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First Forced, Now Willing

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(This a requested creation from an avid Literotica reader/fan. A fantasy cum true!)

The house has been a buzz ever since my oldest daughter Jan announced her upcoming wedding plans to Mike. Even though it was no surprise, they have been inseperable for nearly 2 years, the reality of the event caught us a bit unprepared. Everyone was busy with one detail or another. My twins girls, Jill and Jen, were not only preparing for their freshman year of college, but also as duel bridesmaids. Jan and I searched for the perfect dress, cake, place, and everything else that goes into the big day. My husband, knowing his place, stayed out of our progress by spending most of his free time at the gym working on reducing the size of his tux.

Last Saturday my girls and I drove to Trenton for a bridal show. After a whole day of lace, flowers, frosting and everything else nuptial, we arrived home exhausted only to find extra cars in the drive. It seems that Anthony had brought a few friends home from the gym to watch a marathon of college football games. Empty pizza boxes were piled on the counter and dry bottles of beer rested on every level surface. We followed the sound of the play-by-play into the den where my husband and five others lounged about the room enjoying the game.

“Hey the cheerleaders are here”, one of them announced.

“No cheer here, too tired to ‘fight, fight, fight’, I responded. I gave Anthony a quick kiss and we all headed upstairs.

The girls shared a shower in the hall in which they all çekmeköy escort began to call for as I escaped into my own steamy heaven. The water washed away the day as I relived all bridal deals in my mind. As I finished, I remembered the room full of men downstairs. I did not recognize any faces and found the idea of five horny strangers in my home a bit exciting. My husband and I have a somewhat simple and happy marriage, but after 20 years of the same small penis brings on a fantasy or two. Running my hand over my shaven pubis I found my clit peeking out waiting to be stroked. I only got a few moments of pleasure before Jan burst in yelling something about the twins, a locked door, and my shower.

I turned off the water and reached for my towel. Jan began undressing as I dried. As I saw the two of us in the mirror I realized how much we looked alike. Same shoulder length dusty brown hair; same big dark eyes; same full and natural double D breasts; and as she soon unveiled, the same bald cunt. My little girl was grown up. A warm motherly smile crossed my lips.

I reached for a pair of sweats when I heard the downstairs door slam and a car outside drive away. I guessed the game was over and dressed in a flirty little camisole gown. With any luck Anthony would be horny and he could finish what I started in the shower. I left my panties in the drawer and headed downstairs with seduction on my mind. I turned the corner into the den to find most of the crowd still in attendance and my husband passed cevizli escort out in his favorite chair. The men were quietly flipping through the menu trying to find another game and did not notice me at first. I stepped over to my husband and removed the half-empty lager from his limp grasp. As I turned to leave, all eyes were on me.

I smiled, holding up his beer, “hey guys, this one is out”, referring to my sleeping mate. “I thought I heard you all leave a few minutes ago?”

“Oh, that was just Chad. His wife called and he went a runnin”, one answered.

There eyes were glued to me and I remembered what I was wearing. I was sure they could see my nipples through the lace. I stumbled for words, “Uhm, and you, uhm, your wives or are you married?”

“Sure, but no way we go jumpin’ up and follow’n orders from a woman. How about you? You tell ol’ Tony here was’up?’

“Well, I think we both…”

Another interrupted, “Oh there it is, she the boss up in here!”

They all laughed in agreement. The four men had now all turned their complete attention towards me as I stood there half naked and frozen. I begin to take in the details of Anthony’s football buddies who looked much like they should be playing football instead of watching it. These men were quite large, mostly muscle, three of them bald, one of them had to be only 19 or 20, the others in their 30’s, but all were very dark black men. I felt a bit nervous as they laughed and made comments about poor Tony being pushed around erenköy escort by his wife.

The 30 year old bald man who held the remote stood up and tossed the remote on the sidetable. “I bet I know why she the boss. Look at her. This is one sexy woman.” He walked over to me slowly moving behind me, his body close, nearly touching. “Damn sexy. And look at fuckin’ that passed out piece of shit. She comes down all dressed, ready to fuck. And maybe, maybe she knew we were here and she wa lookin’ to feel a little more than a few inches of white limp dick. Maybe she came down hoping to get a little something like this”

Standing behind me talking down into my ear, he grabbed my wrist and placed my hand backwards onto his cock. I could feel him growing under the fabric and fought the desire to rub it.

“No”, was the only word that came out before his other hand reached up and found my pantyless shaved cunt. “NO!”

It was louder but went unheard as his fingers began stroking my already wet slit. In a flash another man was tearing my gown and devouring my nipples as he roughly massaged my mounds. I continued saying “no”, but it began to be to intense to fight the sexual desire of being taken. It seemed to all evolve so quickly, I am not sure when the clothes came off, but all of a sudden my hand was wrapped around the largest cock I had ever felt. I was forced down to my knees and replaced my hand with my mouth on the gigantic member. Within seconds, another huge black stick struck me in the cheek asking to be sucked. I stroked one in my fist as I sucked the other, trading off to keep both of these rods hot and hard.

I looked up from my hungry oral for the other two men. They were no longer in the den and I hit me. My girls were upstairs!


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