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Autograph Ch. 03

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“Ladies, when you draw, use all you senses.” Ms. Purdy was giving her art students a lecture. I was standing at the front of the class, naked as usual. Ms. Purdy was beside me. The evening was hot, the room stuffy and humid. “Don’t just look at your subject, observe your subject. The smallest details are as important as the obvious ones. Notice the shade of his skin, the lock of hair that falls out of place, the glint in his eyes, even the beads of perspiration rolling down his cheek.”

Ms. Purdy caressed my cheek with her index finger. A bead of sweat rolled on to the tip of her finger. She momentarily looked at it then poked my chest with the finger, rubbing the moisture across my pectoral muscles.

“Even though sight is the most important sense, don’t neglect the sense of touch. If allowed, feel the subject you are drawing. Are the muscles hard or flabby?” Ms. Purdy squeezed the bicep muscle of my right arm. “Is the body strong or weak? Is it tense or relaxed? Whatever the state, make sure your work accurately reflects it.” She ran her hand down my back, rested it on my ass and squeezed my left buttock. “Feel everything, because everything about the body is important to an artist.”

She stood behind me, pressed her body against my back and ass, reached around my torso and ran her hands over my chest. She played with my nipples, ran her hands down my abdomen and fingered the small tuft of pubic hair above my cock. Her right hand groped my testicles and penis. She stroked the shaft of my penis until it was fully erect. Stepping out from behind me, she continued with her lesson.

“After sight and touch, we have smell and taste. Though they are difficult to incorporate into a work of art, it is possible. We’ve all seen paintings of food so lifelike our mouths salivate and our noses smell the sweet fragrance. This effect is possible with the human figure.” Ms. Purdy pressed her face against my neck and inhaled deeply. She moaned softy. “Draw the beads of perspiration on his forehead, the sheen of sweat on his torso. Subconsciously, the viewer will smell him. As for taste, how could ones mouth not moisten at the sight of his erect penis? My mouth is salivating right now. When I view your completed work, I expect my mouth to salivate as if I was standing in front of the real thing.”

Ms. Purdy licked her lips, squatted in front of me, held the base of my cock with her left hand and engulfed my organ with her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down the shaft a few times, held the head of my cock with her lips, and licked the underside of it with her tongue. She left a thin coating of saliva on it when she withdrew her mouth. She stood up, faced the class, and said,

“It’s not often artists get to touch, feel, and taste the object they draw. Usually we are only allowed to look. Don’t waste this opportunity girls, use all your senses and use what you learn in your art. Now, lets get to work. Begin drawing.”

My cock remained rock hard while the ladies drew. It wasn’t difficult to maintain this state given that every eye in the room was on it. The sexual tension was as thick as a London fog, but no one approached me, though I would wager many of them wanted too. Ms. Purdy broke the ice by doing two things. First, she brought in a tray of white wine and served everyone drinks. This loosened the women up and they began to talk among themselves. Before this, the room had been silent. Second, she wrapped her hand around my prick and pulled me off my platform like a dog on a leash.

She slowly lead me through the room. We stopped at each student’s easel and Ms. Purdy examined their work. She made a few comments to some of the ladies but didn’t criticize anyone until we reached Cynthia at the back of the class. Usually she coats her criticism with sugar, that is, she is friendly and tactful when suggesting ways the student can improve. This leaves them feeling good about their efforts, despite the problems. This time however, she was harsh.

In a loud voice, Ms. Purdy said, “Cynthia, your work is disappointing.” Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. “You have not been observing what you are drawing. I expect better from you.” Cynthia’s eyes darted between Ms. Purdy’s face and her hand on my cock. “Look at me when I am talking to you Cynthia,” Ms.Purdy commanded.

Cynthia’s cheeks turned red. She is a small, shy, demure woman in her early thirties. Her long, black hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down the length of her back. She wears black rimmed glasses that obscure her opaque blue eyes. She’s married and has two small children. Cynthia looked directly at Ms. Purdy.

“Your work has many errors,” Ms Purdy said. “For instance, the illiac crest in your drawing is more pronounced and sharper then it should be. Look at our model’s illiac crest and compare it to your drawing.” Cynthia looked at me then her drawing but said nothing. “I don’t think you understand what I mean Cynthia.” tuzla escort Ms. Purdy took Cynthia’s hand and placed it on the crest of my pelvis. “See how round it is?”

Cynthia hesitatively ran her hand over it. “Yes Ms. Purdy, I do now.” Ms. Purdy continued with her criticism.

“Another problem is your presentation of his abdomen.” She placed Cythia’s hand on my stomach and told her to feel the muscles. Cynthia tentatively pressed her hand against my abdomen and ran her fingers over it. Her hand quivered as it neared my groin. “Our model is fit and lean Cynthia, but you have him looking like he has a beer belly.”

In a shallow, timid voice, Cynthia said, “I’m sorry, Ms.Purdy.”

Ms. Purdy looked at the drawing and exclaimed, “Look at that!” She pointed at Cynthia’s drawing of my penis. “The cock is dramatically out of proportion to the rest of the figure. He does have a big one, but it’s not that big Cynthia, and the one you drew looks like a wet noodle!” Cynthia blushed.

In an authoritative voice Ms Purdy said, “Feel his penis Cynthia, see for yourself how strong and rigid it is.” Ms. Purdy removed her hand from my cock. Cynthia moved her hand slowly towards me but withdrew it when it began to tremble.

In a huff, Ms. Purdy ordered, “Touch his cock Cynthia . . . it’s not going to bite!” Cynthia again moved her hand towards my cock. This time Ms. Purdy grasped her wrist and placed Cynthia’s hand firmly on my penis. In a soft, but demanding voice, Ms. Purdy said, “Wrap your fingers around it Cynthia, feel its strength.”

Cynthia did as she was told. Ms. Purdy released her hold on Cynthia’s wrist and ordered her to feel the entire thing. Cynthia slowly moved her warm hand up and down the length of my cock. Her face was flushed, her breathing shallow and quick.

“When you draw that prick Cynthia, I want it as rigid and strong on paper as it is in your hand.”

With a dry, raspy voice, Cynthia said, “Yes, Ms.Purdy.”

Addressing the entire class, Ms. Purdy said sternly, “Cynthia made the mistake of observing from too far away. The rest of you had better not make the same error.” In unison, a few ladies said, “We won’t,” and laughed.

Cynthia was oblivious to the laughter, she was engrossed with my cock. Her hand moved up and down it in a slow methodical fashion. When a drop of precum dripped onto her hand, she stopped and looked at it.

“Taste it Cynthia,” Ms. Purdy ordered. Cynthia hesitated for a moment, then lifted her hand to her mouth and licked the cum off of it. Everyone gasped. In a flat, toneless voice Ms. Purdy said, “You know what you need to do Cynthia, it’s too late to turn back.” Cynthia shyly looked at Ms.Purdy, then at everyone else.

Someone behind me said, “Do it Cynthia.”

A devilish smile crossed Cynthia’s lips. She dropped to her knees, rubbed the tip of my prick across her puckered lips, then slowly lowered her mouth until the entire head of my cock vanished into her saliva womb. No one said a word, they just stared in astonishment. Cynthia rolled her tongue over the head of my cock, then lowered her mouth down the shaft until my cock hit the back of her throat. From this position she proceeded to fuck my cock with her mouth, quickly pulling back then thrusting forward, again and again. Giving her jaw a rest, she let my cock drop from her lips. She held it at its base and licked one side of it, then did the same to the other side. Pressing my cock against my abdomen, she flicked my balls with the tip of her tongue. At one point she cupped them with her free hand and partially enveloped one testicle with her mouth. Cynthia undid her ponytail with her free hand and shook her head so her long hair flowed over her face and shoulders. As she moved her mouth up and down my cock, her hair added to my pleasure by caressing my testicles.

I felt a hand on my ass. It gently rubbed each buttock, then slid down the crack of my butt. The hand disappeared and was replaced by a mouth. I felt a hot, slick tongue lick each cheek, while a pair of hands ran down the back of my thighs. Lips pecked at my ass, then teeth nibbled my flesh. It pinched but didn’t hurt an inordinate amount. I looked over my shoulder to see who was attacking my rear but I couldn’t see anything except the top of her head. Her face was buried in my ass.

Jane, the woman who had given me a blow job in front of everyone during the previous class, lowered her shorts and panties and stepped out of them. She sat on a chair, spread her legs and rubbed her pussy with her hand as she watched the show. The lips of her pussy were wet and swollen. Her clit had popped out of its hood. She rubbed it with the tip of her index finger. Ms. Purdy positioned herself behind Jane. She pulled Jane’s t-shirt up exposing her breasts. As Jane masturbated, Ms. Purdy massaged her tits.

“Are you going to share that cock Cynthia?” one of the ladies asked. “Some of us wouldn’t mind a göztepe escort lick or two.” She approached Cynthia, expecting to get a taste of my prick. Cynthia pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Back off,” she said loudly. “This cock is about to explode. I did all the work, I want the payoff.” The lady expecting to get her licks in retreated. Cynthia looked up at me and said, “Cum for me, I know you can’t hold back much longer.” She was right. I was about to blow my load.

Cynthia stroked my balls and licked the sensitive underside of my cock head feverishly. I reached behind me and pushed the head of the woman kissing my ass deeper into me. She let out a stifled moan, and responded by licking me more quickly. I moaned, pulled my cock out of Cynthia’s mouth and shot a huge wad of cum across her face. Cynthia caught the second squirt in her mouth. The third and last squirt landed on the lens of her glasses. She fell back on her ass and licked the cum off her chin and lips.

The woman licking my ass forcibly turned me around to face her. My mystery ass kisser turned out to be Millie. Millie is a university student in her mid-twenties. Drawing is her hobby. She is petite, fiery, has blonde hair, alabaster skin and green eyes. Though it had lost some of its rigidity, my cock was still long and excited. Millie slurped the cum on the tip of my cock down her throat, then shoved her mouth as far down the shaft as she could. She pumped my cock with her mouth like a piston. Much to my surprise, I felt my cock spasm and ejaculate another load of cum, albeit a very small one. Millie slid her mouth off my cock and swallowed the sperm in her mouth.

“I knew you had one more squirt left in you,” she said. She smirked and gently stroked my cock as it deflated.

Jane screamed. Ms. Purdy was on her knees in front of Jane, finger fucking her. Jane had just orgasmed and had flooded Ms. Purdy’s hand with her juices. Jane’s eyes were bulging out of her eye sockets, she was gasping for breath. Ms. Purdy stood up, languidly ran her damp fingers over her extended tongue, grinned and wiped her hand clean with the hem of her short skirt.

Behind me I heard a soft whimper, then a loud sob. I turned and looked at Cynthia. She was crying. The sperm on her glasses was falling into a river of tears.

Ms. Purdy bent over Cynthia and asked, “What’s wrong sweety?”

Between sobs Cynthia cried out, “I’ve cheated on my husband. My God, what have I done?” She broke down and bawled.

Someone from behind me handed Ms Purdy some tissue. She wiped the sperm and tears off Cynthia’s cheeks. After a few minutes, Cynthia stopped crying and rose to her feet. Her lower lip quivered, her eyes were ready to pump tears again at any moment. She took off her glasses and tried to clean them.

Ms. Purdy gathered everyone around her. “Ladies, what goes on in this room stays in this room. Anyone telling tales out of class will cause us a lot of problems. Do I have your word that you’ll remain silent about this evening’s events, . . . and any future events?” Ms.Purdy looked each of them in the eye, and each one of them promised that what went on here stayed here. Then she looked at me and asked, “Do you promise to keep your mouth shut?”

“Of course I will,” I stated.

“Are you sure? Men love to brag about their exploits.”

In a slow, serious voice I said, “You have my word that I will not tell a soul about anything that goes on here. I don’t kiss and tell.” Ms.Purdy stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, she smiled and stroked the side of my face lovingly.

“We believe you.”

Cynthia’s lower lip had stopped quivering. She was now composed. “I don’t believe any of you,” she emphatically stated. “When it comes to sex people have big mouths. Eventually one or more of you will shoot off your mouth and ruin my marriage. All of you have seen me suck his cock,” she pointed at me. “I think I should see each of you suck his cock. That way, not only do you have something on me, I’ll have something on you. You’ll be sure not to shoot your mouths off then.” Silence reigned. Finally, Sandra, a short haired blonde in her early forties said,

“You’re insane if you think I’m going to suck his cock to satisfy your paranoia Cynthia. I won’t ruin my marriage for you.”

Cynthia sarcastically replied, “But Sandra, how will it ruin your marriage? If no one talks, like you’ve all promised, your husband will never find out.” She paused momentarily. “If you won’t suck his cock, pose nude for the class beside him. That way you won’t be breaking any marriage vows, but we’ll still have something on you if you shoot your mouth off.” Sandra’s face went white.

Millie said, “I agree with Cynthia. You’ve all seen me do some nasty stuff tonight, what’s gonna stop you from telling my boyfriend? Pose nude Sandra, prove we can trust you.” Sandra was speechless.

Jane declared, “Anyone who üsküdar escort hasn’t done something naughty with him yet ought too or they should leave the class for good.”

Lori, a redhead in her late thirties said, “My marriage has been dead for years. I stay with the slob for the sake of the kids. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any. I’ll give our boy a blow job right now if he wants.” She laughed. Lori had been the lady who had asked Cynthia to share my cock.

Sandra shook her head in bewilderment. She asked Ms.Purdy, “Are you going to go along with this farce?”

Ms. Purdy stared at the floor for a few moments, then looked at Sandra. “I think the girls have a good point. If any of you don’t want to participate in the extracurricular activites, then you should leave the class. I will give you a complete refund Sandra. Do you want to leave?”

Sandra bit her lower lip, her eyes narrowed. She thought for a minute. Finally she said, “I don’t want to leave. The fact of the matter is I enjoy watching what’s going on. I’ll pose nude, but no blow job. Is that good enough?”

Cynthia smiled and said, “Good enough. What about the rest of you?”

“I’ll pose nude,” Serena said, “but I won’t pose with him.” She smiled at me. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just that, uhm . . . I don’t like men.” Serena was in her early twenties but still looked like a teenager. Her breasts were small, her waist narrow, her legs long. I found her bright, cheery brown eyes, upturned, perky nose, and thick sensuous lips very appealing. I was sad to discover she was forbidden fruit.

“Would you allow me to pose with you Serena?” Ms. Purdy asked.

Serena’s eyes lit up. “I’d love it,” she replied. Serena’s smile was broad.

Sharise was next. She said, “I can’t rush into something like this. I’ll need a few days to decide. I wouldn’t be cheating on my boyfriend or husband, because I have neither, it’s just that . . . while one half of me wants to go wild, the other half, is holding me back. You’ll have to take my word for it that I won’t tell anyone what’s going on here.” Sharise picked up her purse next to her easel and walked towards the door.

Ms. Purdy said, “Call me when you’ve decided.” Ms.Purdy tenderly hugged her. Sharise hugged her back, waved good-bye and left.

Cynthia said, “That leaves Claudette. Since she isn’t here tonight, we’ll leave it up to Ms. Purdy to explain things to her.” Ms. Purdy replied,

“Claudette dropped out a few days ago. She won’t be back.” After a slight pause she said, “Let’s take a break and catch our breath. We’ll meet here in fifteen minutes. Sandra, you’ll pose with him then, okay?” Sandra nodded. Ms. Purdy motioned Sandra to follow her. They disappeared into the main house.

I went out to the pool and dove into the water to cool off. The ladies huddled around the wine, sipped on it and talked. Ms. Purdy came out to the pool with a towel. She took off her sandles and splashed her feet in the shallow end as she watched me swim. She began to laugh. It was a soft, gentle laugh. I swam over to her, stood up, and dried my face with the towel. She was still laughing.

“What’s the joke?” I asked. She stopped laughing, smirked, and said,

“Sandra is very nervous. Be gentle with her.” She laughed again.

“I was nervous posing nude the first time,” I said.

“That’s not the reason she’s nervous Clay, she’s afraid she’ll give in to temptation!” Ms. Purdy gave me a wicked smile. My blank look indicated I didn’t understand. “Why do you think these women are here?” she asked.

“To learn to draw of course,” I replied. Ms. Purdy chuckled.

“Initially, that’s why they came to my class, but that’s not the reason they are here now. Now they’re here for the sex. When you masturbated in front of them during the previous class, and Jane sucked you off, it turned them on. They knew the possibility of it occurring again was quite good, so they came back for more. Claudette knew what was going to happen, she couldn’t handle it, so she dropped out. The rest could have done the same, but they didn’t.” Ms.Purdy smiled. “I fondled and blew you at the start of the class to let them know they could do whatever they wanted. They were shy though, so I prodded them. I gave them wine to loosen them up, then as the piece de resistance I got Cynthia to think with her hormones instead of her head. Once her juices got flowing it didn’t take her long to take the bull by the horn.” She laughed loudly, paused and said, “Cynthia wasn’t upset because she cheated on her husband, she was upset she was stupid enough to do it in front of witnesses.” Ms. Purdy laughed loudly. The laugh turned into a snicker. When that died down she continued talking. “Sandra is being coy. She appears reluctant to join the sexual escapades, but deep down I think she wants to let loose and fuck your brains out. Lets see if she does.”

Ms. Purdy gestured for me to get out of the pool. I lifted myself out, dried myself off, and walked back with her to the art studio. On the way I said,

“You’re enjoying this an awful lot!” She grinned devilishly, wrapped her arm around mine and replied,

“Yeah, I am. I love corrupting people.”

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