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Contessa’s Secret

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The sun had been beating down now for well over three hours, and although it was only a few minutes after ten in the morning it felt as hot as you might expect it to be mid-afternoon in summer on the Riviera.

As I cleaned the pool I couldn’t help but marvel at the luxurious house that would be my home for the next week. Villa Contessa. Hidden away like a lost treasure in the hills overlooking Cannes; five double-bedrooms each with ensuite over two floors, marbled throughout, a wide open balcony overlooking a huge and unspoilt garden, and a private pool with an outside kitchen and barbeque area. It was simply paradise.

With the pool now crystal clean, I dumped the cleaning net on the grass, took off my shirt and shorts and dived in naked.

The relief was both immediate and intense. Swirls of cold water cascaded over my burning shoulders, down my back and over my backside. It wasn’t often that I found myself swimming naked, and alone, but this was definitely an invigorating experience. It was pleasurable too. I couldn’t help notice what felt like a hundred silk gloved hands gently massaging me between my legs as I swam from one end to the other.

When I got to the end of the pool I leant back over the edge, arms outstretched and held my head back to soak in the sun’s rays. As I kicked out with legs I could feel the water’s cold surface kissing my nipples, making them hard as it lapped gently against my body.

This was so therapeutic…and yet so erotic.

It was at that moment when I heard sounds instantly familiar to every hot-blooded male; sounds that only a foxy, horny babe could make and bring out the wild animal in every man – the distinct clicking of sexy high-heels on concrete, and they were slowly making their way down the steps by the side of the house to the pool.

I thought I’d be alone. I wasn’t expecting anyone. My heart began to beat faster. Then I saw her. And the only thing I knew about her was her name.


But what was she doing here? I’m sure she was meant to be with the girls on a shopping spree in Cannes. I was sure she left with the others……………

My intrigue, however, instantly disappeared when I saw her in a short white skirt with a split on the side and a tiny white bikini top that seemed to glow against her nicely-tanned body. Her hair was long and dark, down to her elbows. She also wore a pink head scarf that matched her sexy heels, and it made her look like one of those ‘groovy chicks.’

Her smile was just amazing. I was mesmerised…no, I was hypnotised by it. Her eyes locked into mine as she walked across and sat down on a sun lounge, her gaze never leaving mine.

But there was something in her look that got me going. There was something bonus veren siteler really naughty about it. The way she smiled at me. And then I figured it out.

She knew I’d be alone.

I said nothing. Maybe it was because I realised that we were alone and she was sitting there looking so horny. And that I was naked in the pool; that it was hot, and getting hotter. She was still smiling and staring at me, leaning back seductively on the lounge with her beautiful brown legs stretched out and the split now wide open…

‘How’s the water?’ she asked.

I was relieved she spoke first. Up until then I didn’t know what to say. ‘Great,’ I replied. ‘Wanna jump in?’

She shook her head, still giving me that naughty smile and stare. Then she began tapping one of her legs, like she was waiting for something and couldn’t wait much longer. Like she wanted something. Really wanted it, but was saying nothing and expecting me to know.

Instinctively, I swam towards her. There was nothing else I could do but obey her subliminal command.

My body had become excited. I knew it because I felt the slight drag on my groin. The silk gloved hands that were caressing me only a few minutes before were now pulling on me as I got nearer to her, gently waking my manhood from its slumber.

When I got to her the tapping stopped. It was obviously a signal I had interpreted correctly.

I leant over the edge with my arms folded and I gazed like a schoolboy at her beauty. As she started to untie her skirt I noticed her erect nipples through her bikini. I could see they were dark, which I liked, and by the way they were about to pierce her top I knew she was hot and horny. Without even realising it I found myself pressing against the pool wall…and it sent an electric current through my body.

When she took off her skirt I nearly died. The bikini was tiny and barely covered her, and the strings on either side were no thicker than a rubber band – and that just turned me on.

‘I might need some help with the oil,’ she said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of sun tanning lotion.

‘I’ll help you with that,’ I said with a huge cheeky grin.

I hauled myself out of the pool in one quick movement, bringing up a torrent of water with me. When I stood up in front of her, all six foot of sun-kissed muscle, dripping and totally naked, she could only gasp; she didn’t realise I had nothing on. Her mouth was wide open, but not a word or a sound came out. Then she just looked up into my eyes and bit her lower lip. She wanted me, and she was going to have me inside her. Her eyes told me so.

I leaned over and grabbed her towel. While I dried myself she gazed dreamily at my body. bahis I could see she was getting excited. She started rubbing her legs together, working her pelvic muscles and getting her herself soft and wet. Her back was arching and her eyes began to sparkle. Her breathing was now slow and heavy…

‘Turn over and I’ll do your back for you,’ I told her.

As she turned over I could but only admire her gorgeous, sexy body. Her bikini simply disappeared between her soft, rounded cheeks – and it was such a turn on that all I wanted to do was climb on top of her and rub myself against her.

But I wanted more. I wanted to be inside her…and my love muscle stiffened at the very thought.

I sat down over her just below her backside with my groin pressed firmly against her cheeks. I undid her top and then squirted a line of oil down her back. She murmured contently as I spread the oil gently all over and then rubbed it into her body: up and down her back, over and under the shoulder blades, down to her waist and then back up to her shoulders and neck, which I massaged for a few minutes before spreading the oil down her sides.

More oil, this time on her soft cheeks, and I let some of it drip and disappear between them. She groaned when I did this. So I carried on massaging them, and kneading them, revealing the string running down

Would she enjoy it even more if I went a little further?

The temptation was too overwhelming. So I undid the strings and pulled her bottoms away. She obliged by lifting her backside, and the bottoms just slipped off. A bit more oil, and with my hands nicely lubricated, I began to slowly, and gently, massage her deep between her cheeks.

Her groans were now louder, deeper and longer. This girl was probably one of the horniest girls I had ever met. She was obviously enjoying this part of the massage. I let the excitement build up inside her and would have made her climax, but when I caught sight of her wetness glistening in the sunlight I knew I had to move on, and quickly.

I slid myself down her legs. She giggled when I squirted some oil onto her bare soles. Then I sat on top of them, and rested my manhood on them. This time she moaned, and she then started to massage them with her feet. This made me even harder, and I began sliding my muscle over both her feet. It was so erotic I nearly exploded…oh, so close…my manhood quivered for a few seconds before I carried on.

This was it. I couldn’t hold back any more. The heat was making me so horny and the touch of her skin was making me feel horny. So I told her to turn over.

The sight of her naked, tanned body lying in front of me was just amazing. She had beautiful curves all over and perfectly-rounded deneme bonusu breasts. But it was her dark, aroused nipples, standing like two tiny monuments that made me want her even more.

I grabbed hold of her ankles and gently opened her legs.

She was just beautiful. She was so aroused, like a blossoming flower, ready to welcome me in. I leant forward, and with the tip of my tongue, gently tasted her.

Her whole body convulsed and she gasped out aloud, and it echoed throughout the garden. But rather than startle me it only got me going even more. I couldn’t care less now if anybody had heard her, or if anybody was watching.

After a few slow, deliberate strokes I let my excitable, wet tongue slide up her belly to her breasts. She was now gasping every second as my tongue danced all over her nipples. I kissed and sucked on them as I moved my uncontrollable tongue from one to the other.

Then I went to kiss her, and as stretched my body to reach her mouth my hot, hard muscle found her luscious, sweet opening. My whole body tensed as my tip touched her wetness.

We were now kissing passionately, our tongues swirling inside each other’s mouths. I gyrated my hips, teasing her – but this was all just too much for her. She grabbed my backside tightly in her hands and pushed me deep inside her.

The sun lounge was moving about crazily. I thought it might collapse, but even that wouldn’t have stopped me. I couldn’t stop. I was like a wild animal, and she was yelping uncontrollably, grabbing my arms tightly as I was furiously pounding away.

Our mouths were only centimetres apart and we were both breathing hard and fast. I could feel her hot breath on mine, and she could feel mine on hers. It made my lips tingle…it felt so erotic.

Then she orgasmed. It was sudden. She let out a loud, high-pitched wail as she arched her back. She grabbed my hair with one hand, dug her nails into my back with the other and clenched her legs tight around me. For a few seconds we were completely lost in each other as her body shuddered, again and again.

Then I climaxed. I couldn’t hold back. It was sudden also. The intensity of her orgasm made me lose all control. All my heated sexual energy was now flowing into her.

When all the tension in my body disappeared and my muscles relaxed I collapsed beside her, exhausted.

For a few moments we both lay there breathing heavily and embracing each other as the fiery passion slowly filtered away and our hot, sweaty bodies cooled down.

After some time relaxing in each other’s arms I suggested a quick dip in the pool.

We both got up, and despite the temptation to swim naked we decided otherwise as we didn’t know when the others would show up. Besides, since we had got away with it without anyone knowing we wanted to keep it a secret.

It made it more exciting that way.

But we were also both curious as to what other secrets Villa Contessa had in store for us… and I couldn’t wait for the next one.

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