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Still Can’t Resist

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There I was again, this time bent over his kitchen table. I was feeling him slide his cock in me for the first time today, concentrating on how good it felt stretching me to my limit, savoring the taste of his cum from sucking his cock in the foyer of his house a few minutes ago. His cock took over my whole body as soon as it slipped inside. When his balls rested against mine and I felt his hips pressing on my ass cheeks I felt complete. How did I get here this time?

After struggling with the decision whether to continue this fling I had decided to break it off. That was several weeks ago and I had been doing well since then. A few days ago I was flirting with a man in the produce section while grocery shopping. I didn’t intend to have any interaction with him but he started it, and there was some connection I felt as we talked. I learned his name is Sebastian and we exchanged numbers to get together sometime. On the way home I had thought better of it deciding that I wasn’t going to have another fling.

This morning I woke to Sebastian’s text. It just said ‘Good morning’ but my heart started to race and my cock was hard in a seconds. I sent a text back asking how he was doing. He responded ‘Hard and horny’. Before I could think of a decent response I was staring at a picture of his hand wrapped around his cock. I responded ‘Looks like you need some attention’ leading us to figure out which could host time together. Fifteen minutes later I watched him opening the door as I walked up the driveway to his house. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but took them off as soon as I was inside. He leaned in to start passionately kissing me. I pulled my shirt off over my head momentarily interrupting our kiss. Dropping it to the floor, I unfastened my shorts and let them drop too.

Sebastian’s body felt so hot and sexy against mine that I lost my sense of time and surroundings. His tongue darted in my mouth rubbing on my lips and wrestling with my tongue. His hands were on my ass pulling us closer together. I could feel his cock pressing against me. I needed it in me, I needed to taste it and feel it pushing down my throat. Moments later he broke the kiss and took my hand leading me to his living room. He sat on the couch and pulled me down forcing me to kneel in front of him. He reached to me taking my head and forcefully pulling me to his cock. I loved feeling as if he read my mind doing exactly what I needed.

I took his cock in my mouth and let it slide down my throat until my chin pressed on his balls and my nose buried itself in his untrimmed pubes. His precum had been pressed on my tongue as his cock had entered my mouth. It tasted wonderful and reminded me of what I had been missing. I took my time starting a rhythm of taking his cock down my throat and then massaging his cock with my tongue. Cock lust enveloped me completely. I was lost in the softness of the skin sliding across my tongue. As much as I wanted his cum on my tongue I really wanted this blowjob to last. Whenever he started to seem close to coming I pulled off of his cock and massaged his balls. I took each in separately to gently massage them with my tongue. When he relaxed I took his cock in my mouth as deep as it would reach. When he shot his load I pulled back to collect it in my mouth. Feeling his warm silky cum coating my tongue was a sensation I had missed. I played with it swirling it around while pumping his cock with my hand to milk out all I could get.

After I had to swallow I moved to sit down next to Sebastian on the couch. He leaned over me putting his hand on my chest. He played with my nipple as he leaned in further kissing me on the lips. His mouth’s gentle touch contrasted with what his hand was now doing to my nipple. He was rolling it between his fingers with the most pressure I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know where he had it hidden but when he moved his hand away there was a nipple clamp on it. I put my head back to try regaining my composure when I felt him put a clamp on my other nipple. When he moved his hand back down to massage my cock I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything. I was trying to kiss back but I was overwhelmed with the sensations.

I broke our kiss to work on getting his cock ready to go again. I bent over him to use my tongue on his cock. I massaged the front of his cock moving from the head to the base. I worked it for several minutes while gently holding his balls. I tried to at least. He teased my nipples further by flicking the clamps occasionally. Each time I jumped and had to settle back on his cock. He gradually started getting hard again so I took him in my mouth. When I was confident he was going to stay hard I pulled off. I turned to face him lifting my leg over him, moving to straddle him where he sat on the couch. I took the bottle of lube from the end table. I put a generous amount on his cock and massaged it briefly before rubbing some on me. With one hand I took his cock guiding it to my entrance. Feeling xslot giriş the head press on my hole built the anticipation I felt. I slowly lowered myself until his head popped in. Once the head was in I let myself fall until I was sitting on him. I stayed still for a minute to adjust and savor feeling him stretching and filling me. I started riding his cock slowly at first before increasing the pace. He continued playing with the nipple clamps making my cock hard as a rock. One touch and I’m sure I would have blasted my cum across him. Soon he asked me to slow so he didn’t cum. As much as I wanted it now I knew I had to stop. I wanted this to last too.

I leaned in for a passionate kiss before lifting myself off of him. I moved over next to him on the couch. As I sat I pulled him toward me. He quickly got the message and moved to me lifting my legs up as he did. He positioned himself to line up with me and put his cock to my entrance. It entered easily as he thrust into me. I felt his balls hitting my ass as he started fucking me in earnest. He had me on the edge of coming just as he started fucking me harder and faster. I could see the genuine lust on his face when he started to cum. His moans increased as his cock exploded in me. I felt his cock grow and throb just as he put his hand on my cock. He squeezed gently and I shot the most powerful orgasm that I could remember. I shot my own cum up to land on my face. Some landed in my mouth and across my lips. It was the most intense feeling having him cum in me and have my own cum dripping into my mouth. He laid down on me as we caught our breath. His sweat felt so manly as it ran down my body. I could feel his heartbeat as I put one leg around his backside holding him to me.

When his cock shrank back enough to fall out of me he told me he had to get to work soon. We shared one more kiss before I dressed and left. As I drove home I felt conflicted. There was wonderful satisfaction that should have been enough to hold me a couple of days. I knew I wanted more. I checked the time and it was just before eleven in the morning. Frank would be half way through his workout if he was on his usual schedule. I quickly turned to head over. I grabbed my gym clothes that I had left in the back of the car and went inside. I changed quickly and went to the bicycles. I chose a cycle two cycles over and one row in front of Frank without letting him know I saw him. I felt his eyes on me but resisted turning back or looking in any mirrors. I quit and went to the shower just before his normal time to stop and shower. As I left I made sure not to notice him. As soon as I started the shower he was there.

“Hi Brian, haven’t seen you for a while.” He said. I felt a shot of adrenaline run through me. As he said it a little of Sebastian’s cum leaked from my ass. I felt the slippery liquid between my cheeks before it ran down my leg. I turned a bit so the water would rinse it off.

“Oh, how have you been doing?” I responded. I continued washing while we talked.

“I’m better today. Are you free?” He asked.

I smiled enjoying the attention. “My day is pretty open.”

“Do you want to meet back at my place?” He asked.

“Yeah, I would like that.” I responded coolly. I went to the gym for one purpose but he didn’t need to know how desperate I was feeling. I quickly finished rinsing.

“Let’s go now.” I wanted him to stay sweaty. So much for playing it cool though. I grabbed my towel and briefly dried off before putting my shorts and shirt back on. We walked to the parking lot together and I followed him to his house. As I parked I noticed neighbors on either side were out in their yards working. One, a man waved as I stepped away from my car. I wondered if they knew what I was there for, what Frank liked to do. As soon as we were inside Frank’s clothes were off. I immediately dropped to my knees to taste his cock.

I licked his cock from his balls to the head before taking it in to the base. Unable to breathe I pressed my nose further into his pubes and felt his balls on my chin. Extreme satisfaction swept over me. The second cock in my mouth today, the second man’s balls pressing on my chin, the second cock head preventing me from breathing. I wanted him to be the second man coming in my mouth and eventually my ass today. I pulled back to take a breath before sucking his cock in my mouth again. I started a slow rhythm bobbing my head on him, listening to his moans increase as I continued. His hips started moving in time with my movements. I pushed my tongue harder against his cock as it slid into my throat. Suddenly he stopped with his cock buried in my mouth and throat. I felt him start to cum as he held my head tight to his body. His cock head swelled and began shooting cum straight down my throat. His cock throbbed shooting pulse after pulse until he let go of my head. I pulled back wanting to taste and feel his cum on my tongue. I got a squirt or xslot two before he finished. I milked as much out as I could and savored it in my mouth.

He wasted no time telling me to lean over his kitchen table with my feet on the floor. I stripped my clothes off and followed his instruction. He stood behind me and slapped my ass with his cock. He alternated spanking me with his hand and his cock until he was hard again. When he was hard he squirted some lube on his cock before putting it to my asshole. His cock entered me stretching me further than I was stretched this morning. I moaned uncontrollably as he pushed his cock in the rest of the way.

Frank didn’t wait for anything once his hips were pressed to my ass. He started fucking my ass hard. He was slamming my ass each time he thrust moving the table across the floor. My cock was pushing on the table each time he bottomed out. I was so turned on from tasting his cum lingering in my mouth and now having his cock fuck me hard on the table. My precum was lubricating my stomach on the table as he continued slamming his cock into me. My already sensitive nipples were rubbing on the table. His stamina today was amazing, he kept going. He picked up the pace more and his moaning was close to yelling. I was grunting and moaning with each thrust. The table had migrated several feet and was putting deep marks in the wall as he pounded me. I saw the window was open making me wonder how close the neighbor was. I looked over and could see the neighbor’s window was open too. I saw his neighbor watching us through the window. His face was clear standing close to his window. I squeezed my ass tightening on his cock. I was enjoying being pushed on the table just as I heard him vocalize his orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Ohhhhhh!” he said as he thrust into me one last time holding his cock as deep as it would go. I felt him throbbing in my ass. It seemed to go on forever. His fingers dug deep into my hips. He pumped a couple of times slowly then collapsed forward on my back. It felt perfect having the second man today resting his sweaty body on me after fucking my ass. I looked out the window again this time making eye contact with the neighbor. I smiled and he waved hello again. I gave him a small wave back as much as I could with Frank laying on me. After a minute or two recuperating he slipped out of me and sat on one of the chairs.

“Thanks for coming over. I was surprised to run into you today. A nice surprise, definitely.” He said.

“Yeah, me too. That was perfect. I didn’t realize how badly I need you.” I responded, sitting on the chair next to him. We made some small talk before I left. I knew I would need more. I suddenly realized I felt like an insatiable slut looking for the next cock. I realized it was largely not the next man but the next cock I desired.

“I should get going. I really enjoyed us today. Do you want to get together tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do.” he responded. “I have a family birthday party tomorrow afternoon but I have time in the morning or evening.”

“Let’s do morning.” I said, thinking I would have him in the evening too.

“Okay.” he said. We put each other’s numbers in our phones. I moved to his lap straddling him. I kissed him deeply before whispering in his ear. “See you tomorrow.”

I pulled on my clothes as I walked to the door. As I drove away I saw the neighbor that watched us was back outside. I smiled and waved as I pulled away. I drove knowing that I wasn’t done. I really felt insatiable. I need more tonight. It was early afternoon so I had a little time to look. I decided to pick up a coffee on the way home. I sat drinking my coffee in the parking lot. Without a second thought I downloaded a gay hook-up app to my phone. I created a new profile and uploaded pics of myself that I already had on my phone. I found a couple of profiles that looked good and sent some messages. I received a reply from one right away. He said his name was Steve and was looking for someone now. He said he was straight but liked being a top to enthusiastic guys. I was happy to oblige. After many texts we decided to meet at his house.

When I arrived I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. Steve opened the door and I went in. He offered a beer as he shut the door. I accepted and drank most of it as I followed him to the bedroom. I set the bottle down on a dresser and Steve moved in to kiss. His lips were soft though they pressed firmly on mine. He moved down to kiss my neck. I reached down to unfasten his belt and pants. They fell to the floor letting his cock push on my stomach. I felt a little thrill that he hadn’t been wearing underwear. I unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall too. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor then broke our embrace to pull off my shirt.

I nudged him back so he sat on the edge of the bed then kneeled before him. I put my mouth on the head of his cock, tasting his precum. I rubbed his cock a couple of times to milk out a few more drops before burying his beautiful seven inch cock in my mouth. His cock invaded my throat and prevented me from breathing. I felt that satisfaction wash over me again. I pulled back to get fresh air before taking him in again. I reached down to feel my cock. It was hard from having another cock enveloped in my mouth today. I started rhythmically taking his cock in, sometimes I would deep throat him and sometimes I would just lick down to his balls, taking them in my mouth one after the other. I was happiest feeling his balls touch my chin, knowing I had to plan my breathing to hold him in deep. I worked his cock until I felt his balls tighten. His head started to swell and I knew I was going to get my delicious reward. He let out a loud groan and I felt his cum draining across my tongue. I swallowed a few times before keeping the last bit in my mouth. I swirled it around wanting to keeping his flavor as long as I could. I pulled his cock out before it was too sensitive, giving it soft kisses from the head to his balls and then down to his asshole. I licked back up over his sac to the head. He laid back on the bed and I went to get two more beers.

I brought them back and laid next to him. Once they were emptied he leaned across me to play with my chest. He teased my nipples getting my cock rock hard again. I felt the sensation tingle through my chest before he moved down me. He moved his lips down to my cock. His hot mouth took me inside. I balled the sheets in my fists doing everything I could not to cum. His mouth felt amazing on my cock. He ran his tongue and lips back and forth on the front driving me crazy. I wanted to let go and cum but I needed his cock again.

I gently pulled him up to kiss me on the lips before whispering to him. I told him I needed his cock in me. I needed him to fuck me. He took a bottle of lube from his nightstand and moved between my legs. I pulled my legs back while he massaged some onto his cock. He dripped some lube on my entrance and put the head of his cock against me. He pushed the head in and waited for a moment. His cock filled me perfectly when he push in completely. He started a slow grind fucking me. His balls rhythmically pressed on my ass cheeks while I enjoyed the steady pace of his cock fucking my ass. His cock was rubbing my prostate with every thrust me getting me closer and closer to the edge of coming. He started hitting me faster. I could hear his balls hitting me with each stroke. I felt my legs start shaking. The feeling took over my whole body as I moved closer to coming. My ass tightened on him as his pace slowed. His moans doubled in volume and he slammed his cock in me one last time. I felt his cock throbbing in me. We stayed in that position until his cock slipped out of my well loosened ass. He rolled over next to me and we laid together for a while.

I woke up an hour later next to Steve. He was still sleeping. I checked for messages seeing that I had a reply from another man I had messaged. Several texts later he said he wanted to talk to me on the phone before we met. Steve was just waking up so I kissed him gently on the lips. I said I needed to go but asked him to let me know when had time again. I dressed and went to my car.

Robert answered immediately when I called him. His voice was deep and smooth. We talked for a bit. Once he understood I was real and normal he gave me his address. I wasted no time heading over to meet him. He was several inches taller than me and a little chunky. I stepped in and hugged him before we moved to his couch. We both stripped and I was happy again. Dark hair covered his chest and down to his cock. A nice dusting covered his thighs and some on his calves. We sat nude together. I put my hand on his knee feeling him jump a little. I slid my hand up his leg to his balls. I cupped them briefly and the moved to his cock. I felt the warmth on my palm until I moved down putting my lips on the head of his cock.

I took him in to the base feeling the fourth cock today entering my throat. He moaned when I pulled back and then swallowed his cock again. I felt his legs flex as he stretched and leaned back further on the couch. I bobbed my head faster on his cock. His moans increased but I wasn’t able to make him cum. He told me that often it was difficult for him to cum during a blowjob. I sat up and moved my leg to straddle him. He was prepared with a bottle of lube. He put some on his cock. I moved over his cock lining it up with my ass. I slid down his cock easily. I leaned to kiss him as I started riding his cock. His tongue lunged into my mouth playing with my mine. I sucked on his tongue as I rode him. My ass was too stretched to get him off so I suggested he take me from behind. I moved over and got on my knees on the couch. Robert moved behind me and pushed his cock in me. I squeezed his cock with my ass as much as I could as he started pumping me as fast as he could move. His grunting and moaning quickly increased. His fingers dug into my hips from pulling me back on his cock. I reached back to feel his balls as they slapped against mine. He worked me this way slapping my ass occasionally.

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