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Amber’s Awakening Ch. 02

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The weekend was fast approaching. Amber lived fairly modestly, and she didn’t know how her Master, who was very obviously a very wealthy man would find her quarters. She didn’t have to worry all the much. Through the week there was a bunch of delivery guys who dropped everything off from brand new furniture for the living room and the bedroom, new appliances for the kitchen and even decorative items to spruce up the place. Master told Amber to have every piece assembled and arranged according to His liking (He had emailed the floor plan to her with the most minute details). He said this will serve two purposes: help her develop new skills, and keep her mind off of His arrival at the end of the week.

Amber appreciated that very much. She had been very nervous, and rightfully so. She knew nothing about this man she met on the internet. No name, no photo, no age, no ethnicity. She had not even heard His voice. He would keep His camera and mic off when they would be online together. Amber on the other hand was told to invest in a set of studio quality lights and place them facing her behind her laptop so Master Pendik escort bayan could see her very clearly in bright studio quality light. Master also always insisted she speak up loud. He told her hearing her own voice loud and clear saying responses like “yes Master”, “thank you Master”, “please I beg you to allow me to cum Master”, “sorry Master for my mistake” and “please don’t punish me Master” would help reinforce her role in the relationship to herself. She had been extremely shy at first. It had taken a few weeks for Master to even get her to talk rather than type/chat. The rest had been easy. Infact Amber had come forth with the request that she be naked while on camera with her Master. She had said that would make her Master happy and horny for her, and that in turn would make her feel very fulfilled. Master had taken a deep breath, smiled inwardly and said yes. But with an added condition.

If she wanted to sit in front of the camera naked for Master to enjoy the view, she must do so by dropping down on her knees and sitting back on her feet, legs spread wide so her could see her cunt Escort Pendik that belonged to Him clearly. Amber had cringed at Master’s use of the word ‘cunt’ to refer to her vagina. She somehow always felt her vagina was special. Her man would obtain pleasure from it, and she would one day bear children all thanks to her vagina. Master’s tone and reference almost made her question her judgment. She was acutely made aware that while her vagina was special to her, it now no longer belonged to her. It was just another hole in her body that would satiate Master’s cock when He so pleased. That it was Amber’s job to make sure the hole was always maintained at full readiness to accept Master’s cock. That meant her cunt would stay warm, wet, and welcoming.

Getting back to Master’s condition about Amber’s request to allow her to go naked on video for Master, He further instructed that she would maintain that position however long their chat/video lasted, however uncomfortable it got for her. And lastly, once she got into the position, she would NEVER so much as even shift a little bit, let alone move out Pendik Rus Escort of it until told. The last sentence had been an order and Amber knew it was no joke. The next few weeks had been really bad. Her legs cramped up during sleep, she had big bruises where the knees dug into the floor over extended periods of kneel-sitting. She even had some swelling in one knee. She told Master everything as she was supposed to. Master told her it was the breaking-in phase, and that the human body is highly adaptable; very soon she’ll get used to it. Getting used to the kneel-sitting position had taken a very painful 3 weeks, but by that time, Amber felt like if she was not kneeling, she was not comfortable.

Then came the crucial exam. Master told Amber to record herself kneel-sitting with her hands behind her back, her long soft and luxurious blonde hair neatly tied in a pony-tail, legs spread wide, back arched with her chest pushed out. She was to set the camera up where Master’s face would be if He was standing in front of her, and look straight at the camera. Her head and face would be tilted up, and her mouth would stay wide open with her tongue pushed out of her mouth as far as it would go.

She was to record herself for a straight 8 hours. No shifting, no moving. No drinking water, no getting up to go to the washroom. No food either. Only kneeling, staring up and breathing.

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