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Kelly Takes a Turn Ch. 05

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Note: Sorry for another extended delay. As always, I welcome constructive feedback. However, comments that are racist or suggest violence/hate will be deleted.

Reading earlier chapters will provide essential context for some references in this one.

Thanks as always to Todger for his incredible editing assistance!!



Kelly was incredibly nervous about the job interview, the transition to that school should she take the job, and David’s reaction to all of it. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but be aroused at the possibilities of being more available to Tyrell. She giggled before adding, “And his friends.” to her thoughts.

The week prior to her interview, on one of her visits to Tyrell, Kelly opted to take a drive by the school so she had an idea of its surroundings and such. As she did so, she marveled at her own response of “I could do this…” as it being a worthy accommodation to continue the sex she had been receiving. The thought of the rundown nature of the school or the massive change in her comfortable suburban lifestyle a distant second to her newfound priorities.

It was still summer so there was no student activity and only administrative workers or others getting the building ready for the school year were present. She sat in her air conditioned car in the parking lot shortly before lunch, gently massaging her clit and reminiscing on the fucking she had received from Tyrell shortly before heading to the school as she considered this change in her life. She chose right before lunch as she knew from experience at her own school that she should get a look at who works there as most would undoubtedly leave the building to get some food.

Sure enough, she was there only 5-10 minutes, idling in her car, as people started to emerge. Most immediately turned right on the sidewalk towards what she assumed to be teacher parking. And as she suspected everyone she saw was a woman and black, save for one older, overweight white woman who was parked relatively close in what was probably secretary parking. Kelly thought about how the woman looked sorely out of place.

After a little bit, Kelly felt she had enough of an understanding of things and was ready to leave so she figured she should just quickly finish rubbing herself to orgasm before heading back to Tyrell’s. She dipped a finger into her slit and brought a droplet of his cum to her mouth as her other finger continued to stroke and massage her clit. Still staring at the doorway to the school and imagining herself heading in there every morning, her orgasm began to erupt as a taller, fit, and casually well-dressed black man stepped from the building. His timing was perfect. Her eyes remained fixated on him as she came.

As she came down from her orgasm, Kelly realized he must be the principal or something similar as he seemed to have preferred parking. She smiled inwardly as her thoughts roamed to, “I think I could get used to working for him.”

The following day, when Kelly had returned home, she broke the news to David that she wanted to pursue a job at a school near her father’s facility and was going to interview during her next visit the following week. David was stunned by this news and torn on how to respond. He thought about his own job, the idea of moving, and the overall chaos that comes with these types of changes. He wanted to protest and remind Kelly about how her father had been aloof during her childhood and that he didn’t warrant this much upheaval in their lives. However, David didn’t offer any of those concerns. Instead of asserting himself and address the insanity of what she was proposing, he opted to dance around the edges of the issue. His effort failed miserably. In the end, he ended up bending to what Kelly wanted to do and at the same time confirming the biases which has been building up within her when comparing her husband to Tyrell. And once again her husband came out on the losing side of that debate.


Kelly spent those few days at home switching back forth from being excited about the potential benefits of taking the job at that school and being closer to Tyrell to being concerned about her ability to follow through on actually making the move. The thought of ending her newfound sexual awakening and returning to her previous life was never really considered an option.

The day before the interview Kelly stood in her living room with David; he was about to head off to work, she up to Tyrell’s. The contrasting emotions between the two could not be starker. He was troubled with anxiety. She was bubbling with excitement and anticipation. David gave her a kiss goodbye and hug, then a less than enthusiastic “good luck” before he headed out the door. Kelly was texting Tyrell that she was on the way as she watched her husband get into his car.

Ninety minutes later, Kelly was on her knees in front of Tyrell swallowing a load of his seed which she had just sucked from his balls. Only after that did she text David to let him know she had arrived görükle escort safely.

That evening, Kelly opted to call it an early night to be well rested for the morning interview, but not before she and Tyrell enjoyed a spectacular fuck.

As was now her custom, Kelly woke with the first rays of light spilling into the bedroom window and rolled over to take Tyrell’s cock into her mouth. She sucked him to completion then got out of bed to shower.

Abuzz with both arousal and anticipation, Kelly pulled into the school parking lot ten minutes before her scheduled interview time. She wanted to arrive early to settle herself down and get prepared. After calming her nerves, Kelly stepped out of the car and walked confidently into the building. She was greeted by the overweight white woman she had seen during her last visit. The look on the woman’s face confirmed one thought that had been dancing around in her head; she was out of place in this school. For whatever reason, that unspoken conversation between the two of them generated a wave of confidence in Kelly at the life adjustment she was about to embark upon.

The woman presented Kelly some paperwork to either sign or initial when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. The principal, dressed in similar casual, but professional clothes, was entering the office area with another younger black man, around Kelly’s age beside him. Kelly was struck by her initial instinct to eye them up and down and she hoped they did not notice. However, the two men were doing their own ‘appraisal’. They stopped in their tracks upon seeing her and she felt a flush of embarrassment and arousal at the look in their eyes. Her face reddened in response.

Mr. Robinson, the principal, immediately stepped forward with an outstretched hand to greet her. He played off the awkward look with a subtle, “Sorry for that reaction Ms. Harkins. Not often we have lovely white women applying to work here.”

His greeting only furthered the redness in Kelly’s face and she shyly smiled before offering a “Thank you.”

Mr. Robinson then motioned to the younger black man and introduced him as Jake, one of the gym teachers. Kelly couldn’t help but swipe her eyes over Jake’s physique and concluded that his body reflected an appropriate appearance for a gym teacher.

Mr. Robinson asked if Kelly wanted anything to drink before they began the interview, which she declined, then he asked Jake to excuse them so they could step into his office. Kelly could feel Jake’s eyes appraising her body and it only further fanned the flaming embers inside her.

Just as the two of them stepped away from Jake, the office area door opened and Kelly heard a familiar voice. “Hey, Kelly! Is that you? You looking to get a job here?!” It was Rashad, obviously excited, in the doorway. She turned and saw Rashad there in a utility uniform, apparently a maintenance worker, standing there with an ear to ear smile.

Kelly couldn’t help but return the smile based on the pleasure she had enjoyed with Rashad over the last few weeks, but she quickly remembered where she was and shook those thoughts from her head. She cleared her throat and responded, “Hi Rashad. Yes, I am here for an interview with Mr. Robinson,” as she nodded deferentially towards the principal before continuing, “I’m hopeful!”

Rashad’s smile seemed to brighten further and Kelly felt her face flush again and her nipples surge. Her excitement was nearly bubbling over at the multiple stimuli she was experiencing. She swallowed and took a deep breath and then looked towards Mr. Robinson with an expectant look. Mr. Robinson gave a nod of knowing agreement towards Rashad and then motioned to Kelly towards his office.

Kelly briefly shifted her gaze from Mr. Robinson to Rashad in a silent way of saying goodbye, and in that moment saw as he stepped from the office area to talk to Jake. Her imagination began to run wild at what the two of them were discussing; she just knew it was about her. Her thoughts were broken a second later when she felt Mr. Robinson’s hand on her elbow, “Kelly? Can we continue?”

She again shook her head clear and then looked up at Mr. Robinson, who now seemed much closer to her, and nodded, adding, “I’m sorry. I guess I was just surprised to see someone I knew here.” Then she quickly gasped at the possible double meaning of her words and added, “I mean, I just, um…”

Mr. Robinson chuckled as he continued steering her into his office. “It’s ok, Kelly. I understood what you meant.”

At this point Kelly was sure she had already failed the interview. The look on her face must have said it too because a moment after Mr. Robinson closed the door, he then closed the gap between the two of them. He stepped right up to her and gently, but firmly, took her arms in his hands as he looked down upon her, “Relax, Kelly.”

In direct contrast to what Mr. Robinson had just said, Kelly felt her breathing and heart rate increase at his actions.

Mr. Robinson smiled at her, bursa escort bayan a different smile from what greeted her earlier. This was a smile of power and desire. A smile upon discovering a hidden gem. She stared up at him wondering if he knew about her real motivations for taking the job there. If Rashad has said something. Or frankly, if she was that transparent.

Then, with all those thoughts racing through her mind, coupled with being so close to this powerful black man, something clicked within Kelly.

And she just surrendered to the moment and smiled up at him.

In contrast to his smile of power, hers was a smile of submission. She was convinced Rashad had already shared stories about her with Mr. Robinson. Her brain connected the tales she imagined Rashad telling to the look she was receiving from her prospective new boss. For a moment, Kelly wasn’t sure exactly what to do.

Then she made a spontaneous decision. She locked her gaze upon his for a few brief seconds and then, pitching up on her toes, she planted a kiss on his lips. She came back to settle on her heels again and continued staring up into his eyes to read his reaction.

Kelly knew there were really only a couple of real responses he might have, each with their own ranges. He could obviously have a negative response by having her removed from the office, whether by telling her to get out; having the overweight secretary escort her out; or calling the police.

Or he could respond positively by accepting her gesture as an awkward but nervous action and then either ending or continuing the interview; acknowledging she was caught off guard by the responses she faced from both Jake and Rashad and rescheduling the interview; or he could essentially confirm the fact that Rashad had already made mention of her and let this little scenario run a few more minutes to see what, if anything, lies beneath the surface.

He chose the latter.

Kelly, recalling her college sociology classes, studied his facial expression to see if she could determine the path he would choose. Mr. Robinson’s jaw was set but his eyes were locked upon hers. They were emanating heat like warm black coals. A moment later she noticed the slightest grin appear on his face.

Finding the response she sought, Kelly smiled and winked, then slipped to her knees before Mr. Robinson. Kelly was delighted when she freed his cock to find it already hardening and deliciously black. She pulled it free from his pants and underwear as she sucked in her breath in excitement. Then she turned her eyes towards Mr. Robinson and stared into his eyes as she planted a wet kiss on the head of his cock. Another new black cock for Kelly to welcome into her mouth.

Kelly’s eyes remained fixed on his as she slipped her lips over the swollen mushroom head of his cock. Completely surrendering to the moment, Kelly forgot about her interview and instead focused all of her attention on the cock in her mouth.

She leaned forward and took as much of his shaft as she could before pulling back and taking a deep breath. She then repeated the process, taking him further and further, and bizarrely enjoying the light gag reflex as his cockhead reached the back of her throat. However, it wasn’t just the cock in her mouth giving her so much pleasure. It was the low hum of pleasure from Mr. Robinson which let her know she was doing a good job.

Mr. Robinson rested one hand on the top of her head and the other he held on his hips in somewhat of a superman pose. He slowly eased his hips back and forth in a gentle fucking motion which Kelly synched with her oral ministrations. Their dance became a slow mouth fucking which had Kelly drooling.

As the pool of saliva and pre-cum collecting in her mouth began to ooze over her lower lip, Kelly swallowed what she could and then felt an erotic surge when she reflected on how the day’s events so quickly changed. She really did arrive at the school with the intent of it being a regular job interview. Granted, her purpose for taking the job was to put her in proximity to her black lover, but she didn’t intend for a blowjob to be part of the process. But she wasn’t about to complain; Mr. Robinson’s cock was delicious.

The string of saliva now gathering at her chin brought her out of her little daydream and Kelly knew she needed to remove her blouse or risk a rather large wet spot which she would have trouble explaining when she left the office. She quickly worked the buttons and shrugged the blouse from her shoulders and a moment later she felt the cool drip of saliva reach from her chin to her tits.

The mental image of her drooling while sucking a black cock only served to further ignite Kelly’s arousal. She pushed forward and took the last couple inches of Mr. Robinson’s cock into her throat and felt his pubic hair at her nose and lips. She then let out a deep, low moan and that was all Mr. Robinson could take.

Her left hand was cradling his balls as she felt them pull up into his sack and bursa escort she knew he was about to cum. She reached up and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and held him buried in her throat as he pumped his seed directly into her stomach. She had a mild no-touch orgasm of her own as she felt his shaft throb on her tongue as his balls emptied themselves into her.

When Kelly was certain he was through, she slowly pulled back and nursed the sensitive head of his cock to be certain she had swallowed all of him, then she planted another kiss on the crown of his head and rocked back on her heels. A wicked smile of lust and satisfaction spread across her face.

Mr. Robinson was balancing himself on the backrest of the chair he expected her to sit in during the interview as he caught his breath. A similar look of satisfaction coupled with amazement on his face. He chuckled lightly as he said, “Well Kelly, it appears you really want this job. And I have to say, you have extremely impressive qualifications.”

His words brought Kelly back to the reality of why she was actually there, since her focus had shifted completely, once she got going, to simply sucking his cock. She lightly giggled and simultaneously flushed with embarrassment. She wanted to reply but didn’t know what to say. Should she say she had no intention of doing what she just did? That couldn’t be entirely true since she essentially initiated it. Should she say she didn’t know what came over her? Well, that was at least close to truth but what would that do for her job chances? Or she should just thank him for letting her suck his cock and then go about her merry way? That would of course probably mean no job and that might mean less Tyrell. Kelly tried to think of something to say but then Mr. Robinson spoke again. He spoke as if reading her mind.

“It seems to me what just happened wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you set up the interview. But I have to commend your improvisation and particularly your skill. Are those traits I can come to count on should I hire you?”

Kelly’s embarrassment altered to arousal and her own sense of amazement at how Mr. Robinson had shifted things back to something approaching a normal interview conversation. She smiled at him and responded and played along, “Thank you. I’ve recently discovered some of these skills and intend to continue to develop them. So you can most definitely count on them.”

Mr. Robinson continued, “Now, looking at that rock on your finger it looks like you married to a white boy. That going to be something I have to worry about?”

Kelly giggled before responding, “He won’t be any problem at all. He knows nothing about this side of my life. He thinks I’m taking a job here to be closer to my father while he is in hospice.”

That drew a chuckle from Mr. Robinson. “I’m guessing that’s not true?”

Kelly, realizing she was probably actually now part of what was the closest thing to an interview she would participate in that day, answered honestly, “Well, my father is in hospice, but that’s not why I want to work here. I met his business partner this summer. And he’s, uh, he’s shown me a whole new side of life. So, my father is really just a nice excuse.” She closed her little statement with a naughty smile and watched as Mr. Robinson grinned.

He continued with another question, “So, I take it Rashad and your father’s business partner are friends?”

Kelly’s face reddened with the realization that she actually was as transparent as she feared, but she nodded and bit her lower lip.

Mr. Robinson smiled at her unstated admission. He paused a moment and then said, “Good. Looks like we only have a couple more things to cover in this interview then.” He reached down and held out his hand for her to take and then helped her to Kelly to her feet.

Kelly stood up, unsure of what was expected, but she was more than willing to follow his lead. Mr. Robinson reached behind her and undid the button on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He then shifted some things around on his desk and, smiling at Kelly, motioned for her to take a seat in the space he cleared. Kelly was now on fire with lust. She kept her eyes locked on his as she backed her way up on to the desk and then sat there, leaning back on her arms with her legs slightly spread a naughty smile on her face.

Mr. Robinson stepped up between her legs and slowly pulled her panties off. She debated whether he could feel the heat from her pussy. His cock, already semi-hard, was just inches from her channel and seemingly staring straight at it. She was hoping at any moment he would step forward and slide himself inside of her. Instead, he paused, “Now Kelly, you stated your husband knows nothing about this side of your life, and that he won’t be a problem. How about if we give him a call and let him know you got the job?”

Kelly was caught off guard by both his admission that she got the job and his request to call David. At first she paused a moment to make sure she heard him correctly and then felt her pussy gush with excitement once she realized she had. And calling David in these situations was no longer as farfetched an idea after doing it multiple times with Tyrell and his friends. She also recognized this could be an actual test Mr. Robinson was administering.

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