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My Tainted Aunt Ch. 02

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Things slowly settled down in George’s house, I still found it hard to call him Dad though, after thinking of his Brother Bob as being my Father for so long. Aunt Madge and him were living in the house that I had been brought up in and as far as I was knew, Bob was struggling to keep up the payments and keep Madge in the extravagant lifestyle that she had been used to with George. It was all they both deserved anyway, the evil bastards, I thought to myself and it was about time that I reminded my dear Aunt of that fact.

George had taken me under his wing and was teaching me how to run his business. The way he had it set up was to give him maximum return on minimum effort, which gave us most afternoons free to do what we liked. He had given me the upstairs bedroom, the cubby-hole that Madge had originally put me in, the bitch, so I didn’t mess up the other rooms. The difference being, that he also gave me free rein and all the money I needed, to do any alterations I wanted, which included converting the whole attic into my own private apartment. I had never had it so good and had incorporated a few changes to one of the rooms myself.

It was the largest room of them all and I completely made it over to be a dungeon, complete with a private room, off to the side. One wall held a vast array of the tools of the Master’s trade, everything that I could lay my hands on. Floggers, whips, clamps, restraints, the lot and of course, a whole variety of vibrators, dildoes and butt plugs. The end wall was dominated by a St. Andrew’s cross, the best money could buy. It could be rotated, placed at any angle required and was fitted with numerous wrist, ankle and body clamps. The ceiling had eye bolts and pulley blocks which corresponded to ones fitted to the floor and the final touch was that behind the stone clad facade, was enough sound proofing to ensure total privacy. I had installed my own video and sound system in this room and ensured that it was not hooked into George’s. He had caught me out with that one before.

The boys at the gym knew something had changed in my life and were keen to know just what it was that was making me strut about like a dog with two dicks, but until I had everything set up and in place, I kept my news to myself. When the time was right, I would throw an apartment warming party the likes of which, they had never experienced and probably, never would again.

As the renovations were nearing completion, I called Aunt Madge and told her that I would be coming over to see her in half an hour and that she should be dressed in her shortest mini skirt, white blouse, stockings and suspenders, high heels and no underwear. She began to object at having her nephew make such demands of her, so I told her that she had just better be ready and hung up the phone.

I took a few things from the wall, which I thought I might need to help persuade Madge that any show of resistance to my demands was pointless and in addition, I included the video of how George and I had made her our cum slut so readily. On the drive over to my ex-residence, I felt myself getting hard at the thought of having Madge do everything and anything that I wanted with her mature, but still very attractive body. It had been a while now since I had fucked my slutty, sex slave Aunt and my balls ached at the prospect of her swallowing their hot slimy load.

“Hello Aunt Madge, you are looking very nice this afternoon” I said as she answered my knock on the door, “I’m pleased that you saw fit to obey my wishes”

She blushed and looked angry at knowing she had to comply with my demands and said,

“Gordon, this can’t go on. I have to try and be a good wife to Bob, not your sex slave, to be used and abused as and when you see fit. You and George got what you wanted from me, isn’t that enough?”

I could see tears of frustration build up in her beautiful eyes, which only did more to harden my resolve so, meanly I said,

“Do you want to give me a blow job here on the front door step, or are you going to invite me in, slut?”

A look of defeat crossed her eyes, her shoulders slumped and she opened the door to let me in. I went right through to the main living room and sat down in one of the old, but comfortable armchairs, followed closely by Madge teetering on her highest heels. She didn’t quite know what to do at this point and stood nervously, just inside the door so I pointed to a spot in front of me and said,

“Stand there and strip down to your nylons and heels, I want to inspect my whore and see that has been keeping herself in shape for me”

She was blushing furiously and was about to say something, but I gave her an angry glare, which cut her off before she could get started and she duly stood in front of me. When I waved the video in front of her, she didn’t keep me waiting any longer and while she was removing her blouse and skirt, I felt myself becoming erect.

Her body had recovered well from the abuse that, my Father George; and I, had given her a short time ago. For her age, she had the shape of a woman half her years, but as she stood there awaiting my inspection, a frown of displeasure crossed my face and her hands pendik escort instinctively tried to cover the stubble which graced her pussy and she visibly trembled as I growled,

“Drop the hands slut! It is too late; I’ve seen the sign of your defiance decorating your worthless cunt. Did I give you permission not to shave? I want you smooth for me, at all times?”

Her hands dropped meekly back to her sides as I got up from the chair and walked behind her, she gasped as my thumbs and fingers took her already stiff nipples and roughly, rolled and pinched them. Using my grip on her nipples, I led her to the coffee table, laid her face down on the cold marble top and tied her arms to the legs of the table, her legs I placed either side and secured them with more rope, this kept her buttocks and pussy raised up to give me easy access. I took the nipple clamps from my bag, dangled them in front of her and said,

“As you like decoration on that juicy cum hole of yours, you can wear these for a while; they may help to remind you that I want my cunt bald and not covered in a mat of wiry hair”

She cried out as the clamps took hold of each of her puffy labia and I tested their tightness by giving the chain a hard tug. Not wanting her to alert the whole neighbourhood to the fact that her nephew was abusing her, I strapped a ball gag to her mouth and continued to pull her pussy lips as wide as I could and taped the chains to her legs. When I finished adjusting her position, I rammed three fingers hard and fast into her unsuspecting pussy and followed that with my thumb probing deep in her tight ass hole and said,

“Ummmm not very wet yet, Auntie dearest, I think I’ll have to warm you up a little”

The riding crop had a leather flap at its end and would do nicely to heat up her totally vulnerable and exposed clit. It was just as well I had gagged her, because at, the first swipe of the crop on her tender sex her body went rigid and without the ball in position, I’m sure her screams would have been heard two blocks away. After five direct hits her clit was an angry red colour and swollen to twice its normal size. I massaged it with my fingers and thumb and was rewarded by a trickle of juices running down her thighs and over her stocking tops, it seemed that she still enjoyed a bit of pain to get her going. Replacing my fingers with my rock hard cock, I laid a few stripes across each of her tight buttock cheeks, revelling in the feeling of her inner muscles clamping my shaft with each stinging stroke of the crop.

Her pussy had made me so wet with her juices, that I prised open her anal opening and easily pushed my way past her sphincter and buried myself in her rectum, my balls slapping her blood engorged clit. I fucked her hard and fast and sensing that she was past screaming, I released the ball gag, wanting her to take my load down her throat. A few more thrusts and I pulled out and held my greasy cock to her lips. Reluctantly she opened wide, knowing that to resist would be futile and I slid my manhood over her tongue and into her throat. She overcame her gag reflex and started swallowing. Her throat muscles milking my cock head felt wonderful and very soon I pulled her head hard against my stomach and gave her my first blast of hot spunk.

After I was spent and she had cleaned me properly, I released her and told her to fetch a razor and shaving cream, she was going to sit in a chair, legs over the arms and shave herself for me, while I told her about the party I was going to have.

Every time the blade passed near her swollen clit, she winced and looked at me pleadingly, but I ignored her silent plea for mercy and revelled in her discomfort, not only at the pain she was inflicting on herself, but at her total embarrassment at being under my control. I told her that on Saturday night, three days from now, she and Bob were to come to our house at seven o’clock to get ready for my house warming. She was to wear her Domme outfit, Bob his subbie gear and they would be putting on a show for my friends from the gym.

When she heard what I had planned for them, she nearly cut her tender lips with the razor and I laughed, wondering what her reaction would have been if I had told her everything that would take place this coming Saturday. As much as I was tempted to empty my load into Aunt Madge’s freshly shaved cunt, I resisted the urge and left, reminding her that she and Bob were not to have sex before the party and not to be late.

I was very pleased with the alterations to the attic and could hardly wait for Saturday night. I had chosen this weekend, knowing that George and Mum were going away for a romantic break together and I would be left to my own devices. I phoned the gym and got hold of Eddie, told him that him and the rest of the regular members were invited to my house for seven thirty and that they could look forward to a wild night. He asked about girls and I told him that that had been taken care of, if he was game for a gang bang as there would only be one woman present and she would take care of all our needs. That would be cool with him and most of the guys, but what about Rico and his three pendik escort pals, he then asked. I assured him that they wouldn’t be disappointed either and hung up, chuckling to myself.

As in every gymnasium across the country, there were always a few of the members, like Rico and his pals, who had a leaning towards the same sex and although they worked out and looked as macho as everyone else, they got their sexual gratification from having sex with other men, or to be more precise, raping weaker men who crossed their paths and I had a feeling that after the floor show which Madge and Bob would put on, Bob would be the next victim of their perverted lust.

My mother and George left for their ‘dirty week-end’ as they jokingly called it, on Friday morning and after a leisurely lunch and shower I made my way to the gym to hang out with the lads. As I expected, as soon as I entered they descended on me wanting to know what I had got arranged for the following night. I told them that they wouldn’t be disappointed and to wait and see what happened the next night. They could see that I wasn’t about to give away any details so we all got into our normal work out routines and had to save all our breath for that and not chatting about what was going to happen on Saturday night. I watched a couple of George’s videos that night, still resisting the urge to jerk off and fell blissfully asleep, dreaming of what we were going to do with dear Aunt Madge the next night and if Rico and his boys knew about Bob, they would probably be dreaming as well.

I spent the afternoon setting up the dungeon, placing candles all round the room, there were leather sofas placed in a circle around what would be the stage and a selection of haunting music on the CD player to set the mood. I checked that the hidden cameras were all working correctly and just before seven, filled the bins with ice and beer. Right on cue, the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the main act, Madge and Bob!

They were dressed as I had told Madge they were to be, in their respective Domme/sub leather outfits, worn under long overcoats. They both looked a bit embarrassed standing for inspection in front of their twenty year old nephew and Bob glared daggers at me as I groped Madge between her stocking clad thighs. I thrust my sticky fingers into his mouth and said,

“Taste the slut; she is dripping already the randy whore”

He looked ready to object, so I slapped him across the face and told him not to even think about complaining as the pair of them had brought all this onto themselves and they were just paying the consequences.

“You will greet my guests like the good servants you are and if I get any complaints about your manner, you will be dealt with severely. Is that understood? Remember I still have the video tapes!” I gave them each a slap on their naked buttocks, fitted them with the leather masks which I locked into place, to protect their identity and went off to light the candles.

Eddie and the straight guys were the first to arrive and judging from the whooping and hollering, they were already taking liberties with Madge’s exposed tits and juicy cunt. They were soon joined by Rico and his lot and they were having an equally playful time with Bob. I shouted across the noise and told them that the sooner they were sat down, the sooner the show would begin. When everybody had a beer and got comfortable, I indicated to Madge that they were to get started.

I had rigged a spotlight above the stage area and when she stood under it, she looked every bit the Domme. Her tits stood proud of her chest, slightly sagging but still beautiful for a woman of her age, her nipples looked bullet hard and the leather basque framed her bald cunt perfectly. Sheer black stockings, black high heels and her holding a wicked looking flogger in a gloved hand, finished off her slutty outfit to make her a subbie’s dream. She slashed the chair seat with her whip and Bob appeared under the light, crawling on hands and knees, just as he had done in the video. She placed a spiked heel on his neck forcing his head down, his hairy arse pointing skyward and she began to flog his naked buttocks with more force than I remember from the video. I think she was using this enforced show to take out her anger and frustration on him, no doubt blaming him for the predicament they now found themselves snared up in.

Each vicious blow brought shouts of encouragement from the assembled audience and Madge warmed to her task. Bob’s backside was soon a bright red and each strike brought forth a grunt of pain, this hadn’t stopped him from becoming erect though which hadn’t gone unnoticed by Madge who switched her attention to his engorged genitals. Bob’s grunts turned to cries as the vicious tails lashed his cock and balls mercilessly. Every so often Madge would stop and ram her spiked heel deep in his anus, which caused more humiliation than pain, especially when she presented the heel to his mouth for cleaning.

When she tired of this abuse, she flipped him onto his back and squatted across his face, rubbing her puffy, juice soaked labia across his panting mouth and she proceeded pendik escort to jerk his tortured cock into her gloved hand. It wasn’t long before his hips jerked and his cum filled the palm of her hand. She shifted off his face and to complete his humiliation she slowly poured his warm spunk into his gasping mouth, holding his nose to ensure he would swallow it all. As he lay gagging on his own seed, she resumed her position above him and using the handle of the flogger, she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm, forcing her hot juices to join his and he had to swallow quickly not to spill any, knowing that if he did, there would be worse to come.

After a couple of minutes recovery time, during which you couldn’t hear yourself think, the boys were shouting and cheering that much, they looked over to me for approval and to see if they were to be allowed to go home. This was the part I forgot to mention to Madge the other day and I ignored their puppy dog eyes and shouted,

“Ok guys, they are all yours!”

This was met by a look of sheer terror on both their faces as the crowd surged forward to claim their victims. Eddie and the guys grabbed Madge and Rico and his pals took Bob, kicking and screaming into the private room, I guess they wanted to be all boys together and not let the rest of us in on what they and their type do to poor guys like Bob. Which was fine with me, I wanted to see and be part of what Eddie had in store for Madge and anyway, I could always watch it on video later, if I really wanted to know.

We formed a circle round Madge, reaching for her tits and roughly pulling her to us each in turn and we quickly got rid of her basque and pulled the leather eye flaps down on her mask so she was blindfolded. We passed her backwards and forwards, all probing, pinching and biting until she was totally disorientated and dripping sweat. During this we had all stripped off and were to a man, all sporting angry looking erections and I could see by the lust in our eyes, Madge was about to get fucked senseless.

Eddie lay on his back and had two of the guys lift her onto his throbbing cock, his teeth latched onto one of her stiff nipples and he kept her bent forward, opening her anal opening for another to ram his hardness past her sphincter and deep into her bowels. Yet another held her nose and as her mouth sucked in air, he thrust himself into her throat and so her ordeal began. She was never without three cocks buried inside her until we had all cum at least twice, some even three times.

From the ungodly screams coming from the private room I guess Rico and friends were initiating Bob in the finer art of male rape and the Devil himself knew what else and I almost felt sorry for him, but soon shrugged that idea from my mind, he deserved all he got.

With at least two loads of spunk from each of eight horny young guys, dripping from every orifice, Madge looked quite a mess, so we dragged her into the shower room and made her clean herself up and despite the numerous slappings she got to every part of her naked body, the urge to be clean overtook the need to try and stop us from spanking her abused flesh. The scene that her and Bob had enacted for us earlier had given the boys some ideas and they decided that it was Madge’s turn for a flogging.

Her large tits were tied tightly with rope in a figure of eight and the free end passed through one of the numerous pulley-blocks hanging from the ceiling. She was raised upright until just her toes were supporting her weight, them and the tension on her bulging breasts, which were slowly turning purple in colour. Her legs were spread wide apart and tied to ring bolts on the floor, leaving her sex gaping and vulnerable to anything we wished to do with it, which for the moment anyway, was to give it a sound flogging.

We took turns at wielding the large variety of floggers I had available and soon her screams were drowning out those of her partner Bob. Some concentrated on her very sensitive over inflated tits, some on her buttocks and my own favourite, her fast swelling and juice dripping cunt. When she looked to be on the verge of collapse, I stopped the boys, had them release her and carry her to a couch where I applied a large dose of cream to her tortured skin. She was moaning constantly which I thought was from the pain of her recent flogging, but as my fingers made contact with her gaping pussy and enlarged clit; she grabbed my hand and pressed it against herself, urging me to fist fuck her because she needed to cum.

My hand easily slipped into the void of her sloppy cunt and her labia were soon folded over my wrist. I began to slowly pump my hand back and forth, gradually increasing the speed and depth and her juices were oozing around my wrist and running down the crack of her ass. Not one to miss this opportunity to humiliate her more, Eddie quickly got a huge dildo and worked it past her protesting sphincter and deep into her bowels, where I felt it against my thrusting fist. The others were by now taking it in turns to throat fuck her and she was swallowing every drop of their thick creamy seed without any complaint, in fact, she was relishing being a complete slut for so many young men. I felt her climax building from within, her tummy fluttered, her muscles tensed and suddenly she let out a scream of sheer ecstasy and shot her cum up my arm, not just once, but three or four times, until she collapsed from exhaustion.

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