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Church of Swallowing: Hanna

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An hour later, the buzzer hit again. I groaned at it and had to prepare for what was going to happen next. It took me a couple of minutes to crawl over to the door.

“Yes?” I said.

“It’s Hanna,” was the reply to my query, “I heard you were feeling ill, let me up and lets see what we can do about it.”

I realized at this moment what they were all plotting.

They were plotting to kill me, but what a way to go. I unlocked the door to let her up. I heard banging down the hall before I heard the knock at the door.

“Comeon in,” I said as I sprawled out on the couch and in graced the lovely Hanna. Lovely. I love redheads, which explained why I was with my ex for so long as it was. Hanna was tall for a woman, easily standing at 6 foot without heels, and then she had her own grace and confidence to add heels onto that on most days. She had her curly/wavy long red hair in a bushy ponytail behind her head as she carried in a massage table.

“You look like hell,” she said as she set up the table, “I thought I’d help you out before your big visit.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” I said, but I drank in her shape. He knew she had an athletic body from previous times with her, but here she was, dressed down in slippers, pajama pants, and a hoodie. Maybe she was actually here to give him company. Hanna did massage therapy for a supplemental income. Many guys in the office knew about it. In fact, many men in the office got smacked with sexual harassment warnings in her behalf when they asked her how much it was extra for a “Happy Ending.”

She had simply told those guys in particular that asking the question itself automatically removed them from ever being a client. Yet every time someone whistle blew on her behalf, she simply laughed about it.

“Go and take yourself a shower,” she said, “and come back here and I’ll give you a massage. I don’t want you going off and doing something stupid cause you aren’t relaxed when you see your ex later.”

“It’s a nice thought,” I said, “But I don’t have any cash.”

“This one is a freebie. It will set your mind at ease, and if I know a few others, they probably wore you out,” she smirked at me. Yeah, she was the crew leader. She knew. Silly me for thinking that this massage was actually going to be innocent

I went and I showered. Twice while working, I actually got a massage from Hanna. They were heavenly, and even though we’ve fooled around, she was professional about the ordeal. While I do help relieve some of her tension, when it comes down to the massage craft, she keeps it serious. So, I cleaned up, all the while thinking, “Why didn’t I shower after Tracy left? I think I got strawberry seeds on my nuts!”

I lathered, and clean boxers and a towel. It was all going to be innocent right. I walked back into the living room and she was naked!

With the ladies, I never saw any of them fully naked. Sure, I’ve seen the important parts naked, but they always kept some sense of clothes on. This is the first time I saw Hanna completely naked and she was a vision of loveliness that I couldn’t believe was being hidden from me. She undid her hair so it was in a long tangly mane and had parted it over her shoulders so it hung down just above the nipples of her firm breasts, each adorned with a nipple ring. She had shaven since the last time I saw her pussy, from a minor red bush to a simple landing strip. I just stood awestruck and she walked over to me, and smacked me lightly on the ass, pointing me down to her massage table that was set low to the ground. My cock started to cry in my shorts wanting to go up for round four!

“Go lay down,” she said. Who was I to complain, and I did just that. I might have been right in the first assumption about the fact that they were trying to kill me. I laid down, and let her do her own magic.

Quiet honestly, I just let her do her work. I did say she was serious at her craft and she was. Hanna wasn’t just a masseuse; it was like she was bağdatcaddesi escort a chiropractor too. She bent my shoulders and arms and neck and other body parts in ways that made me cry for mercy, but when she was done, it was worth it. There should have been things sexual about the whole thing, after all, she was naked and pretty much a goddess.

She flipped me over onto my back and continued her assault on my body. I moaned, I groaned. I did so much moaning and groaning I shouted “I’m gonna cum!” as a joke. She smacked my thigh in response to that one. There really was no talking in-between us except me going “oh yeah, right there, oh god.”

So I laid there on my back, exhausted. The only muscle on my body that was getting any tension, and due to the fact that I already let off steam multiple times today, wasn’t fully tense. I just enjoyed the pleasant throbbing of circulation properly going back through my muscles, as the tension was gone in general.

“Do you still love Tina?” Hanna asked.

“I’ve survived without her,” I said breathlessly, “Why?”

Hanna took my hand and pulled me up to my feet, causing my dick to flop down into my boxers. She looked down and laughed a bit, walked me to my bedroom, pushing me back.

“It was mostly intel that I got today…she’s going to try to win you back tonight,” Hanna said, “She got advice from a friend of a friend, who spoke with Cadence about it. Hence the multiple visits.”

Hanna straddled herself over my boxers and leaned down and nibbled at the nape of my neck. If I didn’t just have the most awesome massage I would probably just flip her over and eat her out like normal, but instead I laid back and relaxed and let her nibble.

“We don’t like her. Yet, if you do go back with her, just know that we’re not going to abandon you in case she fucks around on you again. Granted you have four married women that have been going to you for various needs that their husbands refuse to, or can’t meet.”

“I’m not complaining, though I’m a bit of a hypocrite,” I retorted, since I was helping wives cheat in one way or another on their husbands. Still the talk, the feel of her breath, lips, tongue, and teeth on my throat and lowering toward my chest brought my cock back to life, “If you keep it up though, my rod is going to accidentally go where it never goes.”

“Hmmmm…” was all that came out of her mouth. She raised herself up from me and ground herself down on my cock, “Well it would be a shame to let this go to waste… I think we can do something about it.”

“While I’m up for helping you out Hanna,” I said, “While my own shaft might be…”

I was interrupted by a rip on my boxers as she used her nails and tore them off completely. She ran her fingers over my balls and cock, “Let’s cut the chit chat and just fuck me.”

My mind exploded at this point. It’s always been a handjob, a blowjob here, a titfuck there, mutual masturbation, giving them a good tongue-lashing. She looked at my dumbfounded expression, “Hmmm…Maybe I need to give you some incentive.” She slid her way up my chest and placed her wet pussy right at my mouth and proceeded to rub it against my lips. I knew what to do at this point and started by biting gently in the inside of each of her thighs. It caused her to lose her balance for a moment but she regained it quickly. In response, I started to lash my tongue up and down her slit repeatedly.

“Mmmm…see, my husband was ordered to stop taking viagra… and now that he can’t have his needs met easily, well, that means the little he did give, oohh yea, rub my clit, is now non existent,” I rubbed her clit with my nose as my tongue slurped at her pussy. She ground down on my face, “So I settled. I had you to give me…oh god… good pussy eating and I gave you repayment… and…” at this point I couldn’t hear her. She locked her thighs around my ears and started to ride my face. She kept good balance beykoz escort as my fingers slid inside her wanting cunt, my lips locked around her clit with a perfect mixture of vibration and suction. I knew she was talking, and then I knew she was screaming. My dick was so hard I probably could have gotten away with calling it John McClane.

Then I felt what I normally felt, the waves about to crash down on her. I prepared myself for the flood of juice that was going to invade my mouth but she lifted herself up, “No, I want cum while you fuck me. You’ve been visited enough today, you should last for a while,” she smiled while catching her breath. She crawled away and presented her ass up in the air, “Go ahead, take it.”

I shot up like a dart, and got behind her. I slid my hand between her legs and pinched her clit. She gave a sharp gasp, “Stop playing and fuck me already,” she said wiggling her ass. She joked that she said she didn’t have any ass, but it was a great one in my book, so round so firm so fully packed, and not overly ghetto booty. Instead, I lined up and slid my way in. It was heaven as I felt her pussy muscles squeeze on my cock.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” I gasped feeling her with my cock for the first time. She simply gave groan that sounded as ugly (or sexy depending on your view) as sin. This charged me up and I started thrusting away. She started pushing back at me causing loud slaps to happen between my thighs and her ass.

“Fuck me damnit, fuck me harder!” she snarled, she turned her head towards me and reached out with one of her manicured hands and raked her fingers across my chest, causing red welts to come out, “I’m going to try to break you, you better try to break me back!”

That as a challenge I had to take. In response, I reached over into her red tangles by the base of her scalp and sunk my fingers into her thick hair, yanking her head back causing her to shout in pain briefly. I’ve always wanted to have her bent over and just pull at her hair. It started to be a contest.

“I’m going to make you come first,” I growled in her ear.

“You fucking already did, so you better make me cum multiple times,” she grunted back at me. We just made animalistic grunting sounds at each other until my knees got sore. I pulled out and flipped her over on her back, and stabbed myself right back into her.

We picked up where we left off, she wrapped her legs around my ass and thrusted herself up at me while I slammed myself down back at her, trying to break her leg lock, but she was having none of it. I felt her body stiffen under me and I felt her juices float over my cock and onto my balls. I bent down and took one of her nipple rings in my teeth and pulled, which caused her to scream as she bucked wildly against my cock, she growled her orgasm so deep in her throat it was almost a gurgle.

Our bodies were drenched in sweat, as we moved to a spoon position until she came again. She threw me on my back and rode me reverse until she came again. She was unstoppable. I think she was trying to kill me. She spun around and road me, her nails digging back in my chest, her hair matted against her face with a look of pure determination.

“I know that look in your eye,” she panted. I was all fucked out and I think she could have went on for hours, but she was right about the look, “You’re going to cum… hmmm…” she proceeded to slowly ride me in teasing, I simply groaned, “Should I let you cum in my pussy for the first time? Hmmm…” I didn’t say anything, if I said anything it wouldn’t come out in English. It was best for me to shut up, “Nah, I wouldn’t be a good little Saint of the Church of Swallowing if I did…” her body tensed up and I reached up and pulled her nipples again as she let off one smaller orgasm. She rose off my cock and took it down her throat without a pause. As my head hit the back of her throat my balls painfully squeezed and it felt like I was cumming forever… bostancı escort but mostly shooting blanks if anything at all. She sucked and squeezed and licked, and looked up at my body giving my cock one long last lick up the underside before climbing up and giving me a peck on the lips, “We need to gang up on you more often if that’s what I’ll receive.” She had a look like the cat ate the canary. All I wanted to do was lay here with her body against mind and have my brain stew in the moment.

Instead, she bounded up like she just didn’t have an hour and a half of body breaking sex, and walked into the living room. She came back in fully clothed a couple of minutes later, “Bye sweetie. It’s 7:30, you might need to take a shower before you head to get your stuff at Tina’s.”

I groaned.


Three Months Later

I’m now sitting in the doctor’s office getting my nose checked. Tina punched me in front of the doctor. She had a lump at her stomach of the current pregnancy. She claimed it was mine. The tests that were done said otherwise.

Now I understood the plot behind the Church. They wore me out. That night Tina tried everything in her normal arsenal to try to seduce me. Nothing happened. Nothing was coming up. She was forced to go into more debauchery then before. Things that she would never do. Things that she claimed scared her, and I was able to rise to the occasion, barely, once more. When she found out that for me it was just sex and I wasn’t interested, she got pissed, called me a lousy lay and I left with the remainder of my stuff.

Then she was pregnant and said the baby was mine. I didn’t believe it, and with all the work that happened before we got together that night, I didn’t have any ammo left. The odds were in my favor unless I was accidentally trained to create super strong sperm. It wasn’t mind from the tests they were able to do, so she punched me. I’m not pressing charges, since she needs to find out who her baby’s daddy is.

I’d like to say that I was getting nailed every other day afterwards by everyone, Cadence, Sara, Tracy, Hanna, but that wasn’t the case.

Things didn’t go that far again with Hanna, and quiet frankly I needed a break. The first month afterwards, they hardly touched me, but the eyes were still there. Month Two I got molested only once by Tracy to break in her new Escalade properly and after that every other week one of the other girls besides Hanna had me. I just took things like a good boy. When I got out of the doctors meeting all the women fussed over me, and laughed at my jokes of how my looks would improve now. I didn’t get any sympathy head. Quiet frankly I would have refused it. They could take advantage of me when I could breath out of my nose properly.

After I got everything on my nose removed I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and stood a girl that couldn’t be more then 18 that I knew just started working here. She was dressed a bit like she was at a Goth club, so that meant she could have been working anywhere from the mailroom to call center. She had long straight hair that was black with red and purple stripes going through it. She wore a black lace choker around her throat, a AC/DC T-Shirt with ripped stocking like arm covers coming from under it, a red plaid skirt, fishnets, and black leather platform shoes. She also wasn’t a toothpick. I like my non-toothpick women.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, my name is Roxy,” she said. Nice full lips with black lipstick. I felt like a dirty old man. “I was told to give this to you and get your reaction.”

She handed me a folded heavy piece of paper that was taped closed. I realized it was photo paper and pulled the tape off. Inside of it was a spread of photos Hanna must have taken quickly before getting dressed, as she was still sweaty. There was a printed note on it.

“We are sending you apprentices. This one is Tracy’s. Do good to them and I’ll personally take your status reports… the right way.” It had a kiss mark on it.

I groaned and leaned back in my chair, Roxy smiled a wide smile. She leaned down and whispered, “Just let me know when you’re available, I’ll bring a leash,” and she turned around and walked away.

I don’t know what those women had in mind for me, but hopefully I’d survive to find out.

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