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The Never Ending Buffet Ch. 05

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Sharon stayed with me Saturday night and, after she left on Sunday, I called my friend and we traded out the shitty cavalier for a nice, beige colored, Mazda 626. I put the plates on the new car and drove it out to Mary’s. Sharon had told me where Mary and Leimomi lived and I called first to make sure it was ok.

Melissa was thrilled with the car, and she was anxious to show me her new home. Mary’s house was a large ranch style, with what had obviously been the garage turned into a family room. The kitchen led into a dining room with a fireplace and a sliding glass door leading to a flagstone patio. The back of the house was arranged with the common bath at the beginning of the hallway and a master suite beyond it on the left. Across the hall two other bedrooms shared a bath between them. The hallway ended with a final guest bedroom. Melissa had been given the two bedrooms with the shared bath; one was being made into a nursery for the baby.

Leimomi came over as I was being shown around by Melissa and she and Mary kept busy in the kitchen. I walked in and took a deep breath.

“That smells marvelous ladies, can I be an utter cad and invite myself to dinner, or have you got guests coming?”

“We were making this up with you in mind Walter, but you have to do something for us before we sit down to eat.”

“What is that Mary? For a meal that smells that good your wish is my command.”

“You need to shave us again. It is already starting to itch, and if you like it this way I want to keep it up.”

“It would be my pleasure ladies. I won’t pass up the chance to see and touch a lovely pussy anytime. I do like it like that, any puss is a joy to eat, but it is so much better when it is smooth. Do you want to do that now?”

“Why wait?”

So saying Mary led the way to the master bedroom and she and Leimomi settled themselves on the edge of the bathtub after pulling their shorts and panties down. I lathered up a couple of washcloths and set to work, Mary’s cunt was very smooth and the lips were almost hidden in the folds. She looked like a very large 12 year old down there. Leimomi was a bit different; her inner lips were hanging out to where I had to be extra careful to keep from cutting one.

“You know ladies; you really didn’t need this done.”

“We know Walter, but it was how we decided to get you to eat us before dinner.”

“All you had to do was ask, girls.”

Both tasted very nice, with Leimomi being a little sweeter. They went in to the bedroom, leaving their pants and panties on the bathroom floor. Then they lay back on the bed with their legs spread. Oh, what I have adana escort to do for these women, oh woe is me, heh.

I set to, and soon Leimomi was yelling at me and calling me all kinds of names. I lifted my face from her after she suffered a severe shaking and saw that she was panting, trying to get her breath. I scooted up to plant a kiss on her upper mouth and then moved over to Mary.

“Uncle Walt, aren’t you going to give these women any peace? You’d think that you had gone years without sex or something.”

I looked over at the door and stuck out my tongue at Melissa. Mary looked over and said, “You keep out of this little girl, we got dibs. You can get some time with him later. Walter isn’t doing anything we don’t want him to.”

Melissa laughed and walked away. I lifted Mary’s sturdy legs and dove in, determined to get all I could out of her. It didn’t take too long to ring her chimes the first time, and after two more good comes she pushed me away.

“Do you think you can do something else for my poor Polynesian friend here Walter? She has been without longer than I have.”

I gave Mary a deep tongue kiss and moved back over between Leimomi’s thighs. I had to undo my belt and drop my trousers but I was definitely ready, and slid right into her very slick and wet tunnel. She wrapped her legs around me and we were off to the races. Poor Leimomi was desperate and primed to the hilt. I was still hard after her second come and she pushed me off, she was unable to speak, but her pointing in the direction of her neighbor was understood, and I shifted over to the much larger Mary.

Mary was by far the biggest woman I had ever made love to and I was slightly disconcerted to realize that when we were coupled, her head was higher than mine. The compensation was that I was able to lean down and suck on those very large tits. I could really get used to this. There were seven different and individual women, each one wanting as much of me as I was willing to give. It was almost enough for me to revise my concepts of heaven.

“Are you safe Mary, or should I pull out?”

“Go ahead and pull out if you can, I’m safe but Leimomi is looking forward to a treat without having to take it out of me. We can try that later on.”

I hadn’t been real close, but the image she conjured up of Leimomi with her face buried in Mary’s snatch was enough to end my active participation. I felt Mary come and pulled I out, only to be tackled to my back on the bed by Leimomi. She attached herself at my middle and almost immediately I filled her mouth with my juice. There adana escort bayan I was lying on the bed with Mary on one side and Leimomi on the other; all three of us bottomless, but still wearing our shirts.

“Damn girls, I don’t know how long I can keep this up. No sex for years and then all this. It is fantastic.”

“We won’t ask for more than you can give us Walter. If at any time you want to slow down, just say so. We don’t want to hurt you. Now let’s get our pants on and have something nutritious to eat.”

We got dressed and went back out to the kitchen to find Melissa waiting for us with a slightly taller version of Leimomi.

“About time you guys got done in there. I thought dinner was going to burn. Uncle Walt, this is Leimomi’s daughter Mandy. Mandy, this is my Uncle Walt. Don’t let his antics earlier fool you; he really is a pretty nice guy.”

I gave Melissa a sharp smack on her ass as we sat down. “I am glad to meet you Mandy; I hope that you and Melissa can be friends.”

Mandy was apparently not big on talking. I hadn’t even heard her voice yet.

“So tell me Leimomi, how did this group get started? It seems that most of you have no connection to the others.”

“Believe it or not five of us have the same doctor. Early last year we were all in the doctor’s waiting room. He had a very bad day and we had all been waiting for a while. Then Amy made a comment about how this was the first time she had ever had to wait in line for some guy to look at her pussy; but at least this guy was going to look at it, not just poke it. This sparked a discussion about men and how they treat pussies. We discovered that we were all divorced or widowed and had a lot in common. We started meeting every week and becoming more and more a part of each other’s lives until now it feels like we are sisters, only closer. I have two sisters and I would never consider sharing a man with either of them, but with this group, it feels almost natural. I brought in Mary and Carla knew Jennifer. When Mika first brought up the idea to look for some man or men that we could share, I really didn’t think that it would happen; but then Jenny found you. You really sparked something in her, but it wasn’t until we met Melissa that you were in like Flynn. She told us just how special you were.”

“That is the other thing. You have taken on quite a bit with Melissa you know. I wasn’t going to let her live where she was much longer, but there is no way I could have done anything as nice as this for her and the baby. I hope you know just how much this means to me.”

“We escort adana are glad to do it Walter. She is almost a member of the club, what with the way she was treated. I think we may be able to find a good man for her after the baby is here; there is not enough time to find one before then.”

After dinner I kissed Mary and Melissa good night and Leimomi took me home. This was not going to be a real good night. After one night with a woman beside me, I already missed it.

Monday I was in the office with Sharon shortly after seven. She gave me the tax forms and insurance paperwork to fill out and as I was doing it, two tall slender black men walked into the office.

“Walter, I would like you to meet my sons Dexter and Carl Jr. Boys, this is Walter Simmons, he is the new service man and my part time lover. Treat him well boys, I can replace you a lot easier than I can him.”

I was stunned that she would say that to her sons. They were very big and I was worried that they might take offense to the idea that I was fucking their mother.

“Welcome Walter, we need a service man and mom needs love. Treat her right now. What do you mean part time mom?”

“I mean that I have to share him with my friends dear, he is not my boyfriend, he is ours.”

Her son looked over at me, “some guys get all the luck. Then again, does that include Mary?”

“Yes it does. What is wrong with Mary?” I asked.

“There is nothing “wrong” with her, but that big woman scares me. I once saw her lift a refrigerator to clean behind it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Do you have any deliveries today Sharon, or anything I need to go out for?”

“The boys have six deliveries from three stores and you need to go along and install a dishwasher and two icemakers. Once the boys pick up the merchandise they will call back here with the addresses and approximate delivery times and the type of appliances. You can draw the parts and meet them to do the installation. How does that sound?”

“It sounds to me like you have it all under control. I’m going to like working here.”

I learned quite a bit that day, and the next two as well. Sharon was a pure joy to work for and each day I took a different boy with me to learn to do the service work. Dexter was sharp and eager to learn. Carl Jr. was a nice enough boy, but he just didn’t have much mechanical ability and he would be better working delivery. He and his brother made a great team, but he had to be the one to realize that he was not service material before I quit working with him. I talked to Sharon about it and she agreed with me and gave me a blow job as thanks for being so good to her sons. At least that’s why she said she was doing it, but the obvious pleasure she got from the act might have had something to do with it as well. Jessie was like that when we were first married, the act of giving a blow job excited the hell out of her.

Wednesday night I had a visitor.

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