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Shared Fetish Ch. 02

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The next day when I got home from work Megan was excited and ran up, jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. Kissing me she was moaning as her mouth explored mine. After a few minutes like this she dropped back to her own feet and looked at me.

“I got an email from that couple today. They want to play again, but just with me. I don’t want to do it with out you, I thought maybe we could do that and you could sit behind the camera so they don’t see you.”

“You enjoyed that little game last night did you?”

Megan took my hand and put it between her legs, putting my palm flat on her hot pussy. I could feel the wetness of her pussy through the short cotton running shorts she was wearing.

“What do you think?” she smiled, “It’s all I’ve been thinking about all day.”

“It made you that hot?” I was massaging her pussy through her shorts. “Why did it make you so hot?”

“Oh god it made me so hot. I was rubbing my pussy all day thinking about last night. What happened last night made me so crazy. Seeing that big cock, and the thought of having it in me.” As she spoke she was was rubbing my dick through my pants as I was rubbing her pussy through the very wet crotch of her shorts.

“Pretending that he was making me beg for it. Making sure that he and you both knew how much bigger he is. Telling him how much I wanted him to fuck his big thick cock, while you watched and listened to me beg him to put it inside me and then cumming on him while in your lap. Oh god baby it was all so hot.” She was really getting worked up again. “But I don’t want to do anything with them without you, I want you there to watch me tonight. I want you there to watch another man use me. I want you to be there while I open my legs for him, and let him put his big vieny cock in my little pussy. Please baby, be there when I tell him how wonderful he feel fucking my tight pussy, with that big cock. I want you to hear me tell him how much he’s opened me after I’ve been fucking your tiny little thing all this time. Please baby let’s do it, It’ll be so hot, and you can help me pick out something to wear, they want me to dress in something sexy, slutty, and hot they said.”

“And what am I supposed to do while you’re getting fucked by the big cock online?” I asked smiling at her.

“You can sit on the loveseat and stroke your pathetic little weiner.” she said to me “See if you can last for more than a few seconds before you cum and go limp like a little bitch.”

I was hard, and putty in her hand, and she knew it. She explained that we’d left the account open last night and that when she checked her email she was in the shared chat account and a message popped up from the other couple saying that they wanted to play with her sometime without me. Then asked if she was available to night, and told her she should wear something sexy, slutty, and hot. She told them she would try to get me out of the house for a few hours and that she would let them know what time she could log in.

She emailed them back quickly told them that I was going to the bar with some friends and that she would be ready to play at about 9:30 that night, and would be able to play for a few hours.

In the bedroom we went to work trying to find something appropriate for her to wear for her inappropriate tryst this evening. When we started I already had an idea about what I wanted her to wear, but wanted to see what she had in mind first. We went through all her clothes that she likes to wear when we playing and finally she agreed with me on what to wear. With the outfit picked out she did her makeup the way she thought they would like it. After the make up she did her hair curling it slightly so that her chestnut hair still fell most of the say down her back. Finally she put on the outfit for the evening. Over her 34dd breasts she put on this little black bra that had no underwire and was translucent. Each cup was decorated with a pair of red, parted lips. Between the lips was a cut out that let her nipples poke through freely. The matching panties were crotchless with a matching pair of lips just above her clit. On her legs Megan put a pair of black fishnet stockings. Over the panties went a skirt that had actually been a small, red tube top, but served it’s purpose of making her look like a slut quite well. On top over her tiny bra went a black mesh shirt that wasn’t much larger than the bra. Then to top off the outfit was a pair of black patent leather shoes with 7 inches platform heels. These buckled around her ankles.

As she was making sure that everything was in place for her online date Megan decided that her lipstick wasn’t right and wiped off the red she was wearing and put on instead a candied red with a clear gloss that went over it. This gave her lips a perpetual wet look. I wasn’t sure that they would be able to see it on the camera, but it sure was making me hard.

“You think he’ll like seeing these wet red lips wrapped around his tuzla escort big, hard, thick cock?” Megan asked me dragging out and pausing between each adjective. “I think he will. You always loved when I wore this and sucked your little wienie.” She laughed turned her back to me and walked to the living room.

I followed behind her, wearing a pair of boxers. She’d set up the computer with our television, hooking up the setting the webcam on top of it and putting the microphone on the coffee table in front of her. The armchair I was to sit in was off to the side of the television against the wall so that I was out of view of the camera. As the time drew closer Megan arranged her toys under the coffee table moaning and stroking all the phallic toys as she placed them.

Taking the last few items out of the bag she stopped and smiled. The bottom of the bag is normally where the restraints ended up, and she was now holding a full set of leather restraint cuffs. The cuffs were individual and not attached to each other, but locked together or locked to another object. She gestured me over to her and she held up her wrists, dangling the cuffs from her fingers. I wrapped the cuffs taut around wrists and used the brass padlocks to lock them on her.

“Do you want the ankle cuffs on too, so you can lock your ankles to the spreader bar for him?” I asked gesturing to the black leather wrapped pipe on the floor.

“He doesn’t need a bar to get my legs open. I’ll spread them for him whenever he wants. And as wide as he wants for as long as he wants to plow me with that monster hanging between his legs.”

Then she looked at me and the ankle cuffs. “And just to make sure you don’t try anything funny we’re going to make sure that you stay in your chair.” Megan led me to to the chair and had me sit in it. Then using the ankle cuffs she secured my legs to the chairs by locking the cuffs to my ankles and using locking straps above the leg supports to hook the cuffs to the chair. Pulling the straps tight she locked everything in place with another set of brass padlocks and dropped the keys back into the bag.

“Now my little dicked boyfriend can’t get up and storm off when he sees his girlfriend being pleasured and used by a real man.” She was looking into my eyes as she said it, then her eyes went down my body to the tent in my boxers. “OH MY GOD! You’re getting hard knowing that a real man is using me. Look at that little thing. I can’t believe I was ever satisfied with it. It’s so small having sex with you barely qualifies as sex. I think you have to actually get further inside me then just past the lips for it to qualify actually.” She was laughing now. “How the hell do you even call that thing a dick. It’s so small and pathetic. I think my ken dolls I had as a little girl had bigger dicks.”

My dick was very hard as she talked to me like this, and the evil little glint in her eye had wondering how far she wanted to take this. I myself wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take it, but I was certainly enjoying where it was right now.

For the next several minutes she went over everything from her outfit to the toys being where she could get to them easily, every once in a while throwing a remark my way. Something like “My pussy has never been this wet thinking about your dick.” or “Do you think he could push that monster past my cervix? I know it would hurt, but I’d let him just to feel what it’s like to have him dump all that cum right in my womb.”

She was loving it and so was I. When she started up the video messenger program on the computer I was a little surprised because normally we would use a messenger program that just used the webcam feature, but she was using the program that was exclusively video and sound. She was was deviating a little from our little routine, and I asked her about it.

“Why are you using the video messenger instead of the other one?”

“Cause the other one skips and jumps around and the sound is shoddy. I want them to be able to see me clearly when that big thick cock slides into my tight little cunt. I want them to see how wet I am for them. I want to them to see how tight my pussy is from years of letting you stick your little needle dick in me. And When I scream, begging him to put it in deeper and to fuck the hell out of me. I want him to be able to hear me. That’s why you pathetic worm. No shut up, so they don’t hear you. You’ve ruined enough sex by trying to fuck me, I don’t want you big mouth messing things up me cumming tonight like your little dick has so many other times.” She was pushing new boundaries with her words, but we had a safety word that had been worked out in advance for either of us to use and she’d never used it, and I wasn’t using it now.

A few minutes later Megan took her spot on the couch with the wireless mouse and keyboard as the screen with the other couples image came up on it. Another small window in the bottom corner showed the view they had of Megan. göztepe escort Within seconds of them starting their play time Megan was standing in front of the coffee table turning and posing for them bending herself to show off her body and the clothes that she chose to wear for them. Soon music started to come through the speakers and Megan began to dance from them moving her body slowly, but not taking her clothes off, instead just sliding them around to give quick flashes of her body.

After several minutes of her dancing for them the music stopped and Megan was asked if we had a straight chair or a stool. She retrieved one of our kitchen chairs and set it in front of the camera. The couple gave her instructions on what to do next, and soon Megan had used some thin rope to secure her largest dildo to the chair.

“Now give him a lap dance.” The other woman said “Show him how much you want his cock to stretch out your little pussy.” Megan smiled at them as the music started again. She was dancing around the chair and was rugging her body against the chair, paying particular attention to the cock on the seat of it. As she danced she slowly stripped off her shirt, and pulled the splits in the bra open letting her tits fall out. Her nipples were very hard as she started pinching them and twisting them as she ground her still covered ass on the dildo.

“Oh god this is the hottest I’ve ever been.” Megan said as she turned and straddled the chair, the dildo now resting between her creamy white thighs, probably right against her pussy. “I Love this cock. I can’t believe I wasted all that time with that little fucking thing my boyfriend has. This one feels so incredible.”

“Oh does the little slut want it inside her?” The man asked.

“Oh god yes I want it inside my tight little pussy. I want it to open me like a cock should. Not just slide inside, I want you to force it between my pussy lips and push till it won’t go any deeper and then shove it in more.”

“You sound like you want it rough slut.” The woman said. “Do you like being tossed around while a man fucks you like a filthy whore?”

Megan and I had done many things in our sex life, and I knew that by far her favorite was being fucked rough. Slapping and name calling were things she loved, a little pain thrown in created immense pleasure for her.

“Fuck yes!” She yelled back, “Throw me down and take me. Slap me and call me names, make me beg for you to stop and to do it harder.” She had turned back around while saying this and was still straddling the chair. By this time skirt she was wearing was bunched around her waist and her panties were fully in view.

Without being told to do it Megan spun the chair so that it was profile to the camera and dropped to her knees in front of it. With no hesitation after she was on her knees she put her lips to the head of the rubber cock and slid it into her mouth. She put her hands behind her back as she pushed her mouth down onto it and managed to take half of it before she gagged and jerked her head back. Undaunted she pressed her mouth down again. This time stopping short of the gagging point and pulling back up. She was slurping on it making a lot of noise and one hell of a show. Front my vantage point I could see that she was using a lot of spit letting it drip from her mouth as she worked the cock with her mouth. Her black hair was hanging loosely down hiding her face from few for the most part, but she quickly fixed that. Using one hand she brushed her hair off to one side of her head so that the view of her sucking off the cock was entirely clear.

As she moved her mouth up and down on the cock the gobs of spit hanging from her mouth grew larger. On her way back up the shaft I could see her cheeks hollow out. When only the head was in her mouth she would keep it there for a moment pressing the head into her cheek. Her moans were quite loud and I knew that they were meant for me as much as they were meant for the couple watching her on the screen.

“Looks like you enjoying sucking cock. Do you go down on your boyfriend like this?” The man asked her.

Pulling the cock from her mouth Megan responded while using her hand to hole the dildo in place and rub it all over her face smearing her spit over herself.

“With him blowjobs don’t last this long.” She said and threw a look my way. “I love giving head, but after a minute or two in my mouth he cums. And he cums so very little it’s like a few little drops. It’s very disappointing. I’m guessing it’s cause his balls are so small, they can’t hold enough cum for him to flood my mouth like I need. Plus he barely reaches the back of my tongue, he’d need to be a lot bigger to reach my throat like you do.”

Her face now shiny with her spit and her makeup smeared from the dildo she looked into the camera. “Can I please have you in my pussy now. I really need it in there. I want you to stretch me out so I can’t feel him anymore. üsküdar escort I promise I’m so tight, from fucking his little needle dick all this time, I’ll feel like a virgin on your big cock.”

The man and woman looked down at her from the television screen. “We like listening to you talk. So if you tell us how much you want it, and maybe show us we’ll let you fuck his big cock you little slut.”

My girlfriend looked up at them smiling, and stood up. With her legs spread she positioned herself over the chair so that the dildo was just a few inches below her glistening lips showing through the crotchless panties.

“I love talking dirty, spewing nasty words like a wanton slut.” Megan was back to rubbing her body with her hands, massaging all her intimate parts hard for the couple. And I love knowing that you like listening to them. My boyfriend with the little dick got me into talking dirty. He used to make me tell him how good his big dick felt. That’s so laughable, His dick is so fucking puny. Everytime I said it was big I almost laughed. He wanted to know how it felt, but to tell you the truth I barely felt it. That’s why I need your big cock. I need to feel something in my pussy. I want to feel your big head pushing into me, and your thick shaft splitting me open. When you’re inside me it feels like I’m going to split right open. So please impale my fucking cunt with your monster meat. Shove it in and fuck the hell out of me.”

I hadn’t touched my dick yet. It was so hard right then it almost hurt. And precum was flowing out the tip and spreading out and dribbling down the head. We had played a lot of games where she was humiliated and degraded and she was loving playing the other part, as was I.

“Now show us some of those words. Get a marker.”

Megan smiled wickedly, she knew what was coming. Our desk was just on the other side of the living room and she quickly got a large black marker from the drawer and returned to the viewing area. She just pulled her bra over her head as she re straddled the chair this time just a little lower letting her wet pussy rest on the head of the dildo. And without any further prompting form the couple Megan removed the cap and began to write on herself. To my surprise she put the tip to her forehead and wrote in large letters ‘SLUT’. The couple on the screen laughed as she did this for them. Then moving to her chest she started, and wrote carefully and in smaller letters this time, ‘My boyfriend is a pencil dicked pussy’.

“Is that enough or do you want to see more.”, she asked them, “I’ll show you as much as you want to see.”

“Then show us more, we want to see you really be nasty.”

One her right cheek she wrote ‘cum’ and on the left she wrote ‘here’, then a series of black circles around her smeared red lipstick. She was covering herself and I could tell she was loving it. Down her right thigh she wrote ‘fuck me hard’, on her left ‘use me’. She smiled at the camera again before looking down and moving to her stomach with the phrase, ‘I need big cock.’ Down her left arm she wrote ‘filthy whore’ and them using her left hand she wrote on her right arm ‘nasty cunt’. This last was little shaky looking but, she’s right handed.

“I have a lot more I could right on my horny little body, but these are the only place I can reach, so any more and I’ll need help. Now please let me fuck your big cock. I really need it, my pussy is pleading for it. Please let me fuck myself on your big cock. I’m begging you. My boyfriend is so fucking pathetic in bed. I need a real man to fuck my body, to use all my holes and leave me a sweaty gooey fucking mess dripping in sweat, cum, and anything else he wants to put on me.”

Megan tossed the marker to the ground and began moving her hips, sliding her pussy lips over the head of the large cock that was wedged between them. She began to push herself down letting the head slip deeper between them. When the man watching her on the camera gave her permission she shoved down hard taking the entire dildo inside her pussy in one thrust. She screamed into the room as she slammed into the chair, letting the dildo open her completely. Without a rest she began sliding back up the dildo, and right back down. Not moving slowly but slamming and bouncing. She was fucking herself on the dildo. Her mouth was open wide as she screamed and gasped, trying to get words out, but none would come only guttural sounds, and high pitch whines. I could see her pussy lips stretching to accommodate the cock, and as she slid up her lips would clinging to it, trying to keep it inside her.

Megan’s first orgasm came quickly in a matter of minutes. When it started her body tensed and she began to shake, her mouth still open, and the same sounds came out. Between her legs the dildo was about halfway in her and I could see her juices splashing out of hr and onto the chair. The top of the chair was quickly covered with her cum. When the orgasm began to subside she slumped onto the chair the cock in her pussy now completely inside her. As she leaned back in the chair her arms dropped to her sides and she smiled at the screen.

“I’m not done with you yet slut.”, the man said, “What are those things on your wrists.?”

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