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Every 28th Pt. 01-03

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Part 1

The twenty-eighth day of the month had come around, and he was very much excited. His penis was erect and he could not even see what she was wearing, yet. The twenty-eighth day is the latest of each month that he could have her put on a little show for him, since February is the shortest month. It was her way of saying thank you for all that he has done to her; her words, not his. In fact it was a thought that was entirely hers, and he had gladly accepted. She had always shown great initiative; it was her mind that impressed him most, despite her incredible beauty.

It was a high-backed armchair, rather deep with high armrests, entirely covered in thickly-cushioned black leather. It stood in the far corner of the bedroom, and in it he sat. It was a large chair, with plenty of room, yet not too much room, so the chair was not too big. He crossed one leg over the other, chin perched in his left hand, and his left elbow relaxed on the armrest.

The bedroom door opened, revealing a stunning young woman, who entered and turned to click the door quietly shut. She leaned her buttocks and hands against it for support, and winked at him with a smile that can bring a person to their trembling knees.

Part 2

Her hair was a mixture of light and dark browns, with locks flowing all the way to her elbows. She combed her fingers through her hair, a show of desire by stroking it up and over her head. She held her hand there for a moment with that naughty look in her eye, which she herself knew, looked mischievous. It was sexy, his trousers tightening, and then she let it fall tecavüz porno messily down the side of her head.

He could see her face once again, beautifully framed with pretty lips and fluttering eyelashes. Her skin glowed radiantly and her smile was so incredible. Those eyes, filled with intoxicating desire, had once asked to seduce him to the core; it made him want to reach out and just take her now. But he did not want to spoil this, so politely he watched. In a voluntary sign of submission, her face tilted down, a lustful darkness came over her grinning features, and her eyes had to look upwards to see him.

She wore lace lingerie; a deep-blue shade. The bra straps were fairly wide, connecting across her collar bones with a blue rose he could see in the middle. The bra covered the sides of her breasts, wide strips of elegant flower-patterns reaching down and under her breasts to lift them up. The large window formed at the front threatened to spill, enhancing her cleavage so that he could see shadow even from the far end of the room. An image that was now gratefully imprinted in his mind. Around her waist was a suspender belt, attached to her stockings. Over them were blue lace panties that would have barely covered her labia at all, had they been a bit thinner. She truly was breath-taking.

And then she went one step further. Her elegance deserved respect, that dark lust clear in her expression as she slid down the door. She got to her knees, hands splaying out over the thick, beige carpet, and she began stalking towards him.

Part 3

She üvey anne porno slowly crept towards him, teasing him with a view down her cleavage, her gaze fixed on his. She passed the bed, finally reaching his bare feet, and kissed them softly. She rose up his legs, palms on his knees. He taught her this position a long time ago, and she took a while to remember, but now it was second nature to her. She worked her way up his lap and her smile grew wider. He had also taught her to use manners, but for this session she did not need to ask for his permission. She looked up at him, her hand on the bulge in his trousers, and now slid her hands up to his chest. She lifted herself higher and sat on his lap, bringing her face close to his. She did not need to ask him for anything, and she loved it. He could see the passion in her eyes, with a longing to do whatever she wanted; a message he understood privately.

She closed her eyes, right hand rising to his cheek, and she skimmed her lips against his. Fireworks exploded; he knew that there was not a stronger message. His eyes were already closed, the kiss was so brief that their lips barely touched, and she pulled away with the naughtiest of grins. She caressed the end of her finger down his cheek. He smiled back, entertained by her teasing, and his hands glided down her stockings. He squeezed her feet, but she took his hands in hers and held them against her rear. He smiled wider and complied, squeezing her cheeks tightly. She hummed humorously, pushing her hips backwards into his grip and then grinding üvey erkek kardeş porno forwards over his bulge. Her hands squeezed his over her ass, making sure his fingers stayed exactly where she wanted them, and then she held his face with both hands and leaned in again.

Her lips reached for his, their eyes closed, and her tongue searched the air until it found his mouth. She played with him again, pulling back as he tried to kiss her, but when he leaned back in waiting she came back in and kissed him. Their faces rose slightly, her left hand going to his chest, her hips rowing over his stiff bulge, and her tongue danced with his. Their lips clicked, their mouths sucked, and their faces rolled over each other in a slow yet passionate fight for each other’s oxygen. He squeezed her ass tightly and she pulled out of the kiss with a satisfied smile, eyes opening to look down at him. She took her hand from his face, combing her hair over to the side of her face, and he stared into those beautiful blue eyes.

She took his hands from behind her, allowing her to slide off his lap, and she stood up, leaning over him to grab his tie. She yanked hard and he stood with her, their faces meeting again for another kiss. She bent her left knee, lifting her foot off the ground, and he hugged her tightly. Her skin was smooth, her body hot, and her scent was so intoxicating that his heart thundered in his ears. He looked into those stunning eyes of hers and he could see that she had a lot of fun planned for him, all revealed in the biting of her lip.

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