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You’re My Bitch Now Ch. 09

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Rick had confessed everything to Chris, who hadn’t stopped saying sorry for leaving him alone. Chris dragged him back to the flat where Rick collapsed onto the sofa. Chris wrapped his arms around him and tried to get him to calm down. What Scott had done to him freaked Rick out, and it felt good to have Chris hold him tight until he got himself back under control. Chris kept apologising and Rick told him to stop. It wasn’t his fault he said, he’d been so star struck and Scott had just taken advantage of that. Calmer now, he said goodnight to Chris and stumbled to his room.

He lay in bed for a long time, unable to sleep, his mind thrashing around trying to understand how he felt. It had been stupid to go along with Scott, but he had felt so excited, and yet still ashamed. He must have drifted off to sleep, waking only when his alarm dragged him back to consciousness at 6.30. It was far too early, but he didn’t want to be late for Rhona. He showered and hesitated for a moment before sighing and pulling on a pair of his new panties. Rick loved the feeling as the soft material slid up his legs before settling around his little cock and balls.

Packing his overnight bag his fingers trembled as he picked up the purple bra and panties, together with the suspender belt and stockings which Rhona had told him to bring. He stroked the soft, lacy material and immediately his cock started to harden. He closed his eyes and for the umpteenth time asked himself what was happening to him. He felt like a moth being drawn towards the light, powerless to resist. He shivered as he tried to imagine Rhona had in store for him. It scared him for sure, but he couldn’t deny he was excited as well.

He arrived early at Euston Station, so he bought himself a coffee and sat down to check his e-mails. There was one from an address he didn’t recognise entitled Were you happy with what you bought? Intrigued, he opened it to see it was from the store where he had bought his lingerie yesterday. The colour rose to his cheeks as he recalled the embarrassment he had endured, but he also remembered how sweet the girl there had been.

Hi Rick. It’s Alice from the store. You bought some lovely lingerie from me yesterday. I wanted to ask if everything was all right with what you bought? Did it all fit OK? Let me know if there’s anything you’re not happy with. I really enjoyed serving you. It’s rare that I get to help someone as sweet as you. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, and I don’t do this with all my customers, but would you like to meet for a coffee sometime. Would that be possible? If it isn’t, don’t worry. But, if you do, call me on the number I gave you.

XXX Alice.

He stared at the screen, not quite able to believe what he was reading, his face reddening as it was obvious she had known it was all for him. But, she wanted to meet him? Was this some kind of joke? He was trying to make sense of what she had written when he saw Rhona walking across the station concourse. Rick slammed down the lid on his laptop, picked up his bag and hurried after her. He caught up with her at the barrier and she smiled when she saw him.

“Good morning, Rick. Let’s get on board, shall we?”

At least she seemed to be in a better mood than yesterday. She nodded to her bag, and it was obvious she meant him to carry it for her. It was one of those bags with wheels, so Rick carried his own bag and pulled Rhona’s behind him. Their carriage was at the front of the train and it impressed Rick to see they were in First-Class. Rhona went straight in, leaving Rick to struggle in with both their bags. He put both bags up on the rack and sat down to find Rhona looking quizzically at him.

“You look tired, Rick. Rough night?”

“No, no. I didn’t sleep that well.”

He couldn’t keep eye contact with her as he recalled what had happened to him last night.

“Listen carefully to me, Rick. I need you on your A game today. We have a long day ahead. There’s a lot of cleaning up we need to do, and the fucking idiots we employ up there have made it worse. I can’t have you moping around half asleep, don’t let me down.”

“I won’t Rhona, I promise.”

They spent the journey going over what they needed to do when they arrived and Rhona tasked him with some complex problem solving. He knew he could handle it, so long as he could focus. Somehow, the panties he was wearing had worked up the crack in his bum and he couldn’t get comfortable. Rhona noticed he was squirming around in his seat.

“What the fuck’s up with you? You’re driving me crazy twitching around. What’s the matter?”

Rick went bright red, “Nothing, I’m all right.”

He stopped for a moment but it wasn’t long before he started to jiffle around again.

“Rick, what’s the problem? You look like you’ve got your panties in a… Oh, so that’s what it is.” She smirked at him and Rick went even brighter red.

“Go and sort yourself out, for God’s sake.”

Rick scuttled down the carriage to the toilet, rearranged istanbul travesti his panties and not for the first time wondered what he had ever done to deserve this. When he got back to his seat, breakfast was being served which saved him from any more comments from Rhona. It was bad enough she spent the entire time smirking at him. He ate his food, looking out the window as much as he could to avoid her eyes.

“Rick, look at me.”

He dragged his eyes away from the view and looked at her.

“Did you bring what I asked you to?”

He nodded, unable to speak.

“That’s good, we will have such a lovely time together, after we finish work.” he shivered as he tried to imagine what she meant.

It wasn’t long before the train pulled into Manchester Piccadilly and they grabbed a taxi to go to the offices. Once there, it was clear to Rick that Rhona’s reputation had gone ahead of her as the guys in IT seemed terrified of her. One guy tried to stand up to her and Rick saw her eyes flash. Rick jumped in and suggested a solution which seemed to calm the situation. Rhona glared at Rick, and he wondered if he would pay for that later.

The day flew past and Rick and Rhona were checking off the list of tasks they needed to do. By 7 o’clock, the rest of the team had long gone, leaving Rhona and Rick on their own. “Just as well,” Rhona had muttered when they left, “They’re a bloody useless bunch of wankers. Come on Rick, let’s pack it in for tonight. We’re well ahead so if we get an early start tomorrow we’ll be on our way back to civilisation early.”

Seeing the puzzled look on Rick’s face, she laughed, “I mean London, not this sad excuse for a city Although it has its attractions as we’re going to find out sweetie. By the way, remember when you jumped in to stop me chewing that idiot out?”

“Er, yes.”

“Well, it was the right suggestion, well done.”

Rick sensed there was a but coming.

“Just never do it again, you understand. I wanted to teach him a lesson, you got in my way.” She winked at him, “I may have to punish you a little for that.”

Rick’s face dropped. Rhona reached over and stroked his face, “But I promise you’ll enjoy it. Now, come on, we’ll drop our bags at the hotel and hit the town.”

Rick groaned to himself, all he wanted to do was to sleep. Rhona left him to pull her bag out to the front of the office where she hailed a taxi. It didn’t take them long to get to the hotel where Rhonda left him to pay the taxi as she strode into reception telling him she would check them both in. Rick wheeled in her bag, flopped onto a chair and watched as there seemed to be a heated discussion going on between Rhonda and the receptionist. She turned and walked back to him and he knew something was wrong.

“There’s been a balls-up with the reservation. They have us down for one room, not two. There isn’t another room available in the hotel as there’s some fucking huge convention in town. It’s one room or nothing. So, I said yes, we would share.”

Rick’s heart sank like a stone. Share a room with Rhona? She had to be joking.

“Isn’t there something they can do?” He squeaked.

She gave him one of her looks, “No, I told you there is only one room. Every hotel in the city is full tonight. You won’t mind, will you? It’s got single beds. I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you’re worried about.”

That was the least of his worries, thought Rick, but there didn’t seem to be any alternative, so he nodded meekly and followed Rhona over to the lifts. Rhona opened the door to the room and stood back to let Rick take in the bags. He stopped dead as he saw the double bed.

He turned round to Rhona, “But, you said it had two single beds.”

“Did I? Well, they must have made a mistake. Still, it will be all right, won’t it? It’s just us girls here.”

Rick flushed and thought he had to stop this now.

“Look, sharing a room is one thing, but we can’t share a bed.”

Rhona stood right in front of Rick and looked down at him. “Listen, let’s get one thing straight right now. You will do what I tell you, my little princess, or you will regret it. Is that clear?”

Rick’s heart fluttered and his courage slipped away as he stared into Rhona’s eyes. He couldn’t maintain the eye contact and as his eyes dropped downwards, Rhona knew she had won.

“Come on, princess, let’s unpack and then get something to eat.”

Rick wanted to tell her to stop calling him that but the look in her eyes put paid to that. He put his bag on the bed and unzipped it, Rhona’s scent filling his nostrils as she stood beside him and she chuckled as she saw the lingerie peeking out from his open bag. Before he could stop her, she slid her hand inside the bag and pulled out the bra and panties. His face burnt as she held them up in front of him.

“Oh yes, my little girl, so pretty. These will do very nicely tonight. I see you’ve got a matching suspender belt and stockings. I want you to anadolu yakası travestileri wear all these when we go out under your clothes.”

For one desperate moment Rick thought he could make a run for it, but Rhona stroked his face with her fingers and he felt his tummy flip.

“Rick, you know you want to wear these, don’t you? After all, you did bring them with you, didn’t you? You could have left them behind, but you put them in your bag by yourself, so I think you really want to wear them. Come on, sweetie, we will have lots of fun tonight, I promise you. You will have the time of your life. Now while I’m freshening up in the bathroom, I want you to get changed into that pretty lingerie.”

She leant forward and lightly brushed her lips across his. He opened his eyes wide and a jolt like an electric shock surged through him. Rhona walked across to the bathroom and before closing the door, turned and smiled. “Don’t worry honey, we’re going to have a great time tonight.”

Rick’s heart was hammering in his chest. What was he going to do? He knew he should leave, catch a train or something back to London. But his legs would not move. Staring at the bathroom door, he wondered not for the first time how he had got himself into this situation. What Rhona had said terrified him. But buried in that terror was an excitement which made his head spin. He had never felt like this before and he didn’t know how to cope with it. She made him feel weak and submissive, but deep down he knew that was what he craved. All he wanted to do was to please her.

Sucking in a deep breath, he held it until he felt dizzy before blowing out his cheeks and unzipping his jeans.


Rhona smiled to herself as she got herself ready in the bathroom. She could imagine the conflict raging in his mind. She could tell he was a natural submissive and there would be a fight between that part of him and the remaining vestige of his resistance. She was betting his desire to follow and submit would win over his fast fading pride. He wanted to be led, and he wanted to feel that he belonged to someone. He had been waiting for someone like her all his life; he just hadn’t realised it. She chuckled to herself as she thought he didn’t know it yet, but by the end of the night he would be doing everything she told him. He really was a pretty little thing. There was a little resistance left in him, but she knew that with a little more persuasion she would drive that out of him. Her pussy tingled with the thought of what she would be getting him to do later on, and she gave herself a stroke with her fingers and thought about bringing herself to a climax. She told herself that would be a waste with what she would achieve later on if everything went to plan.

By the way Rick looked this morning she knew something had happened last night to him, but she wasn’t that interested. She was, however, curious about the roommate. Chris, that was his name. It was pretty clear they were together, but in what way she didn’t know. Rick was so submissive she guessed Chris would be the top. She wondered if they had fucked. It would be fun to get them together and play with both of them. Her pussy was now wet, and she had to force herself not to use her fingers, put on her coat as well as the fuck me heels she had packed. She reapplied her lipstick, then shrugged on her coat and went out to see Rick.

She had to choke back a laugh as she saw the look on his face. He was so nervous, but Rhona guessed he had done what she told him. She kissed him on the lips and he allowed her tongue to take control of his mouth. She ran her hands over his back and found the bra strap under his shirt. She stood back and spun him round. She took the pink collar from her pocket and slipped it around his neck before he knew what was happening.

“What have you done?” His voice gave away his fear, and she calmed him down a little by stroking his shoulders.

“Sssh, it’s nothing to worry about. It looks so pretty on you. Here, take a look.”

She swung him round to face the mirror, and she looked over as his shoulder as his fingers touched the collar. His eyes were wide as he looked back at her in the mirror.

“Why did you do this? I can’t go out wearing this.” He was practically begging her by now.

“Don’t be so uptight, I think it looks nice and it will remind you that you’re mine.”

She felt him shiver as she said the words but he didn’t resist. Whatever was left of his will was now slipping away and she was nearly there. Rhona shushed him out of the door and Rick nervously peered around to see if anyone was looking.

“Come on, you silly girl, let’s get going.”

Every time she called him that, or Princess, his tummy made a little flip and he felt almost giddy. Rhona pushed him out of the door and Rick scurried along the corridor terrified he would meet someone. He kept putting his hands to the collar around his neck and istanbul travesti Rhona slapped his backside.

“Stop it, you little tart. It draws attention to you.”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere you will love, I promise.” She squeezed his backside and he squealed, making a couple walking past look over and Rick blushed scarlet as they smirked at him. Rhona took his hand and led him past the bars and clubs along Canal Street until she reached an alleyway you might have missed altogether. She gripped Rick by the elbow and almost frogmarched him down the narrow alley until they reached an anonymous door. She rapped on the door, took a step back and looked up at something above the door. Rick followed her eyes towards a small red LED and he it was a camera pointing straight at them. The door opened halfway and Rick had to squint into the bright light.

“Rhona, long time no see. You are a sight for sore eyes.” Rick couldn’t see who was speaking, but the voice was raspy, as if they had smoked too many cigarettes. Rick glanced at Rhona. It was obvious she was no stranger here.

“Genevieve, shut up and just let us in.”

A throaty laugh came from behind the door. “Always the charmer. One day I’ll shut the door in your face.”

Rhona smiled, “Won’t ever happen. You love me too much.”

Genevieve snorted, but the door opened and Rick immediately thought it was a man in a tuxedo who had opened the door. A closer look made him realise it was a woman in drag. Her short blonde hair had been slicked back into a man’s style and whilst the tux made her look masculine, Rick felt a stirring in his groin and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Who’s your pretty little friend?” Genevieve looked at Rick with undisguised interest.

“She’s mine,” said Rhona, in a ‘keep your hands off’ tone of voice. Rick blushed at what Genevieve had said.

“Ohh, she’s so sweet. Are you sure I can’t play with her?”

“No, she’s taken. Who’s in tonight?”

“It’s quiet so far. You looking for anyone in particular?” Genevieve was still looking hungrily at Rick and he tried to hide behind Rhona.

“Not really, is the playroom open?”

Genevieve nodded at Rick. “Her first time?”

“Yes, she has to learn.” Rhona pushed Rick in front of her and Genevieve leant forward close to Rick’s face and said “Boo!”

Rick squealed and jumped backwards. “Stop it, Genevieve. Now let us in.”

“OK, but if you get bored with her, let me have a go.”

“Not going to happen.” Rhona pushed Rick through the door and into a small hallway. Rick’s mind was spinning with what he had heard. What would happen in here? What did Genevieve mean about giving her a go? What was the playroom? Rhona pushed him through a bead curtain into what looked like a bar. It was dimly lit and Rick could only make out the shapes of people in the shadows. He heard a slap followed by a girlish voice giggling. From another corner someone moaned “Ohhhhhhh.”

Rhona opened another door and pushed Rick inside. He stumbled and almost fell, but as he straightened up, he saw an Asian woman in the middle of the room spotlit from above. Her naked body glistened in the lights as she stood over a chubby white man lying prostrate on the floor, her feet either side of his head. She smiled as she saw Rhona.

“Hi, how you been, bitch?”

“It’s good to see you again, slut.”

Rick stood transfixed by the scene as Rhona walked across to the girl and kissed her on the mouth. Rick’s mouth dropped open and his cock twitched in his panties. Rhona cupped the girl’s breasts in her hands.

“Later, babe.” The girl giggled. “This miserable piece of shit wants to eat me.”

The girl squatted down on her haunches over the man’s face and Rick saw his tongue flick out to touch her pussy. Rick’s cock stiffened even more as the man began energetically licking the girl’s glistening pussy lips, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene in front of him. The man’s cock was hard and pointing straight up as the girl bounced on his face and he gasped as she slapped him hard on his erection.

“Shut up and make me cum, you useless worm.” She sat down on his face and Rick thought she would suffocate him, but she raised herself and he gulped in a lungful of air.

“Keep licking my pussy.” She barked at him and Rick could see the man’s tongue flicking against her pink pussy. His hand crept down to his groin and rubbed his cock which was now painfully hard. Rhona slapped his hand away and Rick turned to look at her and his mouth dropped open at what he saw. She had taken off her coat as he had been the couple to reveal a red basque and panties with sheer black stockings. He trembled and felt dizzy as he watched her pull her hair back into a ponytail.

“What is going on?” he mumbled. Rhona glared at him.

“Princess, in the playroom you will call me mistress. Do you understand?”

Rick’s pulse raced, and he thought he would faint. He knew he had lost any control of what was happening. He had fallen under Rhona’s spell and it was too late to back out now.

“Wake up. I asked you if you understood?”

Rick nodded, his tongue thick inside his mouth.

“I want you to say it, princess.”

“Er, yes, I mean mistress.” His voice was thick with fear and, he realised with a shiver, excitement.

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