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A Special Evening

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When you came to the door, I was ready for you. I’d been waiting and I was dressed in a sexy, black silk nightgown. You stood in the doorway for a moment to take in my appearance. When the light hit the nightgown, you could just barely see through it. My hair was let down and it brushed against my shoulders and framed my pretty face. The thin straps showed off my shoulders and exposed the clear, smooth skin. It had a steep, v-cut neckline trimmed with white lace and it came to mid-thigh. Although it hung loosely, it accentuated the curves of my hips and defined my breasts. I was wearing black stockings that disappeared up into the slip and your gaze traveled down to the black high heels on my feet. You tell me to turn around so that you could see my ass. The back of the gown was cut low and I feel your eyes follow the straps down to the small of my back where it comes together. You lift the bottom of the gown up and see that I am wearing lacy black panties. You also noticed that the stockings didn’t go up much farther then where the gown ended and that they were trimmed with white lace as well. I know that you like what you see.

You close the front door and lock it behind you. You grab a fistful of my hair in your strong hands to pull my head back and you proceeded to kiss my neck. You bring the other hand up to touch my breasts and the feeling of your hands rubbing the silk gown across my nipples instantly makes them hard. You whisper in my ear, “Lead the way to the bedroom. I have something special in mind”. It wasn’t until then that I noticed the bag you’d brought with you.

You tell me to sit down on my bed and to stay there. When I ask you what is in the bag, you say, “Be a good girl and speak when you’re spoken to or given permission otherwise. If you behave yourself and be patient, you’ll find out what I’ve brought for you soon”. It turns me on when you call me a good girl and you know that, so you don’t hesitate to say it when I do something that pleases you. I remain silent and attempt to be patient even though I’m squirming in my place and already becoming deeply aroused by the mystery of your plans.

You cross the room, bag in hand, to my bed but you put it on the floor when you go to sit next to me. You know that I’m only getting more curious and anxious to know what the contents of your bag are and I know that you’ll keep me waiting until you think I’ve been teased enough. I begin to feel my submission and it’s a feeling that I revel in.

You begin to touch my breasts through the gown and I start to get aroused as my nipples, once again, become hard beneath the touch of your knowing and capable fingers. You slide your hand down to my belly and stop there. You can see how much it turns me on and you love do to tease. Your hand goes back up to the back of my neck and you start to play with my hair until my eyes close in pleasure. You know how this practice turns me on.

You violently grab my hair and snap my head back to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears. It’s a welcome pain that makes my body tremble with pleasure and anticipation. You hear me start to breathe a little heavier and this encourages you tuzla escort to kiss farther down my neck, towards my breasts. Your other hand slides under my gown to spread my legs so you can touch me through my panties. The feeling of the lace rubbing against my shaved pussy is too much and I let out a sensual groan. I’m getting so wet that you can feel it through them, but you don’t slip your hand inside. The urge to protest strikes me, but I hold my tongue. I know that even a simple know would warrant a severe punishment from you since you’ve made it clear I was not allowed to speak during this session.

You ask me if I like it or if I want you to stop, even though you know the answer. I barely manage to do anything more then breathe the words, “No, Sir. I don’t want you to stop.”

You instruct, “Beg me, my sweet little slut.”

“Please, don’t stop, Sir. I want you to keep going, please”, I say in response. I can see how turned on you get by this, but I know that that wont be enough. I know you well enough to expect that you’ll instruct me to say what you’d like to hear next. And you do.

“Tell me that you’re my nasty little girl. Tell me what you want, cunt. Tell me that you want to be my little slut. Tell me how much you like it when I use you. Tell me what a naughty cunt. You like it when I hurt you, don’t you bitch? Tell me slut!”

I keep my head down while I tell you what you want to hear. The humiliation of saying these things makes me wetter still and I can feel the moisture spreading to my thighs.

You put your strong hand on the back of my head and force me over your lap. You tell me to keep count and if I lose count, it will mean another 20 swats for me. Often I consider intentionally losing count, but I never dare.

As you inflict 20 hard, quick and sharp smacks on my ass, I begin to grind my pussy against your leg and you remind me that I wasn’t permitted to move. You consider the punishment for this and you decide that it earns me a flogging.

You stand me up in front of my canopy bed with my back facing you. You remove 4 scarves from your bag, I assume, and tightly secure my arms and legs to the posts. I received 20 hard strokes. 3 over each breast, 3 on the inside of each thigh, 6 on the backs of my legs and my ass and 2 lighter strokes on my already dripping wet pussy.

You tell me what a good little girl I am and ask me if I’m ready to find out what’s in the bag. I eagerly nod my head and reply, “Yes, Sir.”

You open the bag and remove from it different kinds of restraints. I’m excited and fearful at the same time. I have never been restrained with anything but scarves before.

You undo my existing restraints and instruct me to lie down on my back. I cannot see the bag.

I watch you intensely as you take my hands and securely handcuff them to the bedposts. I let out a small gasp. You ask me if it hurts and I reply with, “No, Sir.” You accept my answer and continue. You know that it’s a lie and I instantly know it’s one I’ll regret. You tell me that you are not training me to be dishonest and that I’ll be punished accordingly for it later. A shiver göztepe escort of excitement courses through my body. The thought of punishment excites me. I feel your possession of me and it sends little thrills up and down my spine.

You take my legs and spread them apart and secure them to something. I push against it testing it. I think it’s a spreader bar. Something you told me once that you wanted to use with me. Testing the restraints tightened them and this time I let out a little moan of pain.

You ask me, “Did that hurt?”

I know better then to hide it. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry for my dishonesty before.”

I resolve myself to submit. I enjoy the helplessness and control you hold over me, but it’s still new and frightening. I only began my training a month ago and although I had made considerable progress, as you told me, I have still not become comfortable with complete submission.

You continue to check and see if the restraints are secure. When you are satisfied, you blindfold me and I want to speak and tell you that I am becoming a little more nervous. I decide it’s best to hold my tongue. I trust that you will do nothing to injure me.

Regardless, I feel a momentary stab of fear waiting there for you. It leaves me as I feel you start to caress the inside of my thighs. You remind me that I am safe with you and that you care for me. Your words work and it puts me to ease.

Your hands stop and for several minutes I feel and hear nothing. It feels like an eternity. I wait until I get too nervous and as soon as I decide to speak and ask if you’re there, I hear a movement in the room and I turn my head towards it. I begin to relax again when you place your big, hard cock in my mouth. You have a very big dick. At nine inches, it’s one of the largest I’ve ever had and I take a moment imagining how full you make me feel when you’re inside me.

I begin to suck the head of your erect penis, and start slowly licking my way down the shaft. I run my soft, hot, wet tongue up the underside of your cock until I reach the head again to take it into my mouth.

I take in as much as I can, sucking hard and bobbing my head as much as I can manage. You take hold of my head by my ears and begin to fuck my soft mouth so that I can take more of you. As I hear a soft moan escape your lips I know that you are close. I try to relax my throat as your thrusting increases in speed. I try and push my chin against your balls to massage them and aid you in your fast approaching orgasm. You let out a throaty moan as you cum in my mouth.

“Swallow you little cum slut”, you order. And I obey. I swallow as quickly as I can so as not to spill any. I believe you may punish me for spilling.

You lift the nightgown up over my head and I can feel the silky material hanging from my arms. You touch me through my panties but this time you slip your hand inside them. You start to rub me with two fingers, circling my clit and my back arches to meet your hand. Then you stop.

I feel very disappointed until I hear you removing your clothes. I realize my senses are now sharper, having become accustomed üsküdar escort to my blindness. I can even hear you breathe.

All of a sudden I feel something cold against my skin. I freeze when I realize that you’re cutting my panties off. The fear that the gesture provoked makes me wetter. I’m really excited now and I can’t wait for you to fuck me.

You climb on top of me and fondle my breast and nipple while you bite down on the other. You push your hips against mine to tease me. Your dick is erect again and I try maneuvering myself so that it goes inside me.

You are not ready to give me that pleasure and you lift yourself up and straddle me so that you can slap my breasts and my pussy.

Then you do something that surprises me. You whisper in my ear that you want to taste me. You have never pleased me orally before. I almost cum at the words.

You insert two fingers deep into my soaking wet pussy and begin to pump them in and out of me while you flick your tongue across my clit.

I cannot contain myself any longer and I let out an intense moan. You begin to suck my clit and thrust your fingers in me faster. My moans turn to screams and I have my first orgasm of the night.

You climb back on top of me and thrust in so hard and deep that it takes away my breath.

You fuck me hard and fast until I cum, but you are relentless. You keep going and I cum again and again.

I lost count of my orgasms and I am now lying limp with exhaustion, trying to catch my breath. You untie my arms and legs and instruct me to be a good girl and not to move until you move me. You bend me over on my hands and knees and refasten my arms to the bedposts.

I’m on my hands and knees waiting for you to fuck me more but instead you slap my ass. I’m moaning as you spank me and tell me that I’ve been a bad girl for the lie I told earlier. I lose count of the spanks as I begin to weep. My ass is on fire and I want to reach around and rub it, but my arms are restrained. Even then I wouldn’t have dared move without permission while we were playing.

You grab and pinch my ass, sending sharp pains through me. You warn me that you want to take my virgin ass. You wet me with my own juices and play with my clit as you slowly push inside me. I don’t feel any pain and I begin to orgasm again.

As violent orgasms continue to rake my body you tell me what a slut I am. You call me harsh names that excite me more then they upset me when I feel your hot cum shooting into my ass.

Then you grab me by the hair and pull hard as you enter me and begin to fuck me doggie style.

When you’ve cum again, you pull out and grab my tits from behind and squeeze hard. I cry out in pain and you squeeze harder. You like my moans and screams of pain and the pain is pleasurable to me. As you’re squeezing my nipples you start to play with my clit and it’s so sensitive now that I orgasm right away.

I feel as if I’m going to pass out. You’ve given me the most intense orgasms of my life.

I wake up in your arms with you stroking my face and hair. You place butterfly kisses all over my face. You tell me what a good girl I was tonight. You lovingly tuck me into bed and gingerly but passionately kiss me. You say you’ll let yourself out and that you’ll be seeing me again soon.

I slip into a deep and peaceful sleep and have dreams about our next encounter.

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