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Carly’s WMAF Fantasy Pt. 17

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The continued kind words are great. I hope everyone likes this chapter and where this is all building towards. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters and it’s turned a three chapter, two character story into, what I realized the other day, is practically a novel in length. So thanks for all the support for this labor of love. Keep up the kind words and keep sending me all the great ideas!


I fucked Rebeccah one more time while Carly and Kyrsten cheered me on before leaving the blonde girl spent and nearly comatose from all of the sex. The look on Kyrsten’s face as we walked out was delightful. She had a carefree grin and, weird as it was, I think taking out her frustrations on Rebeccah helped to exorcise at least some of the demons that she still carried with her. It had been an interesting experience, to see that aggressive side of Kyrsten.

“Did you enjoy that, babe?” I asked her as we climbed into my car.

She nodded, “Absolutely, Master. That was the hottest sex I think I’ve ever had. Is that what it’s always like with you and Carly?”

“Everytime is different,” I said, “Plus, Carly is much more… submissive than you are. I like the contrast between you too,” I told them. I opened the door of the car for the two girls, “Carly, you’ve been servicing my cock all day. Kyrsten can ride in the front for awhile.”

“Of course, Master,” she said with a smile and climbed into the back. Kyrsten smiled proudly and climbed into the front seat, not bothering to buckle up as she knew what was expected. We were heading over to my parents’ house for dinner and had decided to ride together since Rebeccah’s place was on our way back. What I hadn’t considered is how frustrated I’d be by the time I got to the house. Having already cum four times today, Kyrsten was fighting a pleasurably losing battle against biology. She didn’t allow that to stop her from trying, however.

Carly and I talked casually on the ride over while Kyrsten moaned around my shaft, working it to a nice firm state before I had to pull her off and zip up. Carly laughed, “Frustrating isn’t it? To have that cock down your throat and not get cum from it?”

Kyrsten snickered and wiped her mouth before pulling down the mirror to fix her smeared makeup. Meanwhile, Carly primped herself a bit in the back seat as well before we got out and walked to the house. My parents were still living in the same house they’d always had. It was actually my grandmother’s house that my Dad had inherited when she passed away. I had such fond memories of helping my dad build the deck in the backyard. Or putting together the swing set for my little brother. Of digging post holes in the backyard to put a fence in. We’d done a lot of work in the decade I’d lived there and I always felt like the whole house radiated warmth, love, and a welcoming appearance.

As I unlocked the door and walked in, my Mom came barreling to the front of the house, “Jay!” she shrieked and gave me a huge hug. My mother is pretty short but that doesn’t stop her from giving her sons giant bear hugs when she can. The two girls laughed at my discomfort. Though their laughter ended when she released me and said, “You must be Carly and Kyrsten, so happy to meet you… both.” There was a slight pause and hitch in her voice before she moved in to give each of the girls their own giant welcoming hug. Carly was squeezed so hard I though her eyes were going to pop out, Kyrsten decided the best defense was a good offense and tried to return the hug which just made my mother laugh with delight.

“Come in, come in. Dinner will be ready soon,” she said as she shooed us into the dining room. My Dad came down the hall just as we got to the table.

“Dad!” I said, genuinely happy to see him. I really do enjoy my parents and, while I couldn’t imagine living at home anymore, I know that I’m always welcome and there’s never been a lack of love in our family. We gave each other a warm, quick embrace.

“Good to see you, Jay. You going to introduce me to your… guests?”

“This is my girlfriend Kyrsten Elias and this,” I said grabbing Carly’s hand with the ring on it, “Is my fiance Carly Young.”

“Fiance?” my mother gasped, “Ohhh… why didn’t you tell us? You rascal. We’d have made something fancier. All I have is burgers… Ohh… we should go out somewhere special!” She was babbling and a little flustered. My parents aren’t fancy people. ‘Somewhere special’ probably meant Chili’s or something.

“Mrs. Simpson,” Carly said softly, “I’d rather have a nice, quiet meal with my new family and just get to know each other. I’m sure you have lots of questions and you should feel comfortable to ask them in your own home.”

“Well… sure… of course you’re right. That’s very nice of you, young lady. Yes. Well burgers are ready, everybody go make yourself a plate. We don’t stand on ceremony here.”

My mother was greeted with a chorus of four “Yes ma’ams” and the five of us all laughed at our synchronicity. It wouldn’t be fair to say gaziantep escort that my mom “wore the pants in the family” but my parents were a lot more “equal partners” than many couples their age. The only reason my Mom cooked is that my Dad was a genuinely terrible chef. The first time he ever cooked for my Mom, he nearly killed her with (badly, based on the story) undercooked chicken. But the real straw that broke the camel’s back was when my Mom went out of town to visit her sister and my dad broke the microwave trying to heat up leftover meatballs still in tinfoil then managed to burn green beans by cooking them too high (she never found out about the small grease fire he started as well). After that, my Dad’s cooking privileges were restricted to grilling burgers and hotdogs outside (she still didn’t trust him with chicken) and ordering pizza.

We got our plates and sat down at the table, Carly and Kyrsten on either side of me and my parents across from us. There was some awkward silence at first but finally my Dad asked, “So… two girlfriends?”

“Girlfriend and fiance, dear,” my mother corrected with a smile. She beamed at Carly, proud of herself for defending Carlys, at least as perceived by my mother, higher place in the pecking order.

“Whatever… that’s not the important part. How is this going to work, Jay?” my Dad said.

“I don’t know, Dad. That’s the truth. This has all happened pretty fast,” I said as I squeezed the hands of my two lovers and glanced between them. Carly smiled back, giving me a small nod of encouragement. “I… I never expected this to happen. Carly and I got together when I was down here a few months ago and… Carly encouraged me… Well… Carly doesn’t want me to be monogamous.”

“So you’re swingers?” he asked, his face neutral.

“No, sir,” Carly said. “Both Kyrsten and I only want to be with Jay. But… It’s part of who I am. I want my boyfriend to not feel trapped with me. I want him to have as many girlfriends as he wants. Because I’m comfortable with the place I have in his heart,” she said. There were tears at the corner of her eyes and she wiped them with her free hand.

Kyrsten added, “I’m like Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. I never expected this. I never imagined this being my love life. But truthfully, I never thought I’d end up with a guy even a quarter as wonderful as Jay. So if I only have a quarter of his time, then I’m fine with that.”

I quickly added, “But it’s not like that. The three of us spend a lot of time together. I wouldn’t date Kyrsten if Carly hated her. I think… I think Carly wouldn’t actually care or mind. But I would. And if I ever dated anyone else, I’d want Carly and Kyrsten to both be happy with her as well.”

“Anyone else? How many girlfriends are you going to collect?” my Dad asked incredulously.

“I… I’m not sure, Dad. Carly doesn’t want me to close myself off to other romantic opportunities. I’m not going to go out clubbing looking for new girlfriends either though.”

“What about Kyrsten? How does she feel about all this?” My Mom asked.

“She wasn’t… well… sorry… you tell her,” I said, realizing I’d been reflexively jumping in. My mom smiled at that and I knew I’d allayed at least one of her many fears. That’s I’d somehow become a domineering womanizer.

“I wasn’t sure… I really wasn’t. Carly knew this is what she wanted and I really wasn’t sure but Jay has been loving, supportive and open with me about everything. We’ve already shared a lot with each other and… well… without getting too graphic, I’ve had a chance to experience what she does and I know that I’m fine with it. I think… and correct me if I’m wrong, Carly,” she said across me to Carly, “But I think Carly would be fine with pretty much any number of other girlfriends that he might have.” Carly nodded with a blush of embarrassment as Kyrsten continued, “I don’t think that’s me. But I trust Jay and I know he’ll always make decisions with my heart in mind.”

My mother’s eyes practically melted as she dabbed at the moisture, trying to suppress the tears. “You two are very lovely and the things you say about my son make me think we did something right when raising him. My husband and I have been worrying for months about… this… uhmm… lifestyle? That he’s chosen. But… you make it sound like it’s just… natural for you. And I guess I think that’s lovely. As long as you’re doing this with love in your hearts, I think that’s all we could ask for.”

I looked at my Dad. He was less effusive with the praise but his lack of displeasure spoke volumes. “I agree with your mother. We were very worried. I think we’ll continue to be worried. Every romance has a chance to end in disaster and you’ve doubled that chance. But it seems like you’ve all got your heads screwed on straight and are going in with eyes open. And I guess that gives you as good a chance as any to be successful in love.”

“Thank you guys. It really means a lot to me to hear escort gaziantep you say that… Uhmm… We do have one other surprise, though. Uh… Well, we were very careful and this wasn’t intentional but accidents happen and… uhmm… Carly’s pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” my Dad repeated in disbelief. “Is this why you’re getting married so quickly?”

“What? No… no… We’re getting married because Carly and I want to spend our lives together. Forever. And we both know it even after a short time. The baby is just a reason to have the wedding sooner. No more than that. I promise. I’d decided to marry her before I even knew about the pregnancy.”

“You had?” Carly asked, tears rolling down her eyes freely.

“Yes, my love. I told you I knew what I wanted,” I said and she nodded mutely. “I’m sorry you were ever worried. I love you.”

“I love you too, Master,” she said, forgetting where we were.

Now my Dad had been pretty good about the polyamory. And the baby surprise was a shock but he had taken that in stride too. I suspect he and Mom had already considered it. But this caught him completely by surprise and ripped away his composure, “Master? What?”

“Oh.. shit… I’m sorry, sir… Jay… Damnit,” Carly said, spiraling into verbal apoplexy.

“Jay… Gerry,” my Mom said to my Dad in a calming voice.

“No… I think I’m allowed to get a little worked up. What the hell, Jay?”

“Uhmm…,” I stammered, really not sure how you could possibly explain this to outsiders with no base of knowledge.

“Mr. Simpson,” Kyrsten said, “I don’t know how things are with your wife but… well… in my experience which is, sadly, probably greater than all of yours, there’s always someone who’s the more dominant one in… you know… the bedroom. I’m sure even between you two that’s true.”

“Look, I’m not… ” my dad started but Kyrsten cut him off.

“I’m not asking for details, I’m just saying it’s usually true. Jay… our… uhmm… Master, is very dominant. And he’s that way because we want him to be. Carly and I… and… well yeah. It’s a game we play. And we both really like it and it makes us feel closer and it was supposed to be private but Carly slipped,” she said as she looked over at Carly who was pale and shaking from embarrassment and fear. “I think it would be great if you thought of this as having walked in on an intimate moment between your son and his fiance. She’s probably horribly embarrassed at you seeing something that you weren’t meant to see and it would be best if… maybe… you could just metaphorically backup and close the door and not speak of it again?”

“That’s… that’s very well thought out, dear,” my Dad said and seemed to relax a little. “As long as you three all assure us that this is… I don’t know… what’s the word the kids use these days, honey?”

“Consensual?” my mother offered, ever a paragon of diplomacy.

“Yes, consensual… you have her consent and… whatever to play these… uhmm… games and what not… consensually?”

Carly nodded shyly, unable to make eye contact with my parents, “Yes, sir,” she managed, “100%, sir.”

Kyrsten and I nodded as well. I added, “I’m sorry, guys. I know we’ve dropped a lot on you tonight.”

“Nonsense,” my Dad said, “We always knew you’d grow into yourself and have lots of girlfriends. We just didn’t think it would happen all at once!” My parents looked at each other and laughed before we joined in. “And we’re ecstatic about the baby. That’s wonderful as well. And as for the other thing… don’t worry about it. Embarrassing things happen. Heck, my mother took us on a cruise one time and we left the door open… “


“Dad!” I shouted at the same time as my mother.

My Dad, who always had a little bit of foot-in-mouth disease looked around. “What? I was going to trade them an embarrassing story of ours for one of theirs.”

“Gerry!” my mother repeated even louder this time and we all laughed at my Dad’s utter cluelessness.

After that, dinner and dessert finished without much of an event. I helped my Dad do the dishes while my Mom talked to the girls in the living room.

“They really do seem special son. Truthfully, I think what you’ve got is, in many ways, what guys dream about.”

“Dad… it’s not like that,” I said, thinking my Dad was making an awkward threesome joke. That’s pretty much his type of joke.

“No… No… I was saying that everyone wants to find someone who loves them. You found two someones. The way they look at you is the same way your mother looks at me. They absolutely love you. And I can tell you love them back.”

“Yeah… yeah I do, Dad. Very much.”

“That won’t make things easy. You’re going to have arguments and fights and they’ll probably be harder because of the situation. Don’t ever let one of them feel like she’s being ganged up on. Don’t use one of them as a weapon against the other one.”

I thought about what gaziantep escort bayan he said. There was definitely a danger of that. I could almost imagine the conversations playing out in my head. I could picture Kyrsten and I getting in a fight about a new girlfriend and Carly taking my side. How would Kyrsten react? Was this a three person relationship or two two-person relationships? And was there a difference. “Thanks, Dad. I appreciate the advice.”

“No problem. Plus you get to have a threesome whenever you want, right?”

“Dad!” I said. Damnit… of course he had to make that joke. I grinned back at him, “You’re a dirty old man, you know that?”

“Hey! Don’t call me old!” he said and returned my grin. After dinner, we finished up the dishes and said our goodbyes. My mother gave all three of us another warm hug.

As we walked outside, I told Kyrsten, “Thank you so much. You were great with them. You really are amazing with people.”

Kyrsten beamed at me, “There’s a reason I’m in sales, lover.”

I returned her smile and gave her a huge kiss as Carly watched on with her own sappy smile. “Well, I’ve seen it now and you are truly amazing.”

“Your parents are wonderful, Jay. It makes me a little jealous… but also kind of excited to have them in my life.”

“They’ll be your family someday, too,” Carly said. Kyrsten and I exchanged awkward glances. Carly was acting like the stereotypical matchmaking mother and I half expected her to ask something like, “When am I going to be a grandmother?”

Kyrsten kissed Carly sweetly, “That’s our Master’s decision and we shouldn’t pressure him at all.”

Carly realized what she’d been doing and cast her eyes down, “You’re right. I’m sorry, Master. I’m just very, very excited right now.”

“It’s all right. You can’t help but be a silly little slut,” I told her as we climbed into the car. I turned to Kyrsten and asked, “Want to come back to our hotel for a nightcap?”

“If by nightcap, you mean thorough fucking until I can’t walk, then sure,” she said.

“Sounds about right. Why don’t you two hop in the backseat and tease me on the ride back?”

“Yes, Master,” the two girls said in unison as they grabbed each other’s hands and slid into the back seat. It didn’t take long for them to be frantically making out and running their hands all over each other. I had asked them to tease me and they did everything they could to satisfy that request. Their moans and dirty talk were only interrupted by the juicy, squelching sound of fingers in pussy. Both girls were obviously aroused and, as I watched them make out in the rear view mirror, all I could think about was how stupidly, ridiculously lucky I’d gotten.

We got to the hotel and I walked in feeling like a rockstar with two unbelievably gorgeous women on either arm. We were laughing and giggling, Kyrsten was playfully teasing my neck with her tongue while Carly was whispering nasty, borderline disturbing things into my ear. And yet, what caught my eye was the black haired girl sitting at the bar. It was the girl from this morning. The one who had flirted with me in the pool. Jackie. She was wearing a short, tight black mini-skirt and a blood red halter top that showed off her back, shoulders and midriff spectacularly. “Have I told you how much I love you two today?” I asked.

“Multiple times, Master,” Carly said.

“Then you can prove how much you two love me now,” I said with a leer and I nodded my head towards the beautiful girl at the bar. She’d noticed me come in with not one but two beautiful women on my arms. Carly’s eyes went wide in shock. “Maybe you won’t get that pounding tonight, babe,” I said to Kyrsten and directed her attention to the girl openly staring at us.

A shudder went up Kyrsten’s spine, “As long as you’re getting to fuck some nice tight hole, I’m happy, Master.”

“Good girl. You two sluts wait right here,” I told them and wandered over to talk to Jackie, a plan already forming in my mind.

“Hey,” I said as I walked up to the bar and gestured to the bartender for two beers to take back to the room for the girls.

“I see you’ve found someone to share with your girl?”

“Oh… her? No… that’s just my girlfriend,” I said casually.

“I thought the Asian girl was your girlfriend?” she asked, surprised by my answer.

“No… she’s my fiance,” I said taking the beers.

“You have a fiance and a girlfriend? Sounds complicated.”

“Well, assuming that offers still open from this morning, I have a one night stand, a fiance and a girlfriend now. Don’t I?” I winked at the girl. I put one beer under my shoulder and traced my cool fingertips down her shoulder and arm before taking her hand. Her eyes widened at my boldness but she also welcomed it.

“I’m not really into girls,” she said, almost in a daze. “Well… not since college,” she said with a flirty smirk.

“Oh they’re just going to watch tonight,” I told her matter-of-factly.

She raised her eyebrows, “Okay… now I really am not buying it. You think they’re cool with watching you with another woman?”

“What’ll you bet me if they will?”

She thought for a second, “If they’re willing to just watch, I won’t even ask you to make me cum tonight. If they’re that wrapped around your finger you must be so spectacular in bed that nothing else matters.”

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