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How I Became Kerri’s Toe-sucking Ho

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It all started when I lost my job. With the economy down, I simply couldn’t find another one, no matter how hard I tried. My girlfriend, Kerri, who had a decent job at a call center, was making all the money for three months. It was causing a major strain on our relationship. One night she came home and decided we needed to have a talk.

At first it was just the regular stuff, how I needed to get a job and how sick she was of taking care of me and paying for everything. After about 15 minutes I was done listening to her and was ready to take off and go for a walk when she made an off-handed comment that got my attention:

“I could use you as a houseboy, Deanna has one and was telling me how great it was the other day on Facebook.”

Houseboy? Sounded to me like it would be pretty easy, just keeping the house clean and, more importantly, she wouldn’t be bitching at me anymore about getting a job.

“I could do that.” I replied. Just staying at home all day and cleaning, sounded easy. I was wrong about what she had in mind.

As soon as I said it, she looked at me intently. “Hmmm,” she said, “Are you sure? There is no going back once you agree.”

“Of course!” I exclaimed quickly.

“Ok then, I’ll need you to sign a contract so you can’t try to get out of it because it is too hard.” She said.

“No problem, I’ll sign whatever you want me to.” All I could think of was how easy my life was about to become. I was wrong.

She left the living room and went into the office to ‘Draw up the papers” as she put it. She was gone for about an hour then returned with a stack of papers and a pen. “Sign here.” She said as she handed me the pen. I quickly signed and plopped down on the couch, since the house was basically clean and there was nothing really for me to do.

“Not so fast, slave.” Kerri said as she smiled smugly at me. “Maybe you should read what you just signed, oh, and there is no getting out of it now, this is a binding contract.” She slid the papers into my lap and I began to read.

It was a slave contract. I wasn’t going to be a houseboy, I was going to be her personal slave!

This was all wrong, not at all what I had thought it was. There were provisions like “Must wake the Goddess by sucking her toes”, “Anytime a female enters the room, the slave must kiss their feet until they say stop”, and “Slave will dress only in what the Goddess deems appropriate attire”.

She had me. It was definitely a legal contract and I had signed the bottom. I had no choice but to follow it, as the escape clause was a payoff of ten thousand dollars. There was no way I could pay that off, I was broke. She made all the money for the last three months!

“First things first,” Kerri said with a grin, “Strip out of those clothes, kneel in the middle of the room, and wait.” I had no choice but to follow her orders. She could have me sent to jail for breach of contract!

She returned a few minutes later with a maid outfit I didn’t even know she had. She forced me to put it on, high heels and everything, then made me kneel again.

“Now kiss my feet.” She said smugly with an evil grin on her face.

I had no choice so I bowed to her dirty shoes and placed a kiss on the toe. I kissed both of them then looked up at her helplessly.

“Don’t stop until I tell you to slave” she screamed. I got back down in the position and started placing kisses all over her shoes and the top of her naked foot. While I did, I seen her take a picture with her phone.

“My Facebook friends will love this” she giggled and in a few seconds she ordered me to look at her phone. Oh no, she had posted the picture on her wall so all her friends could see it!

Within minutes, she had over 50 comments from her women friends laughing and some even asking to borrow me. I started to wonder what I got myself into!

After about five minutes of me kissing her shoes, she ordered me to take them off. Her feet were dirty, filthy to the point of having blackened soles.

“Lick them clean and thank your Goddess.”

Again, I had no choice. I positioned myself again at her feet and just before I began to lick, she stopped me. “Wait! I need to take a before and after picture for Facebook!”

She handed me the phone and made me take pictures of her dirty soles. Then she took it back and gave the order to lick again. She giggled as she posted it to her Facebook wall with the caption

“Let’s see how clean my new slave can get my dirty feet”

I licked, starting at the sole and moving to her toes. Her feet were filthy and tasted like all kinds of nasty dirt. All of a sudden out of nowhere I felt a sting on my nearly bare behind. She had a whip and she was using it on me while I cleaned her feet with my tongue!

It took me about an hour per foot to get all the grime off the soles, then she made me eat the toe jam between her toes. The entire time she giggled and typed messages on her phone. I had no idea at the time what she was doing; I cihangir escort just knew it was bad for me.

“Stop slave!” She ordered. I stopped. Then she hit me hard with the whip.

“Thank me!”

“Thank you Goddess.” I replied, remembering the rules and hoping not to get another shot with the whip. I got one anyways. Then she made me take a picture of her clean foot. She sat back and laughed as she posted it next.

“Stay!” she said as she got up and went into the other room. When she came back I was in the same position I was when she left, with my face on the carpet at the foot of the couch.

All of a sudden I felt something snap around my neck. It was a dog collar! She then attached a chain to it and ordered me to put my hand in front of me. She quickly pulled handcuffs from behind her and cuffed my hands together.

“Stand, slave!” she ordered. “Yes Goddess” I replied and stood.

“I know you thought this contract would make it easier for you, but I’m going to make it hard. I want to see how cute you look cleaning the house with constricted steps.” She giggled again as she put another pair of handcuffs around my ankles. Then she smacked me hard with the whip.

“SIT! Now that I have you right where I want you, we are going to go over exactly what the contract states and how you are expected to act at all time. While we are doing that, I want you to suck on my toes.” She offered her foot in front of me, and I held it up while I stuck her big toe in my mouth and got started.

“Clause number one: You no longer have a name. You are to be referred to as slave. If anyone asks, AND I give you permission to talk, you will say you are Goddess Kerri’s Slave”

“There are fifteen of these so I hope you aren’t enjoying my toes too much to listen, because punishment will be SEVERE for any failure to obey,” As she said this she struck me hard with the whip.

“Clause number two: Anytime I or any of my female friends enter a room, you will bow and kiss our feet. Each one, ten times, starting with all five of the toes and five kisses on the top of the foot. I just left the room twice and my toes received no kisses upon return. For that, you will be punished now!”

This time, she let loose with the whip. The more she beat me, the more passionately I sucked her toe, hoping to please her enough for her to stop. She didn’t for at least three minutes. When she did she looked down on me and laughed.

“That should teach you to disobey your goddess. Now, Clause Number three: You will only wear attire your Goddess has approved. You do look cute in that maids outfit, but don’t get used to it, because I got plenty more degrading things to make you wear hahaha!”

She pulled her toe out of my mouth and slapped me in the face hard. She gave me no time to recover and before I knew it her other toe was back in my mouth.

“Clause Number four: All the housework is to be done by the slave and to the Goddesses specifications. This means you will not mop the floor but lick it. You will also clean the toilet with your tongue. I hope I made this easy on you” she smiled.

“Clause Number five: The Goddess shall no longer use toilet paper. The duties it preformed will now be done by your tongue. GET MY LITTLE TOE SLAVE!” She smacked me with the whip again, hard. I whimpered and moved furiously and passionately to her smallest toe and sucked with all my life.

“Clause number six: Slave shall never be off his knees unless ordered by his goddess. If I catch you standing for any other reason, I will whip you until you wish you were dead. Got it?” She extenuated the sentence with a hard slash of the whip.

“Clause number seven: Slave may be lent out to any of the Goddesses friends. He must perform as willingly for them as he would for his Goddess. Any failure to do so will result in strict punishment.” She raised the whip again and I flinched, and she put it down and smiled smugly.

“Clause number eight: Slave will eat whatever his Goddess feeds him. It may be morning pee or afternoon dump hahaha! I hope you like the taste of human waste, you worthless pig! Now get your tongue in-between my toes!” She whipped me again and they were beginning to hurt really, really, bad.

As soon as I got to her big toe, she grabbed my tongue with it and her next biggest. She slapped me hard again and laughed.

“I hope you are enjoying these because I am.” She laughed.

“Clause number nine: Slave will only speak when spoken to. If you speak out of turn…” WHACK! She smacked me again with the whip and I nearly lost conciseness. “You get the idea” she said in a sing-song voice.

“Clause Number ten… MOVE TO THE NEXT FOOT NOW!” I quickly moved to her other foot and began sucking those toes even more passionately than I had before, anticipating a whip lashing. Thankfully, this time, it didn’t come.

“Clause ten: Slave will sleep tied to the foot of his Goddesses bed. He will fall asleep with her toes mecidiyeköy escort in his mouth and wake her up gently sucking her toes as well. If at any time she wakes up and he is not sucking, he WILL GET A LASH WITH THE WHIP!” For every one of the last words she whipped me once hard. I was surely bleeding now and not sure of how much more I could take.

“Clause number eleven: The slave will never, ever be out of his restraints. All his movements must be restrained and for no reason is he to try to get out. Doing so will cause me to beat you to death! Got it slave!”

“Yes Goddess Kerri!” I quickly replied, lest I take another lash, and at this point I wasn’t sure I could.

“Good” she smiled, “Now, clause number twelve: Slave will NOT orgasm. If you do without my permission, and I will never give you permission to cum, I will cut your dick off!” She looked me dead in the eye to let me know she was serious.

“Yes Goddess, thank you Goddess” I said, not realizing I was thanking her for threatening to cut my dick off!

“Clause number thirteen: Don’t worry, it’s almost over, then we can have some real fun.” She smiled and I dreaded what she meant by that. “Slave will be waiting for Goddess when she comes home from work. He will kiss her feet and offer himself up to be whipped, in case she had a bad day. He will thank her for every lash. You are already getting use to that, aren’t you” She smiled while I rolled her middle toe around my mouth, sucking and swirling.

“Clause number fourteen: Slave will follow Goddess wherever she goes in the house, kissing the ground she walks on. You didn’t do this earlier, so guess what?” I dreaded what she meant and flinched. She slapped my face and made me sit perfectly still, her little toe in my mouth, and take another ten lashings. I was ready to pass out.

“Keep sucking, this is the last one.” She continued as she finally sat back in her chair.

“Clause fifteen: The escape clause. In order to get out of any condition in this contract, slave must pay ten thousand dollars and give himself up for castration.”

I nearly choked on her toe as I heard the last one. Oh my god, what had I gotten myself into?!?!

“And this looks like your signature. When I went in back the last time, I made a copy and put it in the safe. Don’t even think of trying to get out of this. I own you bitch!”

She followed up the last comment with a hard slap to the face.

At that point the doorbell rang. “Answer it slave, on your knees.” “Yes Goddess Kerri, thank you Goddess Kerri” I said before crawling to the door and struggling to open it while not getting off my knees. It was the landlady.

She was amused by the sight of me kneeling in a dress in front of her. I pressed my lips to each of her sandaled toes and kissed, as instructed, ten times each, once on each toe and five each on the top of her feet. She laughed and pushed passed me, knocking me to the floor.

“I got that paper you wanted, the one takes this asshole off the lease and gives you sole proprietorship of the house.” She never liked me and was enjoying seeing me on my knees.

“SLAVE! Sign this” Goddess Kerri ordered. I crawled to her; half pulled by the leash, and signed. “Now,” she said with an air of smugness in her voice, “Kiss Miss Sarah’s feet and thank her for letting me keep a pet around without a deposit” they both laughed.

I bowed again and began kissing passionately while the two ladies talked. They talked for at least an hour, not even seeming to notice me. I guess this was my new life, licking dirt off women’s nasty feet.

When they were done the landlady smacked me a few times with the whip, I was forced to kiss each of her toes and thank her, and then she left. I then positioned myself at the feet of Kerri and worshiped them for the rest of the night while she posted more degrading pictures on Facebook. Even worse her ugly fat friend Crystal had asked her to borrow me and she said yes!

When she finally got tired of posting on Facebook, and getting her toes sucked, she grabbed my leash and led me into the bedroom, which was at the back of the house. Fearing the whip, I dutifully kissed the floor after each of her steps. It didn’t matter though, halfway down the hallway she got angry with my slowness and whipped me again ten good, hard times.

Instead of taking me to the bed to be tied up for the night, she took me into the bathroom. I knew what was going to happen next but I was hoping beyond hope it wouldn’t. It did.

She laid me down in the bathtub and squatted over my face.

“Open your mouth slave.” She barked and didn’t even look down. She knew I would obey because I had no choice.

A very large stream of piss suddenly hit my mouth. “If you drop even a single drop, I will beat you senseless before bed.” Kerri threatened. I knew she would so I swallowed as fast as I could.

It was horrible. I kept my eyes closed. But it wasn’t over. As soon as I finished swallowing her pee I felt kurtuluş escort something slimy and terrible slide into my mouth. She had shit in my mouth!

It was so hard to swallow it down but I couldn’t take any more beatings. She laughed the whole time and took another picture to post on Facebook. When she finally finished she made me lick her clean, both her pussy and her ass. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever done in my life. And she posted pictures of it all on Facebook.

When she was finally finished she made me brush my teeth and positioned me with my arms tied to the foot of the bed. Finally, I thought, she won’t beat me anymore.

I was wrong. While I was tied spread eagle, kneeling at the foot of the bed with my arms tied to either post she let loose a fury with her whip. She beat me so hard I passed out, literally. I was awoken by her big toe being shoved into my mouth.

“Suck hard slave, or I’ll wake up and do it all over again.” I sucked her toe like I was passionately in love with it, or afraid, which was more appropriate. She giggled, picked up a book and read for about ten minutes and finally turned off the lights and went to sleep.

I was awoken about three in the morning by the whip. It was the worst awakening of my life.

She was beating me relentlessly. I tried to scream out but she had stuck a dirty sock in my mouth. I couldn’t help it, I knew she would punish me but I was in such pain my instincts took over. It was a good thing she had the sock in my mouth or she might have gotten so angry she would have killed me.

“I caught you sleeping not sucking my toes!” she screamed. “You will be punished SEVERELY for this!” I didn’t know how severely, I thought that was what was happening, but I was wrong. I would soon learn to not underestimate her sadistic nature.

She stepped away off to the side where I could just make her out going through the drawer. She took out the biggest dildo I had ever seen in my life! Oh no, I thought, No, no, no!

She grabbed my hair from behind as she stuck it in. It hurt enough to wake me up completely.

“Now, slave, you can keep that thing in your ass until you have sucked my toes, ALL NIGHT!” With the last words she let loose another whipping fury and then kicked me hard right in the ass, shoving the dildo up further and making me wince with pain.

She finally removed the sock and replaced it with her big toe. “Keep sucking slave, I MEAN IT!” Those were her last words before going back to sleep. Fear kept me up all night, sucking her toes as hard and passionately as I could.

I had only been her slave for a few hours and was already totally submissive to her.

The next morning I when she woke up I was furiously sucking her toes. Of course I got another beating for it, as the contract said I should wake her up gently sucking her toes. I was again drug to the bathroom and again forced to swallow her piss and morning shit. Again, I had to clean her with my tongue. “Get use to this slave. This is going to be everyday hahaha!”

She then fitted the ankle and handcuffs on again and got ready for work. I had to cook her breakfast, which is hard when you have to stay on your knees the whole time tied up. Before she left, she hogtied me in the living room.

“Now slave, I want the entire house cleaned, the floors and toilets licked clean, all the dishes done, and you will be waiting for me at the door over there when I get back. Otherwise you will get another angry beating.”

I struggled crawling on my belly to lick all the floors and toilet clean. There was no way I could have done the dishes and she knew it. She was going to beat me regardless. I rushed as fast as I could to do everything and be waiting by the door when she came in.

As she walked in I noticed she was barefoot and her feet were dirty. She opened the door and I kissed her toes, each one and five more kisses on the top of her foot. She untied me, and of course put me on the leash and had me follow her around kissing the ground she walks on while she inspected my work and seen the dishes weren’t done.

I didn’t even know she had the whip on her. The beating I then got was worse than any of the others. Still, I kept my lips on her toes the whole time, hoping it would please her enough to make her stop. She did, after ten minutes.

“Are you forgetting something SLAVE?” she yelled at me. “No Goddess, please…” Oh my god I just remembered. “Would your majesty like to beat me if she had a bad day?”

“Yes.” She said smugly. My lips never moved from her toes as she let loose again, this time for twenty minutes. When she finally finished she slapped me in the face. “You have five minutes to finish those dishes and be at my feet to lick them clean. Although with all the kissing you have been doing to my toes, they might just be halfway there hahaha!” She left to the other room, and I followed her kissing the ground she walked on of course as to avoid further beatings, then went back in the kitchen and finished the dishes as fast as I could. Within four minutes I was back at her feet waiting for orders to lick them clean.

“I see you’re learning your place, slave” she giggled. “Time for more Facebook pictures. I made sure my feet were extra dirty for you tonight. Start licking!”

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