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Afternoon with the Girls

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Camel Toe

This is a continuation of “Morning with the Girls”.

Again, this is a true story, although identifying information and some unimportant details have been changed to protect the people I love. Enjoy.


When I got up again, the clouds had dispersed, the cookies were cooling in the kitchen, and Cassandra and Alison were in the midst of a new plan. They were both wearing bikinis, and were in the process of dressing over them.

“It’s sunny out! Let’s go swimming!” Cassandra’s energy was a bit overwhelming after my nap, but I smiled anyways. I threw on a bathing suit and some sandals and followed the two girls outside.

There was a pond about a quarter mile away. When we got there, we waded in. We all sat on a rock near the edge. I was underwater up to my chest, and the two girls were up to their neck. The water was dark, and it was impossible to see more than a few inches down.

“Do you think we will get in trouble if we go skinny dipping?” Cassandra asked.

“We’re pretty secluded here, I doubt anyone would come by anyways,” Alison replied.

That was enough for the both of them, and they stripped of their suits underwater and Alison hung them on a low branch over our heads. As she stood up, her exposed, wet nipples were revealed. They were hard and stuck straight out from her chest. The left one had a water droplet hanging on to it, until a breath of wind blew it off, and covered her skin in goosebumps. Then she show was over, as she dropped herself back into the protecting water.

After ten minutes or so or swimming, and some flirting between the girls, I was sitting on the rock, when I noticed a man walking towards our side of the pond. I took down the girls’ suits and swam over to them. Their smiles faded when they saw the man.

“What if he sees us? And he calls the police?” asked Cassandra.

I looked at the two girls, gorgeous and naked, treading water in the middle of the pond. “I don’t think he can see under the water from there, and anyways, why on Earth would he call the police? I know I wouldn’t be upset to see two beautiful girls skinny dipping if it were me. Anyways, I have your suits.”

Alison laughed, and I handed the two of them their bathing suits under the water. It became quickly apparent that they wouldn’t be able to dress themselves while treading water, so I put my hands on Cassandra’s waist to hold her up in the water. Alison helped Cassandra put her suit on, and then we did the same for her. I slipped my shorts back on, and we made our way back to the edge. As we got out of the water and walked back towards the house, the girls studiously avoided looking at the man, who was now sitting on a rock. He, however, watched them with interest, although I couldn’t tell whether it was because he had seen them before or just because of the way they now looked, dripping wet and bashful in their bikinis. I, for one, took in everything I could as I walked behind them. Cassandra’s ass bounced at every step, making me wish I could pull her suit off and fuck her right there.

Back in the house, the girls stripped in front of me, which I appreciated, and then got in the shower. They thought nothing of showering together, and I could hear them in there, talking and laughing about the man at the pond. I couldn’t imagine being in either one of their positions and deciding to talk rather than do anything else, but I guess that’s a good way to tell that I’m a guy. It seemed they were happy without me, though, so I headed back outside to make a fire.

We made hot dogs by the fire, and then watched a movie in Cassandra’s bed. Towards the end of the movie, I started to rub my hand along Cassandra’s thigh. She looked up at me.

“Not now.”

I gave her a look as if to ask why not, but she just shook her head and went back to watching the movie.

When it was over, she sat up in bed and announced, “I’m tired, I think I’m ready to go to sleep.”

Alison responded. “I’m tired too… I sure could go for a massage.”

Cassandra thought for a second, then said “Me too! Can you give us massages, Christopher?”

Thank God for Alison. I managed a sigh. “Fine, fine. You girls are lucky I’m so nice.”

Maybe they believed that, but probably not. I certainly didn’t. I knew that just about every other guy would love the chance to be in my position. My cock throbbed achingly against my jeans as the two girls took off their shirts and lay face down on the bed. I moved behind them, splitting their legs with each of my knees. I started by putting one hand on each of their backs, rubbing them, and feeling every inch of their bare skin. Then I moved both hands to Cassandra. I’m no professional, but it seemed she was enjoying it. Alison lay quietly for a moment, then piped up again.

“I have oil in my room. Do you want me to go get it?”

Again, florya escort thank God for Alison. I told her yes, and she left for her room. While she was gone, I pulled Cassandra’s pants and panties off, exposing her perfect naked body. She turned her head and smiled at me, and I set back to work massaging her. She moaned happily at the feeling. Alison came back into the room and sat on the bed. She gave me the bottle of oil, and then she noticed Cassandra’s nakedness. She grinned and grabbed a handful of Cassandra’s ass, making her squeak with surprise, and then she pulled the rest of her own clothes off and lay back down on her stomach. Her tight ass was too inviting to resist, and I took one hand off of Cassandra to feel it. I stepped off the bed to take off my jeans and boxers. Then I got back into my position, uncapped the oil, and poured a line of it down each of the girls’ backs. I poured more into my hands and set the bottle next to me.

With one hand on each girl, I started rubbing the oil into their skin — first on their backs, then shoulders, then down to their legs and thighs. I gave special attention to their asses. Alison’s was firm, and Cassandra’s was softer, but to be rubbing my hands over both was heaven. My right hand slipped between Alison’s thighs. They were pressed together, but oil let my hand slip right through. I slid my hand up the inside of her legs until my pointer finger met with her pussy lips. At the contact, she wordlessly spread her legs and picked her ass up off of the bed, giving me a full view of, and access to, her indescribable pussy.

Watching this beautiful, 21 year old blonde offer herself to me was almost too much to handle. Nevertheless, I slid two of my fingers inside her. A moan escaped her red lips and her already-tight pussy squeezed my fingers even tighter for a second, and then relaxed. Alison gyrated her ass slightly, not able to wait for me to start moving my fingers. I watched her pussy slide on my fingers for a moment, and then pushed them in fully, resting my thumb against her pink asshole.

All the while, my left hand was still rubbing my girlfriend. Cassandra had her eyes closed, still unaware of the pleasure of her best friend lying next to her. When I rubbed my middle finger against her clit, though, her eyes opened.

“Hey, that’s not part of a massage…”

Alison turned to face her, her breathing was ragged from my efforts. “It’s so good though, Cassandra.”

Cassandra kissed Alison on the lips, and then looked back at me and winked. She, too, spread her knees apart a bit, and I accepted the invitation. I slid two fingers in her pussy, and circled my thumb against her clit. She moaned and put her head back down on the bed.

The two girls lay on their stomachs, facing each other while I fingered them together. They watched each other’s faces as they seemed to take turn making faces of pleasure and lust. I knew Cassandra well, and was able to bring her to the point of orgasm quickly. She asked me if she could cum, but I stayed silent, still playing with her clit and working my fingers in her pussy. Alison was harder to read; I hadn’t been with her enough to really know what worked best for her. I had learned that morning, though, that she did enjoy when I stimulated her asshole, so I pushed the tip of my thumb against it — not quite enough to push it in — and watched for her reaction. Her breath went out loudly and her eyes widened. Cassandra, who was still watching Alison’s face, noticed her small outburst, but couldn’t see what had caused it. She was distracted though, in the effort not to be overcome with orgasm. She wanted to hold it off until I said yes.

Alison looked like she was embarrassed to be enjoying the feelings I was causing her, as if she didn’t want Cassandra to see, so I let off for a moment. At the same time, Cassandra looked back at me with desperate eyes. I held her gaze for a few seconds, and then nodded. Immediately, she let out a gasp, as if she had been holding her breath. Then she buried her face in the mattress as orgasm racked her body. Her legs clamped shut on my hand as she shook and screamed into the muffling bed.

As Cassandra came, I directed my attention back to Alison. With two fingers still in her pussy, I again pushed my thumb against her ass. She sighed with pleasure, confident now that Cassandra couldn’t tell. I then pushed harder, and the oil covering her ass and my hand let my thumb slide into her until my knuckle was buried. She turned her head back to me, her expression an incredible combination of pleasure and perceived humiliation. I gave her my best attempt at a reassuring smile, and she seemed to understand it. The embarrassment melted from her face and she let out a loud, unabashed moan while I continued to finger her ass and pussy together. cihangir escort She kept watching me, and I looked back, studying her features. The combination of her flushed, pale face, her slightly wavy blonde hair, and her flawless crystal blue eyes made her look like a fairy tale princess — a fairy tale princess whose pussy and asshole were beginning to spasm around my fingers. My still untouched cock leaked precum onto the back of her smooth leg.

Cassandra’s legs relaxed as her orgasm finished. I took my thumb off her clit to let her rest, but continued to slide my fingers, slowly, in and out of her. She wrapped her right arm around Alison’s back and pulled the girl towards her. Alison was either no longer trying, or no longer able to hide her pleasure. She groaned into Cassandra’s mouth as the two girls made out in front of me, their tongues fighting softly.

I watched them for a while, keeping up my rhythmic stimulation of each, while they kissed. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by what I was seeing. I looked down on the naked, oiled bodies of two beautiful, twenty-one year-old girls. One was the girl I loved, and the other was her best friend and roommate, with whom I could not even have imagined doing this only a few weeks prior. They were both moaning and probing each other’s mouths with their tongues. Their torsos were twisted towards one another now, and their hands moved between backs, stomachs, and chests; coating each other’s fronts with oil in the process. All the while, their two shaven cunts were presented to me, slippery and wet from a combination of oil and their own arousal. My fingers plunged in and out of each of them, making soft wet noises with each thrust. Finally, my thumb was entirely buried inside Alison, and the ring of her asshole was squeezing it in rhythm with her moans.

I could feel Cassandra’s body start to build up to a second orgasm, so I held her there and concentrated on getting Alison caught up. My middle finger left her cunt and found her clit, and I quickened my motions, trying to push her body towards orgasm.

Alison was still not quite there when Cassandra looked back at me a second time.

“Can I come again?”

I shook my head, “Wait for Alison.”

But, thanks to her own actions, she didn’t have to wait long. She put her mouth close to Alison’s ear and whispered: “Please come, Alison… please cum for me.”

Those words did for Alison what I had not quite done yet on my own. She opened her mouth and let out a moan, which got louder and turned into words.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-I’mm coming, Cassandrahhh!”

Cassandra moaned too, and the two girls clutched at each other as their bodies took over. Cassandra’s second orgasm was a bit smaller than her first, as it always was, but it still shook her whole body. Again, she crushed my hand with her legs as she shook and whimpered, watching Alison’s face the whole time.

Alison’s orgasm was big. Her cry was cut off as her breath caught in her throat. Her whole body stiffened up slowly, going from tense to completely unmoving. She was held in place, quivering slightly, for at least five seconds, her pussy and ass squeezed around my fingers more tightly than I had ever felt. Then, all at once, she let go. A loud scream forced itself from her lungs and her body writhed. I tried to keep fingering her, but could only manage small movements between the waves of crushing pressure from her contracting muscles. The fingers on her left hand dug into Cassandra’s back, but neither of them were in a position to notice.

Then, Alison’s leg happened to rub against my all but forgotten cock. I was amazed to feel the beginnings of an orgasm bubble up inside me. I held it down, though, not wanting to surprise the two wonderful girls Beneath me with an uninvited spray of my cum.

Eventually, the screams subsided, the moans quieted, and both girls were still, but for their heaving chests and pounding hearts. I withdrew my fingers — when I pulled my thumb out, Alison’s eyes widened slightly one last time — and they each rolled onto their backs. My cock still throbbed, but I was tired too, especially my arms, so I lay on my back between them: Alison on my left, Cassandra on my right. I put my arms around them and pulled them in. They each curled up against me, and I could feel their heartbeats against my side. We lay still for a few minutes. Cassandra nuzzled into my neck, and Alison ran her fingers lazily across my chest.

I had thought Cassandra was asleep, but then I felt her small fingers wrap themselves around my still-hard cock. She whispered in my ear: “I want to make you cum now.”

She started to stroke me, but she was so tired that she could barely keep it up. Oh Cassandra, even when totally drained, she still wanted badly to make mecidiyeköy escort me happy. I kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry about it, baby. I don’t need to come tonight. I feel pretty lucky already.”

That was true. For the first time I could remember, I was perfectly happy to ignore my aching desire. Lying there as I was, with a satisfied, adoring girl in each arm, I felt like a king. I could feel Alison’s lazy kisses on my shoulder and neck, her hand stroking my chest and exploring my abs. Cassandra’s hand was unwrapped from my cock, now cupping my balls, her fingers lightly brushed against my perineum. Both of their bodies were warm and soft against mine, and each of them had her leg wrapped around one of my own.

But Cassandra wouldn’t accept my answer. “Can you jerk off for us?”

Alison looked up at me, smiling. “Oh yess,” she said. “That would be really hot.”

That was enough to convince me. I took my arm out from around Cassandra and started to stroke my cock while they watched. My other arm was still around Alison, and I pulled her body into me harder, feeling her naked skin against mine, especially the soft press of her breasts on my side. Alison responded by grinding against me, and her hand left my chest. She giggled when her fingers ran into Cassandra’s when she tried to feel my balls.

Cassandra giggled too, and she moved her hand down, letting Alison cup my balls while she rubbed her fingertips at their base. I could hear them each whispering.

Alison was seemingly talking to herself: “Oh my God. Oh my God. That is so hot…” I was surprised at how much she liked to watch. She was still rubbing her body on me, and I could feel wet pussy grinding against my leg.

Cassandra was definitely whispering to me, though. Her words never stop, and she talked about everything, from how much she loved me, to how she wanted to watch me fuck Alison’s ass someday, and for Alison to watch me fuck hers. All this came from the mouth of a girl so innocent looking that nobody who saw her walk by would even suspect that she wasn’t a virgin.

All the while, my nerves were being overwhelmed the touch of these two naked women. It didn’t take long for the familiar feeling to start welling up again.

“I’m going to come, girls,” I gasped.

Cassandra was ready, and she rushed down to kneel between my legs. Alison watched, amazed, and still cupping my balls, as I gave my cock to Cassandra, and she took it into her mouth. I put her hand on top of her head while she sucked me over the edge.

I felt the first stream of cum gush from my cock into my girlfriend’s mouth, but the feeling was still building. I pulled Alison against me with all my strength with my left arm, trying to feel her entire naked body at once. I could hear her speak.

“Oh God, Christopher, come for us. This is fucking amazing.”

My other hand was pushing down on Cassandra’s head, but she was ahead of me. She had my entire eight inches buried in her throat, and I could feel her tongue still moving at the base of my cock. Her fingertips were pushed lightly against my perineum, and Alison’s hand still cupped and caressed my tightening ball sack.

After the first gush, my cum stopped for a couple seconds until the welling up reached its peak. It stayed that way for an instant, which felt like forever. Then the release came. I felt like my body was emptying through my cock. All my muscles flexed with each pump of cum that left me. Cassandra, already having proven her status as the greatest girlfriend alive, cemented it by dutifully keeping my cock down, holding her breath while I filled her mouth and throat with cum. Alison, proving to be quite the voyeur, breathed hard and ragged in my ear, enjoying my orgasm — and Cassandra’s talent — almost as much as I did.

After a glorious eternity, the spurts stopped coming. Cassandra waited until I was still before sliding her lips slowly up and off my cock. She swallowed her mouthful, took a couple of deep breaths, and grinned up at me. She was the only girl I had ever met who seemed to get more enjoyment out of my pleasure than her own. She crawled back up and curled against me again. Alison’s hand was still on my balls. My arms, simultaneously jelly and lead, draped around the two of them.

“Thank you, girls,” I managed in a tired whisper. “That was amazing.”

Cassandra gave me a somehow-innocent look. “Did I do a good job?” she asked. I smiled at her and nodded, and she smiled back, satisfied and proud.

Alison propped herself up on her elbow. She looked seriously from me to Cassandra. Finally, she spoke: “You two are the greatest couple ever. I’m glad I met you.” Then she lay back down.

Cassandra and I laughed. “I’m glad we met you too, Alison.”

Cassandra found the blankets and pulled them up over the three of us. I held both girls close against me and listened to them breathe. Their breaths eventually softened and lengthened as they each drifted off to sleep.


That’s the end of that day, one of the best I’ve ever had. I hope I’ve done a good job putting it in writing. As always, I’d love to know what you think.

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