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A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 03

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Terry (on TV) said to me, “Get me hard again, baby, I’m want to fuck you one more time before I take you to the church to marry your new husband. If you want me to fuck you one more time, all you have to do is begin sucking my cock. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do it, it is OK. In fact if you want to stop with just Charlie here fucking you in your asshole, drop your head close your eyes and enjoy it as he fucks you, baby. You will get the pictures; either way they are yours.”

I looked up at him, and then I looked into the mirror at Charlie as he was fucking me, his ass bouncing back and forth. I looked back up at Terry and his limp dick in front of my face, and I opened my mouth, moved forward to capture his dick and I took him between my lips. Anyone watching this video could tell that I wanted him to fuck me one more time before I left for the church to get married. Charlie kept fucking me in my asshole like a crazed man. As he did, I sucked on Terry’s limp dick and it began to grow in my mouth.

He grew to the point that I had to grab hold of it again with both hands. Charlie was slamming into me hard and fast, I watched him on the TV climax as he stopped and at the same time crammed as much of himself into my ass as he could. I saw him shake as he emptied his nuts into me. When he pulled out of my asshole, Terry pulled his half-hard cock out of my mouth and moved behind me. I watched on the TV as he put the head of his dick against my asshole and slowly pushed it in. What surprised me was watching myself pushing back against him, obviously trying to get him to give it to me deeper.

While watching all this on the TV, I felt the fingers pull out of my ass as I was still bent over the back of the couch, I watched myself on the TV as I felt the head of a man’s dick pushing into my ass replacing the fingers that had been driving me fucking crazy because of the feelings they gave me. I know this sounds sick but to watch myself being fucked in my ass on TV AND to feel it happening again at the same time only added to this sick, nasty, overpowering lust racing through my body and mind. The man behind me who had been finger-fucking my asshole wasted no time; once he had the head of his dick in me, he instantly began fucking me very hard and fast.

I watched on the TV as I reached under myself fighting my wedding dress to finger myself as Terry fucked me on the TV while the man behind me fucked me. I reached down under myself cramming my hand and arm under my tummy and the back of the couch to get my fingers on my clit one more time. I looked back up at the TV and I saw just how crazy I was as Terry fucked my asshole. Terry was fucking faster and faster, driving me crazy.

Feeling the man behind me fucking me in my asshole at the same time that I was watching myself on TV being fucked by Terry — and add to that the feeling I was giving myself on my clit and fingering my hole — took me way beyond any kind of reality, I was lost to this feeling of lust and animal desire for the pleasure to never stop and I wanted it all. While I was focused on the TV screen watching Terry’s ass moving, I saw a pair of legs walk in front of me and a black dick stop right in front of my face. I can’t honestly tell you if I leaned forward to take him in my mouth or if he stepped closer to my face. I can tell you that I opened my mouth and took him inside. I had only one hand on the cushion because my right hand was still under me adding to my pleasure, between my belly and the couch back, my fingers were still fingering my clit and hole.

My throat had no protection against the assault he began to give me. I adjusted my head so I could breathe as he began to fuck me in my face and his cock plunged in and out of my throat. I had never seen any black man’s cock before, however, I had heard that they had big dicks. His dick was as black as coal, but Terry had a larger and fatter dick than the man in my mouth did. The black man fucking my face did not take long before he came and when he did he kept moving his dick in and out of my throat depositing his sperm inside my mouth and a little down my throat, then back again all over my tongue, filling my cheeks. He kept moving in and out making his sperm fill every inch of my mouth and when he finally was finished, he slowly began to pull his dock out while telling me, “Clean it good, baby. I don’t want to put a sticky dick back in my pants.”

I wrapped my lips tight around him as he very slowly pulled back out of my mouth. His sperm felt very slimy in my mouth (that is the only way that I can describe it). It had a tiny bit of a salty taste; I had had others that were very salty for some reason. I moved his sperm around in my mouth (I don’t know why, I just did) and then I swallowed what was in there down my throat. Just as he stepped away another man stepped in front of me. Terry said, “This is the last two, Tracy, hurry up and get them off.” I guess he was referring türkçe altyazılı porno to the man in my ass as well as the man putting his cock against the open lips of my mouth.

The man sticking his dick in my mouth must have really been turned on because he only got his dick halfway in my mouth when he began to climax and empty his balls. His sperm wasn’t salty at all, and he was full of it, I don’t know his age, but he sure matched that saying my father had about young men: “Young, dumb and full of cum” This man was squirting lots of sperm and with lots of force. He finished and pulled out, letting me catch my breath. I looked back up at the TV to see Terry pull out of my asshole and when he did I could see this huge gaping hole that was my asshole, wide open as I laid there with my face on the floor and my ass in the air while, all the time I kept rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself so I could get something from it all. I saw Terry pick up a camera and I watched as he took five fast pictures of my slowly closing asshole. I could not stop fingering myself then and the feeling the dick in my ass was giving me as well as my own fingers it was almost like being there again living it again. On the TV, Charlie pulled his pants up and left, and Terry said, “Come on, Tracy, we need to get going. I need to get you to the church. Come on, get up.” And the video went blank.

The man behind me was ramming himself hard into me and I was rubbing my clit just as fast and hard. He came and quickly pulled out so another man with a hard dick could replace him. I came again just as the new man slid his cock in my ass; I kept coming over and over again as he pounded me in and out. He came and pulled out. I could feel on my fingers all of the men’s stuff that must have ran out of my ass and pussy. My fingers felt slick and, of course, I am sure some of it was my own juices. I lay there bent over the couch, coming back down to earth very slowly.

I heard a lot of commotion behind me after the man fucking me had pulled out. I felt something on my inner legs going up and down my stockings and inner thighs. Some one was wiping the dripping sperm from them. When I felt the wiping finish I pushed myself up, turned and I saw I don’t know how many men behind me all dressed in black pants, white shirt and red vest. Terry said, “I told the boys that you wanted to give them all a tip for taking time out of their day to come over here and work in the hot sun.” I had no idea what to say, I felt raped again. I mean, what else could you call it? Terry had me in a position that I had to do what he wanted so Peter would never find out just what a stupid wife he had. Only a very stupid woman would allow herself to get into a position like this.

I watched as they all filed out the slider and Terry walked over to the two video cameras that he had set up earlier. He opened them up and took out the tapes. He said as he walked to the slider. “You might want to fix your hair; you look like you just fucked an army. I’ll have my sister come in and help you – and remember, I want you dripping cum as you walk down the aisle. I better see fresh drops of it on the carpet as I film you.”

I stood, my knees shaking and my eyes teared up again, and I was sick with myself. I was sick that I had been so careful these last two years to not have real sex until my wedding day and now the very day that I have waited for, I end up being raped and against my own will I end up enjoying what is happening to me. My best friend’s brother is responsible for it all, here I am getting married and he not only rapes me but he blackmails me. I get raped once before coming to church, then I get raped by the hired help in my bride’s waiting room. I heard a knock at the door, I saw my veil on the couch so I picked it up as I walked to the door, I unlocked it and Peter’s mother and my mother were there. Sandy and the other bridesmaids also stood in the hallway. Peter’s mom, Sandy and my mother came in and Mom shut the door telling the others to wait.

My mother asked, “Why are you crying, dear? Are you changing your mind?” She said that and Terry’s words popped up in my brain about canceling the wedding. I said, “No, I’m just a little scared, that’s all.” Peter’s mother said, “Poor dear, your hair is a mess. Lets dry those eyes and see what we can do. Being married is going to be wonderful. If you are fretting about tonight, don’t. I have spoken to Peter about what and how to begin relations with a virgin. If he hurts you, I’ll break his neck and he knows it, so it will be fine”

There was another knock at the door and it popped open. Terry came in and just stood there, camera in hand. He said, “Any idea how much longer? The people are becoming restless.” My mother said, “That’s tough. It is Tracy’s wedding day; we will wait on her.” Sandy was working on my face, Peter’s mother was brushing my hair and my mother twitter porno worked on my veil. While my mother was working on my veil her face was very close to mine and I know she was able to smell my breath.

I saw a puzzled look come over her and she whispered in my ear, “Honey, you need a breath mint.” Again I remembered what Terry had told me about that. I said, “I know, I plan to put a breath mint in my mouth before I walk down the aisle. Terry has some Tic-Tacs for me, don’t you, Terry?” He said, “Yes. My, you look so lovely in white, all pure and clean. I have to tell you, Tracy, you are filming very well. Everything we have shot so far has come across crystal clear. I am getting all of your expressions. You are going to look back on this day and I know you will never forget it.”

My mother said, “He’s right, you know, dear. A woman never forgets her wedding day, it is etched in her memory forever.” That was not comforting at all for me, this was one day I think I wanted to forget. I knew that Terry was not about to let that happen and I was afraid what Peter was going to do when we make love tonight and he finds that I am not the virgin that I made him to believe that I was. Sandy finished with my face, my veil was in place and I could not think of anything to stop my going out. Mother asked, “Are you ready, dear? Do you want to get started and show Peter his lovely bride?” I gave her a weak smile and said, “Yeah, I’m ready.”

Terry aimed his camera and as Mom opened the door she called the rest of the wedding party in, the girls all gathered around me giving me support, my mother and mother-in-law went back to their seats. Terry stood there videotaping as we all readied ourselves for the procession Sandy handed me my bouquet and we lined up at the door. From the moment I stood up, I had felt all the sperm in me wanting to come out. I did not want it to because I did not want anything dripping on the carpet so I clenched myself as tight as I can but even doing that I could still feel the stuff coming out as I walked. I just prayed that the stuff coming out my rear did not have any color to it. I could just imagine that happening and staining my white stockings or worse yet drip on the light tan carpet that would show up like a sore thumb.

Being a woman I have learned how to “hold it,” but even though I can “hold it” I could still feel some of it slowly dripping out. I also worried about passing gas; as good as I am in clenching my butt, sometimes it just happens. I had all of this racing through my mind as I took step after step. My father met me at the doorway before we walked down the aisle. I wanted to climb in his arms and have him protect me from Terry. I knew that he could not without my being shown to be a whore.

I took his arm and he said, “You look lovely, dear. Peter is a very lucky man to get you as his wife. Treat him right and he will treat you right.” He kissed me and down the aisle we walked. I was conscious of the fact that Terry was behind us at a distance videotaping me walking. My father turned me over to Peter and we stood there and said our vows. I could feel myself losing the battle holding it all in. I could feel the accumulated cum of all those men sliding down my inner thighs. When Peter kissed me I held my breath so he would not smell the men’s sperm on it. And the minister introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. We began to walk out. Peter walked faster than I did coming in and I knew stuff was dropping out of me faster than I could stop it. All I could do was hope and pray that no one would look down at the floor. I did not want to look down just in case someone saw me and they would look down, too.

Today I was supposed to be happy, yet all I could think about was what had happened to me sexually, how I had responded and, of course, the hold Terry had over me now. I could not think of any way out of it all. I could not kill myself, I could kill Terry but then I would go to prison or worse. I could not tell my parents or my husband. It was a no-win situation for me. I had to live my life and do whatever Terry wanted while trying to keep it all from my new husband.

We got into the limo and it was then that Peter gave me a long deep kiss. When he broke the kiss. He said, “Do you have any mints? I could use one.” I know Peter; he would never tell me I had bad breath, he would ask me for a mint, which I would always give him, and of course take one myself.

The limo took us for a long drive so the people could make it the two miles to the large hall that my parents rented for us at the Hilton. We had the honeymoon suite and over half of our guests were staying the night there in the same hotel. They wanted 30 minutes to get there ahead of us. In the limo Peter was all over me. He made it very clear what was on his mind. Every time he would try and put his hand and try to pull up my dress I would stop him. There was no way on this earth üniversiteli porno that he was going to be touching me under my dress as messy as I was. I said, “I don’t want to ruin my wedding night. I have waited too long to do it here in a car. If you can’t wait till tonight, I’ll give you a blow-job but nothing else until tonight.” Peter did not like what I told him but he knew he had no choice. I knew it and I wanted to take the edge off for him. I said real hot and sexy as I grabbed for his dick through his pants squeezing it feeling him hard as a rock. “Can you close the drivers window? If you do, I want to suck you off. This will be just the first of many times as your wife.”

Peter pushed the button and the window went up. I moved and knelt in front of him on the floor. I helped him get his pants down and I went to work on his hard cock. As I knelt there holding it and running my mouth up and down his shaft I found myself thinking of the different men I had sucked off in the last two, maybe three hours. My new husband’s cock seemed to be on the lowest end of the scale as for size. I say that because when I brought his cock far inside of my mouth I did not have to relax my throat because he wasn’t big enough that I had to do that. There was a part of me that already knew that but I guess all day I had hoped that when I did get to Peter today that I would have been wrong.

It did not take Peter long before he shot his hot, slimy sperm in my mouth. I closed my eyes and this time I rolled it all around my mouth I guess in some way I was trying to use my husband’s sperm to wash away all the other sperm that I had in it today. I milked Peter for every tiny drop that I could get from him. In the past I would get him off, swallow and pull away. Today I kept his little dick in my mouth and played with it. Peter just laid back and moaned in pleasure. I knelt there wanting to play with myself because I was so fucking hot. SHIT! Did I just say “my husband’s little dick?” Gee, what am I thinking? God, I wanted to fuck so bad! I did not want to make love, I wanted to just fuck. I did not dare to take a chance that Peter would discover that I had men’s cum coming out of my ass and pussy. I know how mad he gets and I am sure that if he did ever find out about my not being a virgin and that on our wedding day that I had been screwed over 10 times (maybe more) that he would never understand how or why and would hurt me for sure.

My pussy felt on fire, wanting and needing a nice hard dick to fuck me. The limo came to a stop, I let go of Peter’s little peter and sat back up on the seat. I watched as Peter scooted around and got his pants back on. The driver gave us some time and finally opened the door. When we got out everyone was there, including Terry with his camera. The first thing that I had to do was get into the bathroom and check my dress, stockings and finally clean myself up. I walked in and I felt a little crusty as the sperm had dried on my inside thighs. I kissed Peter on the cheek and told him I had to go potty.

It was too early to go up to the suite, we had to do the reception first, so I went into the restroom and locked the door. I lifted my dress off over my head and spread it over the counter. I was wearing a bra and stockings held up by my garters. I laid it out and looked for spots; mainly I looked for brown spots. I was glad that I did not find anything major. I did find several small spots where sperm had ended up on it. There were many crusted spots but I wet some papers and wiped those spots away. I was so relieved that there were only three little spots that were a little dark.

When I finished my dress, my stockings were next. I slipped off my shoes and brought my stockings down. My poor stockings were a mess, so I decided to take them both off and wash them. The inside of my stockings did have a lot of stains on them and they were covered in crusted sperm as well as brown spots and brown runs of sperm. I finished washing them and realized that I could not put them on wet. I used the hand blow dryer and tossed them up and down in my hand letting the warm air try and dry them. After a while I realized that even though it was working, it would take a long time this way. I decided to drape them over the back of a stall wall. I cleaned my bottom with the wet towels and I was so glad to finally be able to do it.

I was tempted to masturbate a bit because I still was turned on by sucking my husband in the limo. While that was a turn-on itself, I had to admit that mostly I got so turned in the limo by remembering the other men’s cocks that I had in my mouth today. I began to feel horny again. I thought I better get my dress back on and get out to my reception. I felt myself thinking and thinking and thinking about how I kept climaxing over and over again as all those anonymous men fucked me in the bride’s room. I am ashamed to admit it to you but mostly to myself that as I kept thinking about it I wanted to experience it again. No, not the sex with more men, I mean the feeling of that climax. I’m sure that I can get it again with Peter. I love Peter and he loves me. I know that sex with him will be sweet, caring and fulfilling. I am sure it will be. It has to be. If it isn’t, what am I going to do?

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