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Duchess Ch. 01

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Another hotel bar in another city. The life of a traveling salesman. I’m not complaining. I enjoy it; I always have, but it’s the same scene over and over again. A bar with too many men in it, all trying to one up each other with road warrior stories.

I sat, nursing my Jameson’s on the rocks, reading one of my favorite books, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, by Milan Kundera. I am a 47 year sales manager from Phoenix, divorced, but in a relationship, that was good over all, but just had something missing. I’m in pretty good shape, could certainly lose a few pounds brought on by numerous restaurant meals. I have blond hair, blue eyes and believe that I am reasonably attractive.

I continued to sip my whiskey, not paying close attention to anyone around me, until she walked in with a group of men. She had beautiful caramel skin and a presence that dominated the room as soon as she entered. I noticed others around me take notice also. I watched as one of the men pulled out her chair. As she sat, her skirt rode up just enough for me to glimpse the top of her black stockings and a hint of the garter belt that held them up. I mis-swallowed my whisky, coughing it back up. Everyone in the room looked at me with a touch of concern except her. When I looked up, she was staring at me, a twinkle in her eye, and a small predatory smile on her red lips, as if she knew what had caused my choking.

I tried to continue reading, but my eyes kept straying to her, to her legs, to her demeanor, the way she handled herself with this group of men. It appeared to me that she had them eating out of the palm of her hand. Each time I looked at her, she seemed to sense it and casually look my way, 1080 porno with the same satisfied smile. I would immediately turn red and glance down at my book, willing myself not to look at her.

The next time I looked up, they were gone. I immediately felt a sense of emptiness. A sense that I missed something important. I finished my drink and was waving for the bartender to bring me the bill when I felt a presence next to me. I turned and there she was, smiling. Her hands absently stroked her thighs and I immediately dreamt of what lay underneath her red skirt.

“Do you always spend time staring at women in hotel bars?” she asked.

I had a million great lines in my mind, like “No, only the most beautiful ones”, but what came out of my mouth was “Sorry. I didn’t mean to”

She laughed, enjoying my discomfort. “Why don’t you buy me a drink? I’ll have what you’re having.”

I nodded, afraid to speak and waved again at the bartender. “Two Jameson’s on the rocks, please” He nodded, filled the order and walked away. The woman picked up her glass, toyed with the swizzle stick and clinked her glass against mine.

“To new friends.” She raised the glass to her lips. I saw her tongue peek out between them as she took a sip. “I saw what you were reading. It’s one of my favorite books, but if I had written it, I would twist things around a bit.”

“Really?” I said, “How would you twist it around?”

“I think you know. It is such a sensual book with hints of dominance and submission. Tomas tries to dominate, but it is obvious that Sabina holds the real power. If I were Kundera, I would’ve explored Sabina’s power over Tomas and his obvious 2 k porno submission.”

I didn’t know what to say. Somehow, she knew. She knew my deepest thoughts and desires. I blushed and took a sip of my drink to fill the gap of my silence.

“You understand what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

I slowly nodded.

“What’s your name?”

“Mike,” I said reaching out my hand.

“You can call me, Duchess, for now,” she said, reaching her hand out, palm down. I instinctively knew that I wasn’t supposed to shake her hand. I took her hand in mine, her warmth shot through my body as I brought her hand to my lips, placing a soft kiss just above her slender fingers.

She smiled, “Good boy.”

I blushed again, which I saw gave her pleasure. “Are you here on business?” I asked.

“I live here, but I am self employed and also travel.”

“Were those your co-workers?”

“I don’t have co-workers, babe. Those were my employees. Employees that would do anything to be in my good graces.” She paused, “So what would you do to be in my good graces, babe?”

I found myself answering immediately, instinctively, with the need of thought. “Anything, Duchess”

She laughed again. “Babe, you have no idea what you’re getting into.” She ran her hand along my leg, stopping achingly close to where my hard cock was plainly visible. “How long are you in town?”

“For the rest of the week, Duchess.”

“How often do you come through Sacramento?”

“Once a month for a week, Duchess.”

“Good, I can work with that.” She finished her drink. “Walk me to my car.” I nodded and turned to finish my drink. “Leave that, I’m ready now.”

I 3 k porno immediately stood and she slipped her arm into mine. When we reached the door, I stepped up to open the door for her. She smiled as she walked through and my heart soared. What was I doing? How could she do this to me after meeting her only 15 minutes before. She pointed to a black Jaguar in the lot.

“That’s my car,” she said, handing me the keys. “Pull it around so I don’t have to walk through the lot.”

“Yes Duchess,” I said, taking the keys from her, a bit disappointed that our fingers didn’t touch during the transaction. I jogged across the lot and carefully opened the door. It was a tight fit, but I didn’t dare adjust the seat. I pulled the car to where she waited, left it running and opened the door. She sat down on the seat, but didn’t pull her legs inside the car. “I want you to do something for me, babe.”

“Anything, Duchess.”

“Kneel down and kiss my foot.”

I was shocked. “Here, Duchess?” I started looking around.

“Don’t look around. It doesn’t matter if the whole world is watching. I asked you what you would do and you told me anything. I don’t think this is too much to ask.”

I immediately went to my knees beside her car. As I lowered my head towards her shoe, I caught a glimpse of red panties. I gave her foot a quick kiss. “Now the other one.” I kissed her other foot and waited on my knees before her. “You may rise.”

I stood, awaiting her next command. “I think you saw something down there you shouldn’t have,” she said, staring at my obviously erect cock. “You will need to be punished for that.”

“Tomorrow, meet me at the bar at 4:00pm. Wear dark pants, no underwear and a blue shirt. In your right pocket, I want you to cut a small hole.” She pulled her legs inside the car and closed the door. She revved the engine, then rolled down her window. “One more thing, don’t touch yourself. I’ll know if you do.”

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