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My Sister the Christmas Cruise Slut

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No amount of begging by my sister and I could pull Dad away from the idea of a Christmas Cruise. With our college classes ending early in the month, Dad was able to score to a week of cruise ship “fun” the week before Christmas and before the prices doubled. It sounded absolutely horrible to Holly and I, especially the idea of sharing a cabin. Our parents did their best to sell my sister and I on the idea, “It’ll be warm!” Mom said.

“Maybe you’ll meet a girl,” Dad suggested.

“And then what? I’m sharing a cabin with Holly,” I groaned, unconvinced. Who wanted to spend a week at sea sharing a cramped cabin with their sister?

Holly and I are two months away from being “Irish Twins,” which kept me a grade ahead of her through-out our public school lives. Except for our eyes, we barely pass as brother and sister. Forced together most of our lives, we grew accustomed to people thinking we were boyfriend and girlfriend instead of brother and sister. I have light brown hair, a strong chin line and I keep myself in great shape even after my football career ended during my senior year.

Holly’s hair is constantly changing color. Right now, it’s dark maroon. Holly’s also skinny, though she does have big tits that look even bigger on her tiny frame. Those big tits always attracted the attention of my friends. As a constant flirt, Holly loved the attention and did her best to show-off her tits.

Dad put most of his cruise money into a nice room for Mom and him while Holly and I were crammed into a tiny, interior cabin. After boarding, a steward led Holly and I to our tiny cave. We both freaked when he swung open the door and revealed a single queen-sized bed. “No way!” I protested, ready to swim home before I shared both a room and a bed with my sister.

“Shut up, dufus,” Holly said, explaining the problem to the steward with limited command of the English language. He got the point, looking confused why we didn’t want to sleep together before separating the single queen-sized bed into two single beds pushed against the walls with barely two feet between them.

Mom and Dad checked on us while Holly and I fought over storage space. We visited their cabin and it looked like a mansion compared to our closet-sized cabin. The four of us stood at the railing during as the ship set sail and Dad gave us one last lecture. At least his rules were easy to follow. Holly and I were free to do whatever we wanted as long as we ate together as a family for one meal a day. He reminded us to keep our phones in airplane mode and slipped up with his final rule, “If you spend all your pocket money on beer, I won’t give you more.”

“Beer?” I asked Holly once we were released to explore the ship and she explained that once we were in international waters, 18-21 year olds were allowed to buy beer and wine. Suddenly, life felt bearable and as soon as we crossed into international waters, we started drinking. By the end of that first night, we were singing Christmas carols as we staggered back to our cabin.

Holly found the remote for the TV and put on one of those cheesy, late-night skin flicks. “Really?” I groaned.

“Afraid you’ll get hard?” she asked, flashing me a drunk grin.

“Fuck you, I’m taking a shower,” I said, heading towards the tiny bathroom.

“No jerking off in the shower!” she called after me.

As I danced around in the tiny shower beneath low water pressure, I tried not to think sister sitting just a few feet away watching softcore porn. The door to the bathroom had felt flimsy and I was completely naked. And drunk. As I soaped my private parts, I started getting hard. Should I risk taking care of myself with Holly so close? My cock grew harder as I slowly rubbed soap up and down my long shaft.

It would serve her right if I jerked off in the shower, right on the soap! Grinning to myself, that’s just what I did, holding the soap in front of my hard cock as I sprayed it with thick, ropey strands of my hot cum. Would she notice? I carefully placed the soap on the built-in shelf. I smeared my white, creamy coating across the soap for her.

I dried off and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts before heading back into the cabin. “What’s so funny?” she asked me, catching the way I was grinning.

“Nothing,” I lied.

“You jerked off, didn’t you?”

“Disappointed you didn’t get to watch?” I asked, climbing in to my tiny bed. What she said next wiped the smirk off my face.

“Maybe I did, too,” she said. “Want to smell my finger?”

“No way,” I said, not believing she had done anything while I was in the shower.

“Why not? Girls do it, too.”

“Maybe, but not as often as guys.”

“Says you,” she shot back and it pissed me off.

“Oh yeah? When was the last time you did it yourself?”

“Smell my finger,” she giggled, holding out her hand. “Or maybe you want to taste it?”

“Shut the fuck up,” I said. There was no way Holly had masturbated while I took a shower.

“Your loss,” she giggled, heading into the Alanya Masaj Salonu bathroom. I waited to hear the shower running, except she didn’t take one that night. Instead, she came out of the bathroom a few moments later wearing a long, oversized t-shirt. I noticed her tits swaying beneath the thin fabric and it looked as if her nipples were hard. She turned and poked her ass in my face as she pulled down the covers of her bed. I didn’t notice any pantylines. Was she naked beneath that nightshirt? I tried not to think too much about it and fell asleep.

I woke up before Holly the next morning. At least I guessed it was morning, since our interior cabin didn’t have a window. I used the bathroom, not thinking about my piss hard-on showing as a tent inside my boxers until Holly said, “Looking good, bro!” I flipped her off.

We traded places in the bathroom and I heard the shower starting. That’s when I remembered what I had done the night before to the bar of soap. I waited to hear her shriek and didn’t, which meant she didn’t notice the special coating I had put on the soap. That also meant she was rubbing my cum all over her body. I smirked as I rubbed my aching cock and wondered if I had enough time to get off before she got out of the shower. I decided not to risk it, but the goofy grin I wore when she came back into the cabin sure made her suspicious.

Florida had been warm, but after spending the day and evening sailing south, it was even warmer! We checked in with our parents and quickly abandoned them in search of our own fun. After lunch, Holly suggested we visit one of the sunbathing decks and start working on our natural tans, so we stopped by our cabin and changed into our swimwear. “I heard there’s a sundeck where women can sunbath topless,” she said.

“You’re so lying,” I said, convinced that could never happen. She insisted she was telling the truth. “If we go, you have to do it,” I said and much to my surprised, she agreed.

Finding the secluded deck was a bit of a challenge, but worth it once we got there. It was near the stacks and mostly empty. We picked two lounging deck chairs facing the sun and stretched out. I glanced at my sister, waiting for her to do it. “You don’t think I will, do you?” she said, reaching for the tie behind her neck. She was right, I didn’t believe, until she did it. “Problem?” she asked as she saw my eyes bulging out of my head.

Holly’s big tits would be more than handful any guy and I stared directly at them as she laid back on the lounger. I studied them, actually, admiring how full and firm they looked. I noticed how her tan never stopped. Her soft skin had the same golden hue from her head to toes. Did that include beneath her bikini bottoms, too? I pushed away that thought as I studied the shape of her dark, rose colored nipples.

“Okay, you can stop staring, pervert,” she said without ever opening her eyes to notice me staring.

“No, I can’t,” I grinned. I was glad her attempt at making me feel uncomfortable was backfiring.

“Fine, keep looking,” she said, pulling out her bottle of lotion. She squirted a line across the top of her fine, large tits and began caressing them. “Don’t want to burn the girls.” That’s when it became too much for me. I don’t care if she is my sister, tits are tits and Holly had a damn fine rack! It looked as if her nipples grew hard as she rubbed lotion over her huge mounds. I turned away before I popped a boner while staring at my sister’s tits.

“Am I getting to you?” she asked as if nothing was happening.

“No,” I lied. I laid my lounger flat and rolled on my stomach before she could notice the growth inside my swim shorts.

“You’re no fun,” she giggled.

“You’re still my sister,” I muttered.

“But no one else knows that,” she pointed out.

“I do,” I said and did my best to ignore her. And by that, I mean, I did my best to only steal glances at her tits when she wasn’t looking at me. Damn it, she was getting to me and she knew it. I did my best to stay calm and failed horribly. I closed my eyes and tried to think about something other than Holly’s tits.

After about half an hour of sunbathing on my back, I knew I was going to have problems if I didn’t roll over. This private deck didn’t include a swimming pool, hot tub, or bar service. “We should get a beer or something,” I suggested. I carefully faced away from Holly as we left the sundeck and I led the way down the spiral staircase, effectively walking off my hard-on.

We strolled around the ship, drinking beers, shopping, and people watching. At one point, I came back from a bathroom stop and found some guy chatting up Holly. Later I found out his name was Sean. He looked as if he was pushing thirty, which made him a bit of an oddball. Most of the people on the ship were parents, grandparents, or kids. Technically, I guess Holly and I fell into the kids classification, except we were both legally adults.

I held back and watched the two of them. A couple minutes Alanya Masöz Escort later, a pretty blonde joined Sean. She slipped up next to Sean, wrapped an arm around his waist and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek. That was when Holly saw me. She waved me over and introduced to me Sean and Lisa. I mumbled a “Hello,” unsure what I had missed. “So, how long have you two been married?” Lisa asked me.

“Oh, we’re not. . .” I started, making the correction we so often had to do.

“Married,” Holly quickly interjected, giving me a look I couldn’t decipher before grabbing my hand.

“Oh,” Sean said, looking at the pretty blonde next to him. “We just assumed. . .”

“Yeah, everyone does,” Holly laughed. “Does that change things?”

Lisa and Sean exchanged another look before the started laughing. “Actually, we’re not married either,” Lisa said, as if that explained something. “We just find that most people in the lifestyle prefer married couples.”

I felt more confused than before. What lifestyle? And why was Holly holding my hand?

“Well, if you’re still interested, you know where to find us,” Sean said. The two of them gave us a big smile and wandered off.

“What the fuck?” I asked, confused as hell and pulling my hand away from Holly’s.

“Tell me you think she’s cute.”



“Yeah, she’s cute as hell,” I admitted, glad to finally say something that made sense to me. Lisa was a tall, tight bodied blonde with stunning blue eyes and perky tits that kept attracting my attention.

“Would you do her?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked, lost again.

“God, sometimes you’re so fucking stupid!” she said before she stormed off. I caught up and followed her down narrow passageways, until we were back in our cabin.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“They don’t know we’re related,” she said, as if that explained anything. It didn’t. “And they are into the lifestyle?” I was still lost. “And they want to party with us?” I shook my head, as confused as ever until she spelled it out for me. Lisa and Sean were swingers and they wanted to swing with us.

“But we’re brother and sister,” I said, pointing out the flaw in her thinking.

“So what? We’re not going to have sex with each other. We’re going to swing, you know, swap partners. You get to fuck Lisa and I get to fuck Sean. We just have to pretend we’re a couple until we get down to business.”

“But, I’ll see you naked,” I protested, wondering why it didn’t matter to her. If we did this, I’d see her more than just naked.

“So?” she said. “If we get drunk enough, will it even matter?”

“I don’t know,” I said, unsure. Holly kept pushing and finally I agreed to go with her to the club.

During dinner with our parents, they allowed us to drink beer. “Why not? It’s legal,” Dad told Mom. “And it’s not as if they’re going to drive anywhere.” Dad cut us off after two each, helping us maintain the appearance of being sober. Truth was, we had been sipping beers most of the day. Mom and Dad tried talking us into some lame nightclub version of A Christmas Carol. Somehow, we dodged that bullet of mandatory family fun time and retreated back to our cabin. (Technically, cabins are referred to as “staterooms,” except ours felt too small to over glorify it.)

Once we reached the room, Holly pulled off her t-shirt and bra. “What the fuck?” I asked, started with the sudden nudity.

“Oh, grow up, bro. You’ve already seen them,” she said, wiggling out of her shorts, exposing her thong panties. Thankfully, she kept those on as she stepped into the bathroom area. I changed into a nice pair of shorts and a Polo shirt while I waited for her to do her face and hair. Twenty minutes later, she walked into the room. Holly had changed into a white sundress that showed off her glowing tan. The halter top showed off her ample cleavage, too. She had done her hair, put on make-up, and looked hot as hell.

She ran her eyes over me, clearly inspecting my choice of attire and decided, “You look good,” she said, running her eyes over me and smiling.

“You too,” I mumbled. It felt funny complimenting her. Holly and I had grown up with that typical love/hate relationship siblings feel. No one could make me laugh harder than her and no one could get underneath my skin faster. At fourteen months older than her, I seldom played the role of big brother. Instead, we felt more like twins. Seeing her dressed up so precisely made me realize neither one of us were kids anymore.

The ship had several bars and nightclubs. The one where we met up with with Lisa and Sean played thumping pop music. No way would our parents ever venture near it. Lots of gels for the lights had been replaced with red and green in honor of the Christmas spirit. As soon as we joined Lisa and Sean, a waiter arrived to take our drink orders. Sean ordered a round of shots and two pina coladas for us. The waiter never asked for our IDs. I wasn’t surprised. Alanya Öğrenci Escort Once I started wearing a two day growth of stubble instead of shaving, I never got carded and Holly’s big tits usually assured she got her way.

Lisa was a stunner with long, straight, yellow blonde hair that hung halfway down her back. She had full lips, a pretty smile and didn’t look more than a few years older than Holly or I. She wore a flowing skirt and a bikini top. Between the two was a long, flat expanse of belly that showed off her belly ring. Her blue eyes sparkled as brightly as her dazzling smile. She touched my arm a lot as we talked.

I slipped that I was onboard with my parents and Lisa thought that was cute. We never mentioned things like school or jobs. I only caught snippets of Sean and Holly’s conversation. Whatever he was saying to her, it made Holly giggle a lot.

I think Holly did a better job at selling us as a couple. She kept touching my arm or shoulder. Twice, she kissed me on the cheek. It felt funny having her act so friendly towards me. I caressed her hair a couple of times and tried to act romantic towards her, too. I guess we were doing pretty good because, if Sean and Lisa suspected anything, it didn’t show.

We danced as couples a few times and I felt as if I was at a wedding or something. It wasn’t until a long series of slow songs began that things felt weird. Lisa melted against Sean, clinging to him as they kissed and swayed. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I held her like I would hold a date, pressing her tightly against me as moved to the music.

“How’s it going with Lisa?” she asked.

“Good, I guess,” I said. “It’s weird with her boyfriend right there.”

“Trust me, she wants you, I can tell.”


“She keeps checking out your ass,” Holly said, slipping her hands down my back and grabbing my ass. She held both cheeks, massaging them as she pressed against me from the front. “She’s doing it right now.”

“Fuck, Holly,” I said as I felt my body reacting to her intimate caress. I understood she was just trying to sell our lie to Sean and Lisa, but the rest of me didn’t care. My cock started getting hard.

“We should kiss,” she said as we swayed next to the other couple.

“Really?” I mumbled, unsure if I could do it. Holly didn’t give a chance to argue with her. Keeping one hand on my ass, she grabbed the back of my head with the other and pressed her lips against mine. Again, my body reacted on autopilot. I felt her tongue caressing my lips, opened my lips, and used my tongue, too. I closed my eyes, imagined it was Lisa inside my arms, and kissed her back.

I don’t know how long our first kiss lasted. Once I relaxed into it, I didn’t try to measure time. Holly’s hand remained on the back of my head and as long as she held us together, I kept kissing her. Though I knew I was kissing my sister, my cock didn’t care. The drinks, shots, and anticipation of fucking Lisa worked against me and I grew hard.

“Damn, bro,” she whispered, looking up at me with dewy eyes and a hungry grin. “Are you happy to see me or is that a Christmas tree in your pants?” She pressed against me, dry humping my cock.

“Think you can ease off that?” I asked.

“No,” she said, glancing to her left. My eyes followed hers. Next to us, Sean and Lisa were entangled in a kiss even more intimate than ours. Sean moved his hand between their bodies and slipped his hand over Lisa’s bikini top, cupping her breast while they kissed and swayed. I was stunned by their intimacy.

When the long set of songs ended, the four of us drifted back to our table to our drinks. Lisa stayed pressed against her boyfriend and Holly followed her lead, remaining next to me, too. While Sean ordered another round of shots, Lisa peeled herself away from him. She squeezed my bicep and asked, “Have you ever done anything like this?” Lisa asked.

“Swap?” I asked, hoping that’s what she meant. She nodded and I shook my head.

“But you like the idea?”

“I like you,” I said, giving her my best rakish smile.

“Mm, I can’t wait to have this,” Lisa purred, slipping her hand beneath the table and cupping my hard-on.

“How does it work?” I asked, struggling to maintain my control as this gorgeous woman caressed my junk just out of everyone’s view. “Do I take you back to my stateroom while Sean takes Holly to yours?”

“Oh no, we like to do it in the same room. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

“I guess,” I said, uncomfortable with idea of having sex in front Holly.

“Trust me, it’s fun being watched,” Lisa said, leaning in and kissing my lips. She nodded across the table where Sean was kissing Holly. “And it’s even more fun watching, isn’t it?”

I had a chance to kiss Lisa once more before Sean brought the evening to an unexpected end. “Okay you two,” he announced over the music. “One more shot and then we’re going to let you go back to your stateroom to take care of each other.”

“But aren’t we . . .?” Holly tried asking.

“Never on the first night,” Sean said, passing out the shots he had ordered with a wave of his hand. He raised his little glass. “To tomorrow!” We knocked back our shots, traded good-night kisses with our dates and that was it. Holly and I were left to stagger back to our tiny stateroom alone.

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