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Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 23

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Bound, gagged and blindfolded, I swung at the end of a chain hung in the darkness of Corinna’s dungeon. Corinna’s slave girl hungrily sucked my cock. I had been ordered not to come and threatened with the most severe penalty if I did, but I was powerless to resist the girl’s charms, not because of the physical restraints, but because I was weak.

Anna had ordered denial, Slave warned that Corinna might unman me if I disobeyed, and my love, my everything, my Gina, had commanded that I abstain from all orgasms without permission from a woman in authority. But I could not obey. I was weak, pathetic. The girl at my cock held me in her sway. Whatever women took me by the balls, even this insignificant slave, would have whatever she desired of me. I shivered in disgust at my failing, I shudder in fear of the consequences, but driven by an uncontrollable hunger, my hips thrust at her mouth. Hanging in the air suspended by chains, with spineless quivers I shot fitful spurts of sperm into the temptress’s soft, wet maw.

She lingered at the trough, savoring her earthy treat. Her tongue rolled my lolling, sated cock around in her mouth, smearing the thick syrup about. She shamelessly indulged herself, thoroughly appraising the flavor, bouquet, and mouth feel of my man come. Eventually she swallowed and meticulously sucked me clean. She squeezed my testicles and slipped a finger up my ass to milk out the dregs from my spent prostate. She pulled her teeth gently along my length, milking out the last drops of semen.

A gooey thickness gurgled in her whisper, “What a pretty cock, and so full of yummy man juice. This hardon says you like being hung in Corinna’s chains. Good, cus you’re a nicely hung hunk of man, but very, very bad boy that’s gotta be all chained up. And whooped, whooped all over, then whooped again. This is gonna to be fun.” She gave my cock a big wet kiss, making lewd smacking sounds as she puckered her plump lips. “Delicious.”

The girl rose and laughed at me. “Your cock is still hard as a rock. Corinna expects it to be locked up in its cage. You better pray this thing shrinks so I can get it back in there before she gets here. Miss Corinna gets real mean if she doesn’t get her way.

“Corinna says you ain’t supposed to come. But when I saw that bottle of man goo you brought for her, I just knew I had to get me some. Mistress Corinna shouldn’t hog it all for herself. It just ain’t right. I so, so love swallowing a man’s jissem. It’s been way too long without a hit of man stuff.

“Corinna and her lesbian friends pretend they hate cock, hate everything about men, but not me. Pussy is great, but every girl needs a little, well better a big dick every once and awhile. Very tasty. Remember this is our secret, a secret between us slaves. Don’t you dare tell Corinna. I swear she would use any excuse to chop off that thing. She’s done it before to more obedient men than you, so keep your mouth shut. Besides, you are not just at Corinna’s mercy. I’m the one who’s going to do most of the beating, so don’t piss me off.”

With that, the girl lowered my chains until my feet were on the floor and the pressure was off my shoulders. “You be a good boy and wait here. But then, you don’t really have much choice, do you? You ain’t a going nowhere.” Corinna’s slave girl lightly slapped my face, laughed, and left me standing in the dark. I did not hear her leave. For the longest time I thought she was quietly watching me in the darkness. I imagined I heard her breathing, but slowly I realized I must be alone.

Was it hours? Was it sleep? No, I couldn’t sleep standing with my arms chained above my head so maybe it was more like a trance. After the longest time soft foot steps unsettled the silence. Gentle fingers stuffed my now shrunken cock back into its steel cage, and then roughly tightened the straps securing my cock prison close to my body. The lock snapped shut. I tried to speak despite the ball gag. There was no response. There was nothing. I didn’t hear her leave. Again I deluded myself that I was not alone, that the girl was watching me strung up in the dark.

I thought it was dark. But I was blindfolded so perhaps the even darkness was imagined. Except for my breathing, or when I rattled my chains, it was completely silent. The world fed my mind only the ache of my arms held in chains over my head, the ache of my feet standing on a hard stone floor, and the ache of my bruised and abused cock packed into its cage.

I tried to amuse myself by rattling my chains, stretching against the restraints, or moaning into my gag, anything to create a sensation to stave off the numbing nothingness into which I was sinking. In that lonely darkness, only the throbbing sensation of the steel cage pressing against my cock purchased xslot relief. I tried to get hard by imagining eating Gina’s pussy. I rocked my hips as if to fuck. The steel pressed against my swelling cock. This sensation was pleasant, but I was spent. I could not sustain the engorgement or the fantasy, and slowly I slipped into the murk. My world had shrunk to no more than dark silence, aches, solitary musing on loneness…and time. Somehow in my gloom, even time finally dissolved.

Time awoke with a piercing crack, then searing pain. I jumped to the alarm, stumbled and fell, only to be caught by the chains grasping my wrists. The sudden defeat of my instinctual flight response reproached me for forgetting my place. The winch whirred and my chains yanked me into the air. The jangling laugh of chains mocked my panic, my fear, and my repeated failure to acknowledge and accept the thing these women had made of me—a dirty joke amongst the girls just dangling in the dark.

After the crack of lightening, a storm of blows rained upon me. She swung a heavy leather strap. The deluge moved up, down and across my skin, back to front. I screamed helplessly into the ball gag. I cried like a baby and fruitlessly begged for mercy with inarticulate moans and squeals. These pathetic animal noises simple amused and encouraged the merciless wielder of the weapon.

She was vicious and silent, quick and angry. This was not the indolent slave girl. Only by her impassioned breathing could I locate her as she circled. The panting quickened as her exertions with the strap increased. It was also simple to locate her gender. My torturer was a woman. Each brutal blow instructed me that I existed only to serve the darkest malice hidden in the female heart. It was my duty and privilege to serve as proxy penitent for all the indignities inflicted by men upon women. It was my honor to receive the justice too long withheld.

Justice had been unmasked. The eyes of Lady Justice blazed scorching retribution and burned through the blindfold unjust men had lashed across her face. It was I, the convicted, the nadir of iniquity, the male, who was blindfolded. Lady Justice hung me in her balance and meted out her fully deserved recompense. I plead guilty, “Thank you Your Honor may I have another.” And another and another. Justice. Justice. Justice. “Please Mistress, take more.”

But she took too much. These women were too cruel. Blow upon blow of judgment rained down. I wanted my love, “Gina this is for you, only for you, not for these bitches.” Again she struck…pain. “Gina you can feed me to—strike, pain, justice—bitches. I hate them. But for—oh, pain—you. Please know I do it—pain, pain, pain—for love….” Time shattered into discontinuous, jagged shards of hurt.

The storm passed. She spoke. “That’s better. Slave, do you see how it’s slumped into its chains. That’s how you do it. When it loses the capacity to stand, it will have lost the will to resist. Lower it to floor. See how it crumples then melts. Good, it’s no more than a puddle of male laid low. Keep it gagged and blindfolded, and bring it up to my room. Make it crawl all the way up the stairs.”

Corinna’s slave girl unchained my wrists and ankles and attached a collar to my neck. “Heel dog. Stay down on your knees and follow. Faster. Come boy, up the stairs.” I heard an iron gate clank shut, then and a mechanical whirr. Corinna levitated in an antique elevator cage from her private dungeon to her upper floor boudoir. I labored on my knees up flight after flight of stairs.

Finally, I felt a deep soft carpet beneath my hands and knees. I smelled perfumes and aromatic lady’s lotions, and heard a throaty, feminine voice sweet as cotton candy. “Slave, shackle its elbows behind its back. Clip its testicle leash to the pulley chain. Lift and hang it face down. Put some weight into it. That’s right, not so much that the balls are ripped off, but let the male hang by its balls just enough so that its face tips to the floor. Excellent, now take off its gag and blindfold. Good, now get your whore’s face into my pussy.”

My balls were roughly tugged back through my legs and, with the clicking of a chain through a pulley, my scrotum was pulled up toward the ceiling lifting my hips then knees from the floor and unbalancing me until I fell face first into the floor. My arms were pinned behind my back, my knees were off the floor, and so to relieve the pressure on my balls I strained to balance my weight by arching my back and pushing my face and toes into the plush carpet. Corinna’s slave yanked the gag and blindfold straps from my face.

Corinna sat crossed legged on the edge of her bed, her dress riding high on her thighs. I strained to glimpse the face of the evil goddess. But, with my face pressed against xslot Giriş the floor, the best I could do was gawk at her red high-heeled pumps, her ogle her long legs shimmering in sleek black stockings held by red garters, peep into the bewitching shadows under the hem of her skirt, and drool. She unfolded her thighs, scooted to the edge of the bed, and hiked her skirt inviting Slave to dine in the furrow of her obscenely exposed cunt. The shimmering black girl eagerly dove into her mistress’s hole.

Corinna’s voice mellowed to a throaty purr steeled with confident authority. “Eric, look at me. Look me in the eye and receive your instructions.” I strained to find Corinna’s eyes, but I was hung so awkwardly I couldn’t see anything but her wide spread legs grasping her slave’s face as it gobbled it only true desire. My balls ached. I was afraid that I would become unbalanced and break my balls like a condemned man shattering his neck in the noose.

“Poor boy. You seem so high stung. Let me come down to you. See aren’t I bighearted. Slave lie face up on the floor so you can eat me while I talk to Eric.” Corinna got down from her bed, knelt beside me and tenderly stroked my face. The slave girl quickly followed and lay under her mistress. Corinna lowered her crotch onto Slave’s obliging mouth. With effort, at last I could see Corinna. Thick wavy chestnut hair framed her beautiful latté face. Ample lips suggested African blood, but a finely sculpted nose and hazel eyes hinted at European origins. There could be no doubt of Corinna’s true heritage, the only true human royalty—the lineage of uncommon female loveliness.

“I hope you enjoyed your beating because you will receive these beatings several times a day. Slave will administer most your whippings on a schedule I set, but I may personally work on you now and then, if I have the time and the inclination. The point is to break you. Perhaps you think you are already sufficiently broken, adequately obedient. If so, you are mistaken. If you think at all, then you are still flawed. It is your place to accept, not to think. I will take you there. You are a wicked male who will be improved.

“I saw the teeth marks you left on Slave’s breasts; that will require payment. I hate men who stare at and lust after women’s breasts. Men are such shameless pigs. Men who cannot look at a woman respectfully should not be allowed to raise their eyes above the ground. She offered you her most womanly prize, and you took beastly advantage. You’re revolting. This sweet girl is just a child, a pure innocent. But you defiled her; you sullied her magnificent breast and marked her with your teeth. You are a sinful rapist.

“For this offense your pathetic little man tits shall be clamped in steel teeth until they bleed. We will clamp those sad titties hard enough, and leave the instrument on long enough, that the steel teeth will leave permanent scars. These marks will be appropriate recompense for your crime. Thence forth each time you look at a woman’s breasts you will think of the marks on your useless, atrophied tits, remember the pain, and be mindful of the fitting manners to be displayed before a woman by her male inferior.”

The severity of Corinna’s strict sentencing hardly disturbed the sweetness of her naturally melodious voice. Her throaty voice was childlike, even a bit cute, a syrupy melody that should have been calming but for the violence promised by her harsh verdict—sugar coating on a poison pill. Corinna’s fingers gently stroked my face as she spoke, until she finished by cocking a scarlet fingernail sharp as a cat’s claw, and scraped an angry scratch across my cheek, a slash right through the bruise marking Anna’s crop. Cupid’s arrow shot through the heart.

Throughout her harangue, Corinna smoothly rocked her pussy into Slave’s up turned face. Slave’s mouth dutifully followed Corinna’s fluid motions, swept up in an elegant dance of mouth to cunt adoration. Corinna leaned down and caressed my furrowed brow with her luscious lips. She lightly licked the blood oozing from the scratch across my cheek. Her sweet perfume evoked memories of tenderness.

Corinna grudgingly concluded, “As repulsive as I find vile manhood, I must admit you are a pretty thing. Perhaps if you learn your proper place at the feet of women you wouldn’t be entirely nauseating. Slave, get your tongue out of my cunt and put on the phallic harness. This rapist needs a taste of his own medicine. Teach this boy what it is like to take a cock up the ass. And get the tit clamps with the sharpest teeth.”

Bound as I was I couldn’t see much of what was happening. Corinna sat down on the edge of her bed and Slave disappeared behind me. I hung helplessly as increasing panic rose in my heart. Suddenly my balls xslot Güncel Giriş were released and I fell to the floor.

Corinna said to the girl standing behind me, “My darling slave, you are a lovely sight. Any red blooded woman would simple swoon at this luscious vision—a triumphant woman with a beaten male and at her feet.” I looked back over my shoulder. Corinna’s slave girl stood with her legs spread and hands on her hips. Jutting out from her crotch was an enormous artificial cock held in place by a harness. The dildo was as black and shinny as the girl wearing it. The weird spectacle of the slim black girl with her huge breasts and big black cock jutting from her crotch was terrifying.

I couldn’t believe what these woman were about to do to me. “No, please no. Please don’t do that to me. I will obey; I will be respectful, anything, but not that. Whip me, but don’t do that to me. Please have mercy.”

“Mercy? I do love the sound of men begging for mercy. Thank you for begging. It really is so kind of you to ask, but unfortunately, this must be done. It’s just a plastic cock, so don’t imagine that Slave will derive any physical pleasure. The point is to humiliate you, and to teach you how a woman feels when she is raped. The point is not physical pleasure for us, rather the psychological gratification of degrading you, the male, before your female superiors. It must be done.

“But since you beg so sweetly…Slave, give it a diversion. Apply the tit clamps. Not enough to set your mind at ease? My, it is demanding. All right. Slave, you may use a little lubricant this time.”

Nauseating disgust and revulsion rampaged through my gut. A conflagration of embarrassment smoldered in my entrails. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide; I was lost a charred desolation. I closed my eyes. Slave kicked my knees apart and knelt behind me. I felt her heavy breasts press upon my back as she leaned over and tenderly kissed the back of my neck. Her sweet breath sent a tingling seduction down my spine. She whispered into my ear, “This will hurt, but don’t give that bitch the satisfaction seeing your pain. Rise up, show her your tits.”

Form my knees I lifted my bound and beaten torso to display for Corinna. I stupidly sought pity in her eyes. She laughed. Slave fondled my useless man tits, and then the steel-jawed clamps bit. Slave tightened the screws, alternating left then right. My chest heaved, and I fought the instinct to grimace at the mauling pain. I foolishly attempted to deny the bitch goddess her gratification.

It amused her, “Oh the little boy is trying to be brave. How noble. Slave screw them tight, harder. I can see that you pity him. Don’t spare him, or you will pay the price for him.” Slave twisted the screws until the steel jaws tore my skin. Overwhelmed, I gave in and cried. A drop of blood oozed on one tit. Corinna was satisfied.

“Excellent. Now boy aren’t you sorry for having disrespected my slave girl’s tits? Back the screws off a half turn; I don’t what to tear his little titties off, yet. Now fuck him in the ass.”

Pity still inhabited in Slave’s voice. “Bend over. Stay on your knees and arch your back. Don’t resist or the pain will be worse. Keep your ass up.” Slave gently pushed on the back of my head and I bowed my face to the floor. I savored Slave’s musky aroma—the oily scent of skin darkening in the sun. A slender finger slipped into my anus to lubricate me. I looked up at Corinna.

She lay on her side on her bed watching, smiling. She caught my eye and slid her finger into her pussy. Corinna opened her legs wider, inserted another finger and slowly, gracefully humped herself. All the while, her eyes commanded me to admire her obscene masturbation ritual. She showed off how pleasurable she found the tawdry exhibition of my degradation. Corinna flamboyantly mocked the irrelevance of my masculinity, my worthless tits bleeding in clamps, and my cock locked in a cage, manhood shamed before the superior sex.

Her honeyed voice gradually seethed to a boil. “Show the boy bitch its proper place; fuck the whore up its ass; take its ass; conquer it for womankind.” Slave slid a second finger into me; it was starting to hurt. She pushed my knees farther apart and took her position at my uplifted ass. Corinna fully in flames cackled, “Take it like a man.”

Slave playfully slapped my ass. I remembered doing the same to many a girl. I remembered how a disdainful little smack set just the right contemptuous tone to begin ass fucking a woman. Now it was my turn. I felt the head of the giant artificial cock press against my vulnerable back entry. No human cock could match what I was to receive. I began to bawl. Utter humiliation was nearly accomplished.

I clenched my weeping eyes, my teeth, my being. Slave rocked her hips and plunged. The probe slid into my bowels. A dull ache bloated my gut; a demoralizing creepiness plundered my ego.

Feminine oppression split me. I opened to the full force of the horror.

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