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Cindy Gets Caught

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Cindy moaned as her boyfriend kissed her deeply. He was laying on top of her while she lay on her back on her couch. Both their pants lay on the floor next to the couch.

He reached under her to squeeze her perky bubble butt. Pressing his erection into her crotch through his boxers and her panties.

“Oh baby,” She panted, “I love how hard you are.”

“Mmm. I love your ass, Cindy. I think we should get you out of these panties.”

“Ok but your boxers stay on.” She lifted her ass to let him slide the little piece of cotton off her hips. “Okay?”

“Ugh fine. I wouldn’t put it in you I just want to feel it slide up against you.”

“I’m not ready for that baby.” She thrust her bare hips against his clothed ones.

“What about a hand job then?” He grunted as he rutted against her. “Please?”

“Baby we have only been dating for four months. I’m not ready for more than this. I’m sorry.”

“Ugh, I know you aren’t. I don’t mean to push. But fuck I’m horny.”

“It’s ok. Let’s just dry hump like we always do until you come.”

While they humped and talked they didn’t hear the key being inserted in the lock to the front door. The door swung open and a young woman entered the house about five feet from them.

“Fuck!” Cindy’s boyfriend said rolling off of her and onto the floor.

“What the fuck is going on here?” The woman was only a few years older than Cindy. She was Cindy’s new stepmother, while only being twenty-two years old she was four years older than Cindy.

“Kim! You were supposed to be out running!”

Kim was wearing a pink sports bra, with headphones hanging out between her breasts and tight black yoga pants. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail behind her head and there was a slight sheen of sweat on her forehead. She also had a spattering of raindrops on her skin and clothes.

“It started raining. And just ’cause I out didn’t mean Jason can come over and fuck your brains out.” She slammed the front door, locking it before she walked over to them.

They both sat on the couch, Cindy in just a little t-shirt and Jason wearing a shirt and boxers. His erection stood straight up, tenting his boxers, with a wet spot showing where his tip was.

Kim’s blue eyes strayed to the tent. “Well? Does it?”

“We weren’t fucking! We don’t do that!” Cindy told her indignantly.

“We weren’t Kim.” Jason was twenty, two years older than Cindy and two younger than Kim. He was embarrassed at being caught and at the fact that Cindy just admitted he hadn’t been able to get her to have sex in four months of dating.

“Well isn’t that a waste.” She stood in front of them with her hands on her hips.

“What’s that mean?” Cindy asked her.

“I mean Jason is hott,” She smiled at the young man, “and he clearly has a decent cock under there.” She waved her hand toward Jason’s tent. “How is your father going to feel when he finds out you were fooling around on his couch while he is hard at work?” She changed the subject.

“You can’t tell him please!” Cindy begged.

“Why can’t I?”

“He will be so mad at me. Please, summer is almost over and I’ll be going to college in the fall. I don’t want him mad at me for the last few days I am home.” She pleaded.

“I’m going to need more than that from you, Cindy.”

“What else do you want? I don’t have anything to give you.”

Kim eyed Jason’s tented boxers. “Nothing?” She licked her lips.

“No Kim. Please, daddy won’t let me see him anymore.” Cindy looked near to tears.

“Well then if I can’t tell your father to punish you I’ll just have to do it myself.”

“How? If you take away my phone or computer daddy will notice.”

“Well I’ll just have to use corporal punishment then, won’t I?” She smiled wickedly.

“Corporal? What do you mean? You’re going to hurt me?”

“Yeah, I’m going to punish you like the sniveling little girl you are. I’m going to spank your slutty ass unless you want me to call your father instead.” She pulled her cell phone from the waistband of her pants.

“Wait! Fine. If that’ll stop you from telling him I will.” She turned to Jason. “I’ll call you later baby.” She kissed him quick.

“Whoa whoa. I never said Jason was leaving.” Kim informed her.

“I have to be spanked in front of him?” She looked shocked.

“Hell yeah. How else will you learn your lesson if no one witnesses it?”

Cindy Pendik Escort looked horrified.

She didn’t notice the smile Jason was trying to repress. “It’ll be okay babe.” Jason told her, squeezing her hand.

“Fine. Let’s get this over with.”

“Lean over the armrest there.” Kim directed her so she was on her knees, her bare ass in the air facing Jason, still seated on the couch.

Cindy rested on her elbows. “Come on I’m embarrassed enough without making me just sit here.”

“You are definitely ‘bare-assed’.” Kim joked crudely causing Jason to smile. “Getting a good look there stud?”

“Yeah.” Jason breathed. Eyes locked on Cindy’s bare pussy.

“Alright Cindy, I think twenty slaps should do it.”

“You’re going to hit me twenty times!” She sounded worried.

“Uh yeah. I just said that you twit.”

“I don’t think I can get hit that many times.”

“It’s that or daddy.” Kim didn’t wait for a reply.


“Ow! That’s too hard Kim!”

“That’s the point. Do you think it was ‘too hard’ Jason?” She mocked Cindy’s whining tone. Jason shook his head ‘no’ without taking his eyes off Cindy. “Otherwise, you’ll keep acting like a slut.”

“I won’t I promise just don’t hurt me.”

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

Kim was tired of talking and began to spank the younger girl mercilessly. Cindy stopped arguing and began to cry as her ass was beaten red.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

“Please, Kim. I’ll be good. Please just stop.” Cindy begged as tears streamed down her face.

Kim paused as she noticed Jason. He had pulled his cock through the slit of his boxers and was jerking himself quickly. “Enjoying the show a little too much don’t you think stud.”

“I couldn’t help it. This is so hott.”

“Hott? She’s hurting me, Jason!” Cindy wailed at her boyfriend.

“What’s hott is what you’re holding there.” Kim indicated Jason’s cock with a nod.

“Hey! He’s my boyfriend Kim. What would daddy think if he knew you were staring at another man.” Her confidence rose as she thought she was gaining the upper hand.

“Fuck your father. He doesn’t have a cock nearly as nice as that.”

“Ew, I don’t want to hear about that!”

“Plus he’s been fucking his secretary Brooke for the last two months. I have been looking for a way to get him back, but all his friends are old or fat. Jason on the other hand…”

“Just finish spanking me so we can go.” Cindy told her.

“Does she suck that nice cock for you stud?” Kim asked the still masturbating Jason.

“No, she doesn’t.”

“I can’t believe you are talking about this Jason!” Cindy moved to get off the couch.

“Stay right there you little slut!” Kim snapped at her. “She at least jerk you off?”

“No. The most we do is a dry hump.”

“You’ve had this beautiful cock for four months and you haven’t played with it once Cindy?”

“No, ’cause I’m ‘not’ a slut.”

“I think you’re just afraid to.”

“I-I am not!” Her voice betrayed her.

“Well if you won’t I will.” With that, she gave Cindy one more spank.


She then knelt in front of Jason. “You’ll like this.” Before Jason could react she opened her mouth and engulfed his prick.

“Mmm.” He moaned loudly as his cock slid into her warm, wet, sucking mouth. “Oh fuck!”

“Jason!” Cindy turned around, kneeling next to him. “Don’t let her do that! You’re supposed to be ‘my’ boyfriend!

“I can’t Cindy. It feels so good.” Kim took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head. He used it to direct her speed and depth.

“I thought you loved me!”

“I do, but I need to get off from something other than the inside of my shorts once in a while.” He held Kim’s head in place a moment.

Kim slid him out of her mouth, to a groan of dismay. “Don’t worry stud. Just making sure you have something to look at while I work.” She removed her pink sports bra to reveal her perky B cups. She had freckles scattered across the center of her chest and not even a hint of tan lines. She turned to Cindy. “Think of this as a learning experience. You’re about to see your boyfriends cock slide all the way into my throat. Ever been deepthroated stud?”

“No.” He looked excited.

“Not surprising with this massive fuck-stick.” Kim then resumed sucking. She was taking more and more of him into her mouth. Until his whole seven Anadolu Yakası Escort inches was disappearing down her throat.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m going to come!”

“Jason! You can’t.” Cindy shouted at him.

Kim pulled off him with a “pop.” “It’s ok. I swallow.” She winked at Jason as if that had been the reason for Cindy’s objection. “Though you had better hold out stud. I want a ride on that thing before you do.” She turned to Cindy. “Unless you’d like a turn sucking him Cindy?” She stood up and removed her tight pants, revealing she hadn’t been wearing panties. She also revealed her perfect pussy, with a tuft of reddish blonde hair in the shape of a heart above it. “Cute right?” She asked Jason. He just nodded, awestruck.

“Please, Cindy. I bet you’ll be really good. And Kim can give you tips. I’d rather it was you who made me come, babe. Please.”

“No way. It’s gross!”

“Fine you little prude. Maybe I should lock you in your room while Jason and I have some real fun.”


“Then get over here and suck!”

Cindy hesitantly crawled over to Jason.

“Take off your shirt so Jason can play with your tits while you suck him. Guys like that.” Kim told her.

Cindy did as she was told. Giving both Jason and Kim a look at her perky little B’s. Her nipples were almost the same color as her pale skin.

“Your so beautiful Cindy. I’m so happy we are finally doing this.”

Cindy blushed at his compliment even under these circumstances.

“Yeah yeah, ‘you’re so pretty’, blah blah blah. Come on. Suck that cock or I will bury it so deep in my pussy you’ll never get it back.”

Cindy lowered her mouth and began to kiss Jason’s cock. She would tentatively lick the head before kissing it more.

“What the fuck is this ‘kissy’ shit! I said suck!” Kim then grabbed Cindy by her blonde hair and forced her mouth onto Jason’s cock.

“Umph.” Cindy flailed about and tried to push herself of Jason’s cock.

“Stop fighting me bitch!” Kim reached down and pulled Jason’s belt off his pants. She then used it to tie Cindy’s flailing arms behind her back.

“Jason help don’t let her do this to me!”

“Cindy it’ll be ok. I really need this babe. Just try to go along with it. Please, for me?”

“No! She is going to choke me with your big thing!” Cindy yelled in fear.

Kim grabbed her again. “I’ll pull you off just the second you pass out don’t worry.” She shoved the girl down again without waiting for a reply. Forcing Cindy to bob up and down unwillingly. Jason groaned loudly as his girlfriend was forced to suck his cock. “How’s the little slut doing stud?”

“Oh god, it’s so good. Cindy, you’re so good.”

Cindy was being pushed up and down, hard. His cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly causing her to gag and cough. Drool ran down his shaft and tears ran down her face.

“You like using your girlfriend’s face as a fuck toy?” Jason just nodded. “Here take her head. Don’t let up though I want this bitch gagging with every thrust. But I owe her some spankings.”


“Umph. Mmmm!” Cindy squealed around the cock in her mouth. Vibrations going through Jason’s cock.

“Oh god. If you keep making her scream on my dick I’m going to come!”

“That’s ok stud. Fill her mouth. I am all worked up I’m going to need to fuck soon and if I get off before you, you can just fuck the hell out of Cindy until you come again.” She then ran her fingers between Cindy’s legs. “You little slut. This is turning you on isn’t it?”

“Mm-mm.” Cindy shook her head.

“Don’t lie to me bitch.”


“You don’t get to come you little slut. You are here for our pleasure, not yours. Poor Jason hasn’t gotten to have a good come since he met you. Now fucking suck out all of his cum!”

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack,

“Oh god, I’m so close.”


“Good fill her mouth.”


“And Cindy you had better catch it all. I want to see it in your mouth before you swallow it.”




“Oh fuck!” Jason screamed as he began to furiously fuck Cindy’s face.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue bitch!”

Cindy did her best. “Uck uck uck.” The sound of her throat being violated filled the room.

“Fuck that is hott! Come in her throat. Fill that little bitch’s mouth with your hot cum. Fill her mouth with all İstanbul Escort the cum you have pent up in you.

Jason roared as his cum shot into his helpless girlfriend’s mouth. “Don’t swallow and don’t spill it slut!”

“Glad to see you’re getting into this stud.” Kim told him.

“Fuck I’ve needed this. I haven’t come so hard since I met her. She just likes to rub her sexy little cunt on me but never lets me put my cock in her.”

Cindy whimpered at the verbal abuse but didn’t let any of the cum out of her mouth.

“Let me see bitch.” Kim pulled her up by her blonde hair.

Cindy obediently opened her mouth so Kim could see the pool of cum on her tongue.

“Fuck you came a lot. Show him what you earned slut.”

Cindy turned so her boyfriend could see as well, tears in her blue eyes.

“Fuck that’s hott.”

“Alright cunt, swallow.” Cindy did as she was told, instinctively opening her mouth again to show it was empty. “Nice.” Kim then forced her back onto his cock. “Now suck him again. I need him hard so I can fuck him.

Cindy obediently began to blow her boyfriend.

“Oh god, it’s so sensitive!” Jason groaned, his hands at his sides now, letting Cindy have freedom as she sucked.

“Just hold out stud. As soon as she has you hard I want you inside me.”

Cindy could feel him grow hard inside her mouth. But she didn’t say anything to Kim, hoping that if she could get him off again quickly he would be too tired to fuck Kim.

“He’s hard enough. I know you are a slut who loves sucking cock but it’s my turn.” She pulled Cindy up by the hair again and threw her to the other side of the couch. “Now watch closely as I fuck your boyfriend’s brains out. If you learn to fuck him half as well maybe he won’t dump your useless ass. She then climbed on top of Jason’s lap. She pointed his hard cock at her pussy. “If you thought my mouth was good just wait.” She lowered herself down onto him.

“Ugh, you are tight Kim.”

“That’s ’cause Cindy’s ‘daddy’ has a tiny cock.” Cindy groaned from the other end of the couch. Kim began to ride Jason as hard as she could. “Fuck yeah, your cock is nice!”

Jason watched as her perky boobs bounced in front of his face, his hands grabbing her ass.

“Jason! How can you fuck her with me right here?”

“If you had fucked me even once I wouldn’t need to.”

“That’s not fair! I wasn’t ready!”

“I’m ready Jason. You can fuck me with your cock whenever you want. And if little miss ‘I’m not ready’ over there wises up I’d be willing to share.”

Jason grunted and rolled Kim over onto her back. Her head came to rest against Cindy’s chest and her back was between the blonde’s legs. Jason started to pound himself into Kim’s tight pussy. He stared Cindy in the eye. “This is your fault, Cindy. I have to fuck her cause you won’t fuck me.” Each thrust of his hips went through Kim into Cindy causing her to bounce with them.

“Don’t let her fool you, Jason. I can feel how hot and wet her pussy is from this.”

“It is not!” Cindy denied it but her face reddened.

“Fuck me, Jason! Fuck me like you have wanted to fuck little Cindy all these months!” She writhed beneath him. “Oh god, I’m about to come!” Jason began to pump into her harder. “Yes! Yes!” Kim came in a gush of warmth that ran between her legs, over Jason’s cock, and onto the couch. “Oh fuck that was good.” She pushed Jason off her.

“Wait! I’m almost there. I want to come in your pussy.”

“As hott as that’d be I have somewhere else for you to cum.” She stood up and pulled Cindy with her. “Knees bitch!” She then pulled Jason to his feet. She pointed his cock towards Cindy’s face. Kim moved around behind Jason and taking his cock in her hand began to jack him.

“I already came in her mouth Kim.” Jason sounded sad that he’d be repeating.

“I know stud.” Kim laughed. “I want it on her face this time.” To Cindy. “Stick out your tongue skank! And you stud, grab her head and keep her in place.” She then began to make out with Jason lustily.

“Oh god. Here it comes!” Jason began to shoot rope after rope of cum over Cindy’s pretty face. Most landed in her hair or across her eyes and forehead. Some did manage to land on her tongue. When Jason was spent Kim wiped his cock head off on Cindy’s tongue. She then knelt next to Jason and pulled Cindy into an unexpected kiss. “Mmm, you taste good stud.”

As she spoke the front door opened again. It was Cindy’s father.

“What the-,” He said in shock.

“Hi, honey!” Kim said as if nothing was wrong with him finding his wife and daughter, who was tied up by a belt, naked and on their knees before a young man. “By the way, I want a divorce.”

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