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Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 22

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further. The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction with the exception of Literotica. All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story, please rate it in the comments section.

Chapter 22

The last few days of their holiday passed too quickly for them both; and they largely kept to themselves, treasuring each moment, knowing that all too soon their time together would be over. Finally, the time for their return home arrived; and they packed their bags and took the limo to the airport. Alison kept her dark glasses on, and had a few drinks in the departure lounge to dull her sadness. for once, Bobby was in an equally lugubrious mood, knowing that once he arrived home, he would be deprived of his daily dose of Alison’s charms, and plunged into the world of study and college.

On the flight home they were lost in their own thoughts. Alison knew that she had been lying to herself. She told herself that the holiday had been to get Bobby’s obsession for her out of his system, and let him get on with his life; but the truth was, the more she was with him, the more he had filled a void in her life. She knew, too, that she was to blame for letting things get out of hand. Letting him walk around naked at home, massively aroused, was something she’d put down to teenage hormones and practicality. The truth was, deep down, she’d enjoyed teasing him and seeing how excited he became for her.

She’d told herself she was treating him like any other patient; but he wasn’t. He was her son; and, bit by bit, she’d allowed the normality of a mother-son relationship to change, until they were like husband and wife. He even looked like Robert; and for the last few weeks, Alison had felt like she had her husband back, only to have to go through the grief of losing him once again.

She pushed the flight attendant button and ordered another gin and tonic. The alcohol didn’t seem to be doing much to dull the pain, though; but it was all she could think to try. Bobby was sleeping; and as she sipped her drink and looked at him, she thought he was the most perfect thing she had ever seen. Right now, the only thing that would feel better than the alcohol would be Bobby making love to her. She admired his body through his t-shirt and shorts. His toned torso was visible through the shirt; and the tan he’d gotten over the past two weeks made him look even more beautiful. She let her eyes run over him, pausing at the bulge in his shorts. She pictured his giant cock, so hard it was like stone, and his big, heavy balls. She recalled the feel, and the taste of him, and wished she could reach over and grab him now.

The flight attendant arrived with her drink; and Alison asked for a blanket, which the attendant brought moments later. It wasn’t really that cold; but something about snuggling up to Bobby under the cover seemed comforting. She lifted the arm rest gently, so as not to wake him, and draped the blanket over them both, sipping her drink, before leaning over to rest her head on his shoulder.

He murmured, but didn’t wake; and she finished her drink before pulling the blanket over her, and resting her hand on his chest. His skin was so warm and smooth, even through the thin fabric of his shirt; and the feel of his muscular torso made her feel better. She let her hand wander a little lower, feeling his chiselled abs, and allowed it to linger there. Bobby seemed to still be asleep; and she glanced round, confirming that most of the rest of the passengers were also napping.

She couldn’t help herself, and allowed her hand to slide down to his lap, finding the reassuring outline of his big heavy balls, and the thick, heavy piece of meat, that she had come to know so well. She gently squeezed his cock, and felt it immediately begin to respond, lengthening and thickening until it was like an iron bar in his shorts. He still didn’t wake; but he shifted in his sleep as she gently ran her fingers over his aroused manhood. She wondered what he was dreaming about, or, specifically, who. She knew, guiltily, that she hoped it was her; as she continued to tease his cock through his shorts, feeling it jump and tense in response to her caresses.

They stayed like that until Alison finally drifted off to sleep. She was awakened by the sound of the captain’s voice over the cabin speaker, informing them that they were beginning their descent; and he hoped everyone had had a pleasant flight.

“Morning, Mom,” Bobby smiled at her.

“Good morning, dear…” Alison realised her hand was still on Bobby’s cock, and guiltily removed it. “Oh, dear. I, um…”

Bobby smiled at her as she collected herself. Before long they were on the ground, and made their way back through the airport, catching a taxi home. They were both depressed at Escort bayan the reality of arriving home. As Bobby dropped their bags, he tried to embrace Alison; but she brushed him aside, quickly busying herself in the practicalities of unpacking, and preparing for Bobby’s college departure. She went to her room to change; and when she emerged, Bobby noticed with a heavy heart that she was no longer walking around undressed. He took his cue from her that their teasing sessions were at an end.

After a quiet dinner, Alison excused herself off upstairs.

“I’m going to have an early night Bobby. I’m pooped. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure Mom…”

So was this really it? After all they’d done together, she was just going to pretend it had never happened, and go back to how things used to be? He went to his room and opened up his lap top, watching some of his favourite big-tit actresses and stroking his cock, imagining it was his mother’s tender hands that were stroking, and her big tits he was looking at, as he pumped out a big load and came all over his belly.

The following morning there was no wake-up call from his mother, and no customary display of boobs to greet him; so he wearily made his way to the shower and washed himself. She was downstairs fixing breakfast when he came down, and had already washed and dressed. She had some music playing on the radio, and seemed to be making a forced attempt at being cheerful.

“Morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?”

“Um, ok, I guess…”

Was she really going to just pretend that nothing happened and keep up this farce?

“Ok, well, I’m making waffles and eggs, so I hope you’re hungry.”

“I’m hungry for your big tits,” he thought to himself as he watched her cooking. She was wearing one of her more modest dresses; and he guessed she was wearing her bra, from the way her boobs seemed not to be bouncing around so much. But try as hard as she might, his mom couldn’t stop herself from looking sexy. He imagined walking up behind her, and grabbing her big melons though her dress, squeezing them hard, the way he knew she liked. He imagined pulling up her skirt, and burying his cock in her tight little pussy, fucking her over the kitchen counter ’till she came, then fucking her again. He felt himself becoming hard as he pictured it. He wondered what she would do. Would she fight him off, or just give in to her desires?

“Here’s your coffee!”

She broke his reverie with a mug of steaming black coffee.

“Thanks Mom.”

“I thought we could get your things packed today; and I could drive you up to college tomorrow.”

“But college doesn’t start ’till next week. I thought we had some more time together.”

“I know; but it will give you a chance to get settled in before term starts. I don’t have to start back at work ’till Wednesday; so I can take you. It’ll be nicer than moving in at the weekend, when all the other students are unpacking.”

“You mean you want to get rid of me.”

“Sweetie, that’s not true! You know I’ll miss you. I’m just thinking this might be easier.”

“Really? You’ve not come near me since we got home; and now you want me to ship out a week early? Why are you being like this?”

He could feel his cheeks flushing and his heart beating. His mom could be like an ice cube when she wanted; and right now she was so cold it hurt. She turned away from him to hide the fact that she was struggling not to cry.

“Honey, I don’t mean to be cold. I love you. You’re my son; and I will always be here for you. But all this… what’s happened… it had to stop sometime, you know it did. And, well, you and I, being here together…”


“Well. I think it’s putting temptation in the way, so it would be better if you went to college early and settled in. I’m sure there will be lots of girls there whose hearts you’ll break; and when you come home for the holidays, things will be back to normal.”

Was that it? She really thought she could just switch off the sweet stuff? She’d given him orgasms he’d never believed possible; and every time he saw her naked, it was like the first time. Now she thought they’d just go back to a regular mother-son cosy relationship? How could she really believe that? Still, she’d said being here was a source of temptation. Somehow he thought she meant for her as well as him; so he knew she still wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“I’m going shopping. I may stop off and see some friends on the way home, Bobby. If you go out, please leave me a note.”

She walked off before he had a chance to answer. This was going to be a real ball breaker, he knew. She had said it was all going to end; but he never believed it would actually happen. And he wasn’t about to give up on things now. Alison didn’t get home ’till late, and went to bed straight away. So Bobby didn’t get a chance to see or speak to her the rest of that day. The following day, Alison continued the iceberg routine, Bayan escort and started packing up his things, keeping her conversation upbeat and neutral, talking about college and what his plans were, anything but confronting the elephant in the room.

Bobby could see that she was determined to get him away from home as soon as possible; and short of forcing himself on her, there was no way he was going to get anything soon. So he resigned himself to go along with things for now. He’d awoken with her hand on his cock on the plane, so she could talk about work and college all she liked; but he knew she wanted him.

The drive took them about 2 hours; and Alison played music most of the way, to fill the awkward silence and questions that might surface. Bobby kept quiet for now. Arguing with his mom wasn’t going to get him anywhere when she was in this kind of mood; so he decided to bide his time instead. As they arrived at college, the buildings looked cold and forbidding., most of the faculty and students still on holiday. The place had a slightly eerie, abandoned quality. Alison found the admissions office and sorted out the paperwork, before helping Bobby carry his boxes and suitcases up to his room.

She busied herself with helping unpack and arranging his things, now entirely in ‘mom mode”, and able to distract herself from Bobby. Bobby allowed her to take charge, not that there was much use stopping her, until she finally she ran out of things to unpack and tidy up.

“Well, that looks a bit more cosy, doesn’t it?” as she looked around at his dorm room, now replete with all his belongings.

“Um, yeah. It looks really nice. Thanks Mom.”

“Now is there anything else you need? Have you got enough money? What about food?”

“Mom, I’m fine. Honestly, I’ve got enough food for the whole dorm.”

“Well, if you’re sure.”

They stood facing one another in the small room, Alison clearly not knowing what to say.

“Well, it’s nearly 5pm. It’s a long journey; and I’d like to make it back before it’s completely dark out. So if there’s nothing else you need…”

“There is something, I need….”

“What’s that dear?”

Bobby began undoing his belt before opening the front of his pants.

“Bobby, what are you doing??”

He began opening the button on his jeans, unbuttoning his fly before reaching in and pulling out his cock and balls. He was already semi-erect; and as she watched his cock, it continued to grow and harden, until it was curving up towards the ceiling, and pulsing with his heart beat.

“Bobby, put it away. What do you think you’re doing? Someone could walk in.”

“There’s no one here, remember, Mom? You brought me early. I love you Mom, with my heart and soul; but I also love you with this.”

“Bobby, no… we can’t… not anymore… “

“I know you still want it. You spent the whole flight with your hand on it. Why don’t you touch it now?”

It was a bluff; but he guessed he was right.

“That was an accident Bobby. I thought you were asleep.”

“Well, I wasn’t asleep; so I know it wasn’t an accident,” he lied. “Mom, feel how hard you’re making me now, just standing there.”

“Bobby, no…”

“Just touch it; and feel how hard you’re making me. One more touch won’t hurt you. Then, if you want to go, you can.”

“Bobby, please…”

“Just touch it.”

She looked at his dick: the skin drawn back from his cock head, the glans purple and shiny with his arousal, his cock throbbing. The one eye seemed to be looking at her. It was almost like she was hypnotised by it. Despite herself, she couldn’t help reaching out to touch it, and feel how aroused he was. His cock jumped as she touched it, gently wrapping her fingers around it. He was rock hard and pulsing in her hand. She marvelled once again at how big it was, how her fingers barely met. She felt how silky smooth the skin was as she gently stroked it, unable to help herself.

“Do you still want to go?”

“No.” she said almost inaudibly.

He reached out and grabbed her big tits, squeezing them roughly before ripping her blouse open and reaching in to pull them out of her bra. She gasped as he roughly handled her; but made no move to stop him as he mauled her breasts, squeezing and twisting them, before pushing them together and feasting hungrily on her nipples, biting on the them.

“Oh Goddddd…” she moaned, her breathing becoming ragged as Bobby squeezed and sucked her tits the way he knew she liked. She responded by gripping his cock harder, squeezing the shaft so the head swelled even more and turned purple, the veins bulging out. He didn’t care, though. Right now, she could do anything she wanted to his dick. He was just thrilled she was touching it. He released her nipples and slapped her left tit, sending it bouncing in the air and leaving a red hand print. She gasped, but thrust her chest out at him, inviting more. So he spanked her tit again, Escort harder this time, sending it flying up with the force of the blows.

She was squeezing his cock so hard. he thought she might be trying to take it home with her; but he didn’t care. It felt great; so he was disappointed when she released it. She pushed him back against the door; and he thought for a moment that she was going to slap him. But instead she dropped to her knees. She hungrily eyed his giant cock for a few moments, before opening her mouth and engulfing it, greedily inhaling his cock for all she was worth. He stood against the door, happy to allow her to have her way with his dick, slurping and sucking on it as if her life depended on it.

Having had no special time with Alison since their holiday, Bobby knew he wouldn’t last too long. No amount of jerking off was a substitute for his mother’s blowjobs. He thought she might back off as she sensed his orgasm approaching; but she didn’t. She continued to suck him as hard as she could, taking as much of him as she could in her mouth without gagging. Eventually, as he felt his cum rising, he warned her: “Ohh, God….cumming…”

She continued working her lips up and down his shaft, feeling the head of his cock swell even more before it began to pulse, and then erupt with thick spurts of cum. She hungrily drank down his thick sperm, as more and more flooded her mouth, in a seemingly endless supply. As his orgasm subsided and she swallowed the last of his cum, he was afraid she would leave. It had been a quick blowjob; and he would have liked it to last longer. But for a man in the desert, even a puddle is like an oasis. But instead of rising to her feet, Alison continued nursing on his cock. He was still hard. She slowly licked and sucked his sensitive cock, gently building the pace; and he realised she was planning on making him cum again.

This time was slower than the first. She was more delicate, sensuous, teasing him towards a climax with kisses and caresses. He realised now that the first orgasm was just a release, something they both needed urgently. Now it was time for his mother to make love to his cock with her mouth like only she could. That mouth that had kissed him good night when he was a little boy, was now lavishing kisses on his swollen purple cock head, licking, teasing and caressing him; so he could feel his balls begin to churn, and his cum begin to rise. Only this time, she backed off as his orgasm approached, drawing out the moment and making him wait. Twice more she brought him shuddering to the brink of orgasm, only to deny him at the last moment, before finally licking and teasing him so he came boiling and shuddering to an orgasm even more intense than the first. He came so hard, some of his sperm splashed her lips and dribbled out before she could capture it; but she gulped the rest down as greedily as the first load, spurt after spurt of thick cum filling her mouth as she gulped it down, finally nursing on his spent cock, and coaxing the last few dribbles out of him, before reluctantly releasing him.

The room was growing dim, the sun settling low on the horizon. In her passion, she had lost track of time. She rose unsteadily to her feet, placing her breasts back in her bra and trying to repair her blouse. Several of the buttons had come off; so she needed to hold it closed with one hand.

Bobby pushed his semi-erect cock back into his pants and did them up.

“It’s getting dark out mom, why don’t you stay the night?”

“No, I have to be at work tomorrow. Besides, it might look a little suspicious having your mother staying over in your room, don’t you think?”

“Um, yeah, I guess. I’ll walk you to your car.”

“No, there’s no need Bobby. I’ll call you when I get home. I’d better get going.”

She let herself out of his room and hurried to her car, holding her blouse closed with one hand as she went. Fortunately, there was no one around to see her; so she was able to make it back to her car without arousing any suspicion. As she drove, she still had some of Bobby’s cum in her mouth. She had held a little back, reluctant to swallow it all. She remembered the feel of his beautiful cock in her mouth, and the feeling of it pulsing and flooding her tongue and cheeks with its potent load, and felt herself growing more aroused.

She pulled over on the side of the road, and reached under her skirt to rub her clit. Reliving the sensations of sucking Bobby and savouring the taste of his sperm, and knowing how much there was in her stomach, only added to the thrill. As she rubbed her clit, she felt her orgasm rushing over her, and moaned as she finally gulped the last of his cum down, shuddering through her climax.

She sat with her eyes closed as she got her breathing back under control, when she was startled by a rap on the window. She looked up to see a Patrolman looking down at her. She panicked, wondering how long he’d been there, and how much he had seen through the tinted glass. He signalled to her to wind the window down; so she lowered the driver-side window.

“You okay there, Miss?”

He didn’t look much older than Bobby; and she couldn’t help being flattered that he called her “Miss.”

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