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Finding her Father

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She hadn’t seen her father since he had abandoned the family home when she little more than a few months old. Now, almost twenty years later, she had found him. Her mother had told her little about the man who had walked out on them all those years ago, but she had learned that he was a photographer and worked in a town not that far away.

Finally, she had tracked him down and was about to see him face to face for the first time really. She knew neither of them would recognise the other (although she had checked his own picture on his website) and he wondered what he would think of her. She had prepared what she was going to say over and over in her mind but now, standing outside his studio, she hesitated.

Would he be delighted to see her? Would he welcome into his life after all these years? She knew that he was single but that was about all she did know about his private life. Her mother had given her all the love and support she had wanted as she grew up, but she had always felt like there was something missing and now she was about to find out if that “something” was her father.

Forcing herself to take the last few steps, she reached out and knocked on the door. The door was buzzed open and she took the last few nervous steps to finally meeting her father. The first words he spoke to her were not promising.

“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I don’t have time for apologies. The agency called and said they would have to send a replacement for the other girl, but they should have told you that I don’t like to be kept waiting. Have you brought your own outfits?”

“I think there’s been some mistake.”

“Of course there’s been a mistake. You’re not the kind of girl I usually work with but I’m sure we can do something.”

Suddenly he realised how rude he was being.

“Sorry. Now it’s my time to apologise. Let me take your coat and we can start again. I was just setting up.”

He hung her coat up on a rack and then turned to face her, holding out his hand.

“Hi, I’m John. I’m afraid the agency didn’t tell me your name.”

“Mary,” she managed to reply, taking his hand and enjoying the warmth of both it and his smile. Her mother had warned her that he could be a charmer. Forcing herself to stop staring at his captivating eyes she tried to point out his mistake.

“Look there really has been a mistake. I haven’t brought any outfits because..”

“That’s not a problem,” he interrupted her. “We can deal with that in a minute. Come over here.”

He led her to where a row of cameras were set up in front of a blank screen and told her to sit down on the chair placed between the screen and the cameras. Standing before her, he moved an escaped wave of her hair off her face and lifted her face to look directly at him.

“You seem nervous. Is this your first time?”

She could only nod in agreement, wondering why this meeting had gone so far off the rails, her prepared speech completely forgotten as she found herself staring into his blue eyes once more.

“You’re a beautiful young woman and I would really like to take to take your picture.”

Taking her hands, he lay them on her lap and took his place behind one of the cameras, seeming to test out the angle and lighting, making small adjustments while she nervously sat there. Watching him at work she realised what her mother had seen in him all those years ago and wondered why he was still single. He was an attractive looking man and could see why other women would be interested in him.

“That’s all I need for now. Would you like to step behind the screen and change into whatever you find in your size? I promise not to peek.”

“I wonder what he would say if her knew I was his daughter. He certainly wouldn’t be peeking then,” she thought to herself. But she seemed to have stopped thinking rationally as she did what she was asked and walked behind the screen. How could she make him listen to her? How could she tell him he was her father before this went any further? She thought that if she let him to a few shots then she might get a chance to tell him why she was really there.

Never having been in this position before she wasn’t really sure what to do but she knew he expected her to change. Telling herself that she would find something to fit, let him take his pictures, and then break the news to him when he didn’t seem so preoccupied, she began to undress. Tentatively she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her arms, hanging it up like the well-mannered girl she had been raised to be. Next came her skirt and she suddenly realised that she was standing only feet from her father in her bra and panties, separated only by a screen.

“Mary? Have you found something?”

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry she managed to answer him.

“I’m not sure I should be doing this.”

“Nonsense. It’s why we’re both here after all. Put on one of the robes and I’ll help you choose something.” When he walked round the screen çekmeköy escort he was captivated by her all over again. Ever since she had entered his studio he had been entranced by her beautiful eyes and radiant smile, but she seemed so nervous. He would obviously have to coax her slowly to allow him to show her at her best.

“Let’s see what we can find,” he smiled encouragingly at her. Standing so close he could smell her perfume and he inhaled deeply, certain that he had found someone very special this time. She was smaller than him, maybe that’s why she was so nervous, but he knew how to help people relax and his professionalism kicked in. She could see why he had been so successful in his career, he really was very good at making people forget that they were standing almost naked only inches from him She was just beginning to relax a little when she gasped.

“I can’t put that on. I’ve never worn anything like that.”

He smiled and handed it to her.

“That may be true, but it will look really great on you. It’s just the right colour.”

He could see her nerves rising to the fore again and tried to calm her down.

“Let’s make a deal. Put this on and I’ll take a few shots. If you don’t like them then you can choose something else and we’ll finish the session like that. Agreed?”

He smiled at her again and she knew she was going to do what he asked. She just wanted to get this over with and get back to why she was really there. If only he would stop smiling at her with his gorgeous eyes.

She looked away as she practically snatched the gown from his hands, waiting for him to walk round the screen again. She tried it on, wondering if this was how he treated all his models and customers; certainly the female ones at least, she decided. It was only then however that she realised she would have to remove her bra too. The straps were obvious under the silk and she didn’t want to give him an opportunity to ask her to expose even more of herself.

As she unhooked her bra and placed it beside the rest of her clothes she slipped on the gown once more and luxuriated in the feel of the smooth silk on her naked skin. She didn’t know why but she instinctively slid her panties down her legs, telling herself that no woman would wear anything under such a beautiful piece of silk. Seeing her reflection in the full-length mirror she could see why he had chosen it. The only thing that worried her was that it seemed to fit her body like a second skin and showed off every curve that she had never been comfortable about displaying. Taking a deep breath, she walked round to face him.

This time his reaction was much better.

Staring at his own daughter, he couldn’t believe what a beautiful body she had been hiding behind her loose clothes when he had first seen her. Just as she had noticed so too was he delighted by the way the silk clung to her body, barely containing her round breasts, and showing off her cleavage to great effect. He couldn’t have chosen anything better to present her curves to the camera and now he had to make the most of them. As she made her way towards the chair he stopped her.

“No. Wearing that you have to be lying down. Let me move this away,” he said as he lifted the chair away and then dragged a chaise longue that she hadn’t paid any attention to and placed it in front of the cameras.

Once again her nervousness kicked in as she sat on the very edge and asked him how she should pose, desperate to get this over with.

“Sit further back then lie down on your side.”

It was the very position she would be in if she was lying in her own bed reading or watching TV. She automatically rested her head in her hand and looked straight at him. She felt very self-conscious in the circumstances, but he seemed pleased with what she was doing.

“Perfect,” he declared as he began to do his job, taking many more pictures than she thought necessary. Her mouth felt very dry as she realised that she was posing before her father in the kind of outfit she would have chosen for her wedding night, not for meeting her father. She instinctively licked her dry lips and she could hear him almost purr in delight. For all she was nervous she was starting to enjoy herself, starting to enjoy spending time with her father, starting to enjoy the attention.

“She’s a natural,” he smiled to himself. But now it was time to move things to the next level.

“You’re doing really well but now I want you to look at the camera as if you were looking into the eyes of your lover.”

“I don’t have a lover.”

“But I’m sure you have had before.”

He was delighted to hear her response and thought that today might turnout to be one of the best sessions ever.

“Look at the camera as if you were trying to entice him, tempt him, make him want you.”

She could feel herself blushing as she listened to her own father talk like this to her and wondered who would be the more embarrassed cevizli escort if he knew the truth. Even so, she was starting to enjoy herself and almost forgetting the man behind the camera, almost forgetting why she was here, almost forgetting that she was behaving so wantonly before her own father.

He watched her through his lens as she became more comfortable with what she was doing. At the same time, he felt himself becoming more uncomfortable as he saw her tongue poke out to lick her lips again, wetting them, making him wonder if her pussy lips were just as wet. She had closed her eyes now, losing herself in the experience the way he had seen so many shy women do before.

His cameras continued to capture every moment as her hand trailed down her cleavage, forcing him to concentrate on her breasts. Not that he needed any enticement to do that. When she became even more daring and slid one of her straps off her shoulder and inadvertently exposed a little more of her breast, he couldn’t stop the small moan of pleasure that escaped from his own lips. She smiled in her dream-like state, pleased to be pleasing her lover.

Then her hands slid down, pulling the silk up, exposing her legs for the first time. She sat up, bringing one leg up too, causing the silk to slide down her thigh, leaving it naked before her father’s hungry stare.

He was letting her do what she was comfortable with now, but he could feel his cock growing to its full length, could feel it throbbing in his jeans, knew that it would want release very soon. All the time his cameras continued to record her performance. Suddenly she seemed to feel a cool breeze on her exposed skin and she jumped up in alarm, coming to her senses and realising just how much of her body she was revealing to her own father. As she did so, however, the silk slid off her breasts and exposed so much more than she would ever have dreamed of, even in her worst nightmares. Immediately her hands shot up to cover herself.

“Don’t do that. You’re a beautiful woman. Why try to hide it?”

He left his cameras for a moment and walked over to her, gently taking her hands in his own and lowering them to her sides.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. You should be proud of your breasts; you should be proud of your body. You are a very sexy young woman and I’m going to kiss you now.”

Before she could even protest, he covered her whole mouth with his and kissed her passionately. Pushing his tongue between her soft lips, it brushed against her own and he heard her gasping in her fear and excitement. He kissed her again and again until he felt her resistance weaken and felt her hands reach up to his chest. She had intended to push him away but, before she could, he took her hands in his and they both ripped his shirt open so that he could place her hands on his naked skin. Instinctively she pulled his ruined shirt off his body, seeming to have lost her nerve and lost her fear as she reached for his nipples and began to play with them.

She hadn’t just lost her nerves and her fear; she had lost her inhibition; she had lost her mind. It was far too long since a man had held her like this, since a man had kissed her like this and the fact that this man was her own father only served to make it hotter and her pussy juicier. Now she was the one taking the initiative, running her hands over his upper body, pulling him tighter against herself, feeling his nipples rub against her breasts. When his hand moved down to cup her tits in his big strong hands all she could do was moan in delight and enjoy the warmth of his hands on her body.

As he began to kiss his way down over her chin, down to her neck, he licked down to her shoulder. No-one had ever done that to her before and she shuddered at his tenderness. He was no longer her long-lost father; he was a new lover taking her to places she hadn’t been to in far too long, if ever at all. He didn’t suddenly grab her nipples with her mouth the way others had; instead he paid attention to the whole of her breasts, licking their sides, loving them, until she was desperate for him to feast on her nipples. Once he took the first one in his warm mouth she gasped aloud at the sensation, loving the way the thrills were coursing through her whole body. She opened her eyes to watch him making love to her breasts and felt her own hands lifting them to him, presenting them to her own father, lost in her lust, lost in the incestual sin she was committing so easily. She longed for him to take her to bed and treat her whole body like this and he seemed to be able to read her thoughts.

Gently pressing her back down on to the chaise longue, his body followed hers and he began to kiss her, but this time from the feet upwards. Moving slowly up her legs, he pushed the gown further and further, savouring every inch of her exposed skin with his eyes and his lips. She was lost now; all she could do was lie back and watch him as he revealed her naked flesh inch erenköy escort by inch until he finally reached the point of no return. He looked up at her as he pushed the silk up further to reveal his ultimate aim. He smiled when he saw she was naked underneath and she smiled back nervously as her father gazed longingly at her wet pussy and settled himself between her open legs. He waited for her, looking at her expectantly, until he smiled at her again as she spread her thighs. He couldn’t have known that he was about to be the first man to ever kiss her there, to lick her there, to taste her there, to pleasure her there.

All he wanted to do was to dive in and feast on her beautiful mound, but he could see she was trembling. Was it fear, anticipation or lust? He knew he would have to be patient and take his time to allow her to open herself to him just as he was about to open her lips to his tongue. He kissed her gently and whispered to her.

“I’m going to taste you now. Ok?”

Although no-one had ever done this to her, for her, before she knew she wanted him to; she knew she wanted her father to be the first to taste her juices and to do what she had only dreamed of until now. She nodded tentatively and moaned aloud as she felt a man’s mouth between her legs for the very first time. He spread her thighs as wide as he could and ran his wet tongue up and down her lips. She was amazed that it could be this good, even better than she had ever imagined. Her back arched and her head flew from side to side as she writhed beneath his mouth.

He continued to go slowly, allowing her to get used to what he was doing and to what she was feeling. He raised his eyes to watch her squirming on the seat, licked her inner lips gently, running his tongue up and down her pussy slowly, getting her used to the feeling. He looked up and watched her enjoy what he was doing, smiling to himself as he saw how she was responding to his skills. When his tongue changed target for a moment and flicked her clit, her hips immediately sprang off the bed, her hands automatically grabbing her full breasts, massaging them as she always did when she touched herself. But this was different; this was nothing like lying in a solitary bed, comforting herself because there was no-one else there to love her the way her father was doing.

“Please, don’t…”

“Don’t what?” he asked surprised, sure that she was enjoying herself as much as he was.

“Please don’t stop. Ever!” she whimpered as she grabbed her nipples and pulled at them, certain that she was near the edge.

Smiling to himself and returning his attention, and his tongue, to her clit, he slowly pushed a single finger between her lips. His other hand had to try to hold her down as her hips bucked once more as she moaned louder than before at the two-pronged attack on her helpless body. He could feel her squeezing his finger and he too knew that she wouldn’t last much longer.

As he took her swollen clit between his teeth and clamped down ever so slightly she screamed louder than she ever had before as she lost all control, her body giving itself up to her orgasm, washing over her in wave after wave of exquisite pleasure. Her cries were unintelligible, especially as his head was now firmly clamped between her young thighs as he continued to torment her clit and to fuck her with his finger, making sure that this was the most intense orgasm of her life.

When it finally stopped and her body collapsed back, she was in no doubt about it being the biggest and best ever. Her whole body was still trembling, her breath coming in shallow pants as she slowly became aware of the very large damp patch beneath her. She had never known herself to cum like that, to squirt like that, to soak a lover like that. But her father didn’t seem to mind. All she could see was his smiling eyes until he got up from his knees and reached over for his camera.

She couldn’t have stopped him if her life had depended on it and she found that she didn’t want to. She wanted them both to have a permanent reminder of the moment she finally found out what it was like to feel like a woman who is loved.

She held out her arms for him, so he put down the camera and walked over to his secret daughter. Sitting up she unbuckled his belt, opened the waistband of his jeans and slid down the zip. He rested his hands on the top of her head, but she knew that he wouldn’t force himself in to her mouth the way others had done. Pulling his jeans down, she freed her father’s cock from his shorts, smiling in delight as it sprang up.

Not stopping to think, she softly kissed the tip and wrapped her fingers around his hard length. As her father looked down at her, she parted her lips and sucked the head into her mouth before sliding down his cock, both of them moaning in absolute pleasure. Trying to give her time, he slowly moved his hips forward, pushing further into her mouth. She was no expert, but she had sucked cock before and the fact that she was now sucking her father’s seemed to make it even more naughty. Moving her head up and down, she sucked as she had never sucked anyone before, lashing his length with her tongue, determined to give him the biggest orgasm of his life, just as he had done for her.

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