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Mom’s Titfuck Ch. 04

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Previously: After titfucking the huge boobed bimbo Janet and getting an assjob, Jeff fell asleep with a smile on his face. And now the final chapter in Mom’s Titfuck.


Jeff awoke on the couch where he titfucked the enormous breasted milf. He was a bit confused as to where he was, then he remembered.

There was a note next to him that read:

Just went out and will be back later, didn’t want to wake you. See you soon, I had an incredible time. Xxx

Jeff smiled and took the letter. He grabbed a few boxes he wanted from Janet’s ex-husband, loaded them into the car and drove home. It was early evening when he got home.

“Hey mom, Amy, I’m home!” shouted Jeff.

“Hey darling!” his mom responded. “How did it go, please do tell,” the horny mother asked.

“Well it went great, I fixed the door then left,” joked Jeff.

“Haha very funny Mr Boob man. I know you wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to be with a hot big titted milf.”

Jeff blushed a bit. “Jeez mom, you read my mind and you’re right! We fooled around a bit. I found a box of her ex husbands old porn and it was all big boobed ladies so I looked through it a bit and she sort of busted me and one thing led to another and well we enjoyed it.”

“No man, you’re killing me, I want to know details!” laughed his mom.

“OK well as you know she has an amazing butt so I got an assjob and came all over her ass. There was quite a lot of cum. Then she gave me an incredible titfuck with her JJ cup tits and I came again. It was intense and so horny mom, I wish you were there to see it!”

“You naughty boy, you must have been exhausted after cumming twice. I wish I was there to see it. Perhaps that could be organized? A big boobed foursome, you, me, Amy and Janet?”

“That would be great mom but for now, need a rest,” sighed Jeff.

“Of course darling, let me make the call, you go and rest.”

Nancy picked up the phone and called Janet.

“Hello?” Janet answered.

“Hey Janet, it’s Nancy. I heard Jeff did a great job at yours today. He’s exhausted though so he’s resting. I had this idea right.” Nancy’s heart was beating with excitement.

“Seeing as you’re selling your home in a few weeks and have nowhere to move into yet, why don’t you come stay with us? We have a spare bedroom and I think you would be more comfortable here.”

“Thanks Nancy that would be amazing. Would it be ok if I moved in next week?”

“Of course. Sounds great, so see you Friday then?”

“Thank you so much Nancy, yes, Friday is perfect.”

“You’re welcome!” said Nancy.

Both horny milfs hung up the phone.

Nancy went to break the good news to Jeff. She came up the stairs and heard the bed creaking and muffled moans coming from Amy’s bedroom.

She crept up knowing Amy was probably pleasuring her pussy and she smiled to herself.

“Ahhhh yes…yes…”!

Nancy stopped outside Amy’s bedroom. That sounded like a man moaning she thought to herself. She noticed the door was open a crack and peered into the room. There on the bed lying on her back topless was Amy with her massive tits pressed together around Jeff’s cock. He was driving his hot iron cock through the soft velvet cleavage of his sister. She was pressing her enormous tits around his big dick. Nancy watched from the doorway as Jeff and Amy continued the titfuck. His eyes closed and his cock ploughing through the hot cleavage. Her eyes wide as she saw the long cock like arm almost punch Amy in the neck as Jeff sawed through her tits in a good rhythm.

Jeff and Amy did not see their mom who opened the door a bit more to get a better view. Jeff now replaced Amy’s hands with his as he grabbed massive handfuls of tit and squeezed it around his cock. Amy moaned at the enjoyment of having a hot cock between her tits and having them grabbed.

“Ahhhh Amy your tits are so big and magnificent. I never want this to stop. I can feel them wrapped around my cock and you’re going to make me come!” Jeff wailed.

Nancy started playing with her clit and rubbing it furiously. She wanted to come together with Jeff. She loved how tender Amy looked as she pleasured the massive dong between her tits.

Jeff felt his orgasm building and the cum in his balls started to rise as he was close. His sensitive cock head poked through her cleavage into Amy’s waiting mouth as he continued mauling his sisters’ tits around his cock. He felt the soft breast tissue massage his organ. He sped up going faster and faster and squeezing her giant tits around his cock even harder.

“Shit…I’m…so close… Going to cum…!” screamed Jeff.

“Come in my mouth bro, please, I want to taste your seed!” Amy shouted back.

Jeff now was driving his cock fast and hard between her slippery tits and grabbed Amy’s head to take more of his cock as he came.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Jeff wailed as he tilted his head back and pushed his cock deep into his sisters’ mouth as he came. bedava bahis Hot plentiful ropes of jizz sprayed into his sisters’ mouth while he pumped his cock still trapped between massive mounds of titflesh. Amy struggled to swallow it all and some ran onto her chin. Jeff was still coming as his body was rigid and he squeezed her tits more to try coax out more cum. Amy’s mouth was like a vacuum and got every drop out and Jeff slowly let go of her titanic tits and came to his senses.

Nancy’s whole body shook as she came from the horny site in front of her. She rubbed her clit hard and lifted her pelvis off the floor and threw her head back as she came hard and bit her lip to keep her from screaming out in pleasure.

“Whew bro you came a lot, I mean I was choking on your cum but I managed to swallow most of it,” Amy proudly boasted.

“Your boobs are incredible Amy, they never fail to get me off. They are so soft, warm and smother my cock so beautifully. It will be a shame going off to college. I will miss them.”

“Well maybe I’ll stay here and let you fuck my young firm massive tits,” Amy laughed.

“Well I hope so. That’s me sis, I’m tired so must get some sleep. See you soon.”

Jeff finally got to his room where he collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Jeff slept for 12 hours straight after his crazy day. Nancy strode confidently into his room the next morning.

“So Jeff, I have a surprise for you,” Nancy smirked.

Jeff blinked a few times to get used to the light and looked at the wonderful busty mom in front of him. She was wearing a night gown, no bra or pants and her tits looked like 2 watermelons fighting each other as she walked in.

“Janet is coming to stay with us next week as she has to move out of her house. I reckon, you, me, Amy and her are going to have some fun. She doesn’t yet know about what we get up to but she will find out. Also…we need to fuck so you’re going to be making love or fucking us as you kids would call it. How does that sound?”

“Amazing mom, oh my, I just can’t wait. A harem of bodacious busty women all for me, it’s gonna be great, a dream come true.” Jeff smiled at the thought of having sex with his beautiful mom, sister and the hot steamy milf Janet.

“Alright she arrives on Friday which is in a week and I don’t want you to cum as you need enough for all of us, so I need to enforce a rule. Until Friday, no jacking off, no titfucks with us, nothing. You need to save up your stores as you’re going to be cumming a lot.”

“Damn mom, really,” Jeff moaned. “It’s going to be so hard to resist but I will please you all next week Friday.”

“That’s a good boy,” she smiled at her handsome son and left.



It was a tough week for Jeff who successfully didn’t beat off and waste his cum.

The bell rang and Nancy opened the door to the exquisitely beautiful Janet. Her huge mammeries were shoved into a low cut top that displayed a lot of cleavage. She wore tight jeans that you could see was a struggle to get over that massive bubble butt. Both mothers hugged and squashed their giant tits together. Jeff watched this scene in front of him. It was going to be a wild weekend of harem fun.

Jeff took Janet up to the room and helped settle her in. It was his job to explain to Janet how he was going to get all 3 women into bed with him.

“So Jeff how does it feel to have 3 enormously busty women in 1 house? You know I only accepted the invitation as I always need to fuck and having you literally next door will help matters for both of us.”

Jeff smiled. “That is true Janet, I knew you couldn’t resist my cock and those giant tits of yours are world class. Somehow, I think having you here will make things easier.”

“Haha, these boobs will drive you wild but they not nearly as big as your moms. I wonder how big they are?”

“36K!” Jeff boldly said.

“And how do you know that young man? Have you been sneaking around your moms room looking for bras?”

“Well not quite…you see Janet a few days ago, mom and I discovered we need each other…you know sexually.” Janet’s face was filled with shock. “I mean she hasn’t had a dick in years, and I need release so, along with my sister Amy, I have been titfucking and getting blowjobs and handjobs from them. And I want you to be part of it.”

Janet didn’t say anything for a while. She never thought Nancy would do this with her son but the more she thought about 3 women pleasing a beautiful cock for all of their pleasure, it seemed like a good idea. Janet finally spoke.

“Well I’m not surprised frankly. With 4 sets of humongous boobs around this house it must have been driving you wild. What the hell…I’m in!”

“Great to hear,” smiled Jeff. “I’ll let you get settled in and see you later tonight.”


Friday night

After a great meal cooked by Nancy and Janet and some flirting between all the women and Jeff which drove him wild and pressed casino siteleri his massive hard 10-inch cock against his jeans, Jeff decided enough was enough.

“As you all already know you ladies are going to please me. Tonight, and for a long time after. I’m going to finally have sex with all 3 of you and you will be here to please me as I will please you with my giant dong.”

With that he dropped his pants revealing an angry pulsing meaty cock that instantly drove all 3 women wild with horny anticipation. Jeff stripped his clothes and sat on the couch.

“Mom, Amy, please get naked and join me on the couch. Janet get naked and join them as I want you all to worship my cock.”

All 3 women quickly stripped off their clothes. 6 sets of enormous natural tits greeted Jeff. He smiled and shook in horny anticipation. He hadn’t come in a week and was desperate for release. Nancy was first and quickly got between her sons’ legs and started giving him a slow, wet blowjob. Janet was next and joined her on the other side of Jeff’s big dick and sucked one side of his cock while his mom did the other side. As Nancy moved her mouth down the side of the dick, Janet moved up in perfect unison so his cock was being pleasured from all sides. The 2 horny milfs guided their hot mouths up and down his cock. Amy finally joined.

“Darling,” said Nancy. “Why don’t you suck Jeff’s sensitive asshole while we give him a blowjob?”

Without a word Amy sat at the bottom of Jeff’s legs and started licking the tight asshole of her brother. Her tongue licked around the hole which drove Jeff wild.

He was now moaning as 3 women slobbered over his cock, balls and asshole.

Amy now teased her brother with her soft wet tongue and slowly started licking the sensitive hole. In and out her tongue darted causing immense pleasure for Jeff. Added to that, 2 busty milfs were worshipping his cock. Jolts of pleasure from Amy’s tonguing caused Jeff to writhe and moan in pleasure.

“Fuck yes!” he smiled as the insane amount of pleasure stimulated his hard dick. Janet now lifted her breasts and Nancy followed her lead. They squashed their massive juggs around the throbbing 10-inch dick and slowly started titfucking the dick in front of them. Pleasure tears dropped down Jeff’s face as the soft breasts massaged his cock from all angles and his wet asshole was being devoured by his own sister.

“Ahhhhh…ahhhhhh, I’m struggling to hold back…it’s so good…please let me come between your tits,” screamed Jeff. Janet’s hard nipples poked into Nancy’s hard nipples as they continued to drop their giant tits onto Jeff’s lap, while massaging the angry red dick between the soft breasts of each other. The over stimulated dick was pulsing now on the edge of coming and releasing a weeks’ worth of hot cum over the 3 women.

“I’m so close!” yelled Jeff. “Please keep going!”

Amy now joined and added her huge tits to the 4 already titfucking him. Jeff was now getting a triple titfuck. He felt 6 pairs of boobs massage his cock now. That was it. After 3 more strokes of the 6 tits enveloping his cock in the hot sweaty cleavage of 3 beautiful women, Jeff began to cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…Nooooooooooooo…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” shrieked Jeff as he felt the hot cum in his balls pulse up his cock like emptying a tube of toothpaste. His cock still trapped between the 6 tits blasted out and erupted cum all over the faces of his mom, sister and Janet. Semen shot out hard and fast and covered the faces of all 3 women. They kept jiggling, rubbing and massaging his cock as he continued cumming and had now covered the tops of all their tits. The 12th stream of cum shot out into the air and landed on Janet’s plump bubble butt. Jeff bucked and through his head back now as his eyes welled up with pleasure tears and continued letting a weeks load of cum out all over the beautiful busty women.

The tits never left his dick as he continued cumming. It was a never-ending stream and both milfs realised that. Nancy was first and dropped her head onto her sons’ cock and sucked the 20th stream of cum from her sons pulsing cock. Jeff continued screaming in pleasure as he felt the plump lips of his mom suck out and swallow the semen.

Finally he stopped cumming. Jeff was out of breath, but his cock was pulsing hard and pointing to the ceiling. He was ready for more.

“Darling?” his mom asked. “Can I be the first to please you?”

“Of course mom,” said Jeff. He was ready again and for the first time was going to have sex with a busty, beautiful goddess, his mom.

Nancy climbed over her son’s legs, facing him as the others watched and started impaling herself on the giant member. As the thick head of her son’s cock pushed open the tight vagina of his mom and he felt her pussy for the first time, the warmth embrace of his mother’s beautiful pussy envelope him.

“Mom…oh my god…that’s amazing! I can’t believe…ahhhhhhhhh!”

As Nancy kept impaling the erect cock, she felt bahis siteleri it pulsing in her pussy. She struggled to take all of it but finally Jeff speared his entire length into her, and all 10 thick inches of cock was buried in his mother’s cunt.

“I’m fucking my son,” Nancy screamed out in pleasure. Jeff grabbed her hips and lifted her up and down his cock as she pleasured him. The tight pussy sucking his cock and massaging the sensitive tip was amazing for Jeff. His mother screamed in pleasure now as both Janet and Amy grabbed handfuls of Nancy’s tits and started sucking and licking her sensitive nipples.

Jeff now grabbed his mothers bubble but as she lifted herself up and down the slick cock faster now. Pounding his giant dick into the tight grips of his mom’s pussy. Nancy had never felt such pleasure at having her nipples sucked, tongued and played with as she fucked her son. Now she shoved her massive tits in his face, and she continued riding him and squeezing her cunt tightly around his massive member.

Amy got impatient. “Mom, I want a turn now!” she begged. “I want to feel his cock in me too!”

Nancy finally got off her son’s dick much to his disappointment. Amy climbed onto Jeff’s lap and held the hard cock at the entrance to her vagina. Slowly while facing him she lowered herself as Jeff grabbed handfuls of breast meat and smashed her tits around his face.

“Ahhhhhhh Jeff you’re in me…Fuuuuuuuuck…that’s good! Jesus…fuck!!”

The tight virgin pussy of his sister swallowed his prick and the warmth from his cock spread over his body and brought pleasure to both him and his sister. Meanwhile Janet and Nancy were sucking his balls together. 2 experienced tongues were lapping at Jeff’s hairless nuts. Each tongue lick felt like ecstasy. Jeff was in a state of pleasure bliss.

Amy had now lowered herself onto half of her brothers’ cock as the sensitive head journeyed through her tight cunt. Amy’s wetness helped moisten to allow the big shaft to penetrate her.

“Ahhhh fuck yes bro it’s so good, I’m loving this huge dick in me!”

“Fuck you’re tight…mmmmmmmmm sis, keep going!” Jeff moaned.

She started moving up and down now and with each downward stroke took more of his cock as it went deeper into her tight pussy. Jeff moaned and groaned as his sister’s hot snatch massaged his rock-hard cock. Meanwhile Janet and Amy came over to Jeff on either side of his face and he took it in turns to bury his face between the humongous tits. They jiggled, mashed and shook their tits in and around his face and Jeff’s big hands mauled the sensitive breasts which caused both women to scream out in pleasure.

“Bro… I’m so fuckin close…Jesus!” screamed Amy who was now rubbing her clit. Jeff bucked his hips up in time to Amy’s moans as now his whole dick was buried in sister’s cunt. She rubbed her clit faster and harder until eventually…

“I’m…I’m coming bro…OH MY FUUUUUUUCK!” Amy through her head back while bouncing on the massive pole as she came hard. Her body shook vigorously, and her eyes rolled back as she came on her brothers’ cock. Jeff hardly noticed as he was being smothered by 4 giant titties.

Finally Amy slowed down and exhausted got off the cock and collapsed on the floor with a dirty smile on her face.

It was Janet’s turn and the busty milf lay down in doggy style. Jeff got up and looked at the glorious and massive bum in front of him. His slimy cock was covered in his mom and sisters’ juices and so he easily entered her pussy. Janet screamed in pleasure!

“Oooooooohhh…Yes baby! Drive that big dick in my tight cunt.”

And that’s what Jeff did. He moaned as his cock entered her from behind.

“I’m going to grab onto this huge ass.” Jeff said as his fingers sunk into the soft flesh of the Milf ass.

He drove his cock in and out of Janet’s amazing cunt, going slow at first and then gradually speeding up.

“Grab my ass harder Jeff…ah fuck like that!” she screamed as Jeff spread her ass cheeks apart and massaged them. They felt heavenly. Meanwhile his mom positioned herself below Janet and was having her pussy eaten, licked, sucked and fingered by Janet. The horny site in front of him was almost too much. He was going to cum soon but wanted to cum with Janet and his mom. He thrust harder into her pussy while reaching around and grabbing handfuls of giant breast meat. His whole cock was lodged deep inside her. He pumped and moaned, and Janet and Nancy moaned.

“Ladies, I’m going to count down,” sighed Jeff as he continued thrusting into the gorgeous milf’s pussy. ” I’m so close and I want us to come together. Amy…ahhh fuck that’s good…get up as I’m going to pull out and I want you to wank me off as I come all over mom and Janet!”

“I’m close to!” said Janet and Nancy in unison.

Amy got up ready to jerk her brothers’ cock.

“5…” Jeff grunted and counted. “4…”

“Yes…Yes” screamed Nancy. “I’m almost there!”

“3…ahhhh fuck…so good!” screamed Jeff.


“1!” Jeff moaned and pulled out his cock from Janet’s pussy while Amy grabbed it and started wanking the cock. Both women convulsed and came as Jeff through his head back while his sister jerked his giant pulsing cock until finally Jeff screamed.

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