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Eight Heaven

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Brett Bixbie is a 55 year old man, widowed for seven years and lives alone in a trailer at the back of his gas station located along the deserted Wackaroo Highway that leads to a big desert. His buddies call him BB for short.

In or out of his marriage, BB never had an affair with any woman. Not that he was so faithful to his wife, who after marriage had given him fewer and fewer sex until it faded into obscurity, but Flingel Bunt, this place where he lives has more Kangaroos than the living souls settled in.

If ever he sees a beautiful woman, it’s either she is a tourist, married and travelling with her husband and children or someone attached to a hippie boyfriend out for some adventure in this land that is called ‘The Lonely Continent’ or popularly called ‘The Land Down Under’ which is Australia.

Here BB cried out of loneliness but he endured. His entertainment has been his radio, and TV, which can show only a few channels. His companions though who give him happiness are his two golden retrievers. His close relatives tend to his sheep in his little farm in Wilming, a far distance away. The income he gets from his farm is what sustains the college education of his only son Tom, who studies in Sydney and whom he sees only once a year.

When BB reached the age of 50, he stumbled upon a copy of Men’s Fitness Magazine, which he raved about and began subscribing to it. For five years he followed what the magazine preaches about weight training and all those fitness jazz that now at 55, he had transformed himself from a blubbery hick to a bronze, eye-popping muscled man. Now he looked so much better than when he was 45. Long gone were his bearded face, beer gut, and slouchy demeanor.

One hot summer day, a 4 year old dusty blue Isuzu Amigo driven by a lone woman pulled over his gas station. “Wow!” was the word that blew out from BB’s mouth the moment she stepped out of the car.

She was a stunningly pretty woman dressed in a midrib cotton top with jiggling tits and nipples pushing against the light fabric. Obviously she wore no bra. Over her mean leather cowboy boots was a billowing skirt with tiny prints. Her aviator sunglasses were as blue as her car and her long brown tresses were swept up in a ponytail, well-groomed in the front and totally undone in the back—a combination of sleekness and sloppiness but it looks supersexy.

“Good morning Miss!”

“Hi! Full tank please and could you please give a little check on my vehicle here ‘cos I hear funny noises underneath,” she said.

“Sure,” BB said glancing furtively at her assets. His bronze body was exhibited by white tank top with deep scoop neck that shows his well-carved chest. Beylikdüzü Grup Escort He could easily be a candidate to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness’ Prime, the magazine that cater for the men aged 40 and above.

The pretty woman glanced at his tight butt underneath the well-worn Levi’s jeans as he plunged the nozzle into the gas chamber. Cute. After completing the task he gathered some tools and the roller that he uses when he checks under the vehicle. She moved closer as his body rolled in and she could see the outline of his he-man cock bulging on the inner side of his jeans. He reminded her of Richard Gere because of his white hair and a fleeting resemblance to Jack Scalia. Then she excused herself to go to the john.

After about 5 minutes, BB emerged. “Just some loose parts and I’ve fixed them,” he said as she stood watching him.

As he was about to rise up, the wind blew her skirt up giving a quick flash of her shapely legs and a bit of her white skimpy panties. Immediately his two golden retrievers walked up to her and sniffed her crotch.

“Hey, guys cut that out!” he yelled.

She giggled. “Cute dogs!” she exclaimed tapping their heads without fear

“Where you heading?” he said squinting and cocking his head to her probable destination.

“East,” she answered.

“Hot, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, want some cold water?” He offered.

“Oh yeah, thanks.”

He cleaned his hands under the tap water and strolled inside his little office and got two cold bottled water. He came out with two bottles and twisted the cap to open one for her and they took a swig.

“Seldom one comes here that is as beautiful as you. You’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks.” she said her eyes rolling appreciatively.

“You stay here all the time?” she asked.

“24 hours a day. I live here.”

“It must be lonely out here.”

“With my two dogs, I get along fine here.”

“Are you married?”

“Yeah, was. I’ve been widowed for seven years.”

“That’s sad.” Her eyes stared with compassion when she raised her sunglasses over her head.

BB was leaning on the side of her car and she went near by his side. She leaned her back also on the car.

Suddenly her compassion was turned into lust as she thought that this man must be so deprived of sex. Her hand touched his biceps, squeezed it lightly then it traveled across his chest, slipping into the neck of his tank top and pausing to brush his nipples with her fingertips.

“You’re sexy” she remarked.

“That’s for me to say to you!”

He placed his palm on her exploring hand, and without warning his other hand Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort snaked around the back of her waist and dipped her down like in a dance. His head reached down on her and kissed her lips. He never realized how hungry he was for a woman. He kissed her greedily and she responded passionately.

Next thing he knew, his hand was grabbing her ass then entering beneath the hem of her skirt at the back, crawling up along her warm thigh, reaching up to the sides of her underwear until he was cupping her soft mound feeling its wetness between her legs. Instinctively his fingers were pushing her underwear down. Then he knelt in front of her and she held her skirt up and he pulled down her panties but only to as far as above her boots. He was excited to see at once his cosmic or deserving gift. And so he gazed adoringly at her bare pussy, crowned triangularly by silky honey brown pubic hair glistening under the noon day sun and barely shielding the cleft.

BB could hear his heart pounding. He nuzzled his nose at the silky down of her curly nest swirling over the soft twin lips and filling his nostrils with her natural perfume. Finally he flicked his tongue through the cleft, tasting a little bit of saltiness. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the taste and feasted over it with raw hunger. It’s a cunt with a special scent—young, succulent, healthy and pampered.

His dogs aped him and started licking in that direction while he was yanking off her panties from her boots. He shooed his excited dogs away and as soon as she was free of her panties, she perched herself on the side of the hood, hiked up her legs, and spread them for him to continue his oral inclination. She was grabbing his head and hair as he burrowed himself to her cunt like a beaver, chewing her lips and flicking at her clitoris just as he had learned from reading Men’s Fitness.

“I never had so much sex licking in my life?” he said with enough time to see how pleasured she was.

Then he pushed his long tongue right up inside her cunt hole wriggling and probing with innocent fun, as he never had the chance of doing this to his late wife – a thin waif of a woman who always insisted that they only make love in the dark.. She moaned with her head tilting back.

“Ooh!…ooh!…ooh! I’m coming!…Yeah!…Awwwww!…shit!” She shook and came and a juicy substance ejaculated from her– drenching his nose, lips, and chin.

“Oh, that was intense!” Her eyes were dreamy.

He picked up her panties and wiped the cunt juice on his face.

Finally she reached toward his bulging crotch and noticed at once a patch of wetness below the crotch of his faded Beylikdüzü Manken Escort blue jeans. He undid the metal button and she eased down the zipper and when the fly was opened, she took out his caramel colored cock and it was like 8 inches of throbbing meat where at the end of it dangles a strand of pre-come fluid. She slid down from the topside of the Isuzu and squatted on the ground in front of him and meditated for a minute at his straight uncircumcised cock which looked like it was carved from wood. She rolled the foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock a few times. Then she dragged it backward as hard as she could, so the head of his cock bulged out totally bare. Slowly, she pulled it forward again, and then nipped and nibbled it with her teeth. She bit it—not too hard—and stretched the skin backward as far as it would go. Then she ran her tongue tip all around, in between his foreskin and the head of his cock.

“I like pre-cum,” she said teasingly flitting her tongue on the peehole. Even in his cool demeanor, BB couldn’t conceal his excitement.

She smeared his cock from side to side across her lips while staring right into his eyes daringly. Judging by the look on his face, he was in seventh heaven, or even eight heaven. She licked his cock all around, and then she took it into her mouth, as deep as she could, turning her head sideways so that he could see how it made her cheek bulge out. BB could feel his cock’s foreskin unfolded deep in her throat. He never felt like this before in his life and he groaned deeply.

“Let me fuck you before I burst here and now!” She stood up and bent over on her elbows on the hood of the Isuzu. She arched her butt and perched one foot on the bumper.

BB lifted her skirt above her hips and spread her butt cheeks. Then he slid his cock through her backdoor pussy. It was slippery, soft, and warm. Soon he was thrusting like a beast that she felt that all of her insides were being pushed by his huge cock. After several thrusts, she called him to change position. She turned over to him, raised her leg on top of the hood and then made him enter her frontally so she could see how his cock slide in and out of her. Bixbie, silent and sweaty entered her anew. This way both of them could see how their sex mingled erotically. His cock looked like a fat red rosebud with petals clinging around it, and the petals were the lips of her cunt as he slides in and out of her. She kissed him and after that he exploded, flooding her cunt with his sperm. When he pulled it out, her cunt was brimming with his sperm and her cunt juice streaming all over her bottom and he massaged the head of his cock over her clitoris until she climaxed again.

When they were through BB asked her name.

“I’m Naomi. Naomi Waltz.”

“What’s yours?”

“Brett Bixbie.”

She pressed her head sideways on his chest and he embraced her lovingly.

BB didn’t know that Naomi Waltz is an Australian actress now making a big name in Hollywood.

* * * *

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