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Watching the Show Ch. 01

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Beth is a 22 year-old, 5’5″, and 120 pounds with long dishwater blonde hair.

She was not only tall and skinny, but she was well built to match her size.

Beth had 34DD breasts, a 28-inch waist, and 32-inch hips.

Beth liked to wear clothing that showed her body off.

She decided that tonight is one of those nights that she is in the mood for some fun!

Beth started the night with a bubble bath.

She turned the water off once the tub was full and covered in bubbles. The cell phone sitting on the bathroom stand sat quietly.

Beth drank some wine right out of the bottle that she had grabbed out of the refrigerator before going into the bathroom.

Beth rubbed the bubbles all over her body, up and down to her breast. Beth cupped her breasts in each of her hands, starting with soft rubbing and then moved onto squeezing her nipples.

She was making herself ripe for the night’s events.

Beth slid her hands further down her body till her right hand felt the soft pubic hairs between her legs.

She started rubbing her fingers around her clit, causing her to be aroused more.

Beth was working herself towards a climax, and breathing hard till she came.

Once Beth had relieved the immediate tension in her body, she rinsed off and got out of the tub.

She dried off without bothering to get dress.

Beth picked up the cell-phone while brushing her long hair and dialed a number.

She had an idea to produce a show with her girlfriend being the main character.

The voice on the other end spoke softly. “Hello, I knew you would call me tonight”.

Laughing, “oh, you are so sure of yourself, aren’t you.”

This was not a question, but a statement made so often when they conversed on Friday nights before the evening really got started.

“Yes I am, do you want to go out or just have me over for a movie?”

Beth’s reply of “come over for a show” with the sexual hint was understood by both.

Once Lori agreed to be there in a short time, she hung up. Beth made several more calls right after.

All calls were to other friends that liked to watch canlı bahis or join in after the initial fun had already started.

Two agreed to be over within an hour.

The other came over within a few minutes after they hung up, Bryan lived next door.

Beth finished getting herself ready for the show and put on a lace white full-length robe.

Taking the bottle of wine back to the kitchen,

Beth got out some refreshments to be consumed during the show.

In the bedroom lay a white polar bear rug that lay in front of the fireplace.

Beth lit the fireplace and opened up the special closet that had an extra closet within.

She took out some toys that she was interested in playing with and decided to bring out some new toys that she had not tried yet.

In the short time waiting for her guest, she prepped the show (bedroom) room and the viewing room that was unknown to one of her friends, Lori.

The doorbell rang and Beth went to greet her first guest.

Bryan is a 6’4″, dark hair, brown eyes man with a dick that is circumcised and 14 inches long, 4.5 inches base thick.

Most importantly, he loves to watch in secret to get stimulated.

Beth led Bryan into the bedroom where there was a secret door in the wall, which had a huge 2-way mirror hanging upon it.

Behind that wall was another bedroom.

Within the room, is a queen size tall 4-postered bed with mirrors surrounding the walls and ceiling.

In addition, there are shelves full of toys and a leather strapped single-person sex-swing hanging from the ceiling, and on each bedpost were chain manacles.

There are stocked wet bar and small refrigerator along the opposite wall of the two way mirror.

Beth suggested Bryan make himself comfortable, the show will start soon.

She closed the door by touching a button that could not be seen while walking out.

Within minutes, Beth’s friend Lori arrived wearing a leather black coat.

“Come in and enjoy our feast,” said Beth.

Lori is 5’4″, 124 pounds, short cropped yellow blond hair with blue eyes.

Walking behind Lori, kaçak iddaa Beth removed Lori’s coat.

“Oooh, ready to start the meal are we?”

Lori said, “Of course, why else would I be here.”

Smiling, Lori said, “Lead the way to our meal.”

Beth led Lori straight to the master bedroom and they went to the bear rug.

Beth lied down on the rug ordering, “Lori, come sit on my face so that I may quench my thirst.”

Lori did as she was told. Beth shot her tongue out into Loris’ aromatic cunt.

Stabbing Beth’s tongue within Lori’s spread pussy lips, licking her clit and sucking Lori’ clitoris into her mouth.

Beth: “MMM, you taste so good.”

Lori: “Oooh, suck me please?!”

Lori began moving her hips to move her clit on top of Beth’s tongue to where she liked it.

During this snack, the front door silently opened and the two other guests (David and Leroy) arrived.

Both went into the extra guestroom and undressed.

Beth had left the door unlocked just for these two guests.

Leroy, 5’11”, 174 pounds, 22 year-old early grayed hair, blue eyes, eleven-inch long and 3.5 inches thick-circumcised cock, a runner and light weight-lifter, was truly built for his size.

David, at 6″4″, 226 pounds, 26 year-old black hair, brown eyes, nine inch long, four-inch thick base-circumcised cock worked out in the gym every day after working in a bowling alley, and he was always horny.

Both men loved to enjoy women and did not mind sharing with other men and or women.

Once they got their share of the show, they knew to go back home without question.

Beth ate Lori and pulled Lori’s face down to her crotch and ordered her to eat also.

Both ate till they came in each other’s mouths.

Beth brought out a double headed dildo and sat in a chair off in the corner of the bedroom after inserting one end into her pussy.

Lori began sucking the other end of the double-headed dildo, stood up and slid that end up inside her pussy.

Lori began fucking Beth with the dildo.

They both came and went to Beth’s bed and lied down beside kaçak bahis each other.

Beth pulled out a strap-on 10-inch thick, 3-inch base thick dildo.

Beth asked Lori, “Do you want to ride me first or me ride you?”

Lori took the mechanism and strapped it on.

“Turn over on your belly and put your ass up in the air.”

Beth did as she was told.

Lori guided the dildo to Beth’s ass and began pressing against her anus till it opened and slid in.

Lori started out nice and slow, but as she got excited, Lori began to fuck Beth faster, harder, and deeper.

Beth moaned and asked Lori to slow down and be easier on her.

“No, I’m going to cum from fucking you just as you are going to when I get going good enough for the both of us. Shut up and take it!”

Beth began moaning and shoving her ass upward to meet Lori’ pumping of dildo up into her ass hole.

When Lori and Beth were both finished cumin, they laid down side by side.

When Beth made sure Lori was completely satisfied, she had Lori clean up and said goodbye at the front door.

Once Lori was gone, Beth headed back to the bedroom and went into the hidden room.

Hi guys! How did you enjoy the show?

Are any of you ready for some of your own play?

All three men stood up and Bryan walked over to the swinging chair as an indication where they planned on starting.

Beth walked over to the chair and sit down in it.

Leroy lied down on the bed.

Bryan and David guided the chair over Leroy’s cock and lowered Beth’s pussy down onto it.

Once Leroy’s cock was completely sheathed Bryan climbed behind Beth and pushed her forwards so he could access her anus and shoved his thick cock up into her asshole.

David stood up on the bed with his legs straddling Leroy’s shoulders and pulling Beth’s mouth down to meet his cock.

Leroy and Bryan began pumping their cocks back and forth into Beth’s pussy and ass while David fucked her mouth until they all exploded.

The men slid out of her holes, let the chair down, and started discussing when the next show was to happen with the hopes that they can be more participating in the show.

Maybe it will be a nice surprise for Lori on her next show night.

Beth said, “We will find out, wait and see.”

Read about Lori’s surprise in:

“Watching The Show n Having A Snack”

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