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A Wife’s Deepest Desire For Control Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of the Mistress_Wife Saga. To fully understand this story I would suggest you read A Wife’s Deepest Desire for Control. I will forewarn you the first installment of this saga is long, and I apologize in advance for the how long it is. I will be doing smaller installments such as this one for those of you wanting to follow the story. I will be adding parts regularly (as long as people give me feedback they want it to continue). This story is based in fact and fantasy, it is intended for adults only. What isn’t fact yet I plan to make fact soon.

This story is protected by copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

If you like the story, or have ideas, or your own experiences please email I would love to hear from everyone, especially well hung men in Texas who like this story and who would like to help me make my fantasies reality. .

Part – 2

She finished her cigarette and looked at him again. He was still laying there, her husband, her slave. He looked almost comical. He was lying on his back, his arms at his sides, and his cock semi hard in the pink plastic “Curve” that trapped his cock never letting it get fully hard. The “Curve” gave him just enough room to let him get semi hard before it became extremely uncomfortable.

His chest and face was covered with the sticky remains of the 3 black men that had just a short time before used him for their pleasure. She had watched as one of them fucked his ass while the other two had force-fed him their large black meat.

She could see that his beard was literally matted with the leftovers of the semen that hadn’t made its way into his mouth. In fact, there was very little of his front side that wasn’t covered with some sort of leftovers from the sex that she had made him participate in. Even his own cum was pooled on his stomach, he had cum while he was being fucked, no one had even touched his cock, it had almost made her cum watching him lose control like that. He looked pathetic and incredibly sexy at the same time.

“Bath time” she announced getting up from her resting spot, “Get me a soda and get your pussy ass into the bathroom.

When the haze had finally worn off a bit he started feeling cum drying on his skin making the skin over most of his body tighten He could still smell the musk of the men, it .seemed to have seeped into every pore of his skin and it assaulted his nose with every breath. The musk was heavy around him. The smell wasn’t bad, but strong, and a constant reminder of what had happened, his complete submission. He quickly rose and got her a Mountain Dew with plenty of ice just the way she like it and then hurried to the bathroom to get her bath ready. He handed her the drink from which she took a sip and then she motioned to him to run the bath.

“Do I have to tell you everything? Or is it because you are preoccupied thinking about all that big black cock” she taunted him. “I know you liked it, you came from getting fucked in the ass with no one even touching that pathetic little excuse for a thing you call a cock.” She teasingly scolded him, satisfied when she saw a bright blush spread across his face and chest.

She eased herself down into the soothing water. It amazed her how tense her body was. She thought about it and realized that during the entire evening, she hadn’t relaxed; she hadn’t had one moment where her muscles weren’t charged with sexual energy. It was like holding a muscle tight until it gets that dull ache.

“Wash Me Tiny” she instructed him

He slowly began to wash every inch of her body. He wanted to get in the tub as soon as possible so he could also clean himself up. Almost any movement caused the dried cum on his body to pull and crack. He had stolen a glace of himself in the bathroom mirror as he was following her. His face was almost white with the drying cum. In his beard and mustache he had seen large globs of cum, and it was matting his beard badly.

“Get a towel and dry me slut,” she said, breaking him out of his thoughts.

He grabbed a towel, and began to slowly dry her body, GOD she was beautiful he thought. She had perfect features, long blond hair, deep brown eyes, small firm breasts and each one perky with her pink nipples pointing up. Her stomach was completely flat, and led down to a perfect small triangle of dark blond hair closely trimmed. And as she turned for him to dry her back his favorite feature came into view, her ass. She had a perfect playboy ass.

She loved the touch of the towel and his hands against her. And she found herself craving his hands more and more.

”Follow Me,” she said grabbing him by his cock prison leading him into the bedroom.

“I want lotion over every inch of my body” she instructed him pointing to the lotion on her nightstand.

He grabbed the lotion and when he reached the side of the bed he opened Kartal escort bayan the bottle and squirted a small amount on her back. ,

She jumped as the cold white liquid hit her back.

“Damn it” she shouted, “What the hell do you think you are doing?” she exclaimed, raising herself off the bed to tower over him. “That was cold, you faggot, here I’m warm from a tub and you dump that cold shit on my back. I can’t believe you did that, you bitch. Get on your hands and knees, NOW” she barked.

He got on his hands and knees on the bed, knowing that his punishment would be forth coming.

Once he was on his knees, she stood back and looked at him. ,

“Turn your face away,” she told him. “Don’t look at me”

She stood there letting him wonder what his fate would be. What he didn’t know was it wouldn’t have made any difference if he had warmed the lotion, she had something planned, something that would make him squirm. She found herself smiling in spite of herself. She loved this slave, her husband. He had submitted to her, submitted beyond his fantasies and into hers. She wanted to keep the Mistress alive in her; , the passion that her alter ego sparked in her was addictive. And she planned to keep feeding her addiction, she had plans for him, plans for her, and she needed her fix.

He was shocked at the form that the punishment took. He felt something cold pressed against his sore ass; he soon realized it was a piece of ice. He shuddered as the ice slipped past his asshole and was shoved inside his ass.

“Is that cold bitch?” she asked

“Yes Mistress” he whispered

She took another piece of ice and inserted it.

“Is that cold Faggot?” she said again

“Yes Mistress” he said louder than before, as he felt yet another piece of ice shoved quickly in after the last.

“Good you cock sucking whore, maybe next time you will think before you do something like that again” she chided him, inserting a fourth piece of ice into his ass She then took the large butt plug and shoved it into his ass without any warning. “Can’t have you leaking on the bed now can we slut?” “Now, lets try this again,” she said motioning for him to kneel on the bed as she again laid down in front of him. “You might want to warm it up this time tiny, I am sure I can find more room for ice” She said with an evil twinkle in her eyes.

His ass was freezing, he could feel the cold deep inside him, the plug had pushed the ice deep inside him causing it to rest painfully against his prostate, it caused his ass to pulse reflexively around the plug making is seem much bigger than it was. He could swear he could feel each piece of ice melt inside him. He took the lotion and put it in the palm of his hand and began to warm it, and just to be sure it was warm enough he began to vigorously rub his hands together, then tentatively he rubbed the lotion into her soft skin.
“Much better” she sighed as the first of the warm lotion soothed her skin. “That’s how you do it tiny.”

He sighed in relief; his ass was still pulsating against the cold he didn’t want any more ice in his ass and was certain that would be the result if he screwed up again. He enthusiastically started to put lotion on her entire body, thankful for the chance to touch her gorgeous form. She allowed him free rein to touch her anywhere he wanted, but he soon found it torturous to touch her ass, breasts or pussy because his cock became painfully hard and his ass pulsed even more around the plug. But he did have to admit to himself that it was a wonderful torture and quickly decided that he would put up with any pain to be able to get to touch her.

“Bedtime” she announced

He looked at her with shock, surely he would be able to shower before bed, he started to ask, but she began to speak as if she had read his mind, “No you don’t get to shower bitch, you can wear that cum to bed, I like the smell of those cocks on you, and besides you might actually remember to warm the lotion next time.”

He watched as she got up and put on her nightgown and moved to get into bed

”Get your ass in bed faggot, its bedtime she demanded. She almost laughed at the look on his face, she knew he couldn’t believe it, and honestly she didn’t give a shit. She looked down and saw his purple little clit straining to be free “I want to go to bed, so I would suggest you move your cock loving ass, bitch before I put something bigger in it.”

He moved to his side of the bed and quietly got under the covers, he felt her spoon up against him throwing her arm over him, and within minutes he heard the rhythmic sounds of her breathing and knew she had already fallen asleep. It took him much longer to fall asleep, his ass throbbed, and his cock was straining against its prison, but probably the one thing that kept him awake the longest was the scent that was invading his nose, the scent of those black cocks on his face, and he was certain that the memory of those Escort Kartal cock would be the subject of his dreams.

He woke the next morning to find her already out of bed and dressed.

“Get up slut you have things to do,” she instructed him. “You can bathe now, in fact you have one hour to clean up in the bathroom and then you will return to me naked” “Take the plug out and I suggest you soak that ass of yours; I may decide that I want your ass again and I really do not want to worry about the plug getting in the way, besides I WILL NOT put up with you whining because your asshole is sore.” she said and then left the room.

He quickly moved into the bathroom thinking to himself that he would first shower and then run a tub so he could soak for a while. He could still smell those three cocks, as well as the distinctive scent of their combined cum which they had left like marks of ownership across his body. He moved to stand under the warm water of the shower and lathered himself everywhere being sure to get off all the dried cum that was still on his body from the day before. , As he washed his body he found the cum everywhere, on his face, beard, hair and even in both of his ears. He removed the plug from his ass very carefully, he did feel empty after having it in his ass for so long but he was glad to finally feel empty, after the fucking he had taken the day before he was sore and really wanted and needed to let his ass rest for awhile. He quickly plugged the tub so it would start filling and he sighed as he lowered himself into the water, it felt wonderful to finally soak his ass and relax. . He was thankful she had said he didn’t have to wear the plug, but he was also afraid of her statement about having his ass available, but he decided that he would deal with that when he had to, but for now he just enjoyed any break his ass could get.

He lost track of time as he was bathing and when he finally looked at his watch he found he didn’t have much time to get out of the tub and get to his wife, so he kicked it into high gear. He arrived in front of his wife and Mistress on time, but just barely. , As he stood in front of her naked he couldn’t help but be thankful to finally be free of the prison of scents and dried cum that had seemed to mummify him through the night.

“Okay faggot, this is the way the day will go” she began. “First you will not get dressed all day, no matter what. Second, there are some new rules; all of these rules will come into effect any time that I say the word “Submit” to you. Do you understand?” she waited for him to nod and then she continued.

She pulled out a piece of paper and began to read to him.

1.You are only allowed to submit to me.
2.You are to reply to all my commands as either yes maam or no maam.
3.You are not to speak unless spoken to.
4.When you are told to submit there will be no questions, and/or no comments.
5.You will suck and fuck all cocks you are commanded to, NO hesitation.
6.At ALL times you will show EVERY cock how much you love what you are doing.
7.ALL rules and boundaries will be worked out before hand and WILL NOT be discussed with anyone other than your Mistress.
8.If I have you serving anyone other than myself, then you will only submit if
I have approved you to do so, otherwise submit to ONLY my commands.
9.Only I can overrule a command otherwise you are to submit.
10.You are to NEVER look your sexual partner in the eye unless you have beentold to do so.
11.If you have been told to look your sexual partner in the eye, then once youhave done as you are told you will cast your eyes down again.
12.There is absolutely NO Cumming unless I approve it, BEFORE the fact.
13.Only I can add or change these rules in any way.”

He looked at her with a mixture of horror and excitement. The rules were clear. There wasn’t any room for argument or ambiguity. All cocks he thought, fuck and suck, he hadn’t ever imagined she would take it this far. He had half expected her to release him this morning, but he shivered because the look in her eye told him she had just begun.

“Faggot do you have any questions? She asked

“No” he replied quietly.

“Good bitch because there is no way I am changing any of these, so get used to it you little slut. , But I can see from your hard little clit that you like the idea of being my slut, don’t you bitch?” she said chuckling under her breath “ I guess we will see if you feel the same way by the end of the weekend. Now, I have a list of things for you to do, and you will do them with out question, understand?” she said looking him deep in the eyes.

”Yes” he replied, not really sure what to expect anymore.

“Here” she said thrusting the rules and a list into his hands. “But before you start on the list, hang these rules on the bathroom mirror so you can memorize them, because tonight you will have to recite them to me, without error.” She said

After Kartal Rus Escort he had taken the rules and posted them on the mirror, he looked over the list and to his relief they were chores around the house. He started going down the list, and started doing all the things that she had wanted him to do and he had put off for so long, now he had no choice. This wasn’t exactly the type of submission he had in mind but he knew if he called a stop to this, everything would stop.

He worked most of the morning on all the little things that needed to be done. He even began to get used to being naked around the house. He didn’t know where his wife had gotten off to and he thought about it from time to time, but he was soon wrapped up in his own tasks and it felt great to be doing what he considered to be manly things.

He nearly jumped out of his skin, and his concentration was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. He was very thankful that he was back in the master bath replacing the light fixtures instead of fixing the broken outlet in the living room. But he still stopped working, frozen and not breathing waiting for the worst, but after 5 minutes he relaxed and turned his attention back to fastening the fixture to the wall with his cordless drill.

“Tiny come here” he heard his wife calling

He put down his cordless drill and walked out of the bedroom and headed down the hall to the living room. As he rounded the corner of the hall, he was met by his wife who had a wide smile on her face.

“Submit” was all she said.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the rules running through his mind and the implications and weight of that single word. He dropped his eyes to the floor and said

“Yes Maam” very quietly.

She stood very close to him and whispered in his ear “I am going to love this slut, your such a pathetic faggot, I am about to show you just what a whore you really are and remember the rules tiny or you will be sorry” she continued grabbing his balls tightly and squeezing.

‘Yes Maam” he gasped

She led him by the balls into the living room.

“On your knees bitch” she said pulling him down by his nuts. “Don’t you fucking look up you piece of shit”

“He’s ready, for you” she called to the foyer.

He heard footsteps, and saw a pair of work boots standing before him and a pair of faded blue jeans

He heard a man laughing, “I can’t believe it, you weren’t kidding, and you have his cock locked up in a pink cage, fuck. I have never seen anything like that before. From what I can see in that little cage of yours, I now understand why she turned you into a cock sucking whore” He laughed heartily. “Well, cocksucker, your wife has told me all about you and how you love big black cock, now she wants to see how you like white cock, I am going to fuck your face you bitch, she wants to see you used, and I plan to give her one hell of a show. So faggot, get started, I only have about 30 minutes, and I don’t want to waste one fucking moment of it.”

“Take out his cock, slut” she ordered.

He reached up and began unhooking the brown worn belt that was holding up his jeans then unbuttoned the top and pulled down the zipper. He found himself staring at this guy’s crotch and the base of his semi hard cock. He pulled off the jeans and released the cock beneath.

It wasn’t a huge cock, not even a really a big cock; it was about 7” long and average thickness. The distinctive muskiness of cock filled his nose; it was a heady smell, like a mild drug. It was obvious that whoever this was he had been working and his musky scent was strong. It wasn’t a dirty smell, but stronger then the black cocks had been the day before.

The cock was almost completely hard by the time he had this guys pants around his knees.

“Suck it faggot,” she said. “I want to see if you like white cock as much as you like black cock,” she continued pushing his mouth onto the cock in front of him.

He opened his mouth and took this new cock into his mouth as far as possible. It apparently wasn’t far enough for her because she pushed on the back of his head until he felt the cock hit the back of his throat gagging him. Once he gagged she eased the pressure on his head so he could catch his breath.

”You better suck that cock good faggot, and don’t you stop until he cum’s” she said releasing his head.

“Use his mouth, the little cunt loves cock in his mouth,” she said to the owner of the cock that was so firmly placed in his mouth. “Show him what a cock sucking whore he is.”

With that the guy grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his face. It was all he could do to get his hand wrapped around the base of the cock before it choked him. The guy fucked his face hard for about 5 minutes and then pulled it out of his mouth and said

”Suck my balls bitch”

“Do it” she chimed in

Using the hand that was holding the base of the man’s cock, he pushed it towards his body so he had full access to this man’s balls.

“Do it NOW whore” she said.

He started licking the balls, first the right and then the left teasing them gently with his tongue. With each lick he could feel them dance under the softness of his tongue.

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