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My Mother’s Sister

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Haven’t you ever had one of those days when you’d think nothing would happen out of the ordinary, but everything would happen that you couldn’t even have imagined in your wildest dreams? Well I was blessed with one of days which changed my – and my aunt’s – life forever.

It all started with me reading one of those incest stories in the Internet at about four in the afternoon. I was reading one that dealt with a boy fucking his aunt, as always, when I heard a sob coming from my aunt’s room. Well I must tell you that I had been living with my aunt, Claire, for over the past few years. 3 years to be exact. This was because both my parents were abroad, working on some multinational company, coming only once in two years or so, saying a “hi” and then going back to earn some more money, which they cared and valued more than anything else in the world, more than even me. So my parents had left me with my aunt and her husband. I should say that my time with my aunt and her husband has been quite satisfactory so far, mostly because they were childless and they looked after me like their own child. So I was contented for 3 years till last month, when my uncle decided that the fault they weren’t having any children was entirely my aunt’s and that it would be better if he just went after another who had the potential.

This came as a terrible shock to my poor aunt and the impact left her ill for almost two weeks, the period over which I had to abandon college and watch over my aunt, most of time which she was in bed at home and I had to sit beside her watching for anything out of the ordinary. It was during this period that I started seeing what my aunt was for herself – a woman. I would stare intently at her form for hours studying her contour from her curly auburn hair to her pretty face with the slightly flat nose and thick juicy lips to her short neck over her 36 DD (I had taken the liberty of going over her drawers to find out the size and I must say I was quite impressed!) to her large belly (she was a bit fat due to inadequate exercise) to her pink tenacious pussy lips with trimmed auburn hair over them and to her curved sexy legs. Of course the latter part was merely my imagination as I hadn’t seen what was beneath my aunt’s robes in my entire life.

But I planned to…

So as the day (with the opportunity) never came I was left with reading incest stories on the Net about how nephew’s had sex with their aunts, until that day…

A second sob came, this time it was louder. I quickly turned off my monitor and rushed to my aunt’s room which was directly below my own room. The door was slightly ajar and I peeped in to see what was going on. The room was dimly lit with one of the two table lamps. All the blinds had been drawn across the windows!

My aunt was sitting besides her writing table with her face on her hands. Gentle sobs were escaping her accompanied by louder sobs at times. I started moving slowly towards her, my eyes wandering around for the source of the condition. Then they fell on the cause – A printed letter with my uncle’s signature on it. My eyes roamed to the top for its heading – DIVORCE! “Oh… ” I exclaimed as I realised what had happened. My aunt raised her head and saw me.

Her eyes were reddish and swollen from crying. I stood my ground and looked pathetically at her. She looked weary and drained. I started forward and she responded by standing up. I reached her and then hugged her in the thought of comforting her. Poor aunt! But instead of getting comforted she started crying putting herself on my shoulders.

“I did… I did expect… this… not this soon… no… not… this… “she said in between her sobs. I held her onto me tightly as she cried helplessly. I patted her and held her onto me thinking how cruel my uncle was leaving my poor aunt, my pretty aunt… with a sweet face, and slightly bigger breasts and curse my wicked soul, but even in the deepest despair couldn’t I stop feeling this way. I could feel her breasts squashed against my chest and the thought that I was actually patting my aunt’s back send ripples through me. I let my hand roam the full length on her back as I patted her. My poor aunt, filled with grieve sorrow didn’t even give the slightest thought to my actions.

Then I could feel it starting. The heat on my loins! It was growing and my dick started growing along with Beylikdüzü Yabancı Escort it. I quickly became aware of the fact that my aunt would be feeling my dick any moment now. But I couldn’t bring myself to part from my aunt and so just stayed there.

My dick now fully aroused pressed against her. But either my aunt was too ignorant due to sorrow, or that she was pretending to be ignorant. Either way she just clung onto me. We stayed like that for about 15 minutes till my aunt stopped sobbing. We parted and I quickly pull the chair over to hide my hardon. “Do sit down Aunty. Please don’t cry anymore. I can’t take it anymore. I think a good wash-over will ease some of this sadness. Please go and take a bath, aunty. I don’t wanna see you like this aunt. I want to see you cheerful and all pretty again” I said, really meaning it. She gave me a sad smile and started wiping off her tears. “Thank you, honey” She said giving me a peck on my cheek. “I’ll go and make you a cup of coffee while you take a bath” I said turning around as she went to her bathroom. I got out of her room stopped outside her door closing it. I let out a big sigh. ‘Well that was close’ I thought as I walked to the kitchen and started making coffee. All through the coffee making, I thought about the incest stories I had read on the Internet and unaware of my conscious mind my sub-conscious was making a plan on its own. And as it turned out, by the time I had finished making the coffee and was on my way to my aunt’s room, a fully formed plan was on my mind.

I reached my aunt’s bedroom door and without knocking entered into the room. As I had expected, my aunt hadn’t finished her bath. So I put the coffee on the table and waited, brooding in anticipation over what I was planning to do. I knew my aunt was emotionally drained right now and that that was just what I needed for breaking the ice into our taboo. I finally heard the shower being turned off. Quickly I stood up and tiptoed to the wall beside her door so that she wouldn’t see me when she walked through the bathroom door.

As expected she walked through without noticing me and as expected, again, she was wearing only her towel around her as I had seen, on countless spying occasions. With a sudden movement I was behind her and hugged her from behind. Quickly I released the weakly tied knot that was holding the towel around her. A half a second passed and I saw as in slow motion the towel falling and my aunt’s hand reaching to hold it in place. I was prepared for this instinctual reaction and caught both her arms with mine and overpowered them aside from touching the towel, leaving the towel to fall peacefully to the ground. I pulled my aunt quickly to me as she started struggling. My hardon pressed into her back. But then she started screaming. I was shocked and couldn’t do anything except drop one of her hands and use the hand that held it to cover her mouth.

As quick as a rabbit, and with extreme agility, she whipped around to the free side and gave me a resounding slap on my chin. The impact was so wild and so unexpected that I stumbled back and fell onto the bed. Then I saw my aunt’s eyes widen as she saw who the culprit was.

“Oh Ricky! Are you alright?”my aunt exclaimed as she, irrespective of the fact that she was stark naked, quickly came near me and leaned over me, examining my face where she had slapped, her motherly instincts taking over.

But my eyes were somewhere else, somewhere below her neck… to her 36DD. Her big breasts were swinging around like wild watermelons. My thinking part left me as I could think of nothing to say.

“I love you aunty” was all I could say before my instincts pushed me up and I joined my lips to hers. “Ohmm… “she could only exclaim. I thought she’d push me away. But I could see that she was too shocked. So I took my opportunity and flicked my tongue over her closed lips. At first I felt nothing from her side, then slowly my aunt reacted to my kissing and then started returning it! She opened her mouth at the next instant allowing my tongue entry into her mouth and letting me devour in her taste.

And my hands were not idle either. They found their mark and started pinching and pulling the big 36DD nipples. No sooner I felt my aunt’s hands on mine and felt them pull my hands apart from her breasts and felt her breaking the kiss Beylikdüzü Yaşlı Escort as she parted.

“No Rick, no… we mustn’t do this. This is not right and this must not be done under any circumstances” she said inching away. But I could see the lust in her eyes, the feeling to be wanted again after being ignored by her husband for months just because she couldn’t get pregnant. So I pushed again.

“But I love you aunty and I want you. Don’t you want me? I know you do. I can see that in your eyes. Don’t you want to be a woman again? Don’t you want to be alive again?” I asked moving forward.

“But this is wrong, honey. We mustn’t… OHmm” she said as I kissed her again pushing her to the wall. She opened her mouth my hands went to her breasts again. But this time she didn’t pull me away instead she started moaning between the kisses as I started pinching her nipples.

But I couldn’t stop there. So my right hand now moved down from her breast over her belly, where I gave a squeeze and then to the most private region where only uncle had touched… so far.

“Oh… “she exclaimed as my hand touched the lips. She seemed to come to her senses again as she broke the kiss for the second time.

“Oh no. No!!! We mustn’t. This is against everything. This is not right. This is not… agh… AHH” she screamed as my hand found and pulled the stub that was her clitoris. I quickly put my foot on the opportunity entered my fingers into her pussy ignoring her warnings.

“Ohhh… ” she moaned as I started pushing my fingers in and out of her. Then she started writhing and moaning. I stopped for a moment just so that I could push her onto the table flat on her back. Now I bend low as my eyes came within inches of her pussy lips. I saw that the pussy was indeed as I had imagined, with neatly trimmed hair and pink pussy lips now wet with anticipation! I stopped only a second to see that before I entered her with my tongue.

At first I could feel my aunt’s hands on my head trying to push me off feebly, a half hearted push. The mere thought that my aunt was starting to enjoy the session sent chills down my spine and a wave of fresh lust entered me as I licked her vulva with a passion I had not known before.

“Oh.. oh…… oo… no..oh.yes… yes..ohhh YESSSS!!!” My aunt was moaning harder as the hands that were on my head left them. I looked up and saw that she was writhing fully and was massaging her breasts, furiously pulling and pinching her nipples, her eyes closed in pleasure and her hands working very fast. I continued tongue fucking for about two more minutes before I felt my aunt’s body starting to shudder and her moans getting louder. Suddenly she let out a blood curling scream as her orgasm hit her. Her body convulsed in masses as wave after wave washed of pure pleasure travelled through her.

A big sigh escaped her as she looked down at me with passion. I had brought her to an orgasm that she hadn’t had experienced for a long time. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips and felt her opening, almost welcoming my tongue into hers. I let her taste her own cum from my mouth as she lolled around in my mouth with her tongue till she was sure that she had missed a spot.

But I wasn’t finished yet. I still had to fulfill my ultimate destiny. So I scooped her up on my arms and laid her stretched out on the bed. No words escaped out mouths as we prepared for the finale! I was ready. Or rather my penis was ready!

I took my penis in my hand guided it to my aunt’s pussy lips. I let it touch her pussy lips softly. The first touch send chills down both our bodies as we realised what we were about to do. I slid my dick a little into her cunt and then let roam around the top as I guided it up and down her vagina, without entering. My aunt was moaning as she felt my weapon feeling the target it was about to enter. The feelings of ethics and righteousness had long left my aunt as she anticipated my entry.

As I tensed myself to go in, my conscience suddenly seemed to awake, as a fresh wave of guilt hit me!

‘What was I doing? What am I doing? Am I going to fuck my aunt? My own mother’s sister? What the hell am I thinking? What am I doing? What… ‘ My thoughts ran wild as I took in the full flow of guilt. But…

My terrain of thoughts were broken Beylikdüzü Yeni Escort suddenly as my aunt’s moaning words cut through into my brain. “Fuck me Ricky. Fuck me son. Fuck your aunty. Take me. Be my lover. Enter me. Enter me NOW!!!!” My brain felt rejuvenated, my dick felt rejuvenated. My mind seemed to cleat up as my conscience was pushed to the cells and pure lust conquered my mind again. With a long push, my dick was in her cunt. It was tighter that I had expected, even tighter than virgins. I was astounded but I couldn’t think about that now! I had a destiny to fulfill, I thought as I began slowly but forcibly pushing my dick in and out of her. I didn’t ram it in and out as I saved it for a latter stage. Instead I just pumped in and out till I reached a fine rhythm.

My aunt was moaning with each thrust encouraging me. My dick built up pace as I started increasing my pumping speed. My aunt’s moans increased in decibels as she started reaching her climax again. With a sudden shudder the second orgasm hit her. With her writhing and screaming I thought it had impacted her just like the first one had. Suddenly she became quiet as the orgasm left her drained. But it was over yet. I was yet to come!

After a minute when she regained her breath we swapped positions and then it was she who was riding me. I lay flat on my back enjoying her beauty as she rode me with motherly passion. My hands reached out and cupped her swinging breasts and started grinding them. She bent over till they reached my mouth and then I was at them licking and sucking at them. My aunt moaned as I sucked harder. This was too much as I suddenly I felt my loins reaching their climax, ready to eject and then the next instant, with a loud groan I felt my dick erupt as I bit into my aunt’s breast feeling her orgasming again under my orgasm.

Then it was all quiet. We lay side by side on her bed. We knew we had broken the ethics and the rights. We knew we had entered the world of sins. But our eyes told each other that it was all for the right and that we couldn’t turn back.

“Aunty, I’m… ” I started but my aunt put her finger to my lips. “Shhh… don’t say anything” she said as she kissed me on the lips again lightly. She broke apart and then started moving down. She reached my limp cock and then touched it with her hand. It sprung to its full as if given life again.

“Hmm… a good 8 inches I see. No wonder I felt so full” she said with a wicked smile as she started wanking it. A minute later she bend down and lightly touched it with her tongue. I moaned a little. My aunt looked up, smiled and then went back this time taking my dick full in her mouth. I moaned again as she started giving me a head. She moved her mouth along the full length of my shaft as he tongue flicked along within. My moans filled the room as she increased her speed. I felt my groin heating up again and knew that I was moments away from getting another orgasm.

“I’m coming. I’m coming… ah”. I came in gushes as my aunt took all of it in her mouth. She gulped down in perfect synchronization with my gushes and by the time I was out of cum, she had gulped everything down.

Then when everything had settled she came back up put her head on my chest. “I know we’ve crossed all the boundaries, Rick. But I can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy it. I loved it to the maximum. But you must understand, honey, that this should never happen again.” she said quietly.

“But why? We both enjoyed it, right? So why can’t we do it again. I love you aunty. I love you as my aunt and also as a woman. Why can’t we enjoy our lives as a man and a woman, huh? As a nephew and aunt in one way and as a man and a woman in another way?” I asked.

“But what about the others. What if others get to know of this. What if this gets outside?”

“Whose gonna tell them? I know I’m not. And most definitely you won’t either. So what is there to fear. What is there to stop us?”

“But what if… “

“SHHH… Enough talking” I said as pulled her head up close to me again.”I wanna taste you again” I said as I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her again. There was no denying anything and what has gone past has gone past and what will go by, I was not gonna let it go by without me fucking my aunt again.

So we fucked two more times that night, in between which there were no objections raised.

My aunt signed the divorce papers the next day itself. She took a leave for two weeks and I took two weeks off college again. We fucked the entire length sending her to an island of pleasure she had never reached before in her whole life. Now we positively enjoy our life and stay together all the time, either fucking… or say fucking!!!

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