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Daughter Wants Cock

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Double Penetration

My daughter Amanda and her high school friends decided on a retro look for themselves. Although Amanda and most of her friends were eighteen they wanted to look younger. Amanda had let her blonde hair grow down almost to her ass. Amanda was almost six feet tall and she looked the part of being a young girl. She barely had any breasts and she had narrow hips.

Amanda also liked to go around the house wearing tight shirts and shorts. I had to avoid staring most days. My wife was not happy seeing my daughter dress like this, but we had told Amanda that when she reached eighteen she could start making her own choices. Part of my problem was that my wife had lost interest in having sex. We probably hadn’t made love in almost a year. It was hard not to look at my daughter these days.

It was early one Saturday morning. My wife had left the house to go on a shopping trip with her friends. I had decided I would clean up the garage that day. I was just starting to clean off the work bench in the garage when I heard the door going into the house open. Amanda walked into the garage with her usual outfit on. Her small nipples were showing through her shirt and I thought I could see camel toe pressing out of her shorts.

“Do you want some help Dad?’ Amanda asked.

I told her she could help me clean off the tool bench. We hadn’t been working for a few minutes when Amanda popped her question to me.

“Are you angry at Mom?”

Not angry, I told her. I was honest and told her that my wife wasn’t interested in sex these days. Amanda had said she knew something was going on, but she wanted to be sure.

“You know I love you Dad,” she told me.

I said I knew she loved me and I continued my cleaning chores. Amanda then walked over to me and put her arms Uzun porno around my neck. She leaned in and I thought she was going to give me a peck on the cheek. She ended up planting her lips on my mouth. I was taken by surprise, to be honest. It was a deep erotic kiss and I could feel my dick stirring inside my pants.

Amanda finally pulled back and started to shed her clothes. Thankfully the garage door was still closed. I finally got to see my daughter naked before me. Her small nipples were hard and her pubic bush was trimmed way down. She also shocked me by her blond pubic bush. Amanda went over to the work bench and climbed up onto it. She spread her legs and let me see her pussy lips.

I guess I was speechless at first. Amanda was offering herself to me. I paused for just a brief moment. This was wrong and I knew it, but I couldn’t resist. I pulled my pants and underwear off exposing my cock. I had to have Amanda, that was all there was to it. I went over to the bench and positioned my cockhead directly in front of my daughter’s wet opening and I push my mushroom past her folds.

I was getting resistance as I tried to enter her. The light bulb went off and I realized Amanda was still a virgin.

“I have been saving myself for you Dad,” she told me.

Here I was with my naked daughter, I was going to take her virginity in the garage. I kept pushing in and out until I finally broke through. I looked down and saw a dribble of blood at her opening. Her pussy was so tight. I slowly pushed into her. Amanda let out this moan. I eventually buried my dick all the way inside my daughter’s pussy. I took her for the first time.

I drove my hips into her pubic mound. Amanda had a tight grip on my dick.

“God, it’s Öğrenci porno so big Dad!”

My dick is maybe six inches in length, but it very thick and fat. I knew I was stretching my daughter’s pussy to take my fat rod. I went faster, sliding my prick into the bottom of her love tunnel. We were going at it fast and hard now. I must have fucked Amanda for almost a half hour or so when I felt my nuts starting to pinch.

“I better pull out,” I told her.

“No, don’t pull out Daddy,” she cried out.

There was no way my virgin daughter was on the pill and I was taking her with my bare cock. I just couldn’t bring myself to pull out now. I stroked her pussy a few more times and then I erupted. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping me as I poured my hot load deep into her belly. I had a large load stored up from no sex with my wife.

I dumped my hot cream in Amanda’s belly that morning. I kept feeding her my cock until I felt like I was empty. I stopped stroking and let Amanda squeeze her muscles to get the last of my cum from my dick. I finally went soft and pulled out of my daughter. Amanda stepped down to the floor. Her legs were shaking as she took some paper towels and cleaned herself up. Amanda picked up her clothes and walked back into the house.

I finally came out of my daze and pulled my pants and underwear on. I walked back into the house. I didn’t see Amanda so I walked down the hallway. Amanda was sitting naked on the edge of her bed.

“I wanted that for a long time Dad,” she said to me.

I knew I was going to have sex again with my daughter. I quickly got out of my clothes and stood in front of Amanda. She reached out with her hand and brought my dick to her mouth. Amanda started to lick the head of my cock with her tongue. I didn’t think I could get hard again so quickly, but I was wrong. A few minutes of that and my staff was hard once more.

Amanda finally stopped and got onto her back. I got up onto the bed and I spread her creamy thighs apart. I positioned my dick once more and I entered my daughter. This time I lifted her legs up and pushed them towards her chest. There was no more resistance this time. I slid my dick in the whole way and started to fuck Amanda a second time. Amanda was pushing back every time I thrust into her pussy. Her muscles were gripping me just as tightly as in the garage.

I took my daughter hard there on the bed. I had to have Amanda. All those pent up feelings came out there in my daughter’s bed. I fed her my cock for over an hour that morning. I eventually let go of her legs and I flipped her over so she was on top of me. I reached out with my fingers and was pinching her erect nipples. That got Amanda so worked up. I drove my dick up into her pussy and I shot another load of my cum into her belly.

I normally can’t cum so quickly, but Amanda had me so worked up that day. We ended up in the shower and I fucked Amanda one more time as the water poured over our naked bodies. Amanda placed her hands on the shower wall and I entered her from behind. Every time I thrust into her tight womb I could see her rise up onto her toes. I didn’t cum that time in the shower, but I could feel Amanda’s pussy going into spasms. God, did she crave cock that day.

We got cleaned up and dressed as my wife finally got home from her shopping trip.

“Did you two behave yourselves?” My wife Lisa had asked.

I think my face went red as I told her we got the garage cleaned up. There were no opportunities for Amanda and I to have sex the next few days. My wife was always nearby. I am now waiting for my wife to leave the house or go shopping again. Hopefully it won’t be long until I can have my daughter in bed one more time.

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