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When my second wife was pregnant her widowed mother needed a place to stay. Liz had never gotten along with her mother and really didn’t care about her problems. I told her that we had a sofa bed and we couldn’t let Linda be homeless.

Liz had told me that her mother shaved her pussy. I had seen pictures of her when she was younger and she had a nice trim figure. When I thought of her unshaved cunt I was hoping that she being a widow she might be horny.

Nothing happened for the first week or so. She would go out on the balcony and chain smoke seven or eight cigarettes and come back in for 30 minutes. She would do this all night. Linda and I would talk about anything in general. I could tell that she wasn’t as innocent as you would think a woman pushing 60 would be.

Liz liked to go to bed early all the time leaving us alone. One night we were watching TV together. I called up the cable company and ordered a porno movie. Linda and I were watching and making comments to each other. She got up to go to the bathroom and left me alone in the Escort bayan living room. When she came back, instead of sitting back down on the couch, she sat in a big chair closer to my end of the couch. I had unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my zipper down. I pulled my shirt down over my cock so nothing looked amiss. We continued to watch the movie.

I told her that since Liz was pregnant, the only sex in the house was what was on TV. She sighed and said that she knew what I meant. I whispered to her “Usually I’ll masturbate out here in the living room but since you’re here I can’t do that”. I had let my shirt ride up but in the dimly lit room she couldn’t see my erect cock poking out of my fly.

“Do you want me to go out on the balcony”? Linda inquired.

“Actually, I’d like you to help”, I replied and cupped my balls. Just then the TV illuminated the room so she could see all seven inches of hard cock. She didn’t say a word but came over to the couch and started to stroke my cock. It might’ve been since she had seen one but she hadn’t Bayan escort forgot how they worked. I slid my shorts down and she took her other hand and started to rub my balls.

“Oh you shave your genitals. I’ve been doing that since 1942. I hate pubic hair, it’s so unclean”.

I started to rub her almost non-existent breasts and she didn’t stop me from unbuttoning her blouse. Even though she wasn’t even an a-cup, her nipples still got stiff. I rubbed the both of them and started to lick and suck them. She was really jerking my cock now. I pulled on her nipples and she squeezed my balls. I tried to put my hand down her slacks but she wouldn’t let me.

“My husband was the only man to ever touch me there. I can’t let you do that”. She pushed me back on the couch and said, “Let me show you how a young girl made ends meet in WW2”. She started to lick and suck my cock while her daughter was sleeping in the back of the apartment. She soon was sucking my cock all the way down to my balls. “I always had plenty of ration stamps”. She must’ve Escort had half of the stamps in Miami Beach the way she was blowing me. I started to cum and she kept her mouth plastered to my cock until the spurts subsided. She then pulled her head up and, looking right at me, swallowed my load. “I would’ve done it without the stamps”.

From then on out, whenever her daughter was out of the apartment, she would come over to where I was and give me a blowjob. If I went into a room where she was, I would pull out my cock and she would make it hard and suck me until I shot into her mouth. She would give me a blowjob while her daughter was taking a shower.

I went into the bathroom where Linda was brushing her hair and saw her dentures soaking in a cup of water. I got behind her and started to rub her small tits. She turned around and dropped to her knees. She gummed my cock until I came all over her wrinkled face.

She lived with us until the baby was born and her new apartment was ready. One day I came home and Liz said that her mother wanted to borrow some money. “I told her that you were in charge of all the finances and she would have to talk to you. I’m taking the baby over to Zoe’s. You call her up and try to get out of it”.

I picked up the phone and dialed…….

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