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The club was full of cigarette smoke and writhing bodies gyrating to the hypnotic techno beat of Tricky pounding on the speakers. A girl was squeezing her butt into a guy’s crotch, her black leather mini rising precariously above her thighs, so that from where I stood I saw all of her pussy and ass against his pants. She rolled her hips to the music, and the guy behind her wrapped his hands around her smooth tits as she pulled them out of her neon pink tube top. People crowded around them after that, men eager to cop a feel, women who wanted to feel like part of the action without giving in too much. They blocked my view, so I left through the back door, keeping it half open behind me, knowing what would come next.

It had been raining hard the night before, and now there was still a great deal of mist in the air. I could hear the music pumping from the inside of the club, under my feet. I took out my lighter and lit up a cigarette. I smoked for a few seconds, and that’s when I heard the back door creak wide open. I didn’t bother to turn around, since I knew that the girl was being escorted outside. Outside, under the weak light bulb that hung above the back door, I saw her face more clearly. She could not have been any older than eighteen, her bleached blonde hair streamed down her back and over her breasts in wet curls. She, or they, had taken off her tube top, so that now she only wore her black stiletto platforms, and her black skirt. Two men held her by the arms and a led her to a corner, where one of them took a beer can out of his jacket. I took the opportunity to close the back door, which they had left ajar, and stood guard in front of it.

I took a few drags of my cigarette, and watched the man in front of her pop the can open and let the beer fizz up, foaming it onto her luscious tits. The other stood behind the girl, who was giggling saucily, and unzipped her tiny skirt in order to slide it over her smooth, round ass. He was a Hispanic man, probably Puerto Rican from his accent, and about forty years old. He gripped the girl’s legs and leaned her against his chest, opening her up for his friend. The girl’s face belonged in the window of a sex shop. Her lipstick was a bloody, glossy red, and she tossed her head back, clearly loving every minute of it. The other man was white and stocky, with a bald head, and he chuckled as he poured beer into her little snatch and drank it out.

“That’s right, you little slut. Let Daddy lick that pussy clean. You like that shit, don’t you? ” He stuck a meaty finger into her hot slit, and pulled it out slippery and shiny with her juices. Spreading her open wider, he pulled her legs over his shoulders.

“Oh yeah, baby. Let me bahis siteleri tear into that hot little cunt. Feed me that pussy now. ” He pulled her teenage hole open and delved into it with his hungry tongue, nibbling on the soft flesh of her pussy lips. She moaned deep from her throat, wriggling her sexy little ass under his hands.

“You want me to tear into that shit, don’t you, you little bitch? You’re Daddy’s bitch right? “

“Oh yeah…Eat me. Oh, Goddd….That’s the shit! Mmmmm…” She was so hot she was beginning to shiver through her teeth, and she ran her pink tongue over her glossy red lips. I was getting hard already.

The man behind her wanted to get in on the fun, too, so they lay her down on the pavement, and Tony unbuttoned his pants and fed her his cock while Mike ate her moist pussy out. She licked his balls and clung to his ass cheeks now that her hands were free.

“FUCK! This little puta knows how to take it in all the way, coño! Ayyy….Do it just like that. Scrape your teeth on it…Unnggghhh!” She made gurgling noises and I watched her saliva dribble down her neck.

Mike was shoving three finger into her warm honey pot, then four and finally his whole fist was coming up slimy with her cum.

“Ahhh! Mmmmggghhh! ” She moaned, sweating and rolling on the ground. I was aching to touch her sweet tits, just to lick her nipples and roll my tongue all over her soft flesh. They looked like they needed the attention of an expert touch to get them nice and hard. Slowly, I walked closer to the scene on the floor.

Tony was about to come, and pulled his thick dick out of the girl’s wet mouth, grunting heavily.

“Fuck that shit. You aint gonna get yours so easily. Nah, you gonna pump that shit, now. Move her over for me, Mike. She aint sucked you just yet. ” The girl was catching the last few drops of precum that were falling from the tip of his cock before the men switched positions and Mike pulled his pants down and crouched in front of her face with his back to Tony.

“Now, do like you did to Tony, you fucking whore. Take it to the root and squeeze the bottom real good on your way up. Ahhh…” Mike’s fat dick was getting a good tongue bathing on his balls, and Tony thrust his own meat into the girl’s pussy, so that when I came up to them they were too busy to pay me much attention.

I knelt down over her and covered her left tit with my mouth, and sucked on her nipples until they turned a bright red. I pulled her rubbery knobs with my fingers and pulled them, making her shiver and tremble, and jerking up and soon as she realized there was a third person on top of her. Tony was ripping into her wet peach like a butcher, and canlı bahis siteleri she was slobbering all over Mike so that I could lick her to my heart’s content. Gripping her pale blonde curls in his huge fists, Mike ground her face into his cock and balls.

“Damn, Tony! You aint fucking kiddin’! She’s chewing on my shit like a true bitch. Ooooh. I wish I was still in high school. ” The girl was gulping his cum, the muscles in her neck contracting as she swallowed it down her throat. Her head was slamming against Mike and her ass was banging against Tony’s dick, so that it was a tug of war between their cocks, with me as the obliging judge and spectator.

“Ahhh!! Oh shit….” Mike came all over the little slut, rubbing her face in it. He pulled out of her mouth and gave her breasts a fond slap, then gave me a crude smile. His bald head had beads of sweat all over it.

“Can’t anybody call Mike Maloney a greedy sonofabitch. Come on. She’s practically waiting to haul your prick into her mouth. Be careful though, she knows how to use her teeth. Dunno if you like that shit. “

The girl was still being fucked mercilessly by Tony, who yelled obscenely at her in a mix of Spanish and English curses, and she cried out like a tortured animal, though she affirmed her joy when she responded.

“Te lo estoy metiendo bien. No me empujes, maldita cuera!. Tell me you love it when I fuck your hot little pussy! And we’re all gonna fuck you in your ass, too. So don’t think its over yet. Tu sabes que te gusta, rubita. You know you fucking love it. Oooh….That’s right mamita, roll that sexy white ass of yours, bitch! “

“Ahhh….Oooh, ya! Oh, yes..Yes…Fuck me harder with your Puerto Rican cock. Fuck me till I can’t see straight, you fucking bastard! Ooohhhhhh!!!! ” She was coming, screaming so loud I could have sworn the whole club would have heard, but the doors were closed. Tony grabbed her arms and pulled her over him, so that she was on top this time. Mike smiled at me again, spreading his hands like he was showing me a new car in my driveway.

“You want her to suck you off, or you wanna fuck her in the ass? Cause I’m gonna fuck her in the ass any damn way. We can both fucking rip that ass up. It’s up to you. ” The girl wasn’t gonna get a break if we had anything to do with it. It took off my leather jacket and my shirt. Then I pulled my pants down to the knee. She was eyeing me with interest, as well as my cock, which had grown considerably in girth and length since I’d been watching her get rammed. I pushed my crotch into her face, staring deep into her eyes. She licked softly at the tip, then wrapped my dick in her fiery mouth.

“Suck it.” güvenilir bahis

Her lips wrapped around my full length and sucked at me savagely, her tongue sticky with the other men’s cum. I could feel the walls of her mouth squeezing me up from the root, like Mike had said, and sighed as her tongue circled the tip. Then she sucked me fast, her mouth sliding off and back on my cock again, until I thought I would go insane.

“Ahh!!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my God, you’re killing me. Yes! Shove it all inside me…”

She was screaming from the pounding she was getting in back, with Tony in her pussy and Mike fingering her asshole before plunging into her with his dick. She was the girl I had dreamt of boning all night long when I was a pimply freshman in high school, and now she was bobbing up and down over me.

“Oh, baby. You’re gonna swallow me up aren’t you? Yes, yes you are. Oooh…Suck me. Yes!”

“She’s a fucking pro, man. I’m telling you. Yeah! Take that shit in that fucking cunt, puta! ” Tony cried. She sucked me up and down with the rhythm of their fucking, as Tony jiggled her on his cock and Mike shoved into her deep ass, pushing her mouth over my cock even more. She stroked me, too, gripping the base of my dick in her hand and pressing up, until the pressure built and I was in danger of coming without getting my share. I decided to push her off me before I burst. Her mouth slid off my dick at last, but not before she opened it and rolled my balls around her tongue.

“Oh, fucking shit!!! ” Tony finally came in her pussy, his pelvis giving a quick series of jerks as he spurt his seed up into her. She ground her pussy hard over him, still playing with my balls in her mouth.

Mike pulled out to give Tony room to get up, and I slid under her, so she could suck Tony. Mike dug into her ass again, and my dick plunged into her juicy cunt like a deep sea diver. It felt like a fucking whirlpool, so hot and tight despite her getting pounded so hard by Tony. Her pussy muscles clenched dick in a snakelike grip.

“Yeah, baby. Your pussy is warm and wet for me. You’re all mine now, no matter who had you before.” I gave her six or seven fast hard thrusts, then sank back and let her ride me, her cunt making sucking sounds around my balls with every time she pushed back against me and Mike’s dicks. My stomach was wet with everyone’s cum as she slid over me and grabbed at Tony, whom she was milking frantically. We moaned and cried out, and screamed, each one of us riding out of ecstasy, taking our pleasure from this hot little wench. Throughout the next hour, we each had her three or four times each.

Tony and I took her ass and Mike fucked her hole again. Then I licked her pussy, cause it was dripping out of control. After Tony and Mike were through, I decided to walk her to the train station but she wanted to hail a cab. I wondered if she would want to fuck the driver, and it got me hot again. Where was my video camera when I needed it?

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