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The girl was awoken from her sleep by two guards. One issued a sharp command, “Up!” and she immediately obeyed. The other guard hastily attached a chain to her slave collar and jerked it sharply so she immediately followed.

She was naked save for her slave collar, padding barefoot behind the guards as they entered the hallway and approached the stairs. The girl had never been up these stairs and knew not what was awaiting her, she anxiously followed, not daring to speak, as her feet touched the cool stairs. The two guards led her along a corridor, occasionally jerking the leash so she followed dutifully.

They stopped. One guard opened the door and flung her into the room. She was greeted by a lavish bedroom, obviously the Masters bed chamber, she looked around at the fine things in the room, the sweet smells, her attention was drawn to a black satin futon bed on the floor, a single rope hanging over its centre.

One guard snapped his fingers and issued another short command. “kneel” pointing at the futon bed.

She knelt feeling the crisp satin sheet on her knees, the guard gripped her wrists and pulled them up as the other bound her wrists with the rope, she was left stretched but on her knees, her nipples rising as she felt the subtle joy as her wrists were bound, humiliated by being naked in the presence of these simple soldiers. She could smell the leather of their uniforms, her slave heat began to build.

The two guards unclipped slave whips from their belts, she looked up at both of them, half pleading and half lustful, knowing she would secretly enjoy being whipped by these men. But why had she been brought here to be whipped, normally a girl was flogged at the whipping post in the courtyard. She was puzzled, panting already as she knew that she must have been brought here to be punished.

She gulped surprise as the two guards retreated behind her. She was left there kneeling, prickling with anticipation, feeling the guards eyes on her. She closed her eyes istanbul travesti and waited for the lashes.

Her eyes flicked open as she heard the door open, the master strode through it, she saw his black leather boots and trousers stride past and walk over to a small bath room. She tried to see what the master was doing; she could not but could hear him undressing. She heard the items of his uniform slip off and fall on the floor. Moments later the Master appeared. She risked daring to look up and was greeted by the sight of the Master, wearing a wrap around Kimono, his powerful body clothed by the sheer cloth. She felt her heart begin to pound, becoming moist and gasping softly as the Master slowly strode towards her.

He stood in front of her now, Tall, powerful, she felt the excitement of her submission as she knelt bound before him. Her erect nipples brushed against the coolness of his kimono, she could smell his sweet musk, and she felt like she was becoming drunk on his presence. He stood for a time, looking down at her, she peered up, excited and fearful, wondering what would happen next…… Without a word, the Master slipped away his belt, the Kimono opened revealing his solid masculine form. She gazed at his smooth shaft, partially erect, the head glistening, his smooth balls beckoning her. She licked her lips briefly, wanting so much to kiss the Master.

He folded his arms and hissed a simple command, “pleasure me.” A flood of joy came over the girl as she leaned forward, slowly beginning to lap his rounded balls, she was panting hard now, lustful, each time her tongue touched his soft flesh she could feel the shaft rise and stiffen. She licked quicker now, enjoying the movement of his shaft, she dared to look up, seeing the Master was pleased with her performance. He stiffened further as she swirled her tongue up from his balls to the base of his throbbing shaft. Licking up it with long strokes of her tongue, all the time looking up to see the pleasure istanbul travestileri on the Masters face. Each time her tongue travelled the length of his shaft, his manhood became ever harder. She began to tingle with desire, losing herself in her joy to please the Master.

She made several long licks from the base of his balls all the way to the tip of his shaft, totally devoted to pleasuring him. She reached the end off his shaft, now fully erect and began to slowly circle with her tongue, hearing the Masters low snarl of approval. He leaned forward, and as the soft skin of his legs brushed against her nipples his hand gripped her hair and he pushed her mouth over the hard head of his cock.

She felt her first orgasm rush through her as he forced his shaft into her mouth, she began a rhythm, bobbing on his shaft, feeling its warm length plunge deep into her tiny throat. She tasted his pre cum and inwardly begged for him to release, sucking faster and harder. She was frenzied now, desiring only to have the Master satisfy himself. She could feel his pleasure and smell his new sweat.

He drew his shaft away holding it just in front of her, she strained her tongue, trying desperately to reach it. To her surprise the Master sat down before her, and laid back, slipping his powerful legs under hers. His shaft was next to her vagina, she felt herself moving up and down in rhythm, using the rope to pull her self up. He snapped a command, “Ride me.” She paused, momentarily shocked, then quickly pulled her self on the rope so that she hovered over the tip of his manhood.

Panting hard she lowered herself onto it, feeling its hard, warm wetness slip inside her, she let out a low moan as she felt the unbridled pleasure of him filling her fully. Slowly using the rope to balance and pull, she began to rhythmically on his awaiting cock, each stroke releasing waves of pleasure through her. She made smooth even thrusts looking down istanbul travesti at the master as he laid there, eyes closed, deep in satisfaction.

His smooth shaft invaded her, making them one as she moved up and down increasing the pace. Working him expertly, longing for it to explode inside her. “Faster” he snarled and she obeyed panting as she worked. She saw his left hand snap its fingers, instantly she felt a stroke of the left guards slave whip lick over her back.

“Ooohhhhh” she moaned in delight , as she continued to work her Master, she realised now why the guards where there, she was being worked like a horse, whipped to increase her speed. She slowed briefly, and his right fingers snapped, a well placed lash licked across her shoulders, she sucked in air sharply, and worked faster, feeling his shaft hot and ready to burst. Left fingers snapped, the whip slashed across her naked flesh as she arched, moaning. His fingers and the guards whips working as one, she rode harder, her mind in a sensual whirl, she saw his fingers snap, left and right as the guards whipped her naked back making her ride faster and faster.

She felt like a pony in a race, being whipped towards the finish line, she cried out like a beast as the guards took their turn in licking their slave whips across her flesh.

She squealed out in joy, as the whips dominated her, twisting as each stroke expertly kissed her. The Masters balls tighten and with a low growl his hot seed spurts forth, like boiling oil shooting up into her. Pulse after pulse washed inside her, as she felt her own powerful orgasm, meet his. She bucked violently as the wave of passion possessed her, cumming time and time again as the Masters orgasm continued.

She felt the heat of her body, almost burning, as the Masters cock became flaccid, she was panting hard, almost breathless, as the passion ebbed from him.

She pulled up on the rope as she felt him subside, the Master slipped from her, and gave a silent command.

She felt the guard release her wrists and the other tug her leash, she could not walk, still gasping for breath, but was allowed to crawl, the guards guiding her from the room. She snaked between them like a contented puppy as she was led back to her bed.

The guards’ final command; “rest girl- the Master is pleased with you.”

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