeling. It was Ethan’s butterfly kisses that he gives me every morning. I tilted my head ever so slightly to the side to give him better access. I smiled.

“Good morning,” I murmured.

I felt his smile against the side of my throat, then he went back to kissing my neck. The kisses were more insistent now. He pressed kisses down my neck until he reached my collarbone. Once he reached it, he licked all the way back up to my ear, making my next breath a little shaky.

“Good morning baby girl,” he replied, lightly biting my ear. His raspy morning voice combined with the increasingly passionate kisses made me squirm a little. I couldn’t move far because of his body pressed on top of mine, skin on skin.

One of his hands trailed up my side. It slid up my thigh, over my hips, and up to my tits. He shifted his weight so he wasn’t directly on top of me, letting him play with one of my nipples. I let out a moan. I couldn’t help it.

Ethan looked at me, and his eyes were already a little foggy with lust. He captured my mouth in a kiss, but he quickly moved lower. He kissed his way down past the hickeys he’d given me last night and down my stomach until he was settled between my thighs. I was wet already, and I knew he could tell.

He smiled up at me, then lowered his mouth. He stopped. He was so close to my pussy I could feel his warm breathing. I arched my back and whined at him. I needed his mouth all over my pussy and my clit, I wanted him to make me twitch.

He didn’t. Ethan pressed kisses onto my thighs, alternating between them, getting closer and closer to where I wanted his mouth. Without breaking eye contact he lowered his head and swiftly licked my clit.

I moaned and bucked my hips towards his mouth.

“Please,” I gasped. Instead of giving me what I wanted, he got off the bed and stood up.

“I’d rather make my little slut wait,” he told me. “On your knees.”

I stood up and put my arms over his shoulders so we could make out with our bodies flush against each other. He was very hard already. It didn’t take long for him to push me down onto the carpeted floor in front of him. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him. I smirked as I decided I wouldn’t be as obedient as he expected me to be.

I gripped the base of his thick cock and moved forward. Before my mouth touched the tip of his cock, I turned my head. I exhaled gently all the way down his length, teasing him with warm air. He put a hand on my shoulder as a warning. I knew he didn’t want me to play games.

I ignored that and did the same to the other side of his cock. fixbet I kissed the head, then looked up at him as I licked precum off my lips. By the look in his eyes, I knew I wasn’t going to get to do this much longer. I licked the underside of his cock from base to tip. Ethan groaned and his cock twitched against my mouth.

That’s when I felt the familiar feeling of him grabbing two handfuls of my hair. I knew what was coming next, so I quickly sucked his cock to make it wet and easier for both of us. He pulled me forward so that his cock was nearly completely in my mouth. Then he started to fuck my face.

I knew I could touch his thigh and he would stop, but I wasn’t planning on it this time. I wanted him to use me. His grip tightened on my hair and his hips pushed his thick cock further down my throat. I was already gagging, but neither of us cared. He moaned when he was fucking my face so deep that my nose hit his body with every thrust.

I managed to look up at him, which made him moan. I know how much he loves eye contact. I also know how much it turns him on to see me drooling all over his cock.

He pulled out, but kept his grip on my hair. I kept my mouth open. He moved his hips slightly so that his cock rubbed all over my lips, tongue, and cheeks.

“Edge of the bed,” was his simple command. My breathing was heavy after being face fucked, but I obliged. I spread my legs for him.

He admired me for a second, then stepped forward and smiled.

“Good girl,” he praised me as he ran a finger over my soaking wet pussy. I gasped and moaned at the contact. He slid it inside me and slowly pumped in out, already making me twitch.

He leaned forward over my naked body.

“You’re so wet for me and all you’ve done is choke on my cock. You’re such a dirty girl. My dirty little girl,” he said in a voice that gave me chills, “I bet you’re dying to be filled up with my cock.”

I could barely think straight. His words had such an incredible ability to turn me on.

He came even closer, and removed his finger from my pussy. It was quickly replaced with the head of his cock, teasing me.

“Beg for it. Beg for me to use you like my toy,” he demanded.

“Ethan please fuck me. I need to be filled up with your cock. Fuck, please fuck me like the little toy I am,” I begged. He seemed satisfied with it.

He pushed his hips forward, but he stopped. Fucker.

“What are you?” he asked me.

“I’m yours! I’m your fucking toy I’m your slut and I just need you to use me!”

He slammed his hips forward and thrust his cock deep inside me. I moaned loudly and absolutely fixbet giriş loved the feeling of being filled up.

“Good girl,” he said. Then he started to fuck me. Nice, long, strokes in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

I was already moaning uncontrollably. He knew exactly what I liked. His hands gripped my legs as he fucked me senseless.

I loved the feeling of his thick cock in my pussy. The feeling is unmatched. It feels so fucking good to be full of his cock and having him pound into me.

My eyes opened for a second so I could look at him. His completely lust-filled smile as he looked down at me made me moan even louder.

I could already feel myself getting close. My hips were moving on their own accord, trying to meet his.

“Harder!” I begged. The bastard stopped. He leaned in close to me and played with my nipples as he spoke.

“Does my dirty girl want to cum?” he asked. I whined and squirmed and tried to get him to move. The feeling of his hands on my tits was sending pleasure straight to my clit. He had me trapped so I could barely even grind on him.

“Yes sir please let me cum,” I begged. I was so desperate to feel him moving inside me again. I hated the denial. He leaned in even closer to me so I could feel his warm breath against my ear.

“Next time you try to tease me, think about who’s actually in control.”

He straightened and slammed his cock into me. He fucked me hard like I needed him to. The second he grabbed under my hips to fuck me even harder, it was over. My orgasm washed over me. I was shaking and twitching and moaning but he fucked me through all of it.

Once I was coherent, he came in close to me and kissed me. He kept moving his hips through the kiss, making me moan into his mouth.

“You like that?” he asked, breaking the kiss. I nodded, and he smiled and let his hands roam over my body. He gently squeezed my thighs as he slid out of my pussy. He replaced it with a finger and I made a small noise. I was already missing the front of being filled.

“Baby you’re dripping wet for me,” he said with a look of awe, not to mention pride. I was about to respond when he pushed his thumb against my clit and rubbed, hard.

My breath caught and my whole body twitched at the shockwaves of pleasure. I cursed as he kept going. I couldn’t think. It was so intense.

He pulled his finger out and stopped touching my clit. I was breathing as hard as he was. He kept eye contact with me as he licked the wetness off his finger.

“Turn over for me baby, please,” he asked. I turned and pressed my chest against our bed.

He didn’t tease me this time, thank fuck. He pushed into me with his thick cock and I moaned as he hit my g-spot. Fuck, it felt so good like this.

He lightly dragged his nails down my back as he slowly fucked me. It gave me goosebumps and intensified the feeling of him inside me. I started to moan and push back into him, but he gripped my hips.

“Just let me fuck you, baby girl. Let me use you,” he breathed. I stopped moving my hips, but damn it was hard.

He kept his hands on my hips and held me even tighter. He pulled me back onto his cock. I moaned into the sheets and grabbed at them with my hands.

His cock got so deep into my pussy with every thrust, hitting my g-spot along the way. I was so tight and it felt incredibly good to have his cock stretching me and completely filling me. He only slowed down to slap my ass and thighs, which only made me moan louder.

His hands left my hips and went to my hair. I felt him grab two handfuls and then he pulled, causing a sharp inhale I knew he would call me out for.

“My horny toy is so beautiful like this. All you can think about is my cock inside you.” I could hear the smile in his voice. I couldn’t respond even though I wanted to, I could only moan. Once again, I was getting close. And from the way he was fucking me, he was too.

He stopped all of a sudden. He flipped me over and pushed me back so my whole body was on the bed with my head on the pillows.

He positioned himself over me and slid his cock into me. I moaned loudly and ran my hands over his body. The angle always felt amazing.

He pumped his cock in and out of me. I loved the closeness. I loved the feeling of his thick cock deep inside my pussy. He only slowed down to kiss my face and neck.

I was close. He could tell. He went faster and told me how badly he wanted me to cum for him, how hot I am, how good I feel. It didn’t take long.

I came wildly, holding onto him to keep my grip on reality. I felt my pussy tighten around him and I moaned at the intense feelings in my clit. Even though I was twitching like crazy, he fucked me through my orgasm again.

It was very well timed. Once I came down from my high, he pulled out. He jerked himself off for a few seconds, then came all over me. He let out a very hot, low moan as he did. My stomach and chest and tits were absolutely painted in his cum. I loved it.

He kissed me, then grabbed the tissues from the side of our bed. We needed to get more already.

Once I’d cleaned myself off, he pulled me in and locked his arms around me. I loved it. I was perfectly content. I started to fall asleep just like that.

“Get dressed,” he mumbled eventually. I turned so I was facing him. He was still hard. I smiled and straddled him.

I lowered myself onto his cock and started to ride him…

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