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Queen Penelope’s Memoirs

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There was once a brave warrior who lived many centuries ago. Marcus Excalibur was the leader of the rebellion against the Empire. When his second in command was captured by the Queen’s army, he found it upon himself to find his friend and bring him back alive. Marcus chose to go alone. If his army was spotted, a full war would erupt. Many called him crazy, others called him courageous. But he was never seen again. He became a myth, immortalized through storytelling, many painting him as a God. However, in 1647, Queen Penelope’s memoirs were published. A section of her memoirs spoke of an affair she’d had with a handsome stranger when she was only 18, and how his demise came about, this is her story…

—————————– ——————————–

I envied my mother, at 38, she was the Queen of the Empire and the leader of the largest army in the world. She was strong, powerful and feared, yet I was weak, lonely and subservient. All my life, I had been told how to act, what to do, how to speak, eventually, I had to break free, I knew that one day, I would die from insanity. I yearned for freedom.

Mother had already chosen my husband. Count Hirato of Massapequa. The Count was a most unattractive man of 56; bald, overweight and pale, like a ghost. Mother had invited him to stay in the palace for a week in order for us to get to know each other. Mother told me, “the Count is a good man, and will make a great husband.” But, I couldn’t see myself with him. I needed more, I wanted to live my own life.

When I was asleep in my quarters that night, I felt something grab me under the sheets. I was then pulled out of bed and violently pinned against the wall. It was The Count. He wanted to take my virginity now! I made an attempt to scream out for the guards, but I was too slow. He pulled out a sharp dagger and held it to my face, “Keep quiet you shrew, or I will take your beauty from you…” He tore my gown and pulled out his tiny member. His breathing was ever so heavy, I was too scared to even move. He came to my left ear and began to nibble on it. I sobbed to myself and before I could conjure up any sounds of protest… “eargh!!!” The Count spazamed and collapsed on me, his knife falling to the ground.

I was not sure what had happened. He couldn’t have taken my virginity, I hadn’t felt a thing! He pulled himself off and looked down at me as I slid down to the ground. “You will make a great whoreish wife, I will need to teach you a thing or two about pleasing a man.”

“I will never marry you!” I said through my teeth. “You don’t have a choice, your mother and I have already made the decision for you,” he quickly composed himself and left my quarters. I thought about what he’d just said, and it was true… there was nothing I could do. Mother wouldn’t believe any story of rape, I began to convulse and cry. It was then that I made a decision; I would run from home and never return.

I made the decision to abandon the throne, abandon my responsibilities, abandon my people and most importantly, abandon my mother. I snuck past the guards and once I was out of the Palace grounds, I ran… I ran and I ran and I ran. I ran till I could breathe no longer. It soon dawned on me that I had no idea where I was… I had never left the palace grounds before and had no idea of where to go. I was sweating, I was ever so hot… and thirsty. Luckily, I noticed a lake nearby.

I disrobed and dived into the water completely naked. For the first time in my acıbadem escort life, I felt free, rejuvenated and revitalized. I must’ve swam for hours and hours. I let my mind and body escape as I soon found myself sunbathing on a large rock. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of a better life.

Hours later, I was awoken by splashes nearby. I rose and looked out onto the horizon. I couldn’t see anyone, yet I could clearly hear someone in the water. I began to panic due to the fact that I had forgotten where I had placed my clothes. Regardless, I was still determined to find out where the noise was coming from. I jumped from rock, to rock, and up a small embankment. What I saw before me, almost completely took my breath away.

Beneath me was a man, completely nude washing himself. I stayed hidden behind a large bush, but I desperately wanted to see more. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. With a perfect, chiseled body, like a Greek God, big broad shoulders, strong manly hands and long wavy blond hair. His physique was exquisite and I found myself breathing heavy. His olive skin only made him look more like a mythical creature from the wild. As he turned, I caught a glimpse of his phallus. I gasped and almost tripped.

Hearing this, he jumped out of the water, reaching for his sword. “Who goes there!?!” he asked, “I demand you show yourself!”

Fearing he would harm me, I raised my hands so he would stop coming closer. “Please! Don’t come any closer! I’m lost, I’m naked and I’ve misplaced my clothes!” He slowly lowered his sword.

“I don’t believe you.” he said calmly. “Show yourself I say!”

I slowly stepped forward, coming out of the bushes. I could see his eyes widen and his jaw drop. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea…I have some clothes you can wear,” he said.

“No, no. Its okay. I prefer to be naked. It’s a beautiful day.” I said.

“I couldn’t agree more. When we are blessed with beauty, it is a compliment to the Gods to show your appreciation of it… as you have.” He was ever so charming.

“My name is Marcus Excalibur, and your name is?”

“Penelope. Its nice to meet you Mr. Excalibur.”

For the rest of the day, Excalibur and I stayed completely nude as we admired each others bodies. He could tell that I found him devilishly attractive and I could tell that he felt the same of me.

I watched him hunt a wild boar and wrestle it to the ground, killing it with his own hands. This was a true man! Brave, strong, fearless and sensitive. As we feasted, he began to tell me stories of his conquests and of all he’d seen.

“Your life sounds so exciting” I said

He lowered his head sighed in sadness, “Yes, I have led an exciting life; but all I’ve ever really wanted was someone to share my life with.” He looked deep into my eyes.

“You are truly an angel.”

Our lips pressed together as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. It felt strange at first, but I soon found myself enjoying it. His strong manly hands began to caress my perky breasts as I felt something else poke my stomach. “eek!!” I screeched.

He let out a laugh. “I take it, you’ve never seen a cock before,” he said. His member was almost a foot long, very thick, very veiny, accompanied by a set of very large, very impressive balls. “Oh my! I think its beautiful!” I said.

I grasped it with both hands and felt his heartbeat though his massive cock. I let out a nervous laugh. He continued to kiss atalar escort me as he subtly lay me down. “are you comfortable my love?” he asked.

I responded by nodding. He began to rub the head of his penis against my clitoris, then slowly entering my wet pussy. I let out a scream of pain. He suddenly stopped, “Did I hurt you my love?” he asked. I was now breathing heavy, still anticipating pleasure, not quite knowing what to expect, “No. Please continue” I said. Ecstasy swept though me as he began to thrust his purple headed warrior in and out of me. Out bodies in a rhythmic dance, I found myself escaping reality, I found myself in a magical, mystical place that I’d never been… I knew this was a place I never wanted to leave.

Our love making went on for well over five hours and ended with the most intense, most amazing, intoxicating feeling I’d ever felt my entire life. As he ejaculated, something happened to me; I felt myself falling…but this was a good kind-of-falling, the explosion was followed by another as I screamed in ecstasy at the top of my lungs.

Our bodies together as one, we held each other for what seemed like hours. He then kissed me on the lips and rolled off me. “I love you!” I said out loud. “and I love you” he responded.

Before I say anything else, I heard a familiar voice yell out… “Freeze! Excalibur! You are hereby under arrest!” In fear I turned around, only to see the General of my mothers army. We were surrounded by 50 men. I looked up at Excalibur; he quickly rose to his feet; still nude, fearless. “You may take me, but leave the lady!”

I made eye contact with the General. It was then that he realized it was me, “You DARE deflower the Queens daughter!!!”

Excalibur turned to look at me in disbelief. “My love! I’m sorry! Please don’t let them take me back!” It was no use, we were quickly separated. Before I could think, I was violently grabbed by a soldier and covered by another. I looked over the shoulder of another, only to see that Excalibur had been wrestled to the ground by 15 men. I began to cry in fear for the both of us. Oddly enough, he showed none… he was so brave, he was such a man! Oh how I loved him, Oh how I desired him… Oh how I found it ever so sexually exhilarating!

Mother was happy to see me unharmed, but when she’d learnt that I’d been sexually active, she was furious… not with me; with my lover. I pleaded for mother to show mercy on him. I would not see Excalibur again till the trial, which mother delayed for weeks. She insisted the guards keep him naked in order to break his spirit, but Excalibur was fearless, brave and most importantly strong. I’d tried on a number of occasions to get past the guards and see him, but would get caught on each attempt.

Eventually, the trial came. Mother had me sit with her while she handed down the sentence.

He was brought in the hall and made to stand naked in front of mother and the entire committee. Our eyes met for what seemed like an eternity, god! How I missed him. My mother rose and began to speak.

“Marcus Excalibur, you are hereby charged with the kidnapping and with the rape of my daughter… how do you plead?”

Excalibur was so brave and stood tall. “Madame! You are a tired old cow! I wish nothing but pain and suffering upon you. I plead not guilty, but I do plead guilty to attempted murder!”

The whole courtroom gasped. “I came here to murder you Your Majesty! You cause all the bloodshed upon my people aydınlı escort and I have come here to extract my revenge on you, and I SWAER to you, you cannot break me, you cannot defeat me! This is what I’m born for, I am a MAN!!”

No one had ever spoken to my mother in such a tone, I was so frightened. He was so brave and courageous, I was so taken by that moment. I looked up at mother, expecting her to be red in the face with anger… instead, she had a large smirk on her face.

“my, my, my, you certainly are ALL MAN aren’t you?….” she said.

He looked with hatred into her eyes and stood tall, his chest in the air, his naked body proudly on show to everyone.

“I know how to defeat you. I know how to break you” mother said calmly.

Mother looked at me and winked, then she turned back at Excalibur and said, “Guards, take him, castrate him.”

His eyes bulged out and for the first time, I sensed fear in him. “what!?!?!?!!” he said in a shocked, screeching, high-pitched voice. “NO! WAIT! You can’t do that!!!”

As the guards came to him he began to scream and yell in fear. Mother began to laugh, which in turn caused everybody else to laugh at his expense. He cowered down and fell to his knees, tears welled up in his eyes, “Your Majesty! Please! Have mercy on me! Please! Don’t do this to me! PLEASE! NO!! GOD NO!!!”

The guards picked him up and began to drag him out of the room. He continued to scream and moan like a little girl. I’d never seen a man so afraid in all his life! Suddenly, the man I’d fallen in love with didn’t seem so desirable. In fact, I found myself also laughing along with the crowd.

“NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!!” he screamed as the guards dragged him. Finally, to silence him, the General struck his genitals with a mallet. Excalibur’s legs bugled under the pain as he vomited. Blood tinkled down his legs as the guards finally carried him out of there… all the while, the entire hall was in hysterics, myself included.

Months later, we were all back in that very same hall. A short, thin, weak, pale man stood before my mother. He was dressed in a woman’s robe. His back was hunched and he was trembling with fear.

“Well… Have you learnt your lesson?” she asked the man.

“yes Your Majesty, I have”, he had a very feminine voice. He sounded more feminine than myself! In fact, he sounded like a little girl.

“Remove your robe and show the court what I’ve done to you.” She commanded.

He was clearly reluctant, but too afraid to defy her. He let his robe fall to the ground. His face turned beet red and rightly so, for there was nothing between his legs but a thick patch of pubic hair. His proud cock, his large low hanging balls were removed against his will.

Where was once a man, was now a freak, a weak pathetic coward. I soon found myself laughing aloud. This encouraged the entire hall to once again erupt in laughter. Excalibur began to cry in humiliation.

“You have two choices. You may remain here and be used as a slave… or you can go back to where you came from and show everyone what has become of you.”

Count Hirato of Massapequa died of a stroke soon after that day and I later married Andreas Albertos, a Greek Prince, who was twice the man of the late Mr. Marcus Excalibur.

Albertos is a gifted lover, and the true love of my life. The last I heard of Excalibur, he was sold to a brothel owner in Mongolia. I assume he became a cock whore, used and abused by faggot army barbarians. I can picture it now, his scrawny, thin pale legs curled into a ball, his bony back arched over a stool as a horny Mongolian violates his stretched, over-abused asshole as he yelps in pain like a little girl. Every time I think of it, it makes me laugh.

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