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Ch 1 Finding.

Whilst walking along the beach, I saw a gold bracelet on the sand in a vacant part of the beach. It looked very old yet very clean. I do not mean sand washed clean just clean as if recently dropped. There were a lot of etchings that I did not know or could describe. Looking around I could not see anyone else around. It was, as if, everyone on the beach had cleared away. I picked up the bracelet and placed it on my left arm for safekeeping. The bracelet was neither female or male looking.

The bracelet seemed to meld into my arm. Yes it was visible, to me, I have large hands with much smaller wrists. It surprised me it fitted over my hands. From that moment, walking along the beach, I seem to be in a daydream.

To understand me my name is Fred, I am only 37 years old and have no prospects of marriage. I am overweight and have been told to walk or die. A mild stroke, some 6 months ago, made me look at my life. I do not enjoy mixed company, in fact any company. I like reading and using my laptop and desktop computers over being with other people. The only positive aspect is, I own my own house some 3km from the beach. I’m not rich but have a steady income by reviewing/ updating web pages for some clients.

I walked along Duringan Street then along the footpath along the creek to home. This took me some 30 minutes to walk. Today I was out for 1 hour walking. That is the longest I have walked for a long time. I must admit I do feel better since I have been walking.

Returning home I went to the kitchen and instead of opening a can of coke, I had some water, infact I had 4 glasses of water. Feeling tired I went to lay down on my water bed after the long walk. I slept for 4 hours. On awaking I rushed to the toilet, my stroke problem, weak anus muscles. I seemed to sit for over 30 minutes whilst I filled the pan. I flushed, then went into the shower to wash off my sweat from the walk and make sure I was nice and clean all over.

I felt a lot better after the shower, I felt clean, I mean really clean. I dried myself then went to dress. I pulled out an old pair of shorts. Taking one step they fell down. I pulled them up and really tied the string tight. Putting on a T-shirt, it felt loose. I went to make the bed and found the sheets were really dirty, not toilet dirty but dusty, sandy dirty. Stripping the bed, I collected some clean sheets and made the bed. I took all of my unclean clothes and dirty sheets to the laundry. Placing the sheets in the washing machine I put the load on.

Returning to the kitchen I looked at the food for lunch. I actually did not feel hungry. Collecting a banana, I made a banana sandwich on two pieces of bread, Cut the banana in half, butter the bread then squash one half of the banana to make a flat half sandwich roll. Very nice. I made coffee, yes I have had coffee for quite some time. My dietitian does not like my coffee. I have 1/8 of a teaspoon of coffee in a mug of hot water, no milk or sugar. I have 8 mugs of these a day. It was the only drink the dietitian did not change. Basically I am just colouring my water.

I took my lunch to the computer station to eat. I generally read the news, twitter, face book etc whilst eating lunch every day. I get to choose my reading, either ABC, BBC or European news. I given up on yankee news as they just seem to only have incorrect information. How the yankees ever know what is happening around the world, I don’t believe they care.

After finishing my lunch and drink, I was restless. Must of been the sleep this morning, I thought. I returned to the kitchen and cleaned up all of the dirty dishes by placing then in the dishwasher and put it on to wash. I then cleaned up the kitchen. I hung the sheets out and put on another load of washing. Still restless I decided to go for another walk.

This walk was along Villers Drive on to Bradshaw Drive. Just at the end or the drive there is a seating grandstand place. I rested in this seated area watching some other walkers pass by. Just as I stood to return home walking a local jogger slipped on the grass and twisted her ankle. I went over to assist, I help her to the grandstand and got her to lay down whilst I elevated her foot. I then seem to cupped my hands around her ankle and it felt like an electric current going into her ankle.

The girl looked at me “I don’t know what you are doing, but don’t stop, it feels great” She then rested her head back and closed her eyes. I felt like she was sleeping. I held her ankle for around 30 minutes. It did not swell up but infact, felt like it seem to tighten up. I looked at the girl, she has on a red crop top and tee shirt which drifted up showing a tanned midriff. Her shorts were the loose type with a bikini bottoms under neath. From my position, I could not help but notice. The view was very nice and Uzun porno for the first time in years I could feel myself alive.

Her mobile phone rang and she seem to stir, Answering the call she told the person that she had twisted her ankle again and a kind gentleman was holding her ankle in a way that felt great. I am at Bradshaw Drive grandstand. Her girlfriend arrived, in a car, within 5 minutes and thanked me for helping her friend. I help her to the car but she found she could walk on on her ankle. I mentioned to do the ICE treatment on her ankle when she got home. I left them to drive away. Personally I felt good helping her, which was a feeling I had not had in many, many years. As they drove pass she open her window and call out “Thanks for the help mister.”

I continued to walk back home. I could still feel the tingling in my hands. I noticed the bracelet and it seemed to be glowing. At this stage I did not relate the two together. On returning home it was nearly 5pm, I decided to walk down to the local sports club for dinner. In the club I did not feel hungry so I ordered a small fish, salad (No dressing) and chip meal with a glass of water. I struggled to finish the meal. Unusual for me, I eat the salad first, then the fish and finally the chips, these I did not finish.

Returning home around 7pm, yes I walked home instead of getting the club bus, I again had another shower then lay down on my bed. I was away. The sleep faeries had me. I normally do not go to bed until 12 midnight, 1am not at 7.30pm.

Waking up at 7am I showered and went out to the kitchen for breakfast. This morning I had 2 boiled eggs and some toast with my coffee. I was still restless, for the first time ever I went out early for a walk. Walking up Border Drive North I walked under the motorway towards Tugun beach. I sat down on the sand. There were quite a few walkers along the beach. Mostly nice looking ones, with curvy or trim body shapes. The view was very nice. I was noticing females again.

After some 10 minutes rest and viewing, I walked along the beach towards Elephant rock. From there I continued towards the alley. As I passed over the area where I found the bracelet yesterday, I re-examined the area. I sat down on the dry sand near the area looking out over the sea. The waves were breaking around half a metre. Not good board surfing but OK for body surfing. This part of the beach is not the swimming area. No one was around this area which was unusual.

I seemed to go into a meditation trance with the sound of the gentle waves on the beach. Changing my seating position to cross legs my fingers interlocked each. The bracelet on my left arm seemed to expand all over and around my body as if it was making a force field around me. I felt like I was enclosed within a clear tent. I could see around me yet my eyes were shut. My hands and feet tingled with energy racing out all over my body and surrounding area. My body felt hot, not sunburn hot but hot like a fever but the feeling was nice not drying or horrible. It was if the core of my body was heating up or vibrating at a different level. I stayed like this for some 30 minutes. I did not feel anyone come pass or near me.

Slowly I came out of the trance, I felt lighter, my body temperature seemed to lower to normal. The energy through my feet and hands reduced. I opened my eyes and looked around. Yes I was still at the beach. Raising from the sand my shorts began to slip down. I retied the string, at that point not realising I had reduced body size. I walked to the footpath and had a long drink of water at the beach shower. Walking towards the creek, then I walked to the Bradshaw Drive Grandstand along the edge of the creek. Having a rest at the Grandstand again I saw some runners going down to the beach.

The girl from yesterday came running past, she recognised me and came over to the grandstand and sat next to me. “What did you do to me yesterday? Don’t get me wrong it was good, infact for the first time in a long time I really felt good running today on my ankle.”

I replied “Nothing really, I just elevated your ankle and kept my hands around the injury.”

She kissed me on the cheek and left to continue her run. I must admit I did stare at her lovely posterior as she ran away, licking my lips.

After that kiss a I got up and returned walking home in a good mood. It was only 10am. It felt closer to noon with the amount of walking I did. Again on arriving home I had 4 glasses of water, no sugar drinks. Having a shower to wash off all of the sweat and salt from sitting on the beach, again the shower was refreshing. I sat down on my computer chair put my head back on the head rest. Bloody hell it’s 12 noon. I fell asleep at the computer. Now I feel sore from sleeping in the one spot. I got up and went to the kitchen for lunch. The cupboard was bare. I needed to go shopping.

I walked down to the local club for lunch. It was fairly busy for a week day. Öğrenci porno The desk clerk mentioned he did not have any single tables but only a 4 seater. I went to take it when two ladies came from behind and asked to join me. I looked and it was my running lady dressed in a simple summer dress well tailored to her body size, together with her slightly stocky friend. Again dressed in a summer dress but with massive boobs. I mean big. She said “Do you mind if we join you and thank you for your wonderful treatment to my ankle yesterday?”

Without replying the clerk took us to a small 4 seater in the corner. I introduced myself. The slimmer one of the two introduced “I am Heather and this is my girlfriend Lorraine. We are friends not lovers, Sorry the way I said that sound like we were lovers.” The girls sat opposite each other and I was on the side. Our legs meet under the table and neither girl moved their legs. It was as if they just wanted to be in physical contact. I must admit the feeling was very nice.

Heather asked “So Fred what do you do to keep yourself entertained in this part of the world?”

I mentioned “I keep people web pages up-to-date with their latest ranting. Otherwise I a homely person. I only go out for walks due to a stroke six months age”

Lorraine patted my hand “After your help to Heather, we better look after you. O, your hands are so warm” Heather grab my other hand.

“Yes they are comforting warm not heat but comforting. Very nice to hold!” replied Heather.

The waiter came over and asked if we are ready to order. Without looking at the menu I replied “I have the Garlic bread, BBQ ribs with salad, no dressing and mash potatoes please. Ladies”

They look at each other. Heather replied “Make that 3 please, it sound inviting!”

Lorraine just nodded her head in agreement still holding my hand.

I looked at Lorraine and asked “Well I told you something about myself, what about you? I have seen you walking around here for a while.”

Lorraine looked at Heather then me and advised “I’m a widow with two children, who are in school. I do not work at present. I’ve been a widow for 7 years.”

Heather interrupted her “And I am house sitting in Cross Roads for the next two weeks. I am a professional house sitter. I travel around the Gold Coast house sitting for people, mainly with pets whilst they go away for up to two months. Lorraine and I have been friends since high school many years ago.”

“Wow I’m please to have lunch with you two beautiful ladies. What would you like to drink?”

Lorraine asked “Why not just get a bottle of red to go with the ribs, your choice”

I left the girls at the table and went to the bar, Asking the bar maid for a suitable red wine she gave me a light red. It looked nice. Whilst at the bar I put $20 down on the new keno of $2 for 10 numbers over 10 games. Returning to the table with 3 glasses we opened the wine and sampled it. The girls were impressed with my choice. “I must complement the bar staff they recommended the wine, and I got a keno ticket for our luck. Winner get 3million. So kiss the ticket for me and if we win, we split 3 ways” To humour me they kissed the ticket.

Just then the waiter appeared and served us three plates of garlic bread, Each serving had 3 slices. I placed my hands over my serving and held it there for a minute, then picked up a piece and started to eat. The girls were looking at me. Lorraine mentioned “Sorry we started to eat whilst you were praying, sorry.”

I replied “No not praying just checking my food. Here I’ll show you, you have partly eaten one piece.” I reached over and put my hands and held it over another piece of their bread. “Put your pieces down and try that one now?” I mentioned. They tasted the piece I had placed my hands over.

Lorraine mentioned “That’s nice, the flavour seemed enhanced” She took a bite from the previous piece and found it to be somewhat tasteless. “Yuk, I prefer the other piece yet I know they are all the same. What happening?”

“I don’t know, I’ve just started to do this and find the food seem to taste better. Sometimes I have some food and leave part of it that is not good. Last night I had some fish and chips, but left half of the chips as they did not seem to taste nice.” I placed my hands over their other bread and we finished the entree.

We chatted some more and I found out they were within 4 years of my age. Our main course arrived and we all finished a lovely meal. Just as we were discussing some dessert, a group of rugby players came in ready for a practice session. They were a noisy bunch. One of the rudest person saw the lovely ladies with me and introduced himself as Peter. “Come with me ladies and I will treat you to a great time instead of being with this fatso.”

Heather replied very loudly “No thanks, I do not have a microscope to see your penis.”

He called out “Bloody bitch” and went to backhand her.

I stood up and replied “You have already proven to be a boy by attempting to hit a lady, just go away boy!” He went to swing a coward punch towards me. Time just seemed to slow down. I ducked under his punch and with my middle finger on my left hand I jab his voice box in his neck. No one saw this action. In the process of the punch not landing he pulled his shoulder muscle and dislocated his arm.

His team mates came over and pulled him away. I said to the ladies “Coffee at my place?”

They both replied “Yes please”

The waiter came over I gave him $100 saying “I pay the extra on my next visit. We are out of here before anything else happens to these lovely ladies”

The waiter just nodded and we exited the club via the side door near the playing field. Lorraine drove us to my place.

Ch 2

On arriving at my house, I showed the ladies around. Lorraine went to use the toilet. I went to the kitchen and boiled the kettle. Lorraine joined Heather in the lounge. Calling out they gave me their coffee orders.

I grabbed a tray to carry in the three coffee’s. Whilst standing in front of the ladies, Heather yanked down my shorts and underpants and started to hand play with my penis. “This is the dessert I wish to have today” then placed her lovely lips around the head of my penis.

Lorraine stood up and grabbed the coffee tray off me and placed it down on the coffee table. She then took off my shirt leaving me standing with just my socks on. I turned her around and unzipped her dress then unhooked her bra. Reaching around I massaged her enormous boobs rubbing her nipples between my forefinger and thumbs, She moaned in pleasure. I slipped one hand down the front of her thong and started to play with her clit. Lorraine grabbed my hand and forced my finger into her hole. It was wet. She pushed down her thong and asked “Fuck me please” Heather released her grip on my prick. Lorraine bent over towards the lounge and from behind I inserted my prick into her juicy vagina. She moaned with pleasure. I reached around and again grabbed those delicious big boobs and used then to help pump into Lorraine. It did not take too long when Lorraine came, bouncing around on the lounge I almost fell out, then I came into her pussy. Holding her hips I pumped plenty of sperm juice into that wet juicy pussy.

I step back whilst Loraine fell onto the lounge ass in the air. Heather, in the mean time, had undressed. She got onto her knees and started to eat out Lorraine, collecting as much pussy cum juice as possible. I went to my cupboard and got out a large soft blanket. I spread this out on the floor in front of the lounge. I sat down rubbing my hands over Heather bum and pussy. Heather turning with juices allover her face saw I was still semi hand, she started to rub my prick, it soon came hard. Turning around she pushed me onto my back and mounted me. Again that pussy was very wet. Heather bounced up and down on me. I reached for her boobs and squeezed them really hard. She moaned in pleasure, I attacked those beautiful large puffy nipples twisting the nipples with my fingers and thumbs. The action of her pussy muscles and me seeing such two beautiful ladies made me cum again, this set off Heather and she came with a loud scream. Her head collapsed on my chest.

This time it was Lorraine who started to eat out Heather and suckled my prick making sure there were no juices left on it. I rolled Heather off me on to the blanket. Her legs flopped open and Lorraine cleaned up our juices. Heather stirred and sat up, Lorraine sat on the blanket. I reached over to the coffee tray asking “Who would like some coffee now you beautiful ladies?”

They nodded their heads and smiled. I handed them their drinks and drank my coffee.

We sat on the mat, naked, crossed legged drinking our coffee’s and looking at each other.

Both girls looked very similar except Lorraine’s boobs. I asked “What sizes are you girls?”

Heather replied “34b, 22, 32”

Lorraine replied “34f, 22, 32, We can fit in each others skirts, shorts undies. Just my massive boobs stops me fitting into Heather dresses. I have had these massive boobs since I was 10 years old.”

Heather replied “Yes all of us girls were jealousy of Lorraine boobs and she always had the boys around her. Mind you she wore cloths the showed off her boobs not hid them.”

Just then some school kids walk passed the house very noisy. I stated “Well the kids are out of the monkey house now? We will have to sit here for a few minutes until they pass.”

Just then my mobile phone rang. Answering it “Yes, Ok,” Hand on mouthpiece. “Lorraine can you take us back down to the club please?”

“Yes, OK” Lorraine replied. We quickly got dressed, Heather forgot her bra though.

On arriving at the club we found out those noisy rugby players has finished training due to one of them going to hospital as he could not speak and had dislocated his arm. Yes Peter.

“Fred do you have your keno ticket” the barmaid asked. I handed it over. The bells on the machine rang. Looking around, the club was quite quiet the barmaid replied “Fred you have just won 3 million dollars!”

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