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Bria , Dustin: The Beginning

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Dustin ran back inside Ortlieb’s to grab his guitar and told his stage manager he’d see him later on. The set was a jam session so he wouldn’t be missed. There were several in the audience dying to take Dustin’s position for that evening. He explained that he had a dire emergency that needed his immediate attention. He did not mention that what was at attention was his thick seven and a half inch penis that was already leaking pre cum. He adjusted his fly as he walked back outside to Bria. She was waiting in her car; smoking the last of a joint she had been smoking earlier in the day. She was such a pothead. Dustin tapped on the window and startled her.

“You gonna share some of that?” he asked jokingly.

Startled, she rolled down the window and managed to drop the roach on the floor.

“Oh my god Dustin, you’re going to give me a heart attack. But I have some more at the house.

“So am I just gonna follow you?”


“Okay baby doll let’s go. I’m down the street. I’ll pull up. Don’t leave me!”

He kissed her on the cheek and ran to his car with his guitar in tow. She couldn’t believe she was actually having him over. He was, after all a stranger. She only knew him through the many phone conversations and Internet exchanges. She wondered if this was erratic behavior. She rationalized that it couldn’t be because slutty women bring unknown men home from bars constantly, and she never even did that. She knew her Dustin. She hoped She did anyhow.

Dustin pulled up in a pick up truck. The tires looked muddy, and it looked like it needed a major washing. He honked the horn for Bria, and she pulled out of her parking space and led him to her home. Her head was swirling with lust and excitement. She looked out her rear view mirror to make sure that Dustin was still behind her. The moon was full on the cold December evening. Its light reflected on the Schuykill River as Bria led her soon-to-be lover along the drive to her home. She lived in a beautiful three-story twin home left by her mother who had long ago moved to Southern California. She lived there with her two roommates: Cat, her 11-year-old white cat. and Poochie, her 6-year-old shitzu. It was nice to have company she thought as she pulled up to her house.

They both found parking spaces, and Bria walked up the stairs. Dustin joined her and they walked up several steps.

“You live here in this big house all by yourself?” he asked.

“Yeah”, she replied. “I have a cat and a dog though. They are sleeping upstairs.”

“Need a human roommate?” He looked at her with that sheepish sly grin.

“You silly boy”.

Once past the vestibule, Dustin could finally see the sway in her shapely hips. She wore knee-hi boots and a tight black skirt that undoubtedly had some kind of stretchy material in it for ease of movement. Her bottom was wide and plump. Although he became fixated on that roundness as she took their jackets to the closet, he couldn’t help but notice the beautiful surroundings of her home. There was art everywhere. Wooden African statues and masks. Wall paintings and pottery. He was duly impressed with this woman he had come to know over the last four months. To his delight, up against a wall under track lights was a Wurlitzer piano.

“You never told me you play.” he said.

“Oh yeah,” she replied from the kitchen as she poured water for herself. “I only ever really learned heart and soul. Do you want anything to drink?”

“I’ll take a beer if you have any.”

Bria brought out the tall glass of water and a bottle of Yeungling for Dustin. She led him upstairs to the second floor.

Her bedroom was a bit messy, but her bed was made. The large room was filled with a bunch of clothing and other necessities that made her life simple. Next to her bed were stands on either side. One had a medium sized water pipe on it, which was dark around its base from obvious use. Cologne lined her dresser. She had several plants in the window that served as a curtain of sorts. Dustin marveled at her intricate and cluttered surroundings. It reminded him of himself. She told him to have a seat, and he watched as she lit two candles, and turned the stereo on. She put on WXPN, the local public radio station that had the best alternative music around. Dustin was anxious to get started.

“Come here,” he said.

“Yes sir,” she replied. She walked toward Dustin and relinquished herself to him.

“You malatya escort are just so beautiful”. and he kissed her. “You know I used to be a punk” He whispered in her ear as he began to unbutton her blouse. He wanted his hands all over her body at once. Momentarily he forgot about her blouse and filled her mouth with his thick tongue. It was healthy and he explored her mouth without abandon. She forgot about the possibility of mono or other contagious bacteria. Not now. Being responsible was not in the forefront of her mind. Dustin’s swollen cock was the only thing that mattered.

A Keane song was fading out in the background and Bria excused herself to change the music. She scooted over to the other side of the bed and adjusted the stereo from the radio to the CD player. She had a five-track changer that had The White Stripes, Jill Scott, Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave and Primus in it. As she read off the names of the artists to Dustin, he simply marveled at her eclectic tastes in music. She pushed the buttons until it stopped on the Audioslave CD, and Chris Cornell’s strong voice bemoaned its own sensual eroticism as he wailed about his creator. Bria rolled back over to the other side of the bed and landed sitting up as Dustin stood in front of her.

They were perfectly suited for their respective positions. He, the dominant younger darling. She, the obedient older submissive princess who for the moment had found her prince. Dustin reached down to her sweet, soft face and caressed it protectively. Like a kitten, she muttered what sounded like a purr as she rubbed her cheek against the palm of his masculine hand. His fingers explored further and he dug them into her highlighted hair.

“Show me how to live”, Cornell’s voice belted out as Dustin began to pull Bria toward his ever-swelling bulge in his pants. Like an orchestration, Bria moved in sync with Dustin. She followed his lead.

“Unzip my pants,” He said rather strongly. His cockiness was more prevalent than ever. Bria was excited to be at Dustin’s whim. It had been two years since she had been with another person sexually, and her senses were at an all time peak. The candlelight created funny shadows on the walls, but made their skin glow creating a strong sense of lust between the two of them. Dustin went back to unbuttoning her blouse where he released two glorious mounds of succulent brown flesh. She wore a red lace bra that seemed to make her heaving 44DDs swell even more. Her heart raced and the first surge of wetness began to leak on her matching panties she wore underneath the skirt and pantyhose, which had yet to be removed.

Bria did as she was told and used her right hand to slowly unzip Dustin’s pants. Her hands moved about his body gingerly, and he was amused by her delicate handling of him as if he were as precious as her tender heart. He grunted from the surge of sexual energy that charged up his spine and back down to his belly. He trembled she touched his stomach. It was more intense than he could ever imagine. Bria’s hands continued to explore her lover’s body. She moved them up his chest then down the sides, familiarizing herself with all she could. His skin was soft and pale. She noticed the contrast of their outer flesh. Melanin here. Lack of it there. She could feel him staring at her although she now pressed her lips into his belly and wasn’t looking into those emerald-colored eyes. She stuck out her very wet and hot sweet tongue and encircled his navel. She lapped all about that tiny little belly button and kissed his mid section anxiously. Dustin responded by pulling her head closer to him. His urgency was understood by Bria and she dug her fingers into his back pulling him closer to her mouth.

“Baby. Fuck! My god girl”, he said as he moved back so he could grab her face. “Give me that mouth.”

He sat next to her on the bed and faced her. They briefly exchanged deep looks. Dark looks. Staring into each other’s eyes. Cornell now sang about finding another slave. Bria thought that perhaps she could be Dustin’s. He parted his mouth and slid his snake-like tongue down Bria’s throat. They both moaned as they shared the inner workings of their mouths. Becoming dangerously intimate so fast. Dustin’s right hand found her breasts again. His cock was getting uncomfortably stiff. He removed his pants. Bria’s blouse was now off and she began to wiggle out of her skirt. malatya escort bayan He marveled as she revealed herself to him. She stood to step out of the skirt and he smacked her ass with a loud whap!

He said, “That’s one sweet ass baby.” He felt her bottom and squeezed it. She twisted her body to watch him handle her rump. He pulled her back to the bed to continue to ravage her warm round and curvy body. She rolled on her back and he crawled on top of her. He began to grind his body on top of hers. Bria spread her thick thighs wide. Dustin’s dick was piercing through his boxer briefs. Bria still had on her panties and hose, but her vaginal wetness was seeping through the thin fabric. Dustin’s beastly nature began to grow. His fury of kisses made their way to Bria’s full brown bosom. He unsnapped her bra like a pro to free the huge mammaries. His mouth dripped sticky saliva on first the left then right nipple. Bria moaned and dug her fingers into Dustin’s wavy mane. He sucked firmly, but gently on the nips sucking up as much flesh as he could while doing it. His fingers found themselves inside the crotch of her panties.

“Oh Dus-,” Bria whispered as she spread her legs as far as she could so her lover could explore her chocolate pussy with relative ease.

“You don’t need these on now do you?”, he asked as he first ripped her pantyhose off then yanked at the red and now very sticky panties. He stopped suddenly and pushed her legs even further apart. He placed his face between her meaty thighs and inhaled deeply that sweet scent of woman. His tongue pressed through the delicate material and teased her hot cunt. Bria began to shudder and tried to push his face away because the feeling was too incredible. This only urged Dustin on. He now ripped off her underwear and spread her labia to find a glistening and juicy plump puss. His eager tongue found her small but stiffened clit and teased the sweet flesh.

“Dustin. No. Oh my god. I can’t take it.”

Her pleas were useless. Dustin began to gently flick his tongue back and forth across Bria’s excited clitoris. Her body couldn’t help but respond to Dustin’s oral ravishing. Her hips began to buck steadily as he flattened out his tongue to taste more of her savory nectar. With his left hand he found the opening of her twat and gently eased his middle and forefinger into her hot fleshy pussy. It felt wonderfully snug and unbelievably wet. He pulled out and shoved the fingers into her mouth. Bria sucked his fingers in a wicked fashion and caused Dustin to moan deeply.

“Oh god Dustin”, she whimpered, “You’re gonna make me cum. Oh GOD!”

Bria began working herself into a frenzy as Dustin now concentrated on her clit. Her hip-bucking become more frantic and Dustin sensed a climax.

“Come on bitch.” He urged. Cum for daddy.” Bria was shocked and turned on all at once by his language. He never spoke to her that way before, but found herself wanting to be as slutty as he commanded.

“Uh, uhhh godddddd Dustinnnn”, and she released a bed-shifting, neck breaking climax and squirted a sweet stream of sticky girl juice into Dustin’s throat.”

“FUCK YEAH slut. That’s it. That’s how I like it!” And he lapped up her fluid even more not knowing she was multiple orgasmic. Bria immediately built up an intense crescendo and broke into another seizure-like climax thrashing her body about. Dustin was now out of his shorts and his glazed face greeted Bria’s. He kissed her and gave her praise for having such a sweet slutty pussy.

“I want this to be mine”, he said, and cupped her fat mound with his hand. All she could do was moan for a response. He grabbed his cock and straddled her chest. He squeezed her tits together. He lubed his cock with some of her stickiness. He slid his hot fat dick between her mounds and began to fuck her huge breasts.

Bria’s back arched upward to help Dustin in this most lascivious task. She shifted to move pillows underneath her head to prop herself up more so that Dustin could now slide the tip of his enraged penis into her mouth. Dustin now followed Bria’s lead and adjusted himself so that he could dip his large cum-filled balls into her awaiting mouth. Bria lapped at them furiously. Dustin pumped his hips forward grinding into her face. He smeared the traces of saliva all over her sweet face. She slurped and tasted him, familiarizing herself with his rhythm and scent escort malatya and the saltiness of his sweat.

They wiggled themselves into a new position. Now Dustin was nude before Bria. His Adonis-like masculinity lay before her. His tiny pink nipples were stiff on his slender, yet muscular long body. His messy hair was so sexy and needed a trim, but it lined his face perfectly. She now noticed a scar on his right shoulder and kissed it.

“What happened there?” she asked.

He replied,” I was a crazy violent kid.” He laughed. She wasn’t’ sure if he was serious or not, and decided not to ponder the thought. She continued with her exploration instead. She kissed his strong chest and sucked gently on those hardened nipples. Dustin’s hands found her body and kneaded her soft flesh while gently coaxing her down his body. She nibbled down to his crotch and found a thick patch of curly hair. It was reddish brown and kinkier than even the slight bush on her own sweet spot. His hot cock rubbed against her soft cheek. She gently held it and began her assault.

From her mouth she pulled a wad of saliva and began to pump the base of his swollen and now dark pinkish rod as her lips found the tip of his cock. Dustin released sounds that seemed inhuman as he pumped his beastly cock into her mouth. He tried to gag her as he fucked her mouth with fury. He grabbed her head and Bria muddled sounds of choking as she deep throated his violating cock. Dustin had to use all his might to prevent from spraying his hot load into the back of her slutty throat.

Dustin pulled out of her mouth because the sensation was completely overwhelming. No groupie had ever given him that kind of rush. Her mouth was like magic, but it was her pussy he now had to have.

Bria could sense that Dustin now wanted to impale her eager snatch. She reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a condom. They had swapped some juices, but she just didn’t want to go there with the semen.At least not yet. She simply couldn’t. She handed Dustin the little packet, and he instantly obliged. He couldn’t open up the condom fast enough and used his teeth to rip open the seal. Bria heaved her hips up and down anticipating would looked like to be the fuck she had been waiting for.

Dustin slid the thin lubricated latex on his raging member. He parted Bria’s thighs and lifted her left leg over his shoulder. She was ready to receive him. Without any hesitation Dustin slid his pulsating man meat deep into the caverns of her needy cunt. They both let out moans and curses and grunts of desire not had before by either. Dustin was in pure erotic heaven as he sank his sweet dick into her meaty pussy, plummeting her as hard and intense as he could. His full balls smacked up against the bottom of her ass as he slammed her to the hilt. Her hips greeted his thrusts with magnificent and deliberate motion. He reached underneath her bottom to pull her closer to him. He wanted her to feel her deep. But he also didn’t want to cum yet.

“Turn over,” he said, and she obediently followed his order. Now that big brown bottom was in front of him. Her ass parted like a sweet fleshy heart as he examined her tight pucker hole and spread her puss so that he could enter her hard from behind into her love canal.

“Oooh… uumph”, was all she could say as she pleaded with her lover and his attack on her twat. Dustin grabbed her hips and began to slap her plump, bouncing bottom as he slammed his dick into her pussy. He was now nearing his climax. He pumped her chocolate cunt furiously as he watched his pink flesh enter that dark hole. Sweat poured down his face as he held on to his lover’s backside with fury as he slammed harder and harder into her precious mound.

“Oh fuck baby,” he said. “Your so tight. So fat. SOooo wet. I love this pussy. You’re gonna make me cum baby!!!Yeah. Fuck girl! ARGHHHHHHHH!”

Dustin grunted and pulled his cock out and quickly ripped the condom off and sprayed a thick creamy load of baby juice all over her fat bouncing bottom. She still bucked while he lay his nasty sticky semen all over her back and ass cheeks. He pumped, for what seemed like a full 60 seconds, streams and loads of that creaminess all over her back and bottom. He smacked the last few drops of the hot cum on her plump cheeks, exhausted in the fury of his hot orgasm. He was spent. He fell next to her kissing her face and mouth, sucking on her bottom lip as she shook in her own ecstasy.

“Come here”, he said and without wiping up their mess, he pulled her close and nuzzled in her warm bosom. He wrapped his arm around her thick waist, and shuddered a few more spasms as his climax finally passed. Whimpers escaped her lips, but no words could be formed. They started it now, and there was no turning back.

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