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I was 18 and living on my own in the southern US. I lived 8 miles from town, where I could drink and hopefully get laid. Since I didn’t have a car I usually had to hitchhike. Being that it was always warm out, at night too, I wore my blue jeans and a denim vest. No undershorts it was just too hot. I stood six foot tall and weighed 125 lbs. My blonde hair was cut in a short crew cut. My blue eyes always got attention. My pale white skin was smooth and flawless and naturally lacking body hair.

As I stood by the side of the road trying to hitch a ride a ’70s model convertible pink Cadillac with steer horns on the hood passed me going the opposite direction. I noticed that it made a U-turn and soon had pulled up to me to ask directions. The driver appeared to be in his late 30’s to 40’s and was a black man with a lisp, like one that I associated with openly gay men. He was nicely dressed. Seems he was in town on business at the local bank and was looking for a place to get a cold beer. I told him I could show him where if he would give me a lift there as well. He agreed. We chatted on the ride and I found out he was 38.

When we got to town he parked just down the block from the bar and we went in for a drink. He offered to buy me one as he didn’t want to drink alone. He ordered a pitcher and we got to know each other some while we drank. I decided I would be on my way for the night as there were many bars nearby that I intended on going to. He said if I was around when he left for his motel he would give me a ride back to where he picked me up. I thought that would be nice.

As closing time was at 2:00 am and I was going home alone I looked down the street and his car was still there. I waited for him. He seemed pleased to find me there waiting. As he drove he said he was too drunk and didn’t want to drive any more than he had to. He said his motel room had two beds and that I could sleep there and he would rokettube drive me the rest of the way in the morning. Being drunk myself I was agreeable.

We got to his room and the a/c had it nice and cool. I settled into one of the beds, still wearing my pants due to my lack of undershorts. He commented that it didn’t look comfortable to sleep in my jeans and I mentioned why I was. He said I should get comfortable. I stood with my back to him and in the light from the TV I stripped off my jeans giving him a good look at my tight white bubble butt. Then I slipped under the sheets.

I must say that for years since I watched my first girlfriend sucking my dick that I was curious about doing it myself. She seemed to enjoy it so much, it made me want to try it. Now I was far from my family and friends and naked in a motel room with a gay man. My drunken state had my mind racing and my seven inch dick hard.

We began chatting as we lay there in separate beds. The conversation quickly turned to sex. Now I was stroking my hard on as we talked. Then he said he was going to get in my bed because he couldn’t hear me so good and that way he’d be closer to hear better. My heart raced as he slid under the covers in the bed with me. Soon as we talked he reached over and touched my pubic area at the base of my dick to “show” me where he meant as he spoke. His hand slid up my dick and he commented on its length and the mushroom head and that he liked my slight curve to the left. That quick touch felt great and I wanted more. He slid closer to me and I to him. He tried to kiss me on the mouth but I didn’t really like that idea. I was in his arms with his hairy body pressed against mine. He reached down and stroked my dick again. My hand slid over his hairy beer belly and down to his cock which was hard and actually smaller than my own, about 5″.

He commented that he was small and that most black men were much bigger. asyalı porno I had no idea. I told him he was the first man I’d been with. His cock felt so good in my hand as I stroked it. He bent down and took my dick in his mouth for a few moments then he lay next to me again. Now I went down on him, my first cock, it was dripping precum and I tasted it and it was sweet. I licked it all off the head and then licked my way down the underside of his shaft to his balls. He laid on his back while I licked his balls then took them into my mouth. They were bigger than mine and had coarse pubic hair on them. I kissed and licked my way up his shaft to the head then I opened my mouth and took my first cock into my mouth. I was able to take all of him easily down to his balls. Soon he stopped me and we changed positions. He said he wanted me to suck my first cock in all the positions and after that I could suck him in my favorite. We did just that. Turns out my favorite position that night was me on top in a sixty-nine.

He sucked my swollen dick so good and I loved having him in my mouth. His hands were on my ass pulling me down to him. I was close to cumming and tried to pull out when he pulled my ass down taking into the first deep throat of my life. He had all of me inside his mouth, the mushroom head of my dick down his throat. Then he began to swallow. OMG his throat was massaging my dick. All the while I’m moaning and sucking his cock. His hands on my ass hold me in deep as he swallows, his hips pump up to bury his cock in my mouth. He grunts as he shoots load after load into my eager mouth. I swallow all of it. He pulls my ass down again taking even more of my hard dick into his throat. Suddenly my anus spasms and then my dick throbs and I feel my cum shooting down his throat as he swallows. My mouth opens and his plump cock slips out as I moan in pleasure. My trembling body collapses onto him azeri porno as he sucks wave after wave of cum and orgasm out of me. When it subsides he releases me and I roll off him.

We get comfortable again. His arm around me as I lay next to him, my head on his chest and my arm on his belly as my hand softly caresses his body. We drift off to sleep. We awaken in the morning still holding each other. My hand moves down to find his cock hard. I play with it for him. He rolls me onto my back and goes down on me for a moment. He then gets up and goes to the bathroom. When he comes back he moves between my legs and goes down on me again. Then he begins to push my legs up as he licks his way to my tight little butthole. When he began to lick it I couldn’t believe how good it felt. He licked me good and began to tongue fuck my ass. This made me crazy. Then he came up on top of me with my legs on his shoulders. His hard cock aimed at my ass. I reached around and began to jerk him. There was lube on the bed next to me that he brought from the bathroom earlier. He told me to put some on his cock while I jerked him. I did and as I stroked him I rubbed the head of his cock against my wet asshole. It felt so good rimming my ass with his slippery cock.

Then as I did this he pushed forward driving about an inch of his cock into me. Before I could protest he pushed again and buried himself balls deep in my ass. I winced and moaned as my ass twitched trying to adjust to his cock. Then he began to slowly hump my ass. He moved faster and deeper as he planted a kiss on my open mouth forcing his tongue into my mouth and muffling my moans. My hands roamed his chest and arms. Then my hands felt his ass as he humped me, he began to really pump me fast and hard. It was feeling good for me and my hard dick was leaking precum. I felt his cock swell and get really hard then a few pumps later and he grunted and began to cum in my ass. I could feel his throbbing cock dumping his seed in my ass. When he was satisfied he let my legs down and rolled off me. He went down on me and I came in his mouth. We spooned and drifted off again.

When we next awoke we dressed and he gave me a ride home.

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