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The Seduction

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My heart pounded while I remembered her moans from earlier as I pressed her against the bathroom stall and I hurried to get inside the house and find her. Throwing the door open, I was surprised by the darkness as the warm smell of vanilla drifted over me. I closed the door quietly behind me, tiptoed into the living room, and found her curled up in the chair, bathed in the soft glow from the candles.

Smiling, I tossed my hat on the couch and kneeled down in front of her, listening to her breathing. I felt drunk as I watched her breasts rise and fall underneath the silk pink nightie. My fingers ached to touch her.

Sitting up, I brushed my lips across her cheek and whispered, “Hey.”

I leaned back and watched her nose twitching as she started to wake, her eyes fluttering open. A smile lit up her face as her eyes focused on me. Stretching, she said, “Hey. You’re home late.”

Reaching out, I cupped her check, tracing my thumb along her bottom lip.

“I had some last minute reports to finish.”

“I missed you.” Her tongue flicked across my thumb, then she sucked it into her mouth.

I let my fingers glide up her leg, wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close.

I stood up, bringing her with me. Her fingers fumbled at my waist as she unhooked my heavy belt and pushed at me to walk backwards. I stumbled a couple of steps back and then stopped, smiling a little as she pushed at me to move. I grabbed her thick hair, holding her still, as I licked and nibbled at her lips.

I heard the thump of my belt hitting the floor as we stood in the hallway kissing. Feeling her hands seize my waist, I moved backwards as she guided us into the bedroom. I felt the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed as she broke our kiss and stepped back. Reaching out I grasped her hand and pulled her back into my arms. I felt her heart thrumming as she snuggled against me.

“I’m not going anywhere. I just think you’re a little overdressed.” Her voice was teasing.

“I’m not the only one,” I whispered in her ear while pulling her nightie over her head. I watched, my mouth watering, as the silk brushed against her taut nipples.

Turning us around, I pushed her onto the bed. My blood pounded in my ears as her skin flushed under my gaze. I needed to feel the smooth tuzla escort curves of her warm body under mine.

“Don’t move,” I ordered while I stripped.

Her giggle filled my ears and I pulled up shirt over my head almost missing her singsong, “You’re not at work you know.”

Tossing my shirt to the side, I sensed her excitement as she lounged on the bed, watching me…waiting for me.

“I know exactly where I am and I know exactly what I want,” I said as I stepped between her legs.

I heard her sharp intake of breath as she glanced up at me, her eyes dark.

“I know what I want, too,” she murmured while her fingers reached out to touch me.

“Mmmm. I don’t think so,” I said as I grabbed her wrists.

Pushing her flat onto the bed, I settled between her legs as I felt her thighs wrapping tight around my hips, hugging me close. Holding her wrists in my hands as I leaned over to kiss her, I watched her eyes flick to the side. Following her gaze, my eyes fluttered as I saw that she’d laid out her favorite toys.

I grabbed the silk tie, my heart racing as I wondered who was doing the seducing.

Holding her hands gently in mine, I stared into her eyes and found only desire. I flashed her a little smile when she winked at me while I tied up her hands. She laid her arms back, above her head and arched her body up against mine. An electric jolt spread from my hardening nipples throughout my body as we moved together.

I flicked my tongue across her nipple, sucking it into my mouth.

She tasted faintly of soap when I laved her breast. I wanted to taste her. I needed to taste her.

I ignored her as she chanted, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I sucked hard at her breast and then soothed her with my tongue as the taste of soap faded away and the taste I craved, her, filled my mouth. Her moans surrounded me as I felt her shifting and rubbing against my hip.

Grasping her hips, I held her still, mumbling around her nipple. “Stay still.”

I smiled as I felt her fighting to calm her body down…to hold still underneath me. My hips felt cold as she relaxed, her legs falling open. I felt her pounding heart under my tongue as I sucked and licked a path across her skin and up the curve of her breast. Tonguing her nipple, I göztepe escort sucked her breast into my mouth, while my hands held tight to her hips.

I tasted her, smelled her, heard her chanting my name, and felt her soft curves and I groaned.

I licked up her neck, mesmerized as I saw her tongue dart out, wetting her lips. I pressed our lips together, kissing her. Our tongues brushed together and I wanted to swallow her whole. We moaned into the kiss and I was desperate for more.

Breaking the kiss, I lapped at her swollen lips as her eyes begged me for more. She thrashed her head from side to side and her moans filled my ears as I traced kisses down her body while holding her hips still.

“Shhhh. I promise to take care of you.”

I rested with my face between her legs for a minute, dizzy with heat. My fingers tingled as I slid them up her thighs, pushing her thighs open. Breathing in her scent, I felt drunk as my tongue explored her.

Closing my eyes, I ate her cunt, drinking in her smell, her taste and the soft mewling noises she was making in the back of her throat. My mouth watered as I licked at her clit, back and forth, her taste filling my mouth.

Trailing my tongue down, I slid it inside of her, licking and sucking as she wiggled beneath me. I felt my own body wet with desire, and I wanted more. I was pressing my tongue deep and rolling it back and forth, sucking in her wetness, when I realized that her fingers were pushing at my head.

Backing off, I smacked her ass and ordered, “Hands up.”

“Fuck me,” she begged pulling at my hair.

“No. You’re not behaving.”

Taking her hands, I stretched back up her body, rested her hands above her head and looked into her glazed-over eyes.

“Hey. Are you with me?”

“I need you to touch me. Please,” she whimpered.

I felt her entire body shuddering under my touch as I caressed her inner thigh. I kissed her swollen lips as my fingers stroked her clit. I massaged back and forth, moaning into her mouth when I felt her warmth surrounding me as I pressed my fingers deep inside of her.

Panting against my mouth, she begged, “Don’t stop.”

“I love it when you’re wet for me.”

Fingering her, I moved deeper inside her until I touched her smooth, flat spot üsküdar escort and I stroked at it, back and forth as her body arched into my touch. My blood was pulsing, my fingers coated with her wetness and wrapped in her heat.

“Oh god, you feel so good,” I groaned, her body so hot beneath me.

I felt her arms wrap around my head as she pulled me close and kissed me. She licked at my lips, her tongue warm as she pressed it inside my mouth. I sucked her tongue as my fingers moved in and out of her, faster and faster.

“Harder. Please. Harder,” she moaned into my mouth and my heart lurched in my chest.

Shifting, I moved my hip and pressed it against my hand as she chanted, “Oh god…yes…just like that.”

Rocking together, her panting and moaning filled my ears as I felt her shudder as her orgasm flowed through her body. My fingers felt a rush of wet warmth as she tightened around them.

We lay together as I felt her body relaxing.

“Untie my hands,” she breathed, her legs falling open.

I winked at her as I licked at my hand and untied her with my other hand. Sitting up on her elbows, she flicked out her tongue and licked at my fingers. I moaned as our tongues brushed against each other.

I felt her hand press down, between our bodies as she slid her finger between my lips, caressing my clit. Wrapping her other arm around me, I sighed as she rolled us over and hugged me tight. I felt warm and safe and desperate for her touch.

I moaned as she pressed her fingers inside me, stroking me. I closed my eyes, dizzy with need, as I felt her fingers teasing me…playing me. Only she knew how to touch me…to make me moan…to love me.

Her lips felt moist as she kissed me, moving our bodies together. Her fingers massaged my clit and I felt it throbbing. I moaned when I felt her three fingers deep inside me.

“Mmmmmm. I can feel you.,” I panted.

“You like that? Let me hear you,” she whispered.

I rocked my hips into her body as she stroked me faster…harder.

“Oh god…” I moaned.

My eyes closed as I felt the rush of heat flooding my body, her fingers caressing deep inside me, and I came.

“Yesss,” I hissed.

Blinking my eyes open, I met her gaze as she pressed her lips against mine.

Reaching down, I grabbed the edge of the comforter and pulled it over us. She settled on top of me, her lips brushing against mine as she breathed, “I was supposed to seduce you.”

“I’m always seduced by you,” I smiled softly at her as her eyes drifted closed.

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