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Authors Note:

This is a story I submitted for a contest at another site. The contest had two rules: The submission had to be under one-thousand words and the title had to start with the letter “J”.

I hope you enjoy it.


“Why did you decide to do this, Eve?”

I felt Mr. Anderson run his hand over my bottom and gently squeeze. I let out a little moan and slid a little closer to him in that large, king-size bed. At that moment I realized I’d passed by his bedroom hundreds of times but never went in, until now.

“Does there have to be a reason?” I said coyly.

“No… it’s just I…”

It was fun to watch him stutter and stammer a bit. He always came across so confident and self- assured… But not now.

“I guess I’ve thought about this for a while… about… you know… being with you,” he said.

I slowly ran my hands through his sparse chest hair.

“For how long?”

“The past eighteen years.”

I giggled.

“Really, that long?”

“No, maybe the last five or six… since you got these…”

His hands cupped my large breasts and I let out a little, involuntary moan.

We took a few moments and basked in the post-coital glow. Being with an older man was so much different than being with guys my age and my head was spinning. I could hear the waves gently colliding against the shore outside his Malibu beach house and it was an interesting juxtaposition gorukle escort to the nervous turmoil I was feeling inside. Then, his voice broke me out of my deep reflection and brought me back to the now.

“When will Liz get home?” He asked.

“She’s your daughter, you should know.”

“Hey now, she’s your best friend, you know her schedule better than I do.”

“She’s golfing today and won’t be home until around two, so we have plenty of time.”

A sly, little grin broke across his face.

“Just exactly what do we have plenty of time for?”

I moved my hand from his chest, down to his cock and felt it harden in my hand.

“Maybe we can find something fun to do while she’s on the links.”

He leaned in and kissed me, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths in white-hot abandon. He had such a nice, big cock and I wanted more of it. His eyes closed while I stroked him in my hand, producing a nice, thick erection.

“It feels like you’re ready for another go.”

I could feel his pre-cum drip onto my fingers.

“Oh God yes… I want you… I want to be inside you again.”

I slid up his body and straddled him, sitting on his stomach. Again, my mouth met his and I pushed my large breasts into his chest. I wanted to use every inch of my body to turn him on. I wanted him to remember this… remember me… for the rest of his life.

“Tell me you want me,” altıparmak eskort bayan I purred lustfully.

“I want you… I want you so bad,” he moaned into my mouth.

“Can you feel my wet pussy on your stomach, that’s what your big cock does to me… it gets me hot and wet.”

“Oh God, I want to be inside you… please.”

It felt good to hear him beg. I wanted to hear that… I needed to hear that.

“Tell me where you want to put that big cock,” I teased.

“In your pussy, in your tight, young, little pussy.”

I slid down his stomach until I felt the head of his cock rest against my aperture. I couldn’t help but grin when I looked down on his stomach and saw the wet, matted hair, the result of my secretions and his semen that was oozing out of me from earlier.

I reached behind and guided him into me. There was some pain the first time, I wasn’t used to taking one this big… but not now. I was so wet from our earlier carnal pursuits he slid into me with relative ease.

“Oh God…” he moaned as I took him deep inside my body.

I put my hands above my head while his hands clutched my large breasts. We moved perfectly, seamlessly, in unison… as one.

“You feel so tight, so good.”

I squeezed his member inside me and ground my pelvis onto him, moving slowly. His thick cock was hitting my clit perfectly, driving me closer to going nilüfer eskort bayan over the edge.

“Let it go for me, Daddy, I want to feel you squirt inside me again.”

My world went dark as our bodies shook in orgasmic release.

I collapsed on top of him and it took a full minute to catch our breaths. I loved feeling his hard body against mine. I hated to admit it, but I was going to miss him… miss this.

“Now that we’re getting… closer… would you tell me about Liz?”

“Ummm… what do you want to know?”

“Since she started high school, she’s so secretive; she won’t open up to me or tell me anything about her life.”

“I’m going to need you to be a little more specific before I start divulging her personal information.”

“Well, you could start by telling me who she’s seeing, who she’s into.”

“Ahhh… who she fucks, information like that?”

His jaw dropped open.

“She has sex?”

“She really does keep you in the dark doesn’t she?”

“I ummm… I guess she does… but I’d love for you to tell me about her life if you’re willing.”

“Lately she’s been fucking Aaron.”

“Aaron? I thought he was your boyfriend.”

“He was, until yesterday… until I found out he was fucking my best friend behind my back.”

There were a few moments of inaudible shock as he processed the new information I’d revealed.

“You’re… you’re… beautiful Eve, I think she’s always been a bit jealous of that.”

I shot him a sly smile.

“You asked me earlier why I’m doing this… why I’m in your bed.”

His eyes met the daggers in mine.

“I don’t want Liz to hate me because I’m beautiful; I want her to hate me because I fucked her father.”

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