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Jeremy Green Ch. 03

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Hi everyone, Apologies for taking so long. I was busy and didn’t want to hurry with this chapter. I’ve invested a lot in the writing of this chapter, trying to illustrated every emotion, every character and designing the story. Hoping you like it! 🙂


“What do you mean you won’t go?” Tiara whispered excitedly waving her hands frantically. The professor stopped writing on the board and turned to cast a sweeping glance at the class. A multitude of innocent faces with intense academic expressions met his shrewd scrutinizing bespectacled eyes. He looked around for awhile, finally accepting defeat and resuming writing.

Jeremy, on making sure that the professor was engrossed in the writing, turned to Tiara and whispered softly. “I don’t think it is a good idea to go out with Chris. I mean I hardly know him. Plus, Jacob will not be very pleased.”

Tiara rolled her eyes and turned to Nate who was sitting next to me. “Come on Nate. Say something to make this douche bag see sense.”

Jeremy turned his head towards Nate. Nathaniel or Nate as everyone called him was Jeremy’s best buddy. They had known each other since the first time when the five year old Nate had punched the annoying green eyed kid who refused to give him his pencil color. What had followed was a parent-teacher session wherein Nate had said ‘Sorry Jeremy’ and hugged the green- eyed kid with the red swollen nose. That day at kindergarten and now, they had become inseparable. Nate had been the support figure, the one who had stuck with Jeremy through every phase. Kindergarten had led to school and school to college, the duo had been the perfect friends. Nate was the conventional popular guy, athletic with a rugged handsomeness and charming personality, sports champ and all. He was famous for his game, girls and temper.

The only time when Nate hadn’t been around (when he had been away on a year-long exchange programme) had been the bane of Jeremy’s existence. Every possible fear he had was realized in that interim and life had fallen apart. It was at that critical moment that a random handsome sympathetic stranger at the bar had become the only hope, the sole reliable figure for Jeremy. Nate had returned to find Jeremy out of his troubles, but sadly and gradually entrapping in Jacob’s vicious clutches. He had tried, tired hard, to dissuade Jeremy, to call it off; but Jeremy had refused to listen. He had made him vouch on their friendship to stay out of the relationship; to never attempt to intervene. Defeated and frustrated Nate had yielded.

Nate didn’t say anything whenever Tiara or anyone asked him to speak with Jeremy regarding his relationships. Jeremy knew the Nate-card Tiara had tried won’t work. But, as everything else, nothing was going to work out according to Jeremy’s expectations. As he turned to face the board with a slight smugness about the conversation having reached a dead end, he felt a hand gripping his chair and forcing it to revolve. Jeremy started, shocked out of his wits and found himself face to face with Nate. Nate’s face was inches away from his. Nate looked straight into the brilliant slightly scared green eyes.

“You will go to dinner with this guy. No arguments! Do you understand me, Green?”

Jeremy simply gave him a blank look and gulped.

“Do you understand me Green?” Nate added a menacing tone to his deep husky whisper and clicked his knuckles. Jeremy gulped again and fervently nodded in agreement.

Nate smiled and turned to face the board. Jeremy sat in the same pose aghast. What the hell had just happened? He looked at Tiara who bore a very satisfied smug look. Jeremy rolled his eyes and returned to taking notes. But, his mind had already wandered. He had some serious thinking to do now. If Nate had sided with Tiara and made this threat then he had to go. There was no escaping this situation and by the looks of it, any attempt to speak with Nate would earn him a black eye.

“Fine, I’m going to dinner. But you guys better not expect anything to happen out of this.” Jeremy muttered through the corner of his mouth.

“We shall see!” Tiara retorted with a slight laugh and flung her hair.

The smugness was too much to handle. Annoyed and stung he rattled in a loud whisper, “Screw you! Nothing is going to happen!”

“Well, guys…I guess something IS going to happen and by the looks of it; it’s not good.” Nate cleared his throat and mumbled. Tiara and Jeremy turned to follow Nate’s gaze. Their eyes met the victorious form of the porno professor. He had finally found the culprits. A crooked smile on the wrinkled face with a huge hint of smugness and satisfaction, the professor stood basking in glory at his achievement.

They looked at him and gulped fearing the word that was to follow soon. And it did, the pronouncement came getting collective sighs from everyone present.



“You are one gorgeous man!” Chris complimented as he checked himself out in the mirrors in the elevator. Dressed in a light blue shirt that accentuated his brilliant blue eyes, black jeans and a black vest; his shiny black hair spiked in the usual fashion, Chris felt a fresh surge of confidence as he approached the fourth floor of the complex where Jeremy’s apartment stood. He had spent the most of the last two hours dressing to get the perfection he was now admiring.

Laughing at his vanity, Chris got out when the elevator doors opened, a mechanical female voice announcing the floor. He walked to the apartment door and rang the bell. Standing their humming a tune while tapping his feet, Chris waited for the cutie he could keep his heart on a platter and offer him, to open the door. But, minutes passed and the door remained motionless. There was no sound of footsteps behind the door or any voice calling on the intercom checking for the visitor who was incessantly ringing the bell.

After debating for about ten minutes, wherein the big balloon of hope, desire and confidence in him deflated gradually, realization dawned on Chris. He guessed Jeremy was not going to show up. Disappointed he turned away from the uninviting and unyielding door he walked towards the elevator. He still couldn’t believe his bad luck. He was now having serious doubts about his charm and capabilities. No guy had ever been able to evade him.

As such and many more thoughts crossed his mind, he stopped as the elevator made its way to the fourth floor. As the vault of metal stopped at the floor, Chris turned to look at the apartment door one last time, hoping beyond hope that it would somehow open to yield Jeremy. As fate had it, those doors didn’t open but the elevator doors did, and as my dear reader will be expecting the cliché moment that happens in all romantic narratives, Jeremy stepped out. Chris didn’t see him and walked straight into Jeremy.

“Aeow!” They exclaimed in unison as foreheads, noses, chests and stuff in the lower regions met, slightly hard. Chris, being the stronger, first recovered from the meeting.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He asked Jeremy with his hands in mid-air not sure what to do; to approach Jeremy and try to comfort or would that be too personal. Confused and with no inkling of how to react in the situation he simply did what he could- Apologize and ask well-being again and again.

Jeremy, on the other hand, was clutching whatever part urged him to in order to ease the pain. And Chris’ hysteria was not helping either. However, the moment passed and Jeremy relaxed.

“It’s okay. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I did bump into you real hard!” Chris continued hyperventilating.

“I-am-fine!” Jeremy stressed and walked towards the apartment. Unlocking the door, he looked at Chris, who after a split second of blankness followed him inside.

“I’m sorry I got late. I got caught at college- nutty professor and stuff.” Jeremy spoke to Chris, while switching on the light and flinging his bag on the couch. Only to remember the last time he had done that and Jacob had got a fit, he hastily picked it up and kept it in the ‘assigned’ closet that Jacob had ‘shown’ him; speaking all along.

“Just gimme fifteen, I’ll be ready to leave. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind but just don’t shift stuff; Jacob is quite particular about this.” With that he went to his bedroom.

Chris waited till Jeremy was out of the seeing or hearing range. He rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out, speaking in a mocking voice. “Jacob is quite particular. Screw Jacob!”

He turned to look around the apartment. Man, this guy was rich! The place looked as grand and a rich man’s place as the building appeared. Plus, the owner seemed to have some awesome taste evident in the ebony sofas, the elaborate tables, couches and the velvet curtains, all imparting a deluxe touch to the place. It looked like one of those ‘dream houses’ they published in those magazines. As Chris saw around the room, taking in the grandeur, he came across a anime porno digital photo frame, showing the photo of a very handsome and arrogant chap in his mid-twenties.

“So you are ‘Jacob’!” Chris spoke stressing on the name. “You’re one arrogant bitch, aren’t you? I can see it in that smug face of yours. God knows why he’s still with you! I’ve et guys like you who think their shit doesn’t stink!”

“Ahem?” Chris froze in horror and his heart started pounding against his chest. Slowly, he turned to look at Jeremy and his heart stopped beating. Or maybe it skipped a beat, because he was breath-taken by the handsomeness of the boy in front of him.

Jeremy was wearing an emerald green shirt that made his to-die-for eyes sparkle like the stars outside. His black jeans and black shoes added with his slightly damp but neatly set hair simply made him drop dead gorgeous. Chris simply stood there, staring at Jeremy. All thoughts of dinner forgotten, he just wanted to rush forward, pull him into his arms and kiss those tender red lips. Before he could act on the impulse, Jeremy cleared his throat again.

“Who were you talking to?”

The question broke his reverie like the shattering of glass when it falls on a stony path. “I…no one. Just a usual habit, talking to myself.” Chris ejaculated a lame reply, cursing himself at his lameness.

“Oh! Anyway, I’m ready. Let’s go.” Jeremy answered.

“Yeah! Let’s get going.” Chris said in a slightly louder voice than he wanted to and walked towards the door, wincing at his pitch. Jeremy looked at the photo on the frame and then at Chris walking to the door. He shook his head and smiling, walked to join him.


The dinner was- there is no other word Jeremy wants me to use for it- perfect! And quite contradictory to his expectations. Again, nothing is going according to his expectations. As far as Jeremy knew Chris, he expected to be taken to some pizza place, shoveled pizzas down his throat, dancing around madly and then dropped at his apartment. But, Chris turned to be a different person! By the end of the night, Jeremy was sure this guy had several faces/sides/personalities- whatever you want to call it.

Firstly, it was no pizza place. It wasn’t the usual elite and super-deluxe restaurants that Jacob took Jeremy to. Chris had brought him to a decent and quite good restaurant in the heart of the city- Aries. The place had a great ambience and Jeremy loved the place and felt at ease here unlike the strict protocol he had to follow at the very elite joints! There was soft soothing music, the cuisine was delicious and the wine simulating. Jeremy and Chris sat in one of the corner tables, their privacy ensured by the position and the plants near by.

“I’ll end my internship this April. Hopefully, I’ll get a permanent job! Fingers crossed!” Chris spoke crossing his fingers and smiling.

Jeremy sipped his wine, smiled and crossed his fingers. “With your kind of personality, the advertising agency would have a great ride!”

“Thanks man!” He grinned sheepishly but a thought passed and he smiled flirtatiously.

“What now?” Jeremy asked noticing the change in expression.

“About the ride part- many others have admitted that I’ve taken them on a great ride.” He spoke grinning.

“Oh shut up!” Jeremy waved his comment away. That was like the tenth time he had thrown a flirtatious innuendo. He could swear the man was a relentless pursuer.

“Just kidding!” Chris raised his hands in submission and smiled.

“So, what about you? It’s me who’s been blabbering. What do you plan to do after your under grad?”

Jeremy took another sip. “I don’t really know. I mean I don’t plan stuff. Let’s see where life takes me.”

“Interesting.” Chris answered with a heavy voice and nodding his head in a serious and contemplative manner; before bursting into laughter.

“Screw you!” I rolled my eyes and joined in the laughing.

“It’s sad you’re committed.” Chris suddenly shot at him.

Jeremy almost choked on the drink. He hadn’t been expecting this to actually come up.

“Where did this come from? Friends on dinner, remember?”

“Chill, relationship soldier!” Chris said smiling. “I remember it’s a friends’ dinner. Just mentioned stuff. I got out of a relationship six months ago. ‘Twas a scandalous break up. And then I meet you. But, you’re booked. Life’s harsh!” He punched the air pouting his lips but started laughing again.

Jeremy arap porno looked at Chris trying to fathom the depths of this seemingly superfluous person sitting across. For any simpleton lacking Jeremy’s insight into character, Chris’ response would have been a casual remark. But, Jeremy knew better. He knew this guy was simply using this over-enthusiastic attribute to cover the truth- he knew he was trying to be strong, trying to keep his vulnerability at bay- dissolving his weakness in the portrayal of superfluous happiness. Jeremy looked at Chris and smiled sadly.

Chris saw the look on Jeremy’s face and snapped his fingers. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing.” Jeremy said and returned to his drink.

The rest of the night passed smoothly. Jeremy had not experienced such unadulterated happiness in a long time now. Chris had come as a fresh soothing breeze in his marooned desert existence. The liberating feeling when the first few drops of rain hit your face after a long dry spell of harsh summer was gradually settling over Jeremy. As the dinner ended they decided to walk back to Jeremy’s apartment, where after Chris would be on his way.

The night was beautiful. The black sky was studded with stars surrounding the silvery crescent moon shining brightly. The night sky was an expanse of serenity, bliss and eternity. The serenity above, after hours of struggle with the noises of the busy city, was finally settling in the streets below. Occasionally, a car would pass honking by disturbing the silence, which would flood back when the echoes died out. Jeremy and Chris walked on the pavement. The snow from last night was no longer there but the cold had crept and become intimate with the breeze. As the breeze passed over Jeremy, he clutched to his coat and hugged himself. Chris saw this and put an arm around him. Surprised, Jeremy looked up. The confident playful blue eyes met the twinkling and surprised green eyes.

“Trying to keep you warm. Friend to the rescue!” He winked at him.

Jeremy smiled amused and shook his head. Chris laughed and they continued walking. The stores on the street had been shut or were being shut. Everything around them was retiring for the night. But they walked on, enjoying each other’s company. As they came to the familiar corner from last night, Jeremy laughed.

“Remember last night?”

“Hell yeah! Won’t be able to forget it in a long time now.” Chris said and looked at Jeremy with a soft smile and dazed eyes.

Jeremy didn’t know what happened next. All he remembers now is that he lost himself in the depth of those two blue caverns. It was unexpected. It was unplanned. It was as if an invisible force had made him incapable of thinking; he found himself drifting away; drifting away from everything that held him to his dark life to light; light that Chris manifested. A soft breeze made its way as Jeremy leaned in. Their lips met and truth crashed on Jeremy. He leapt back in shock. He looked at Chris and shook his head.

“No, this can not happen. I’m so sorry.”

“You need not be sorry, Jer. It happens between friends.” He joked.

Jeremy couldn’t help but smile. He had wanted to run away from him at that moment. But, he couldn’t. Despite the guilt of having kissed him he didn’t; he couldn’t run away from Chris.

“I guess I should get going. Bye Chris.” Jeremy said. He knew he shouldn’t walk with him any further tonight. He was too vulnerable.

Chris smiled. “Bye Jeremy.”

Chris turned and walked away. Jeremy saw him walking away. He saw him walking into the night away from him. An impulse seized him. He knew this was going to be a big mistake. But, something told him this was not a mistake. He shouted.


Chris turned and looked at him puzzled. Jeremy took a deep breath and ran towards him. Chris opened his arms as Jeremy embraced him. They stood embracing each other. As they stood under the night sky with the moon shining above them, pure white light flakes of snow made their way towards the earth. After a minute, Jeremy broke the hug and looked at Chris.

“Thank you for everything you did tonight. I can never thank you enough.”

Chris looked at the light quivering in those green eyes he was deeply in love with. He smiled.

“I can never thank you enough for giving me the chance to do this for you.”

They stood looking at each other as snowflakes made their way to the pavement, the street and every place around them. They stood looking at each other. They stood having lost each other in themselves. They stood silent; silence speaking between them. They stood at the place where this had begun. At that beautiful moment Jeremy knew, he had set the wheel of change in motion. He knew the time was not far.

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