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Hired By Her

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This is a story someone told me that may have come from several people down the line. I cannot vouch for its authenticity.

~ Krystal


Sandi worked part-time as a transvestite callgurl for an agency. Her boss was a generic female named Rita, who was the one that sent Sandi on her various assignments. Most were men from out of town in hotels looking for a walk on the wild side and an occasional fellow crossdresser, tired of trawling through the online ads and looking for a quick hookup.

On one evening in March, Sandi received a text from Rita that read:

See a M/F couple!!, “Porsche and Tony” at their hotel room. She’s in charge.

Bring your Viagra, she wants to see you get hard. I want details.

Rita included the hotel and room number, and Sandi was on her way to meet the new clients. This is the story she told:

Twenty minutes after the text I knocked on the door to room 358 and was greeted by a small genetic woman whose thick blond hair flowed several inches down her back. Although, I wouldn’t have picked the name “Porsche” as a pseudonym, she was an attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She stood about five foot two, with large green eyes, a slender frame and small yet well-rounded breasts. She was dressed casually in slacks, a top that showed a nice glimpse of her shoulders and pointy toe flats. Again, not how I’d picture someone in this kind of setup to dress, but then I’ve never been in something like this before.

“Hi, you must be Sandi,” she said pleasantly as she ushered me into the room. A small round table held a nice selection of alcoholic beverages, mixers and clean tumblers. “Can I offer you anything, Sandi?”

Even with the promise Kartal Öğrenci Escort of a potentially pleasant scenario, I turned the drink down, hoping to move things along. She had me remove my skirt and panties, then sit on the on the end of one of the twin beds. My gurl clitty stood nicely at attention ready for whatever came its way. Porsche sat in a chair facing the bed, remaining completely clothed. She smiled, before she called, “Tony. We’re ready.”

A man, nearly a full foot taller than Porsche, came in from the bathroom. He was completely naked, but his penis dangled semi-rigid. He said nothing, but nodded his head to acknowledge my presence.

Crossing her legs in a ladylike pose, Porsche took a sip of a light-brown liqueur and began to direct, “OK, Tony, start sucking Sandi’s cock, you fucking faggot.”

Tony positioned himself in front of me and surrounded my genitalia between his lips. He was obviously inexperienced, but was attempting to do a decent job.

“Is he giving you an adequate blowjob, Sandi,” she asked, as she sipped a glass of Smirnoff and soda on the rocks.

“I’m enjoying it,” I replied, trying to act as if I was into it.

“No, Sandi, be honest. Is Tony any good at sucking cock? You and I both know how to give head. He’s terrible.”

“He could use some pointers,” I said diplomatically. “He needs to go in regular motions, use his tongue at the tip more and stimulate my scrotum with his figures.”

“See that, asshole. You’re a failure, even at something as simple as a blowjob. Sandi, you should see this pathetic loser try to work my v-jay. He’s worthless.”

For some reason, I felt the need to defend Tony. “With Kartal Çıtır Escort practice, he’d be all right.”

Addressing herself directly toward Tony, Porsche’s voice raised in volume, “Forget it, you useless dolt. If you aren’t putting in the effort, there’s no point in bothering Sandi with your incompetence. Get on your knees. Sandi can just corn-hole you. That doesn’t require much skill. You can just be a goddamn worthless male slut and take in up the ass.”

Tony, without saying a word, straddled the edge of the bed and spread his legs apart. Porsche handed me a half-full container of Vaseline that I used to lubricate his rectum. I applied a condom and entered him. His hips bucked slightly as he adjusted to the intrusion, and I began to rock back and forth inside him. I was thankful for the effects of the Viagra I’d taken prior to coming here, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to stay hard under these working conditions.

From her chair, she called out, “Hey, fairy-boy, don’t just lay there like a retarded lump. Move your fucking hips. Do something to keep Sandi from falling asleep.”

Tony began to grind his tush in rhythm with my pushing and grabbed the mattress with both hands. In the meantime, Porsche had pulled out her cell phone and began to take pictures of him being sodomized. With each shot, she showed the results to Tony. “You like these? How about if I let them leak out to your friends and family? How would you feel?”

I hoped there was no one in the room next door to hear her through the walls. Tony remained completely silent.

She turned to me and in a calm, voice said, “You can cum in his pansy ass whenever you want.”

I pushed Kartal Elit Escort harder and with more speed. Already preoccupied by thoughts of things going on in my own life, I wanted this to be over. At last, I shot my wad into Tony’s posterior. At Porsche’s command, I empty the contents of the condom onto her upper buttocks, and she took more photos. He stood, without wiping as my spunk ran down to his legs.

“Well, thank her for riding you like the stupid indiscriminate bitch that you are.”

Tony kissed me full on the lips, but there was poorly passion on either of our parts. Two more shots were recorded on her cell phone.

Turning to leave, I was stopped by Porsche, as she tossed Tony his wallet. “What, no tip, you cheap bastard?”

Tony opened the wallet and pulled out a twenty. Porsche tore the wallet from his hand, “Do you think $20 will cut it for what Sandi had to put up with?” She removed five hundred-dollar bills and handed them to me. For the first time, I noted a look of resistance on Tony’s face. “Oh, you don’t like that amount? How about another hundred? It’s still way cheaper than what it could cost you, cocksucker.” She hurled the wallet back at Tony. He removed another bill and begrudgingly handed it to me. He looked nearly ready to cry as he handed me the money.

Porsche smiled pleasantly at me and thanked me for my time, as I made a welcomed exit. My cell phone signaled an incoming text as I walked down the hall. Another job from Rita:

Hey, gurlfriend Xperience, got a Tom – wants an ATM. That means

Ass-to-Mouth, LO-fucking-L. You’re in luck – your ass, his mouth, then he

uses your cum catcher to finish off. Be sure to snowball – NO SHIT! Kisses

After reading the text, I turned to look down the hallway toward room 358. I spotted a muscular black male, dressed in a dark netted tank top and tight shorts knock on the door. I turned to walk away as I heard Porsche’s voice, “Hi, you must be Terrance.”

~ The End ~

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