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On a Whim

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It had been a Saturday like many until Shannon made her suggestion. Sara Morris, a 24 year old blond haired beauty and Shannon Lister, a black haired beauty, also 24 years old, had been best friends since middle school. All through high school, through thick and thin, they had remained best friends. They went to the same college and were roommates all through their time there; first in a dorm then an apartment. After college, they went to work for the same company and continued to be roommates.

They were best friends as well as lovers, occasionally. It started out as mutual masturbation, then to using dildos on each other and cunnilingus. Sara and Shannon both preferred men but each did love to bring the other off.

On this Saturday, the two were joined by a 24 year old friend from college named Taylor McFinn. Taylor, a striking red-head, had been a loner at college but had struck up a friendship with Sara and Shannon since the three had many classes together. Since the three had graduated they had stayed in touch. But, in truth, neither Sara nor Shannon really knew Taylor very well.

The three had met early in the day and had gone shopping at the mall. While there they had lunch at a tavern and each had several drinks. Each was feeling pretty good in a short time. At one point, Shannon left the table to go to the restroom. When she returned she was holding a flyer and she said, “Look at this,” as she held it up.

Sara and Taylor read it and Sara asked, “What is a “Slave Grading?””

“I don’t know.”

It was a notice of a Slave Grading that was happening that same day in a location a short distance away. Neither Sara nor Shannon knew what a Slave Grading was but Taylor did. Unknown to Sara and Shannon, Taylor’s family was very wealthy and owned many slaves and had used the Slave Grading process. The McFinn family slaves were the gardeners, maids, etc. On occasion, Mr. McFinn used one of the young maids for sex and Mrs. Finn used a young male or female slave for sex. After all, sex with a slave is not cheating.

Maybe it was the drinks. Shannon then said, “Let’s go and check it out.”


“Let’s go.

Sara, Shannon and Taylor paid their bill and left the mall. In a short time they were at the location of the Slave Grading. They entered the building and looked around. There was a business counter just inside and vendor tables along the wall on either side of the door. The three young ladies walked around for several minutes looking at different displays. Neither Sara nor Shannon had ever thought about alternate sex before.

The three watched as a woman leading another woman by a leash walked up to the counter and said, “I would like to have her Slave Graded.”

“Yes madam, we can do that,” said the female worker, whose name was Cynthia, as she pulled out some papers.

Shannon, at one point, said, “One of us, just for fun, should get Slave Graded.”

Sara laughed saying, “Oh, are you going to do it?”

“Let’s flip for it.”


“Taylor, flip a coin. Sara, you call it.”

Taylor got a quarter out and flipped it in the air. As it was in was falling, Sara called “Heads.”

When it landed, it showed tails. Shannon said, “Come with me slave girl.”

“Oh Shannon, really?”

“You agreed.”

“Ok. Lead on mistress,” Sara said laughing.

They walked up to the counter, with Taylor following, and Shannon said, “I would like to have her Slave Graded.”

“Yes madam.” Then looking at the pair, she asked, “Has your Slave been Registered and Certified?”


“Would you like to?”

Shannon looked at Sara, then smiled and said, “Yes.”


“That is Mistress,” responded Shannon as she slapped Sara’s ass, “now behave.”

Then she leaned closer and said, “Come on Sara. It will be fun.”


Standing behind them, Taylor was laughing.

Shannon filled out the paperwork and when she was finished, Cynthia motioned and two attendants came forward. Cynthia then indicated to Sara where to sign. Sara hesitated for a moment then signed the form. Neither Shannon nor Sara had really thought this through.

Cynthia said, “Slave, go with the attendants. Do as you are told.” She then said to Shannon, “Should we use a shock collar?”

Shannon looked at Sara who had a panicked look in her eyes and said, “No, she will behave.”

Sara nodded and walked away with the two attendants. When she was gone, Cynthia said, “Would you like to buy some gear?”

“Yes, could you make some suggestions? I don’t have anything. As you can tell, I am new to this.”

Cynthia smiled and said, “Of course.”

Cynthia lead the way, saying as she picked out this and that, “You should have a leash and locking collar, handcuffs, a paddle, several dildos, butt plugs and lube, a blindfold, perhaps shackles and restraints, and this.”

Shannon looked at what Cynthia was holding up; it was a strap-on harness and dildo. Cynthia laughed and said, “Every Mistress I know loves to fuck her slave with one on these. You’ll porno 64 love it.”

She went on, “You will get a complementary leash and collar but you should have a locking collar.”

Shannon just nodded and Cynthia said, “Ok, your slave well be out shortly.”

Turning to Taylor, Shannon said smiling, “Oh my god. This is great.”

In 30 minutes, Shannon and Taylor saw that Sara was being led back. To their surprise, she was naked. Sara had a collar on and was being led by a leash. Her hands were handcuffed behind her. As she got close, Shannon said, “Hello Slave, how was it?” Then she saw that Sara had been crying and now concerned, asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. It was so embarrassing. Every part of my body was measured and photographed. And look,”she said turning a little.

Shannon looked close and saw a small mark on her left buttock. Cynthia said, “That is her Slave Mark. Her Slave number has been tattooed to her scalp.”


“She is now Registered and Certified as your Slave. Here is a flash drive with her file and here is a hard copy. It includes a video of her Slave Grading.”

Shannon took the flash drive and the file folder saying, “She is legally my Slave?”

“Yes she is. You may do want you want with her.” Then she added laughing, “If you want, you could sell her. She would bring a pretty penny.”

Sara looked up at that and said, “No.”

“Quiet Slave.” Then Shannon took hold of the leash and said, “Come with me Slave Sara. You’ll go out to the car as you are.”

At first Sara resisted but Taylor came up behind her and pushed saying, “Go Sara.”

Shannon led the way out the door, holding the leash, and all the way to the car. People looked and made comments. Sara was very embarrassed and wanted to hurry but Shannon walked slowly, enjoying her power. Taylor followed, taking in everything.

Shannon made Sara sit in the front seat, still nude, as they drove off. Other drivers were looking and honking. At one point, Shannon pulled into a parking lot of a bar and stopped the car. Sara asked, “What are we doing?”

“Waiting for a man to appear.”

Just then a man walked out of the bar and started to walk to his car. Shannon drove up to him, rolled down her window and said, “Hello, my slave is right here. Would you like her to suck your cock?”

The man, who looked to be about 25, smiled and said, “Sure babe.”

“Follow us.”

Shannon drove the car to the back and got out of the car. She walked around and opened up Sara’s door and said, “Get out Slave. You have a cock to suck.”

“Shannon please.”

“That is Mistress Shannon. Now get out.”

Sara got out and stood.

The man drove up, got out of his car and waited. Shannon led Sara, who was still naked and cuffed, to the man. She spread a towel on the payment, turned to Sara saying, “Slave Sara, I will now release your arms. When I do you will drop to your knees, take the man cock out of his pants and cock it. Understand?”

Sara nodded.

“Say it bitch.”

“I understand Mistress.”

Shannon smiled, got behind her and unlocked the cuffs. Sara did as instructed. The man did not move but let the hot girl open his fly and take out his cock. Sara then licked and sucked on the man’s cock. Soon the man came and Shannon said, “Shallow it all Slave,” as she was filming the action.

Then another man walked around the building saying, “Damn Jeff, I didn’t believe you.”

Jeff laughed and said, “Come on and get some Fred. She’s good.” Then the Shannon, he said, “You don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all,” Shannon replied.

Fred came up to Sara having already pulled his cock out. Shannon said, “Slave, you know what to do.”

Sara licked and sucked this cock as well while Shannon got it on video. She felt like a whore. When Fred had cum, he turned to Shannon and said, “Thank you. She is a little slut.”

Sara was embarrassed and also turned on. Shannon just said, “Yes she is. My little slut.”

Shannon put the cuffs back on Sara, led her back to her car and sat her in it. Then the other two women got back into Shannon’s car and she drove off. Once she and Shannon were in the car, Sara said, “Damn Shannon, what the hell was that?”

Shannon turned to her and said, “Shut up Slave. Read the paperwork. You are legally my slave now.” She then slapped Sara hard and said, “Now do as you are told.”

Sara was stunned and was still for a moment, then said in a quiet voice said, “Yes Mistress.”

“What Slave, I didn’t hear you.”

In a louder voice, Sara spoke again, “Yes Mistress.”

Shannon glanced at Taylor in the rear view mirror and smiled. Taylor smiled back and said, “Yes, she is your slave now.”

“Yes she is but please, don’t tell anyone Taylor. Okay?”

“Sure, I won’t tell anyone.”

When they got back to their home, Shannon said, “Let me unlock your arms Slave.”

Sara turned to the side and Shannon unlocked the hand cuffs. Shannon handed Sara her clothes and said, “You may put your clothes on, porno izle but not the underwear.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Sara responded as she put on her clothes.

When Sara was ready, the three got out of the car and went into their home. As soon as they were inside, Shannon said, “Slave Sara, get nude now. Let us sit in the living room.”

They each sat down and Shannon said, “Let me look at this paperwork for a moment.”

Soon she said, “Wow, look at this Taylor. They did measure her body, every part of her and photographed everything. Wow.”

Sara could take no more and said, “Shannon, for god sakes.”

“What, they did didn’t they? Let’s watch the video.”

Shannon played the video and they watched the whole Slave Grading including the placing of the Slave Mark and the tattooing of the Slave Number. “Damn, I bet that really hurt Sara?”

“Yes it did.”

Holding up the file, Shannon said to Sara, “You do understand that you are my legal slave, right Sara?”


“Only you and I will know about this. And Taylor, but she won’t tell anyone.”

“No I won’t.” Then to Shannon she asked, “May I use your slave?”

Shannon paused for a second, and then said, “Yes you may. Slave Sara, you will now eat my pussy and then you will eat Taylor’s.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Crawl to me slave,” Shannon commanded as she took off her panties.

For the next hour, Sara ate pussy. She would bring one woman to multiple orgasms, then the other, and then return to the other and so on. Afterwards, Shannon talked with Sara and said, “Sara, I will not interfere with our jobs. Ok? But away from work, you will obey.”

“Yes Mistress.”

The friends, now Mistress and Slave, had a routine. Shannon used her Slave as a sex toy. Every morning, Sara woke Shannon by eating her pussy, and then bathed her. After work, when they got home, Sara prepared dinner and cleaned. Later in the evening, the two would have sex with Shannon often using the strap-on harness on Sara. And often, Shannon would have Sara fuck her with a dildo. And Sara spent a lot of time on her knees eating Shannon’s pussy but Shannon did not perform on Sara.

On some Friday nights they would go out and find some men to fuck. Saturday, they would go shopping, go to a park, or go to a music event. When they were not at work, Sara acted like the slave she was becoming. Sara was getting more and more submissive.

Taylor was over at least once a week and enjoyed Slave Sara. After 3 months, on a Friday, Taylor said to Shannon, “This is great what you have done. But, to be fair, you should go through the Slave Grading.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t mean all the way, just the Grading. To see what it was like.”

“I can watch hers.”

“That’s not the same.”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, forget it.” Then, Taylor said, “Let have a wager. I hear you are good at chess. Let’s play. The loser gets Slave Graded.”


The chess board was set up and the game began. Shannon was good and it was a close game but in the end, Taylor won. “Ok baby, tomorrow you’re going to get graded.”

“Wait. Let’s play another game. Let’s raise the stakes”

“To what?”

Shannon thought for a minute and then said, “The loser goes through the entire process, just like Sara did. The loser will be the Slave of the winner.”

Taylor was very happy but did not show it. This was just what she wanted, ever since that Saturday. She said, “Let me get this straight. The loser will not only get Slave Graded but will be Registered and Certified as the winner’s legal slave? Are you sure about this? I just beat you.”

“Yes, I am sure. How bout it?”

“Ok, let’s play.”

The board was set up again but this time it was not close at all. Taylor beat Shannon very quickly. As she conceded, Shannon said, “Are you going to hold me to the bet?”

“Oh yes Shannon. I’ll be here tomorrow morning.” Then she thought, “On second thought, I will stay the night. Ok?”

Sara, who had watched the whole thing unfold, could not help but laugh about it. At least, on the inside. She said to Shannon, “Oh Mistress, I’m sorry.”

Taylor said, “Let’s go make love, shall we girls?”

Shannon and Sara looked at each other and nodded. The three walked up to Shannon’s bedroom, got onto the bed and had sex. For the next two hours, Sara, Shannon and Taylor ate each other’s pussies; fondled each other and each came multiple times. Afterwards, as they lay next to each other, Taylor said, “Damn, you both are good.”

Then she got up, walked out of the room and when she returned she was carrying restraints. She said, “Shannon, come here.”

Shannon got up asking, “What?”

“Hold out your hands.”

Shannon held out her hands and Taylor put the restraints on here and shackled her to the bed. “Why are you doing this?”

“So you don’t try to leave. Now, lie down and go to sleep. We will sleep together.”

The three got back on the bed to sleep. In the morning, Shannon was unchained and was allowed to shower and sex izle get ready for the day. When all were ready, Sara made breakfast for everyone. Taylor had Sara and Shannon wear the same outfit; a halter top, a very short skirt and thigh highs. And no under wear. When it was time to go, Shannon said, “Ok ladies, let’s go.”

“Taylor, you talking just like I do Sara, right? Just for some sex?”

Laughing, Taylor responded, “Sure Shannon.”

Then Taylor said, “Now Slaves, put your arms behind you.”

Sara and Shannon complied with the command and Taylor put handcuffs on each, then connected them by a chain and then by connected a chain to that chain. Taylor then said, “Ok, out to the car.”

Sara and Shannon walked out to Taylor’s car side by side in chains. Taylor opened the back door saying, “Get in Slaves.”

Sara slid in first, and then Shannon did. Taylor walked around the car and got it. She turned to the back and said, “Are you ready?”

Both slaves nodded and Taylor drove off. When they arrive at the event, Taylor led the two slaves to the counter, where Cynthia was working, and said, pointing to Shannon, “I would like to have her Slave Graded and have her Registered and Certified.” And then pointing to Sara, “And I would like her ownership transferred to me.”

Both Shannon and Sara were startled by that statement but stayed silent. Cynthia said, “Yes, I remember them both.”

Shannon spoke up and asked, “Why Sara?”

Before Taylor could answer, Cynthia said, “Because a slave cannot own a slave. Since you are her slave,” pointing at Taylor, “your ownership of her,” pointing at Sara, “is void. As an unowned slave, she could be put up for Auction but if you sign her over to Miss. McFinn, that will be avoided.”

Shannon looked at Sara, who nodded, and then Shannon said, “Ok, I will sign.”

“Fine. It will take just a moment to get the paperwork ready.”

While they were waiting, Taylor unlocked the handcuffs on Shannon and released her. Cynthia soon had everything ready and she held out several papers. To Shannon she said, “Please sign this form, this transfer ownership of Sara Morris to Taylor McFinn.”

Shannon signed. Then Cynthia said, “Now sign this to indicate that you are the slave of Taylor McFinn.”

Again, Shannon signed. Cynthia motioned and two attendants came forward. Cynthia said to Shannon, “Slave, go with the attendants. Do as you are told.”

Shannon was led away and was Slave Graded. She was photographed from every angle and her body measured. She had a Slave Mark placed on her left buttock and her Slave Number was tattooed to her scalp. And all was on video.

When she was returned, Shannon was naked. Shannon had the attendants put her back in the handcuffs and chains. Cynthia handed Taylor a flash drive and a file folder saying, “Your ownership of Slave Sara has been recorded. The Slave Shannon has been Registered and Certified as your Slave. Here is a flash drive and a hard copy. Enjoy Mistress Taylor.”

“Thank you Cynthia.” And to her Slaves she said, “Let’s go my Slaves. Slave Shannon, you will go as you are.”

Just as Shannon had made Sara walk out to the car naked and chained, so was Shannon made to walk out naked and chained. And Taylor found two guys, outside a bar, that Shannon was made to perform oral sex on which Taylor got on video. When her slaves were back in the car, Taylor unlocked both Slaves and said, “Get dressed Slave Shannon.”

Taylor then drove to her parent’s home. As she drove, Taylor thought to herself, “It worked. Now I have two Slaves, two beautiful female Slaves all my own. They will make perfect domestic servants and sex toys for me in my new home.”

Taylor drove up the driveway, parked her car, got out and said, “Ok Slaves get out.”

Sara and Shannon got out of the car and Taylor said, “Come here Slaves. Stand before me with your arms behind you.”

When her two slaves came to her as ordered, Taylor handcuffed their arms behind them and reconnected them by chains again. Then she said, “Forward Slaves, to the house.”

Sara and Shannon, with Taylor holding on to the chain, walked up to the door. Taylor opened the door and motioned her two slaves to enter. As she did, a maid was there and Taylor said, “Hello Missy.”

“Hello Miss Taylor.”

“Take Slave Sara and Slave Shannon up to my room. Have them shower and fix their hair. Leave them naked. I will be up in one hour,” Taylor said as she unlocked her Slaves.

“Yes Miss,” replied Missy. Then she said, “Follow me slaves.”

Taylor watched the trio walk up the stairs, then she walked into the living room where her parents were sitting. “Hi Mom. Hi Daddy.”

“Hello dear.”


“I have news Daddy.”

“Oh. What news?”

“I have two Slaves Daddy. I want to live to the guest house with them. Ok?”

“Where did you get two Slaves?”

“Oh, two friends of mine.”

“And they are your slaves now?”

“Yes Daddy. Here is the paperwork.”

As the father looked over the papers, her mother asked, “Will they be maids dear?”

“Well, domestic servants and something else.”

Her mother nodded and smiled. Her father said, “Well, they do look good.” And to his wife, “Well mother, should we let her stay in the guest house?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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