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Wife Gangbanged in a Hotel Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: This is an act of fiction. For those who like this type of fantasy/situation, please enjoy! For those who do not, I hope you find something on this vast site that DOES interest you. None of my stories, this one and any follow up chapters included, are intended to be what every member of the community are looking for. If you simply don’t like the scenario I have set up here, please move on and stroke to something you do like. Thank you!


The night before our big night out, I met the 5 guys who were going to hopefully gangbang my wife at a local bar for a couple drinks. Even though they’d shared images of the forms I’d requested – proof of a vasectomy and of a clean STD test – I wanted to see them up close. I also wanted to meet the guys and make sure none of them were assholes and lay out some ground rules.

Basically, a reminder that while all of us guys wanted to have a good time, this was about my wife. There were no promises. While I’ve been trying to put the seed in her mind that she wanted this, we were surprising her and she may not consent. The guys all agreed that they weren’t trying to rape someone. If she said ‘no’ to any of this, they’d leave. They also agreed that if there was anything she didn’t want to do, they wouldn’t push the issue.

Thankfully, the guys all seemed pretty down to earth. We had a couple beers, told jokes, told stories from our sex lives and had a fun time. Each guy admitted to jerking off to the pic of my wife several times since starting this process and they really hoped tomorrow night would happen. I told them I did, too, and to make sure they all saved some cum for the real thing! I told them I’d text when we got to our room with the room number. They were to give us a little time to start on our own so she was good and horny, and to stagger their arrival so it wasn’t too intimidating at first. With that, we parted ways, all eagerly anticipating the next night.


The next day – THE day – arrived. It was one of the longest, most excruciating days of my life. I tried to stay busy but nothing really helped pass the time. My wife could tell that I was antsy, but she just assumed it was excitement over a night out to celebrate my birthday.

Finally, it was time to head downtown. My wife dressed for the occasion for me. She wore a tight skirt showing off her long legs and a form fitting shirt that highlighted her flat stomach and showed just enough cleavage.

I was super horny, and flirted with my wife all night long. I gave her little smacks on her ass. While we sat at dinner I kept rubbing her thighs. She would push my hand down as I started moving it under her skirt, but each time she let me roam a little higher. At the bar later, I kept telling her how much I wanted to fuck her. I even joked that we could sneak into the bathroom for a quickee. She declined, as I expected, but I swear she considered it for a moment.

Around midnight, as I came out of the bathroom, I noticed a guy talking to my wife at the bar. As I got closer, I realized it was one of the guys I had lined up for tonight. This wasn’t part of the plan. I proceeded cautiously.

“Hi babe,” my wife said all bubbly as I walked up.

“Hey, man,” the guy chimed in. “Sorry, please don’t be mad. I didn’t see the ring on her finger when I came over, honest.”

“No worries,” I replied.

He stayed and talked for a few minutes. They were in the middle of a conversation when I got there so might as well let it finish. He started to walk away, but stopped short and turned back around.

“I’m sorry,” he started, “and this is going to be extremely forward. I think your wife is incredible looking and I’d really like to fuck her. Any chance you two would be interested in a third wheel?”

I looked at my wife. She didn’t refuse him right away. I even saw her bite her lip and give him a look up and down. But she finally thanked him for the compliment and said ‘no.’

I sat next to her and said, “Fuck, you’re so hot tonight, other guys are propositioning you right in front of me as if they know how slutty you are now!” I slid my hand up her thigh and she let me rub her pussy through her panties a few times. She let out a moan.

“Want me to go tell him we changed our minds?” I asked.

She breathed deeply and looked in his direction. “No, I’m your slut,” she winked. “But you remembered to pack the dildo, right?”


Around 1 am, we decided to call it a night and headed to the hotel. On our way out, we passed the guy we had chatted with earlier. I stopped and quickly said something to him.

“What did you say to him?” my wife asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just said I hoped he was able to get laid tonight because I know I am.”

Once we got into the Escort bayan hotel room my wife headed to the bathroom. I took the minute she was gone to text the guys we had arrived. I told them the guy who came to the bar needed to arrive first and to give us about 20 minutes. My wife walked out of the bathroom in her naked glory. She walked to the bed and laid down.

“You and our dildo friend need to come join me. Now!”

I wasted no time. For one, my sexy wife was naked, slowly rubbing her pussy and I would never pass up the opportunity to fuck her. But also, I needed to get her desperately horny if I was going to pull this off.

I stripped immediately, grabbed the dildo and joined her in bed. I straddled her body while on my knees and presented my bobbing cock in front of her. She greedily sucked my member and I just watched as she rocked her head forward and back.

She perched herself on her forearms for leverage. I started to thrust forward a little, too, driving my cock a little deeper into her mouth. She had always used a gag reflex as a reason to not suck me, but I decided to test my luck here.

“That’s it slut, suck on my cock. Let’s see how much you can take.”

She looked up at me with somewhat pleading eyes, but she didn’t stop sucking. I pushed forward a little more and heard her gag a little, but still she didn’t stop.

“That’s it, take me in your mouth.”

I put my hand on the back of her head and laced my fingers through her hair. On the next bob, I pulled her forward a little. Again, she gagged a little. Again, she kept sucking. I couldn’t get her to open up for the whole length, but she took three quarters of it. Still holding her head, I quickened the pace of my thrusts. I could feel each thrust push into her throat and gag her a little, making her drool. She looked into my eyes the whole time, making it hotter.

Finally, I hit my breaking point. “Taste my cum, slut!”

Her eyes opened wider in surprise. I gripped her hair tighter, letting her know she wasn’t getting away from this.

“Here it comes, bitch. Swallow my cum!”

I shot into her mouth and I could feel her head jerk back in surprise, but I held her head so my cock remained in her mouth. I could see her throat move as she swallowed, and then again for the next shot that hit her tongue. I spurt a few more times and she ate it all.

“Thank you for swallowing, babe.”

“I guess it’s just what sluts do, right?” she replied. Then she added, “You’d better have more cum for me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, we’re just getting started! There’s lots more coming your way.”

“Oh goodie!” she responded, having no idea just exactly what I meant.

I slid down her body and buried my face between her legs. She moaned as I began eating her out. I lapped hungrily at her soaking pussy, eventually concentrating on her clit.

“I need to be fucked, babe!” she exclaimed.

I smiled and then reached for the dildo.

“You want this stranger to stretch you?” I asked. She moaned.

“Say it.”

“I want to be fucked by a strange cock.”

I slid the dildo into her sopping cunt and she bucked on it. I slowly started fucking her with the toy.

“Whose cock is fucking you right now? Is it your husbands?”

“I don’t know who it is,” she responded with lust in her voice. “Some new cock. Some guy I’ve never met before.”

“Does that turn you on?” I asked. She didn’t respond, she just kept fucking the dildo.

“I asked you a question,” I pressed. “Does the thought of fucking a stranger in front of me turn you on?”

She looked me straight in the eye. “Yes,” she replied softly. I leaned down and kissed her. Just then there was a knock at the door. I broke our kiss and started to get up.

“You aren’t answering the door?” she half questioned and half stated.

“Well, it would be rude not to. I think they’ll get the hint,” I joked.

I got up and smiled at her, drinking in the sight before me. This was it, no turning back now. Either she went with this or the night and possibly more was over. Another knock snapped me out of it and I went to the door.


“Who was it and what did they …” my wife started to ask and froze as she saw the stranger from the bar standing next to me. She started to reach for the sheets, suddenly remembering she was naked.

“Don’t,” I barked. “I think we both want to try this. Let this happen. Let him see you.”

“Take your time to get comfortable,” the stranger added. “I can wait.”

Her eyes looked at me questioningly as I climbed back onto the bed.

“I asked him to join us. We’ve had fun with the dildo, let’s try the real thing.”

I slipped my fingers along her pussy, she was still soaking. She Bayan escort moaned, which I took as a good sign. I kissed her and she kissed back, another good sign.

“Fuck me,” she asked softly a moment later.

She closed her eyes and I positioned myself between her legs. I thrust forward and entered her.

I don’t think my wife had ever been wetter than she was right now. I easily slid deep inside of her, bottoming out as my pelvis pressed against her. I pulled back and quickly thrust into her again, as deep as I could go. I retreated, and as I pushed forward again she pushed forward to take me.

She felt amazing, and I knew we would both have an amazing orgasm if we kept this up. But this was not what the night was about. I had to push us forward.

“Open your eyes,” I whispered to her.

“I can’t,” she responded shyly.

“Our friend is enjoying what he sees. He likes seeing us. He likes seeing you. He’s hoping you’ll let him join. Open your eyes.”

My wife’s eyes opened. We both looked in our guest’s direction while I continued thrusting into her. It was obvious he was pitching a tent.

“He’s not going to make a move unless you ask him to. He will leave if you want and ask,” I told her. I could tell she was considering her options. Finally, she spoke.

“Take off your clothes.”

Without a word, our friend did as he was told. He stripped and his 8 inch cock sprung free. My wife gasped and my eyes opened wide. I pulled out of her and her eyes suddenly shot over to me with a “what the hell did you just do?” look.

“Let him touch you,” I suggested.

I backed away and he walked slowly toward the bed, almost as if he was trying not to scare a skittish deer. He knelt onto the bed, leaned forward and kissed my wife’s neck. She moaned softly and his right hand drifted onto her taut stomach, and then slid slowly up to her breast. I could see her tense at the touch of a strange man.

“Relax,” I told her. “Enjoy.”

She loosened slightly. As he kissed down her collar bone and then to her breasts, sucking a nipple into his mouth, she gasped and moaned again. He slipped his hand down her body and she instinctively spread her legs as he reached her lower stomach. His fingers extended and slid into my wife’s wet pussy.

It was surreal watching another man pleasure my wife with his mouth and fingers. She was slowly humping herself into his palm and I watched as her hand slowly reached out and grasped his cock, stroking his member for the first time.

After a couple of minutes being pleasured by someone new, she seemed to need something familiar.

“I need my husband’s cock inside of me,” she stated.

“Hands and knees,” I responded.

She quickly complied and got into doggy style position. I entered her from behind. Christ, I loved this position! I smacked her ass while fucking her and she moaned deeply.

“Do you want another?” I asked.

“Yes!” she practically yelled. I spanked her again.


“Yes!” So I smacked her ass hard again, and she moaned louder.



“I mean, do you want another cock?” I said this time.

“YES!” she yelled.

Our friend moved around the bed and kneeled before her. I pulled on my wife’s hair so that she was looking directly at him while I continued fucking her from behind.

“Suck him,” I told her. She opened her mouth and accepted half of his cock immediately. We were spit roasting my wife and fuck was it hot!

As if almost in a trance, I held onto my wife’s hips as I fucked her from behind. Her wet pussy felt amazing, as always, and normally I’d be staring at her ass screwing her like this. Instead, I watched the other cock sliding into her mouth. I slammed into her harder, pushing her forward onto the strange cock. My wife, who used to basically refuse to suck any cock at all, easily and happily accepted him into her mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby,” our guest moaned. “You suck so well. Suck my cock.”

He looked at me and saw the fascination on my face at the sight of my wife in this position.

“Your husband likes watching you suck another cock,” he added. “Be sure to put on a good show for him.”

She moaned in excitement. Each thrust of mine from behind pushed her forward onto his cock. Impressively, she kept her lips around his member and was taking more than half of his length. After a minute I could see a little drool drip from her mouth as she sucked him. I was so turned on I fucked her with full strokes, slamming my hips into her ass each time.

I had to reign in my excitement though. This alone was not the full reason I had set this evening up. I slowed my strokes and leaned over my wife’s back.

“Are you ready?” I asked. “Are you ready to have Escort a stranger’s cock inside your pussy?”

Our friend didn’t seem to have any intent on giving her the option to just continue the blow job. He pulled his cock from her mouth with a little ‘pop’ sound and waited.

“Lie down,” I told her.

Slowly, she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs open. Her glory was fully exposed to another man for the first time since we had met.

“Are you ready, honey?” I asked.

She didn’t respond.

“He’ll leave if you don’t want to do this,” I assured her. “So just answer the question. Do you want him to fuck you?”

“Yes,” came the meek, barely audible reply.

Our new friend crawled around on the bed and positioned himself between my wife’s legs. She looked over at me and then reached between his legs to guide his cock to her opening like she had done for me so many times over the course of our relationship. He was in a pushup position above her body, arms extended so we could both still see her body. As soon as her felt her line him up, the man pushed forward. My wife was staring me in the eyes as her began to enter her. His full length slid in with one easy push given she was already opened up and soaking wet from the fucking I had just been giving her. As he bottomed out in her she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

He pulled his hips back and then pushed forward again. This man wasn’t holding back. He used full strokes on every thrust at a controlled pace as he screwed my wife. I couldn’t stop watching. It was a live action porno staring my lovely wife right in front of me!

My wife is now lost in the lust of sex. She wraps her left leg around her new partner and he quickens his pace. A minute later he grabs her long leg and rests it on his shoulder. He is now slamming into my wife and she is loving it. I scan her taut body and watch her beautiful breasts swaying in every direction as the entire bed rocks.

I finally notice that I’ve been absentmindedly stroking myself slowly to the scene in front of me. I decide it’s time to remind my wife that there’s more than one lover involved with her incase she’s allowed herself to pretend there’s not.

“Does his cock feel good, baby?” I ask.

“Mmm hmm. So. Fucking. Good,” she moans between thrusts.

“Stroke me,” I tell her.

She reaches over and takes my rock hard cock in her hand. I also reach my hand over and start to play with her breasts.

After a couple more minutes, our friend has reached his point of no return.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Can I cum in your wife?”

“Yes,” I quickly answer.

My wife moans in response. He pushes deep inside of her and stays there.

“Oh, fuuuuuucccck,” he yells through gritted teeth. Another man is depositing his load inside of my wife. She is still gripping my cock but has stopped stroking it. When he finishes, he pulls out slowly, still semi-hard.

“I still need to cum,” I tell my wife.

“Lie down” is her response. I’m not surprised. Cowgirl is her favorite position. I do as I’m told and she climbs on top of me. She slides easily down my entire length. With the mix of her own juices and his cum inside of her, she’s never been so wet. She is fucking me as hard as she can. There is no mistake about it, right now the only goal is to bring us both to orgasm as quickly as possible.

“I can feel his cum inside of you,” I tell her, feeling a little dripping down my cock.

“Do you like it?” she asks.

“Yes,” I admit.

She moans loudly and places her hand under my back as if she’s trying to lift me up. After all our years of marriage, I know exactly what she wants. I grab her ass, sit up and take a nipple in my mouth. I squeeze her ass and suck her tit hard. This is her ultimate favorite, and most sure way to make her cum.

My wife is bouncing on my cock as fast and as hard as she can. I’ve started grabbing her hips and holding her down so that she doesn’t slide off because if she does, it’s going to HURT when she comes back down!

The earlier fucking, her stroking, the sight of her fucking another man, and now this! It’s finally all too much.

“You ready for a second load?”

“Uh huh,” is all the response she can muster as she pulls my head back to her breast. Cum explodes from my cock and I moan into her tit. My wife begins to squeal and I know she’s cumming, too. I fall back and she collapses on top of me as our orgasms start to subside.

“Thank you,” she whispers in my ear.

“Did you like that?” I ask.

“Yes. Did you?”

“I did,” I respond. “Do you want some more?”

“Yes,” she says shyly, almost a little embarrassed. “Do you want to see him fuck me again?”

“Him … others …” I respond.

She looks at me quizzically. There’s a knock at the door and I give her a sly smile.

“Hope you weren’t planning on sleeping any time soon.”

My wife rolled off of me and onto her side as I got up to go answer the door …

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