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Bowling Alley

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Bowling alleys are closed here now due to that blasted pandemic. Some have had to close for good. That’s sad, but it got me to thinking, and fantasizing about what might have been.

Back in the day, I bowled on leagues at a couple of different bowling alleys. I had my own ball, red marbled, and blue suede bowling shoes. I was never very good at it, but I had fun. I was never much of a drinker either, but I discovered if I had half of an Amaretto Sour, my game went up by 20 points.

My job had gotten to the point where I worked all sorts of days and shifts so I couldn’t commit to a league, but I still loved to bowl.

My friend Maria had recently gotten divorced. She’s from Germany and still has a German accent but it has softened over the years. She got the house in the divorce. The house wasn’t all that big, but proportionally, the living room and dining rooms were large, and it was near where we worked, so a perfect place to gather.

Maria also loves to cook. She almost always had some roast chicken or other meat, something in the Crock-pot and perhaps some salads and desserts. The food alone attracted the single guys from work.

I got into the habit of going to her place on Wednesdays after I got off work. Two of my best guy friends were usually there. Joe, who was at one point, my friend with benefits, lived next door. He’s from Georgia and a few years younger than me. He’s my height and all skin, muscle and bone, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a killer smile.

Sam was 18. He’s from Hong Kong. He lived two doors down from Maria. We’re both pigs in Chinese Astrology so I was 30 at the time. I didn’t find out until years later that he was madly in love with me. I should have known. When the weather was cold, we’d cuddle together under a blanket in the corner of Maria’s living room. He kept trying to show me how to play a card game but I never figured it out, so I’d always lose. Sometimes he would ask if he could touch my breasts. I’d let him put his hand in my bra and he would feel around in there, moaning.

Joe and Sam were almost always there as they lived so close, but there were usually plenty of other people there as well.

We fell into a pattern. We’d go bowling nearly every Wednesday. There was a bowling alley in North Seattle with a Hawaiian sounding name. A famous rock star once stopped in while I was bowling on a league there. I missed meeting him. I had dislocated my knee while dancing. It was hard to walk with the knee brace on and I knew I was in no shape to bowl, so I stayed home that night. Still kicking myself for that! I could have had him autograph my butt!

Maria began having us over on the weekends as well. We didn’t go bowling then because the bowling alley was too busy and usually had some special thing like Moonlight bowling going on.

Her house was often just a meeting place though. Some or all of us might decide to go off on some adventure elsewhere. We always had fun though!

On this particular Wednesday, I had the day off. Joe called me.

“Hey! Wear your yellow dress tonight. Okay?”

The dress was something I made myself, and quickly. I was required to wear a dress on my first day of work and I had nothing suitable. Neither did my friend Patty. I told her not to worry. I’d make her a dress.

In those days, the fabric stores had bolts of fabric with smocking at the top. With careful measuring, you could cut two pieces, sew a seam up each side and have a strapless dress or a long skirt.

I bought blue and red fabric for Patty. I sewed red ribbon straps at the top. She wore a T shirt under it. Then she gave it back to me after our first day of work. She said she would never wear a dress again! She was quite the tomboy!

The yellow fabric had tiny flowers on it and wide horizontal stripes at the bottom, in teal, purple and rose, each with a stripe of the yellow in between. I cut off a strip of the yellow from the bottom and fashioned it into thick straps that crisscrossed the back. The end result was a short sundress.

“You want me to go bowling in a dress?”

Joe snickered. His voice got a little higher. I always knew something was up when he snickered like that and his voice got higher.

“Oh, you can bring your ball if you want to! I don’t think you’re going to need it though.” He snickered again and told me he had to get back to work.

After dinner, I laid out the clothes I would have worn to go bowling. I normally wore jeans for bowling but they were too bulky to fit in my bowling bag so I opted for a pair of red gaucho pants that I’d made and a black lace tank top. I folded them carefully so they wouldn’t wrinkle and tucked them into my blue and white bowling bag.

I shook my head as I looked at the yellow dress and slipped it on. Why a dress? And why this dress? Joe had expressed interest in some of my clothes before, but never this dress. Yellow wasn’t even his favorite color. He liked blue. Sam’s favorite color was yellow though. He told me so.

Some people were at Maria’s house Uzun porno when I got there, but not Sam or Joe. They arrived shortly thereafter, but they didn’t come in. They just stood on the porch, calling my name through the open door.

I looked around.

“Aren’t we going bowling?”

Sue looked up at me from her plate. “Sorry. I’m really beat. I’m going to turn in early.”

Janice gave her boyfriend a side hug and a quick smile. “Um… Mike and I have other plans!”

“You three go ahead. We’ll bowl next week. I think we’re just going to sit around and gossip.” Maria waved us on.

“Okay then.” My mouth twisted as I spoke and one eye squinted. Something was up, and I felt like everyone but me, knew what that was!

I was elected to drive. Joe sat in the front seat, poking at the radio like guys tend to do. No matter what station I have on or how the radio is set, it’s not suitable for the guy. He could always do it better. I was used to that by now.

Sam sat quietly in the back seat.

And then I smelled it.


He turned pink and doubled over in laughter. He knew all of my secrets. There’s a certain men’s cologne that turns me on so much I can almost have an orgasm just from sniffing it. He knew this and was always looking for samples of it. They were easy to find as they were commonly inserted into magazines. He and Sam were both wearing this cologne.

“Feeling horny?”

I saw Sam in the rear view mirror. His deep brown eyes grew wide.

“You know I am!”

Joe snickered again. “Drive!”

“Where to?”

“The bowling alley.”

“I thought we weren’t going bowling.”

“We’re not.”

“Then why are we…”

Sam interrupted me. “Pinball. We’re going to play pinball!”

My heart fluttered. I loved pinball. I was worse at that than bowling but I was enthralled by the bright colors, zinging balls, ringing bells and the feel of controlling the flippers. The three of us had played pinball there before, but it was always close to closing time so we could never play for long. This was going to be fun!

We entered the building together, with Joe taking my left arm and Sam taking my right. The owner, an older balding guy, waved at us from behind the desk. Joe and Sam each waved a roll of quarters back at him and pulled me into the little room just inside the entry door.

The room was small and unless you knew it was there, you might miss it. The walls were soundproofed in something black. Three pinball machines stood just inside the door and next to them were some video games that continued down that wall and around the back. Pinball machines were losing popularity as video games were taking over, but this place only had older machines. People who were really into games went to one of the arcades for the latest stuff. The few times we had played pinball here, no one else was in the room.

“Put your purse down there! You won’t need it. It’s our treat.”

I dropped my purse to the floor and Joe kicked it under the Fireball machine. That was my favorite machine at the time with its spinning disc and three balls. Cyclone didn’t come out until 1988 and that is probably my all time favorite.

Joe ran up to the snack bar to get us some drinks and a chicken sandwich for Sam. Sam was always hungry!

Sam and I sat at one of the two high tables along the blank wall. His legs dangled nervously off of the bar stool as he tried to make small talk. He brought up the WWE. Oddly enough we had a conversation about wresting the last time we’d played pinball. Both Joe and Sam laughed at me when I said I watched wresting. They didn’t believe me. I mentioned the name of a popular wrestler with a fake tan and beautiful blonde hair whose motto was that he’d make her glad she was a woman. I was never sure what that meant, but it sounded good.

Truth be told, I was never much of a TV watcher and I didn’t have cable in those days but I was flipping channels one night and watched a little bit of wrestling. I figured there must be something to it as my paternal great grandma went to see it live. She called it “Wrastlin”. And she said she liked to sit close enough that the men’s sweat would get on her!

I never really developed a liking for wrestling but I did watch it for a few months until the novelty wore off. I picked up enough in that length of time that it could be a topic of conversation though.

Joe came back with a loaded tray. Come to think of it, Joe was always hungry too. He brought me a buttered English muffin. I don’t usually eat between meals but he knew I liked those.

The guys ate quickly. I still had several bites left to my English muffin by the time they had finished their food. I knew if I didn’t eat it quickly, Joe would. Sam wouldn’t. He was polite like that. Plus he mostly liked things with chicken.

The guys cracked open their rolls of quarters and handed me one to put in the machine. I was to go first. I stood, poised and ready for action, Joe Öğrenci porno snickered again as he knew what I was going to do. Before I pull the plunger back, I wiggle my butt. I do the same thing in golf when I’m teeing off. That ticked off my golf pro who would grab my hips and call me “Hula hips”. Apparently it doesn’t accomplish a thing in pinball or golf so I’m not sure why I do it.

I was doing really well. I had all three balls going and the points were really racking up. That’s when they decided to distract me.

Sam stood behind me, leaning his lanky frame against me and filling my nostrils with that cologne. I could feel his cock growing hard between my butt cheeks. His arms stretched over mine, his hands covered mine on the flipper buttons. His hot breath was on my neck. Then he softly kissed the right side of my neck. I froze.

Somehow he was managing to pay attention to the game. His hands quickly pushed into mine, saving all three balls from going down.

“Ooh! Good save!” Joe snickered again. He moved around to my left side and put his hand on my breast and commented that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I… It’s in my bowling bag. I was going to put it on if…” My voice stammered and trailed off. I realized I was paying no attention to the game whatever, but Sam was still pressing on my hands, activating the flippers.

“How about panties? Are you wearing those?” Joe dropped to the floor, slid under the pinball machine and under my dress.

I had on a pair of peach colored satin panties. All he had to do was stretch the elastic a bit and they slithered down around my ankles. The two of us struggled to get them off. I had a pair of yellow anklets on and black canvas sneakers. The panties tangled around my feet and I fell back against Sam in trying to get them off. I don’t know where they went after that. I never saw them again.

Joe was up under my dress now, licking between my legs. He knew that I didn’t particularly like that but I was rather stuck with Sam pressing me against the pinball machine. The machine was silent now. The balls dropped down; all three of them. It was waiting for another quarter.

Sam ran his hands up my chest and then down inside the smocking to cup my bare breasts. I let out a moan as my nipples stiffened between his fingers. I turned my head back to kiss him. We had kissed before, but never a French kiss. We did now though. It felt so good! I could feel my pussy dripping into Joe’s mouth. I was enjoying all of this but I also had a sense that someone might see us. Apparently Joe and Sam did too as all three of us quickly straightened up and sat down at the table at the same time. We sat there frozen and glancing at each other, and took a sip of our drinks.

The owner peeked in.

“Not bowling tonight, huh?”

Joe answered. “No sir. The others are busy so the three of us decided to play some pinball instead.”

“Good! I’m glad somebody’s getting some use out of those machines! Here, let me take your tray.” He picked up the tray and the remnants of food, leaving only the drinks.

The three of us sat, blinking at each other for a good minute, then busted out laughing.

“Fuck!” Joe grinned. “That sure was close!” I’m going to take a turn now.”

He inserted a quarter into the machine and pulled the plunger. Sam and I stood watching for a few moments like everything was normal. Then he pulled me further into the room where the video games were.

The games were spaced pretty far apart. The owner could have easily put another game in between each one. But seeing as how I’d never seen anyone else in this room no matter the time of day, there was probably no point in spending the money on more games.

He pushed me up against the side of a Pac-Man game, wrapping me in his arms and kissing me deeply. I loosed my breasts from the stretchy fabric at the top of my dress and pulled his head to them. He sucked one nipple very gently, then the other, pausing to look in my eyes to see if it was okay.

“Are you going to take my virginity?” He whispered in my ear.

“Do you want me to?”

His eyes locked onto mine as he bit his lower lip. He said nothing.

We had talked about sex before. I knew he had a foreskin and I knew he had never been with a woman before except for kissing. I also knew he was very shy.

I spread my legs and put his hand there, helping him to move his fingers around to please me.

“So that’s what you feel like down there. It’s so slippery!”

“Yes. You made me that way. Now make me cum.”

“But I don’t know what I’m doing!” His voice came out in a squeak.

“I’ll help you. I cum very easily.”

“I know. You told me.”

His fingers moved softly and gently, exploring my hot, swollen lips and dripping pussy.

I kissed him again, moaning into his mouth and arching my back as I came.

“That was so good, baby. Do you want me to take your virginity now?”

Again, he said nothing. Just looked like a deer in the headlights.

“We can go back and play pinball if you’d rather”. I ran my fingers lightly down the front of his crotch, feeling the dampness there.

He still said nothing but put his hand over mine, helping me to undo his zipper.

I contemplated the confined and rather public space we were in and tried to decide what position might work best. Suddenly I wished we were at my place, in my nice comfy bed where we could take our time. But we weren’t there so I quickly pulled him against me and wrapped a leg around him while hiking up my dress. We did a little dancing around to get his cock up inside of me. I squeezed my pussy around his cock. And then he came.

“I’m sorry. I’m nervous.” He looked very serious.

“It’s okay. You come to my place some day and it will be much better.”

“Are you sure?” He looked very nervous.

“Of course I’m sure.”

“Good. I’d like that. And then we can cuddle all night.”

“Yes we can!”

I kissed him on the lips as he did his pants back up.

Both of us sheepishly went back to Joe who was racking up far more points than I had.

“Jump in!” He grabbed Sam and positioned him in front of the pinball machine.

Joe kissed me as he pulled me back into the spot that Sam and I just left. The smell of sex was in the air.

“You know I want and I know what you want.”

“Mm hm.”

I dropped to my knees and his cock sprang forth, steely and dripping with pre-cum. I shoved it all the way into my mouth. It was long enough to reach the back of my throat, but I didn’t gag.

He put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. And then he gave me a mouthful of cum.

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous too!”

“Hell no! Just horny as heck! Get on your hands and knees.”

It didn’t take much for Joe to get hard and he could get hard again in an instant, even if he had just cum.

He hunkered down and shoved his cock in me from behind. I felt like we were wedged in that space. We could barely move.

“Work with me now. We’ve got to get a move on. That old man might come back!”

I let out a moan and backed into his cock, squeezing my pussy around it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam grab some quarters from the table. It sounded like he was working that pinball machine like mad. And that was a good thing as I have a hard time being quiet when I cum! I knew the room was soundproof but I wasn’t sure how effective it was.

The room felt like it was getting hotter and hotter. Yes the sex was hot but the video games were also generating a lot of heat. And Joe’s body always seemed hot too. Soon I was covered in sweat and crying out with the first of several orgasms. Joe rammed his cock into me again and again until his cum mixed with Sam’s cum and made me feel so naughty. I felt sticky, sweaty, out of breath and very wanton.

Joe helped me to my feet as he did up his pants. He was good at multitasking. Cum began to drip down my bare legs. He fell to his knees and licked me clean until he got to my pussy where he sucked the rest of the cum out of me. I clutched at his head as I cried out with one last orgasm.

The two of us got back to the pinball machine just in time to watch the last ball drop. Game over.

Joe gathered up the remaining quarters and told me to put them in my purse.

“We should go to the beach!” Joe took my arm and led me towards the door.

“Doesn’t the beach close at sunset?”

“After what we just did, does it matter? Sam looked at me with his puppy dog eyes.

“Okay then! The beach it is!”

Sam sat in the front seat and gave me directions. Good thing because I have no sense of direction. I would have likely taken us to Canada or Oregon instead of the beach!

The air was salty and still. No sounds except for the traffic that seemed so far away and the splashing of the waves. No one was there but the three of us. We walked over the rocks that slipped beneath our feet as we made our way to a large piece of driftwood.

Sam straddled it and pulled me back against him, resting his head on my shoulder. Joe leaned back against me letting his head fall onto my other shoulder. We sat there for a while, keeping each other warm, and listening to our breathing until we almost fell asleep.

I stretched my arms out, suddenly feeling stiff. That was the signal to go home. We all three got up slowly and headed back to my car.

The lights were off as I pulled up in front of Maria’s house. We all got out of the car and looked awkwardly at each other. As if we all knew what happened, but tried to pretend that we didn’t.

“Well… That was fun! I gave Joe a quick hug and peck on the cheek, then gave Sam the same.”

“Should we do that again?” Joe’s voice sounded a little too eager for him being as sleepy as I knew he was.

“Yeah, I think so.” Sam looked at me as if looking for approval.

“I think so too. But maybe next time we could just go to my place.”

“Hey! You don’t have a pinball machine!” Joe laughed.

“I know!” I grinned. “Sweet dreams! I know I’m going to have them!”

I watched the two of them slowly walk down the sidewalk, each in a different direction. I have such good friends!

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