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Damian Ch. 03

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A ray of light cut through the darkness of the room hitting Damian straight in the eyes as he slowly awoke to the morning. It took him awhile to become orientated; he was still not used to sleeping in this huge bed, and enormous luscious room. It was Sunday, the weekend was almost over and he had to be back at work on Monday. Sure Slut had told him she was rich and her money was now his, but it did not feel right to him just to stop working like that.

His fantasies had been fulfilled in a very short period of time. He had become wealthier than he could ever have dreamed, he had gained a beautiful woman, no, slave, and he’d come in contact with a part of himself he had hidden away for years. But it had been too easy, his life had changed too sudden, and it had all fallen into his hands seemingly out of thin air with no real effort on his part. That was not how Damian had been brought up, you worked for what you wanted, and things did not come that easy.

Damian pulled the sheets off the bed and took a good long look at his slave. Again her beauty astounded him, he would never have even thought of approaching a woman who looked like Slut, thinking her unreachable. He would not have wasted any energy on attempting to gain what was unattainable. This had been his approach to life, go for what you can get and move slowly forwards, take baby steps and in the end all of the baby steps together would make a giant leap.

“Slut, wake up.”

“I am not asleep Master.”

“I am loaded with questions, I need to know more, need to understand that which seems to come to me. This cloak of dominance I am wearing feels so comfortable to me. But I do not understand it; I am not in control. My feelings are, my instinct, the dominance flows out of me but I am not the one directing the stream. This I cannot accept.”

“I do not understand Master, I have never experienced what you are describing. The club has an extensive library on dominance, might I suggest going there to research your feelings Master?”

“The club being the bar where you picked me up?”

“Yes Master, I am one of the founding members, since you own me you are a member if you so desire.”

“What is this club, I thought it was a bar, maybe a nightclub with some ‘kinky’ visitors?”

The club is many things to many people Master. To most it is a place where you can dress up, play some fantasies out and relax. To others it is a place where Dominants meet, show off their submissives, and talk about which is the most effective torture to use. To a select few the club is more than that, it is a place to meet, to talk, and discuss ideas, strategies, and is a home away from home. It is a circle where etiquette and rules dominate, where the strongest lead and the weak are eaten.”

“Good, let’s go. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered.”

“There is only one problem Master. They will not allow you entrance dressed as you are. You will need to wear appropriate attire. If you so desire I can have a suit ready for you within a couple of hours.”

“Well, what are you waiting for woman? Arrange what needs to be arranged and do not bother me with details.”

“Yes Master.”

Several hours, and a lot of phone calls later, Damian dressed in a black suit, and Slut dressed in a collar and leash, left for the club. At the entrance to the club, the same bodyguard from the previous night was standing at the door. On seeing Damian leading Slut by collar and leash, he bowed and opened the door. “Good morning Sir, hope you will have a fruitful and pleasant stay”. Damian heard the voice of the bodyguard but his mind did not register, it was filled with questions, questions, and more questions.

They entered through the same doorway which had begun the dramatic change in his life only two days earlier. It did not feel like two days to Damian, he could hardly remember how his life had been before. Slut led him through a series of passages until they stood in front of an ivory white door. It was a plain door. In the middle of the door at eye height, was a knocker made of black cast iron, a beautiful lifelike representation of male genitalia. Damian took a deep sigh, his mind filled with the possible horrors that might lay behind the door, but also with the hope that it would hold the answers he was so desperately searching for. The knocker thudded on the door, although Damian hardly put any force to it, the sound reverberating throughout the hallway.

For the following weeks Damian and Slut entered an almost uniform life of pure bliss. In the morning she would drive him to work, wait for him to finish work, then drive him home. After dinner, which she prepared specially for him, they would normally go for an hour or two at the club for Damian’s research, then Damian would feed both of their needs, fulfilling their hunger. The weekends were filled with actions that most would find too perverted even to speak of, let alone do, and now and then it would involve Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort Mary who had become a regular in their life. His life had never been better for Damian, even his career seemed to skyrocket; the changes inside him had not remained unseen by others.

Damian had made Frank, his everyday persona, more secure, more efficient, and more controlled in his actions. Gone were the days where he would come in half drunk from a night of carnivorous pleasures combined with booze. Damian was happy and fulfilled. If nothing had happened to change that, he would have remained like that the rest of his life. But something did happen, something unforeseen and tragic; something which would change Damian’s and Slut’s life forever.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning; Damian looked nervously at his watch, it was getting late and he did not want to spoil the surprise he had prepared for Slut, and their guest was not present yet. Where was Ebony? She was supposed to lead the naming ceremony. Damian had researched dominance and 24/7 relationships and found the naming ceremony and its place, in the lives of people such as they were. He had decided that it was time for him and Slut to enter a new phase in their relationship, she had given him a new life, she had made him whole….never before in his life had he believed in love, never had he even thought it was possible to feel another’s soul. But that was just what had happened between him and Slut, she had become his other half. He could be in a room full of people and would know instinctively where she was standing, he could feel her sensations and emotions, and sometimes he could even sense her thoughts. Never had he thought something like this was possible, but here it was. Damian was a cold hearted bastard, a sadistic pig with an ego bigger then any skyscraper, he loved giving pain to Slut, he would get aroused by her screams, the more he would deliver, the bigger his excitement and arousal. But he was also madly in love with her; she had become the centre of his universe.

Finally the doorbell rang. Slut was upstairs in complete sensory deprivation; she could not hear anything, feel anything, her world in darkness and silence. Damian had bought a special booth for this purpose, which he enjoyed using with her. He crossed quickly to the door, and on opening it found it was Marie.

“Oh, it is you; I had hoped it would have been Ebony”.

“I am sorry, Master”.

Marie had become the property of Damian and Slut. She had been placed in the lowest position in the household, although she did not live with them. In fact Damian had given her to Slut to play with. He’d noticed although Slut was his totally, her needs could not be completely fulfilled by being his slave alone, she also needed to dominate another. Damian had grown as a Dominant, and as a person, he had become more in touch with himself and understood so much better what was expected of him. Slut was his responsibility; there was nothing she would not try to do for him. He did not need to ask, only mention, he didn’t need to check on her, if he told her to do something she would. But for this power he had gained responsibility for her wellbeing mentally, physically, and in all ways.

“It’s OK Marie, you have done nothing wrong, I was just hoping it would have been the ceremony master. Undress and open the door when the doorbell rings.”

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Damian, but which in reality was hardly more than a couple of minutes, the doorbell rang and on Marie opening the door, Ebony entered the room. Her Skin was so black it had a blue tint, her breasts large and well formed. For a woman in her forties she was in remarkable shape, but what was more impressive than her appearance was her aura, it radiated dominance. She was a Domme, there was no doubt about it, and even if she hadn’t brought three male subs with her, everyone would have known. Ebony snapped her fingers and the three male slaves dropped to their knees in front of her. She had instructed them very carefully what was to happen. The male subs were all strong, healthy, good looking, men and all of them were naked and visibly excited.

“Well Damian, what are you waiting for, let’s gets this started”.

“Your right Ebony, I was waiting eagerly for your arrival so we could begin the festivities.”

Ebony and Damian spoke as equals, which in itself was a victory for Damian. Ebony was one of the most influential and respected members of the club. In the last couple of weeks she had become his friend. Although she had not become his official mentor, the conversations and exchange of ideas between the two of them had taught Damian many things. The most important she had been able to convey, had been the idea that with great strength comes great responsibility.

Damian went to his torture room and turned on the light a he opened the door to the booth in which Slut was locked. The light temporarily blinded her, as she Kurtköy Çıtır Escort stood tied to the wall with dildo and butt plug in place.

“My lord you have come, I was afraid you would leave me here.”

Damian did not respond, saying nothing, silence his torture of choice; he blindfolded her pulling her to her feet. Ebony’s subs made no sound, they did not move, as Damian entered the room again, Slut guided gently but firmly by his hand interwoven in her hair.. Their part in the celebrations had excited them and they were eagerly waiting the moment for which they had been invited. Damian forced Slut to kneel, blindfolded as she was; she had no idea what was awaiting her.

Damian looked to Ebony and nodded. Snapping her fingers again, the sound causing Slut to cringe, one of the male subs walked to where Slut knelt, forcing his large penis inside her mouth. Slut knew the moment the cock’s head entered her mouth it was not her Master’s. It was the first time Damian had allowed any other man but himself to touch her. The realization she was sucking a dick that did not belong to her Master caused her to hesitate. Immediately Damian whipped her back.

“Suck you bitch,” his voice loud but emotionless.

Being used by a complete stranger excited Slut. For the first time since being taken by her Master she had another man’s cock inside her. She resumed sucking the dick, excited by the idea of touching and sucking a dick that did not belong to her Lord; excited to be used.

Slut was quite aroused by now, happily sucking on the big cock in her mouth as her Master wished. It was then Damian pulled her away and threw her on the coffee table, belly down. Ebony snapped again, this time one of the other male subs took Slut from behind, in her ass; he also was quite large. His shaft glistened from the lubricant and entered quite easily as he began fucking her. Once again one of the male subs pushed his cock in Slut’s mouth, the moment it entered she realized she was to be taken by two men. This turned her on enormously and her juices were running down her legs. The dick she was sucking was so big she could not get it fully in her mouth, but she tried and did her best. The third sub turned his attention to the hole that was left. By now Slut was excited beyond caring; when he slowly started to push his tool into her pussy Slut started to make sounds of pleasure. Damian took a hairbrush he had put for this purpose next to the coffee table, and started to hit her on her back. This made her silent but also excited her even more. Slut was a real masochist, she loved receiving pain as much as Damian loved to deliver it.

Ebony’s subs were fucking Slut’s ass, pussy and mouth. She could feel the two big cocks moving around so close together and the size of them combined made it almost unbearable for her. The male sub in her ass could not hold back anymore, he pulled his dick out of her and moved so he could cum all over her face. Slut could feel the warm semen running down her face but did not forget her duty to the man in her mouth as she continued to suck vigourously. The absence of the spent sub left more room for the remaining one to fuck Slut harder and deeper in her pussy, so much so it became too much for her and she came, her juices flowing from her pussy. Her excitement communicated itself to the sub. Taking his cock from her pussy, he came over her back. By now semen covered her face and back, she was awash with it. Following suit, it didn’t take long for the third sub to cum also, taking his cock out of Slut’s mouth as his cum joined that of his fellow owned sub on Slut’s back

“Marie, come here and clean Slut, you know how.” Marie’s tongue licked the rich fluids from Slut’s back. Ebony’s fingers snapped again, and the tongues of the male subs soon joined Marie’s, Slut revelling in the sensation of four tongues licking and cleaning her all over. Damian spread Slut’s legs apart and himself fucked her deep in her pussy. Being very excited from what he had just orchestrated with Ebony’s help, it did not take him long to cum inside her. Damian removed her blindfold. Blinded once again by the light she looked around to see who the other men were. While his sperm still dripped from her pussy, Damian ordered Slut to put on her slave garment, which consisted of a short black leather skirt, and a small leather bra.

“From now on, in presence of these witnesses, I name you Catalina.” Damian’s voice was loud and clear.

“I have witnessed your naming, from now on she is known as Catalina.” First Ebony announced in a clear voice, her male subs echoing her sentence, followed by Marie.

“Catalina you are not allowed to wash, take a shower or clean yourself until I tell you understand?” Damian asked.

Catalina looked dazed, and she answered in a very soft whisper. “Yes my Lord”.

“I think it is time for us to leave; we have done what we were supposed to”. Ebony turned around and walked rapidly, but elegantly Kurtköy Elit Escort towards the door. Just before she left she turned around once. “Consider yourself lucky Damian to have found that which has eluded so many, you have found love where there was only hatred”. With these last words, she exited.

Damian looked into the eyes of his beloved; he had never felt so fulfilled or happy in his life. He heard the tinkling of broken glass just before the world turned completely black on him.

“Wake him up, it is time.”

The contents of a bucket of water were thrown in Damian’s face, waking him from his dark sleep in a state of confusion.

“Have a nice nap Damian? It has been a while, so long since I have seen you.”

Damian who was hanging by chains against a wall, looked up to see Bruce; The room was dark with no windows, if it were not for the torches, he would have seen nothing. The scent of death and foulness was so strong that it made him gag in revulsion. Damian could see just beyond the light of the torches, shadows moving.

“What are you waiting for, kill me and get it over and done with.”

“Kill you, why would I want to do that? What a boring revenge would that be, no my dearest enemy you are not going to have such an easy escape. I am not going to kill you, quite the contrary I am going to make you my slave.”

Damian looked into the fiery red eyes of Bruce, he was not sure what the other was saying and did not really care, “Fuck you, where is Catalina?”

“Catalina, Catalina what did I do what that girl? My memory is not what it used to be before someone stole from me what should have been mine,” the last said in pure anger and hatred. “You crossed me when you stole Tigress from me, you crossed me in the club, you crossed me when you refused to accept me as your superior. You are going to pay, pay with a pound of flesh and a gallon of blood”.

“What did you do to Catalina? I swear if you have touched Catalina…”

Before Damian could finish his sentence Bruce replied.

“What are you going to do, kill me, plant a sword in my chest, what can you do you little man, don’t you know what I am, don’t you realize how futile it is for you to resist me? I have the blood of a god running in me. I am a true Dominant. It is time, light the room.”

Torches were lit all over the room, and the light of the torches flooded every recess of the room. In the middle of the room was a stone altar, bound on it Catalina lay naked and completely immobilized, gagged so she could not make a sound.

“Nooo let her go this is between us, not her, leave her alone!” Damian screamed in agony seeing his slave in that vulnerable position out of his reach, his protection.

A smile crossed Bruce’s face; he was enjoying this.

“Let her go? No, I will use her for my first lesson. I am going to teach you what it means to cross me.”

“No you bastard, I am going to kill you, no, Catalina I love you. I swear I am going to kill you….Catalina…Catalina!” Damian screamed in agony pulling on his chains trying to get loose.

“Gag him, he is boring me, and cut his eyelids off, we would not want him to miss anything would we now?”

Bruce took a whip from one of the racks, it was a long single tail. He gave one practice swing with it. “Remove her gag I want to hear her scream, I want him to hear her scream.”

The whip descended on Catalina’s breasts, teasing, not with force, just flicking, hardly touching her. Catalina was not going to scream, she knew that was what that monster wanted; she was not going to give him that pleasure. Again the whip descended with much more force, cutting into her flesh. It felt to Catalina as if a hot knife was cutting into her but she kept her vow to herself. She did not make a sound. It was the only way she had to fight back. The whip descended over and over on her, on her breasts, her belly, her legs, not one place of her was left untouched. Her body felt as if it was on fire, the pain worse than anything she could even have imagined possible, but stubbornly she kept silent, holding on against all odds. Finding strength where only women can find it deep within herself, using her love for Damian to keep going. Again and again the whip descended.

“Scream you bitch, scream I want to hear you scream!” Bruce was furious, he could not accept Catalina fighting back like this. His face twisted in anger; he hit her again and again, over and over the whip descended on her following its merciless path.

Catalina knew she was going to die, was looking forward to it, she wanted to die to have the agony end, to end the pain, to not have to see her lover in agony looking at her suffering. Damian tried with every cell in him to get loose, the chains cutting into his wrist and blood ran down his arms. But to no avail, whatever he tried he could not get loose, and even if he would have, it would not have helped him. Catalina was starting to lose consciousness, the pain and the loss of blood were too much for her. Where she got the strength to fight back and not scream only the gods would know, but she was holding on to her pride. The only sounds that could be heard was the whip descending on her, cutting more and more flesh. Her whole body was bleeding now.

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