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Red , White – Christmas Delight

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The snow flakes covered the silent city – and the earth seemed to stand still when the chiming of bells became audible through the frosty night air. Patricia was standing at the window, watching the icy crystals paint mysterious patterns on the window sill while her hot breath fogged her vision of the tar and feathered outside. For her the wintry white cover that faked a sheen of innocence to the world was not the feathers falling from the beds of heavenly eiderdown, but a shroud. She had lost her girlish dreams and hopes long ago, her believes in fairy tales and magic mystery – and now … now she lived from the dark desires in the male hearts.

“Men…” she smirked, “they were all the same. Pretending to be so strong, so right, so politically correct .. so full of themselves – men.” And on evenings like this they were home with their families or parents, playing the role model of the caring husbands and fathers … but after the holidays they would be back to lick her boots and crawl at her feet; after all they had bought this little “freedom” with the precious jewels and expensive toys that had been paid for by credit card, wrapped up by the stressed sales staff without much care and even less affection and that were decorated with cards printed by computers or written by trustworthy secretaries. Patricia took another sip of the heavy red wine in the exclusive goblet. The heavy scent of fruit and oak barrels lingered in her mouth long after the liquid was gone, taking away for a few moments the taste of the bitterness she felt tonight. For her there were no presents to unwrap, no Christmas carols to be sung.

There it was again, the soft chimes that reminded her of silver bells and memories so faint she couldn’t grasp them – Patricia stared into the black sky but all she saw was the reflection of her own eyes in the black mirror of the window. Silver bells – a bitter laugh escaped her throat before she took another draft from her goblet – all the “chimes” she usually heard were the rustles of chains … With a sigh she turned away from the forlorn world outside, away from her staring eyes that seemed to have too many unanswered questions for a lonely night … and so she didn’t see the shadow that passed over her house.

Patricia was just flipping through the TV- guide when she heard the chimes again – but this time it was a clear and close sound, conjuring, with a burning intensity now, the image of a horse-drawn sleigh before her inner eye. While she was still analysing this for her completely unusual mental image she saw her living room door swing open silently, and with a gasp, almost swallowing her wine down the wrong way she watched a huge bearded figure step into her den – a sight she never thought to see, dressed in red and white as if just climbed out of a child’s picture book: Santa Claus!

In a fit of hysteria she couldn’t help but break into a girlish giggle – so unlike her usual tight self control and composure. “Must be the wine” she thought, “or just the season .. yeah, with all the advertising you are bound to see things! That’s it!” But when she deftly turned away and raised the glass to her lips again to wash down the slight trace of fear together with the growing anger about the rude intrusion, the blurred reflection of red and white in the window wouldn’t vanish. So with a determined look on her face and a rather aggressive more then defensive stance she turned back again to face the uninvited guest.

“Who are you, and what do you think you are doing here? I never work without appointment and I sure am not going to make an exception on a holiday! ” But where her average visitor would already flinch and start to stammer, this guy just didn’t fit her usual clientele! On the contrary – his grey eyes, that seemed ancient and too young for his looks at the same time met hers without ever wandering off, indicating a strength that put forward a rare challenge for Patricia. Again she addressed him: “So again – who are you – how did you get in here – and what do you want?”

Before she could muster all the rage and frustration she felt, she was cut short by a deep and vibrant voice that seemed strangely unsuitable for the roundish and grey haired man in the ridiculous Santa-outfit. His deep voice seemed to fill her living room, and as if his words caused the air to stir the flames in her fireplace started to dance as he spoke: “Now Patricia – what do you think who I am? It can’t be too hard to guess, right?” He took a few more steps into the room, seemingly filling it with his presence: “I am Santa Claus – Father Christmas!”

Her mind reeled – Patricia was slightly torn between bursting into laughter about this practical joke someone was obviously playing on her or starting to scream for apartment security to help her get rid of this insane intruder … but another look in his eyes made her relax. He didn’t seem dangerous, there was no violence in his stance and he even smiled, a smile that not only curled the lips hidden in his fluffy white long beard but a smile that reached Betturkey his eyes.

In the end Patricia’s curiosity got the better of her – after all, he seemed nice enough and she didn’t really fancy spending the evening alone. “So – you are Santa Clause, huh? Sure … Father Christmas, yeah! Looking for little naughty girls, are you? Well, you sure found one!”

“Ho ho ho – now, now, you better slow it down young Lady! I have not come to have some … rather dubious fun with you … but to make you …”

“Ohh wait wait wait! What do you mean – dubious fun?? You don’t have a clue what you are talking about!” Patricia’s eyes had taken on a dangerous sparkle in the dim lit room … strange as it may seem, she took a peculiar pride in her profession. She had spent long hours studying not only the physical aspects of dominating men but the psychological impact of humiliation and the little naughty mind games her customers so much enjoyed – she was an expert at what she was doing … and, as she admitted on a side note to herself, she enjoyed it most of the time.

The Santa-dude was stunned by her agitated reaction and for a moment a trace of insecurity seemed to be visible in his eyes – only a flicker, a hint – but enough for a professional like Patricia to see! With a guttural chuckle she stepped closer and circled him, her hand seemingly by coincidence but firmly resting on his shoulder while she whispered close to the mass of his curly white hair that peeked out from under his red and white fur trimmed cap:” Now – how about you try for yourself before judging … Wasn’t that what you came for after all? Didn’t you come for a taste of … this?” And with those last whispers she took a step back and let her black velvety bathrobe slowly slide from her shoulders.

The flicker of the flames seemed to turn her a creature from the deepest depth of the pleasure hell of male imagination – and her red and white clad visitor just gasped and started a helpless stutter: “But no , please, Miss, … Don’t … please, put your robe back on … I didn’t mean to … ” But it was too late for the poor guy – by now Patricia’s dominating instincts had kicked in – and never having been one to pass up a challenge she sure had no inclination to do so now, not with this promising and completely unexpected Christmas present in front of her.

“Now – don’t tell me you don’t like what you see! Look at me – now! .. Goodness gracious – you have seen a nude woman before I would assume!” She was delighted to see him blush and desperately stare at his boots, unable though to not now and then sneak a peek at her lithe frame with the bouncing boobs and the neatly trimmed pubic curls.

“Come here – you sure remind me of a lost puppy now … so, is this lost puppy my Christmas present? Be a good puppy and come here … Yes, that’s a obedient puppy!” As if in a trance he had involuntarily taken a step into her direction – she knew that almost every man would have taken this step, no matter if ordered or not, but the men were not aware of it – they were left with the puzzlement of why they followed her orders without hesitation. Patricia turned towards the window through which she had been staring into the night earlier and refilled her goblet from the bottle that had warmed now to the room temperature. While she took another sip she spoke to the reflection in the window: “Don’t you think it awfully rude to be fully dressed in the presence of a nude woman? I would suggest you adapted to the “house standard” and then join me at the fire – after all, you didn’t tell me yet what you came for … ” and gracefully she crossed the room and stretched out on her fur covered chaiselonge, which happened to be the only piece of furniture in the proximity of the fire place. She didn’t pay any more visible attention to her mysterious visitor it seemed, but she felt him clearly, once more musing about the why and how this mysterious yet increasingly attractive man had ended up in her four walls on this festive evening.

From behind she heard a faint coughing “Excuse me Miss, I don’t think I should … you know … I came here on a mission … on duty so to speak … and …” Her seductive voice purred “If you expect me to listen to what it is you came for you better join me here soon, else I am afraid your visit, whatever it’s purpose, was rather futile. And let me emphasize that I am not used to be kept waiting!” Her voice had been soft and quiet, but the edge in her last words made them not just small talk but rather a command. Santa didn’t know how else to get her attention since she seemed to be ignoring him efficiently and so, with a hustle and rustle, he peeled out of his black heavy leather boots, followed by his wide leather belt that had held close his red, fur-trimmed jacket and then his pants. While hoping Patricia wouldn’t turn around just now he all of a sudden was in a hurry to get naked – he had just seen his reflection in the window and noticed how ridiculous he looked Betturkey Giriş in his underwear, the red and white small striped long legged underpants and his matching tight shirt that stretched rather unbecomingly over his beer-bellied form. Spurred on by his reflection in the window he soon was stripped completely – just in time for Patricia to not become annoyed with her unexpected guest. When she heard his bare feet shuffle towards her without turning around she said “Now – come sit with me and tell me what you came for.” But when he stood beside her there was nowhere to sit except on a soft and inviting fluffy fake fur blanket in front of her divan – and when she patted the floor at her feet he couldn’t but follow her unspoken invitation – or was it an order? “Now, that is a good puppy ” she purred “so … now that we are comfortable, tell me what I can do for a cutie like you …” and her hands started to curl a strand of his white silky hair around her perfectly manicured finger. Again he seemed to be a little hesitant, and his eyes that before were so secure and calm seemed now feverishly to avoid the treasures displayed before him at convenient eye level. But finally he seemed to get a hold of the strange situation and started to talk: “OK – now again … I am Santa Claus…” “Yeah, I know … Father Christmas, sure!!” she fell in with a chuckle. “…and I have come to you tonight to take you to the North Pole with me and teach you a lesson since quite a few wives of your clients had it on their wish lists to see you treated the same way their husbands seemingly are treated when with you… so that tasting your “own medicine” would make you retreat from … uhmmm … business. ” he finally got out.

It took a minute before Patricia understood the implication of what her mysterious visitor was saying – but then her voice pearled into a crystal clear laughter – and this time Santa was reminded of the chiming of his silver sleigh bells. Patricia’s hand curled deftly into his hair and she pulled back his head until she could bend down and look deeply into his eyes, holding him immobile as she searched his innermost feelings for any sign of making fun of her. On the other hand – the evening had developed soooo strange that she started to believe him, no matter how weird his intentions appeared. It could have been the wine just as well, after all she had finished almost a bottle by herself, but no matter what it was – she started to like this little game he was playing with her. “Hmmm – now what do you think? Am I doing anything wrong? Are you feeling any bad? … and do you know what those poor men have to endure when being with me?” He only could emit a muffled “nawww” since in the meantime by means of her firm grip in his hair she had pressed his face into the valley between her ample breasts, and so he didn’t see the wicked sparkle in her eyes that betrayed the forming of an evil plan.

“To make sure you know what you would have to do to me though you will need to go through the ordeal yourself, and I will require your full co-operation to make this a worthwhile experience!” He didn’t need a lot of time to think about her suggestion – first of all her proposal seemed to make perfect sense. In his North Pole solitude he knew next to nothing about this delightfully kinky lifestyle that had conjured all those envy-driven wishes and second, if he was completely honest, Misses Santa had adopted the arctic climate, she had been more than cold about his advances for the last couple of decades, and lately he had started to wonder if there was something going on behind the closed workshop doors. He still hadn’t figured out why his wife was so crazy about those battery operated buzzing candy sticks the elves seemed to be barely able to supply in sufficiency and why Misses Santa had to personally quality check every tenth piece of the batch. But the last incentive Santa needed was the fact that the decision had to be taken between Pat’s erotic feminine scent and the warmth radiating from the fire (or was it from her glowing body?) or the freezing icy cold and the stench of the reindeer outside… he didn’t have to think for long!

“Now – that was a wise choice.” Patricia whispered into his ear “I will show you what a horrible fate those men had to endure – and then you can judge for yourself what a suitable punishment would be for a naughty girl like me.”

Patricia gently caressed his white curly mane and then gently passed along his cheek, caressing him for a moment behind the ear before she then ran her fingers through the white pelt on his chest. “Say – if you are Santa – didn’t you bring me any presents?” He blushed “No, since you were a bad girl and I was .. no still am … intending to punish you there are no presents for you this year.” “Well – but somehow I have the feeling you are rather embarrassed now to not have a present for me – I am not that bad after all it seems, right?” He only nodded his head, wondering why he was sitting completely naked on a fake fur blanket at the feet of a divine but damnable Lady who had her caressing fingers buried in his chest hair and was now making him feel like a loser for not having a present for her. He knew something was going wrong – but it felt sooooo right!

Patricia chuckled: “well – you didn’t bring me anything – so I allow you to be my present. I am sure you are feeling much better now, right?” He eagerly nodded, unable to analyse his feelings, simply happy that she seemed to be less disappointed now that he had agreed to be her present. “…but I want my present to look nice – you know, I like to have something to play with … to unwrap. Go and get me one of the red bows on the Christmas tree – now!” and Santa scurried to his feet to bring a red bow from the tastefully decorated tree. Just as he was about to take his seat at her feet again she stopped him: “No , wait a minute … hand me the bow and stand here – right in front of me…” Patricia sat up on the couch and undid the artfully bound ribbon … and then looked up from her hands – straight at the twitching half-erect manhood of Mr. Claus. She licked her lips and reached out, aware of his eyes staring disbelievingly at her every move. Unaffectionate she fondled his balls and gave his cock a few strokes to harden it further before then wrapping the red ribbon tightly around his now almost fully raised member, tying it into an elaborate bow again, the dangling ends tickling his sac.

He shivered – it had been a while since last he had had such happening – he was only rarely on the “wish list” of the nowadays-girls … they always wanted those young, well toned, suntanned guys, and he just was a pale, beer-bellied old man. Strange enough though Patricia didn’t seem to notice … when a new sensation coursed through his loins he looked down again, just in time to watch her open her mouth and take his by now fully alert manhood between her velvety red lips…just for a little nibble, no more. He sighed, forgotten all thought about his mission, until she threw back her head and laughed: “Santa, huh? God – look at you – you are just as gullible as are all of you men! A little tease, a bit of attention to your cocks and you are loosing it … I don’t blame you – that is just the way it is and now you see for yourself that guys like you need a girl like me for those desires to be fulfilled.” She noticed his face drop and show the total frustration and disappointment of a little boy who had just been shown paradise, a lighted Christmas tree and the bicycle he so desperately had wanted only to be told it was not for him but for another kid. From somewhere in her cold heart she felt a little poking sensation of remorse and regret – he was after all most likely just as lonely as she was – and he didn’t seem to be a bad guy, a little weird albeit.

“Come on – now don’t look at me that dumbfounded. I have the feeling you and I were meant to keep each other company tonight … so we may as well enjoy it, right …how about you make yourself comfy again and start to get to know each other? ” She watched his smile return – and the room felt warm and cosy all of a sudden again. When he had taken his place down at her feet again she extended her right leg and started to gently wiggle her cold toes into the warm folds that had appeared between his belly and his more delicate and still obviously aroused privates. With a giggle she watched him flinch as her cold skin touched his warm body, but he too looked up and only giggled, and then reached out and grabbed her other foot as well, making her perfectly pedicured and nail polished toes look petite in his big calloused hands. He gently started to rub her span, her heel, the upper side of her delicate feet .. and she leant back, feeling the heat of his caressing hands and the glow of the fire warm her. She took another sip of wine, moaning softly as she felt him lift her feet higher and close his lips around her toes. His beard tickled her at first and she wiggled, but he held her tight, and soon she was feeling increasingly relaxed as his tongue discovered each toe, each dip, each crease of her sensitive feet. She felt him suckle and nib, and finally he became bolder and less inhibited and started to lick her soles with long flat rasps of his tongue.

“Mhhhhhh .. now that sure is a promising start for the night ..” Patricia purred, “now that my feet are nicely warm and clean how about you tug them around your little … present .. down there and let me see how you like my wiggling now??” “Ohhh yes Ma’m” was his whispered response, and quickly her mystery visitor with a smile closed his eyes under the bushy white brows and guided her feet to the left and right of the red bow that decorated his by now throbbing cock. With a naughty smile she glanced down at him, wondering why she couldn’t really treat him with the same cold and distant demeanour she usually displayed when “at work”, why didn’t it feel right to humiliate him as most her other clients wanted her to do? He obviously had liked her making fun of him when she had tied the bow but it had been .. more playfully teasing she realized now …She pushed aside all her thoughts of love and care, blaming it on her strange mood on Christmas, where the whole world seemed to be full of this caring and sharing crap.

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