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Love Changes Everything Pt. 03: At Last

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All of my writing is fiction and the stories and characters are all products of my imagination. They were created for my fun and, hopefully, your enjoyment. Some of the events in the stories are not particularly condoned nor encouraged by the author but are there to create and enhance the story of the imaginary characters and their lives. Comments are always encouraged and carefully reviewed. All characters within the story that need to be are 18 years of age or older. Hope you enjoy!

This is the third and final part of a three-part story about Freya and the beginning of her sophomore year at college. It involves her family and some of the men she meets, the difficult decisions involved with that, and the results of those decisions. Part two will be published in about ten days and part three ten days after that. Feel free to leave comments. I use them to help with future stories.


Freya was to meet Grig again on Saturday, at one o’clock. She had been through two physics classes, watching him, listening to him, and, more than anything, wanting him again. Each time she looked at him, or their eyes met, it was a jolt to each. As much as she enjoyed the feeling, she wasn’t sure she could endure it for another ten weeks.

In mid-morning, Athena had taken her arm and led her away from the others.

“Freya, guess what?

“You’ve been chosen queen of—”

“Freya, don’t be silly,” Athena interrupted. She had a big smile on her face. “Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“And w-what did you say?”

“I said, yes. I know he’s always liked me and since I had that motorcycle ride, he thinks I’m pretty cool.”

“Did you tell him it’s a Ducati?”

“Yeah, but he didn’t know what that was.” Athena laughed, and Freya joined her.

So, Freya thought, her little sister, not quite so little now, was joining the boy-girl thing. She hoped her experience would not be fraught with roadblocks, as hers had become.

It was time for day two with Grig, and Freya was tingling from the moment she slid out of her bed in the morning. She had already told her mother that she would be going to the library to get ahead on her some research that she’d need for later in the semester. She quickly realized that ten weeks of providing excuses would be stressing her creativity.

She spent the morning helping Jessica clean the house. She had made a promise to herself that she would do whatever it might take to improve her relationship with her mother. She asked a few questions about cleaners and where they should be used. Jessica seemed to enjoy Freya’s interest, not realizing that it had a two-fold purpose. There was the improvement of the relationship, but also the practical side since she hoped she would need the knowledge when she and Grig were … married? She could use that word in her thoughts, if not aloud. There was another word, too, one that needed to come before “marriage.” All in good time.

Those thoughts were priming her for the afternoon with Grig. Those, and a few others that made her tremble when they thrust themselves into her mind. But she savored those thoughts and her body’s reaction to them.

After lunch, she stashed her bottle of Calvin Klein’s Escape in her backpack, remembering what he had said to her on Wednesday. It had been a long two days, made even more difficult by her having to sit in physics class, watching, when all she wanted was to be in his arms. The soothing sound of his voice as he taught helped her make it through those tempting times.

She hugged her mother and received a warm smile in return, feeling a little guilty that the new closeness she was seeking would be accompanied by the lies she’d be telling her. Harder would be lying to her father or brother, but it would be necessary, and she would do it without hesitation. One day, when it was finally known, she’d apologize.

She drove eagerly to Lot C, cruised until she saw Grig’s car and parked. As she was walking toward his car, she noticed two people walking toward her. Passing his car, she watched over her shoulder till they were finally out of sight, then backtracked and jumped into the back seat of the Acura. Something was different—the windows. Grig had covered them with a dark film that blocked the view of anyone on the outside. She was sure her heart was about to burst.

Ignoring the risk, she leaned over the front seat and kissed him.

The trip to his house went quickly, each sharing how their two days apart had been. In the garage, as the door closed, Freya was amazed at how different she felt this time. There was the anticipation, but none of the anxiety she had felt on Wednesday. She wanted to be in his arms, to repeat what they had shared then, but she was also anxious to learn more about him, to understand who he was and to become a part of his life as well.

There were no preliminaries as their hunger for each other was evident in the way their eyes met, those gray-blue eyes that had so enthralled her from the very first day she’d seen them locked with hers—no words necessary sarıyer escort nor spoken. Freya went quickly to the bathroom when they were upstairs and used the bottle of Escape liberally, remembering those endearing words he had spoken. Back in the bedroom, she found the covers turned back and a naked Grig lying there, waiting.

She was quickly undressed and settled into his arms, contentment filling her with its warmth, matched by the warmth of his body against her. He gently kissed her forehead.

“Aroma of Freya is wonderful,” he said. He nuzzled her neck, low purring sounds coming from deep within him.

“Freya, physics people like numbers. We live by them. I am no different. We have ten weeks, but not quite. Sixty-eight days are left to the end of semester. That much time until we can be … normal.”

She pressed against him, kissing his neck, then caressing it with her tongue. “This is my new normal,” she said, moving her head so their lips could meet.

He responded, his lips hard against hers, tongue probing, then caressing and dancing with hers. She felt his hand slide along her side, then grasp her breast, his thumb rolling around her nipple that hardened to his touch. She moaned as she felt his lips on her breast, his tongue teasing that hard nipple, his lips toying with it, pulling it, stretching it, feeling it grow even more.

He moved to her other breast, the same treatment repeated on it, her body responding to each touch of his tongue, each squeeze of his hand, each murmur as he teased and toyed with her.

His lips and tongue left a trail of dampness as they danced from her breast to her stomach and then her belly, pausing to savor her navel, and finally to that place where she ached for them to stop and stay. His tongue flicked, and her body responded to each touch, twisting, begging for more. It was almost more than she could endure, a new feeling that she couldn’t have imagined only a few days ago.

He kissed his way back up her body, tormenting her with each touch of his lips. Wanting him with an intensity driven higher by his every look and feel, she rolled to her back, her legs spreading, her arms reaching for him. She saw his arm go under the pillow, emerge with that little packet. He tore it open, rolled sideways, and then was quickly above her once more, pressing against her, parting her and entering to her gasping acceptance.

They were still for long moments, each lost in the feel of the other, anticipating more but enjoying just being where they were. She pressed her hips upward against him, eyes closed, and wanting more. She felt his hands on her cheeks, turning her face toward his. She opened her eyes to see his, just inches from her. His body began to move, slowly at first, his eyes locked with hers, his nose flaring with each breath, and then gradually faster. Freya countered each thrust with her own, her body responding to his being inside of her. That feeling was beginning to mount, the one she had only found last Wednesday. It was possessing her as he possessed her. Suddenly it was there, a loud moan escaping her as she spasmed in time with his thrusting, hearing his groan as they orgasmed in unison, eyes still locked.

For minutes, they lay there together, still joined, gasping for breath. Freya would have been content to stay that way forever. Grig rolled over, pulling her on top of him once more. She kissed him gently.

“Freya, if this were only Christmas time, ten weeks over, and you were here and could stay here, and we could share this bed for more than what we’ve just done.” As always, when he looked at her that way, she felt she might just dissolve away.

“It will be here, Grig, before we know it. I love our time together and am getting used to it, even if it’s only the second day. There’s sadness though that I c-can’t help when I think we have to part and go back to acting. This is my new reality — the other is acting, trying to be something we aren’t any l-longer.”

“Thinking sad thoughts brings back the stutter. We won’t do that anymore, okay?”

“Okay. I don’t like being sad.” She kissed him again.

“Good. That is settled. Now I will fix you a good Russian meal.”

A dreamy look settled onto Freya’s face.

“Will I get to go to Russia someday?”

“I don’t know why anyone would want to go to Russia, but, perhaps,” he answered, no smile on his face.

Freya bit her lower lip. There were things hidden within this man that she needed to uncover and understand. There was plenty of time.


On Monday morning, Freya got a text that didn’t surprise her. It was from Jarrod and he wanted to meet her for lunch. She had anticipated this day and the meeting with a certain amount of dread, as what she was going to tell him was probably not what he was wanting to hear. He obviously had his sights on her, had been setting things up, and was just waiting for the right time — today was probably going to be it. She fully expected him to ask her for a date and she would have to refuse and find a plausible reason istanbul escort for the refusal.

She couldn’t tell him there was another guy in her life. He might question and search for answers, even though it would be none of his business — she was allowed to have a private life. And that part of her life was undoubtedly private. She’d just have to wing it a little, see what struck her and what he might say. She was already seeing the problems that secret liaisons could create.

She didn’t know him well at all, as only the two lunches, and that few minutes over coffee, hadn’t given her much insight into what kind of person he was like. He had overlooked her unbidden anger at that first lunch and seemed willing to forgive and forget. Still, she had given him no hint that she wasn’t interested in at least having a date with him, maybe get to know him a little. If she did that, it would be easier to send him on his way. But with what had already happened with Grig, she wasn’t about to do that. She’d just have to live with the consequences, whatever they might turn out to be.

When she got to the Burgermeister Room, Jarrod was already there. He waved at her, a big smile on his face. That certainly didn’t help and she wondered if the look on her face might give him a clue as to her feelings. She tried to smile but wasn’t sure it was too convincing.

“Hey,” he said when she was at the table. He gestured for her to sit down. “Who’s buying today, since I forgot my dice?”

“Why don’t we ju-just split it?” she suggested.

“You sure? I’ll be happy to buy.”

“Splitting is good since we both bought once.” She wished she could add, “and it’s the last time we’ll be doing this.”

“Same order?”

“Sure, that’s fine.”

“I’ll go pick it up,” he said, as she handed him a five-dollar bill. She could have gone to order and bring it back, but she didn’t feel like arguing. There might be some of that happening before too long.

In a few minutes, he was back, and they ate and talked, Jarrod doing most of the talking with her responding only sporadically.

When the food was gone he looked at her, a quizzical look on his face. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

“Just a long weekend and I’m t-tired,” she responded, waiting for the words she dreaded hearing.

“Listen, this is the third time we’ve had lunch, plus that time with your friend at Starbucks. I think it’s time we had an actual date. So, how about Saturday night? That gives you a while to get ready.” He chuckled as he said that.

She took a deep breath and saw his expression change as she did. She was sure he had expected a quick “yes” from her.

“I’m sorry, Jarrod. I just d-don’t think this will w-work out. It’s not you, it’s m-me.” She was satisfied that was vague enough and put the blame on herself.

“Won’t work out? There’s nothing to work out yet. Let’s go out Saturday, and then we can see if it will work out.” He still had a reasonably large and friendly smile.

“No, Jarrod. D-don’t make this h-harder than it has to b-be. I just, well, I d-don’t want to.”

As she watched, the look on his face changed. His eyes narrowed, his mouth tightened, his expression darkened and he leaned across the table toward her. She quickly remembered seeing the look once before, when the fry had been knocked out of his hand.

“You fucking little cock-tease. Lead me on like this, then nothing. You’re a redheaded bitch, Freya. I hope the next guy you meet knocks you up and then dumps you. Better yet . . .” His voice trailed off as he stood up and moved around the table. Freya flinched when he was beside her. He bent over, close to her ear. “You fucking whore,” he hissed. “I hope you choke on those fries. Someday you’ll pay.”

Freya had closed her eyes and cringed when he started speaking into her ear. She cautiously opened them, turning her head slowly to be sure he was gone. She looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed what had happened. She was trembling. She’d been expecting a protest, but not one like this. He had used words and called her things that were beyond her imagination. She knew people talked like that but she had never heard it before – particularly directed at her. She was thankful that what had happened with Grig had happened when it did. Otherwise, she might have decided to try Jarrod as a boyfriend. The results could have been even beyond what she’d experienced today.

With him gone, her trembling eventually subsided and she was able to finish her burger and fries. Then, it was off for a fretful hour of study before physics class. This was her third physics class since Wednesday night, and she hoped she could get used to them. Already, just sitting there watching and listening to him, with her mind doing its remembering and vivid picturing, she had discovered her body was having the expected reaction to the pictures in her mind. She was either going to have to learn to deal with that or start wearing a pad in her underwear. Even her black pants and her ragged jeans mecidiyeköy escort couldn’t hide the telltale signs. Those reactions were perfect when they were together, but not so nice at other times.

The studying was a little erratic as Jarrod’s words kept running through her brain, despite her efforts to ignore them. She hoped she’d never see him again but knew that, if she did, he’d feel more of her anger than the brief little he’d seen that first lunch they’d shared. She had to swallow back the bile that rose into her throat as she replayed the scene with Jerrod. She wished now that she had responded to him somehow, perhaps repeating what he’d said so that everyone could have heard it. But that might have enraged him more and he might have struck her or done something else physical. Best to have left it alone she decided.

“Hey, there you are. I haven’t seen you for a few days. Everything okay?”

Amber sat down beside her, smiling that inquisitive smile she always seemed to have around Freya.

“Yeah, g-good,” she replied.

“Don’t get carried away with your enthusiasm.”

She decided she’d share with Amber. “Just left Jarrod a few minutes ago. It w-wasn’t very pleasant.” She hoped her stomach would stay settled if she shared this with Amber.

“You don’t look pleased about that.”

“He asked me for a date, and I refused …and he g-got a little nasty. Very nasty. He called me a cock-tease and a whore.” She took a deep breath.

“Holy shit. That’s scary as hell. Why did you say no? I thought you were kind of interested in him.”

Grrr, she thought. Why couldn’t Amber just leave things alone? Now she had to create something to tell her. Still, her curiosity was fairly normal.

“I don’t know. I g-guess I just thought about it and decided he wasn’t someone I w-wanted to go out with.”

Amber was silent for a moment that Freya thought dragged on way too long. She lowered her eyes and leaned toward her.

“Freya, what aren’t you telling me?” Her tone was very accusatory. When Freya didn’t answer right away, she continued. “Is it the motorcycle guy?”

“Amber, stop.”

“If it’s not him, the only one left is Dr. Lebedev. Freya?”

She had decided she wasn’t going to tell Amber and wasn’t ready to change that decision.

“Amber, in a f-few minutes I will be going to the physics building where I will sit for an h-hour and ogle Professor Lebedev. It’s something I enjoy d-doing. You met him. You said he was k-kind of delicious. He is, and I look forward to s-seeing him.” She smiled at Amber, realizing that she had not actually lied in what she’d said, but she hadn’t said it all either.

“Well, he is delicious … for an older guy.”

“I guess he is older. I d-don’t think about that I guess when I’m in th-the class watching him.” That was an accurate statement, and she didn’t think about that when she was in bed with him either. She felt herself tingle when she thought that.

“I’m not sure you’re telling me the whole truth, Freya, but whatever.”

“How are you and Austin doing? I haven’t s-seen him for a while.” She was anxious to change direction.

A grin enveloped Amber’s face. “Just fine. We’ll have to get together sometime, all three of us.”

“Are you pregnant yet?”

“Freya, my god. What kind of a question is that?” Amber’s face had taken on a stern, but almost guilty look, her cheeks reddening enough to be easily seen.

“You ask me questions, and I should be able t-to ask too. Plus, there’s something about your look that makes m-me want to ask that question again.”

Amber quickly looked from side to side, then whispered. “I am a week late, but that’s happened before. I’m not too worried though. We’ve always been careful.”

Despite Freya not yet having a chance to be late, Amber’s saying that jarred her just a little as she realized she had become susceptible to that possibility. “Safe sex” had a new and vital meaning with Grig in her life.

“You g-guys be careful.” She loved Amber and, even though they teased a lot, she didn’t want anything that would complicate her life.

“We are, Freya.” A sheepish grin appeared on Amber’s face. “Sometimes it’s not easy though.” She giggled. “You’ll find out one of these days. At least I hope so.”

“I don’t know, Amber,” she replied. “It may n-never happen.” She said that, hoping to deflect Amber’s repeated questions about Grig.

Amber grinned devilishly. “Keep going to those special meetings with your professor and who knows?”

Obviously, it hadn’t worked.

“He is fascinating. I’ll keep doing m-my best.”

She knew that one day, she’d share what was happening with Amber. She wanted to share it with everyone. What had Grig said? Saturday was sixty days. So now it was down to fifty-eight—still a considerable number.

“I better g-get to class,” she said. She gathered her books, waved at Amber, and headed for one more day of looking at Grig, listening to him and wanting him even more. They’d been together twice now and, despite her thinking that might make seeing him a little easier, it hadn’t at all. It seemed to intensify her desire for him and she was almost afraid to be too close to him before or after class, afraid she might give away what was happening. It was a struggle, but one she was cherishing.

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