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Halloween Dare Ch. 01

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Those magic words had been uttered.

“Dave, I dare you.” Eric said and now I could not back down.

That was three days ago, it was easy to be brave three days before Halloween, but now that the day was here, and more importantly the night was here it seemed like one of the stupider things I had ever done.

Three days ago I had been talking about the Deforest house at the farthest end of town at the top of the hill.

The Deforest house was reputed to be haunted. It sat right on the border of my humdrum town Shady Water and the next Galstonberry.

It was said that the father had gone into a rage when his daughter had brought home a boy from school that she had claimed to fall in love with. In his madness he killed the boy with a shotgun and then he raped and murdered his only daughter before taking his own life.

That was the legend, and it had been told and re-told by all of us in high school. It was a popular senior dare to go up to the house and knock on the door before running off.

Nearly everyone had said they had either heard the sound of a shotgun being cocked as if the father were ready to kill any man who might try to take his daughter away, or the call of the daughter who wanted to have love with a man who loved her.

I had gotten to talking big about how there was no such thing as ghosts and no such thing as hauntings and how there was nothing to fear from the house. I had been one to take the dare to knock on the door and I had heard nothing threatening or menacing. Just the creek of old boards under my feet.

Well the next step was obvious, I claimed I could spend the night in the house and wouldn’t suffer any harm. Of course that was the moment that Eric said, ‘I dare you’.

And no scare dare would be complete if the sleep over night was not Halloween.

Now looking up at the rickety old house I realized I had not taken in one thing to fear. The house had been abandoned for nearly a century, stepping up on the porch was one thing, but going inside was something else.

I slowly checked the doorknob and found it loose, the locking mechanism had rusted out completely and turned to dust as I turned the knob.

I stepped across the threshold and gently closed the door behind me, half expecting the entire building to collapse down around and on top of me.

To my pleasant surprise the building remained standing and I began to move into the next room.

The door had an older styled entryway they it opened into, but on the other side of that was a much larger greeting/living room type area.

There were stairs tuzla eve gelen escort going up from this level to the next, and a door on both the left and right of the room.

I went up the stairs, and found that one of the bedrooms at the top of the stairs was not in too bad of shape, so I three my sleeping bag down on the floor, and got myself ready for my night alone.

I unloaded my bag full of snacks (chips, snickers, soda…), my flashlight, and my portable T.V., after all there was no reason to be without the basic necessities in life, and tonight was Monday night football.

I then settled into my bag, with no more concern about the safety of the structure I was in, and certainly no concern about haunting. I got my T.V. tuned to the appropriate station, a little bummed about the crappy reception but resigned to my fate.

By the end of the game it was pretty dark outside, and I was a little antsy to walk around. So I got my flashlight and began going around the rooms in exploration.

The rooms were mostly empty, with crumbling ceiling and wall pieces littering the rooms.

Just as I was completing my rounds I heard a sound coming from the stairs. I spun and slammed my flashlight into the doorframe I was standing in.

My light went out, and I was standing in the dark trying to see if anything was coming.

I was going to be really pissed if Eric was trying to play some prank on me.

I slowly felt my way back to the room that I had claimed as my own. Once there I set my now destroyed flashlight down onto my sleeping back.

I felt around for a moment until my hand found my T.V.. It wasn’t much but it would provide some illumination.

I flipped the switch on and the screen nearly blinded me as my eyes were adjusted for the dark.

My eyes quickly adjusted, and I held the T.V. in front of me as a light. It provided some limited illumination but it was on the order of trying to see your way using your watch light.

I slowly began to leave the room, when suddenly a dark figure pounced me.

I started to struggle, and my hand brushed a soft feminine breast.

I was stunned for a moment, my hand resting on the breast. Who or whatever I was struggling against was not slowed in their determination.

I felt my pants being opened and my cock pulled free, suddenly the head of my cock is in a warm wet mouth and all I could do was groan in appreciation, as my cock got instantly hard.

Holy shit! The ghost girl was real! She didn’t want love, she wanted sex, and was determined to get it!

Then tuzla otele gelen escort further realization hit me, if she weren’t satisfied she would be very upset, what would a ghost do if sexually unsatisfied? I did not want to find out the answer to that question!

Her mouth began to slide up and down my shaft aggressively, nearly sucking the cum straight from my balls only using my cock as a straw.

I was so close to cumming, but I was sure that no girl, ghost or not would want her first time to be over so quickly, so with sheer will and determination I concentrated on preventing the flood of cum from boiling up.

For her part she slowed down, her mouth’s movement on my cock, and began to slowly slide her lips up and down my shaft. When she reached the top she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, and when she reached bottom she sucked the head of my cock into her throat and swallowed.

I still maintained tight control of myself, not letting my orgasm to come, staving it off with more will that I ever knew I had.

I rotated myself around lifted legs I could barely see so that the girl was straddling my face.

She wore a skirt, shorter than I expected, but I quickly found her panties and pulled them off of her. She resisted for a moment, but then allowed me to slip them off.

I gently lapped her cunt lips, which were not particularly wet. What did I expect from a girl that had been dead for close to 100 years.

I slowly worked my tongue up and down her slit and with every stroked pushed my tongue a little deeper, getting her wet with my saliva.

Can a ghost produce lubricant? If I did cum would it actually go into her, or through her? Right now she felt real enough but…

I quickly got my mind back on the issue at hand; perhaps if I could make her cum she would be satisfied.

I continued working my tongue deeper into her slit until I could go from her hole up to her clit and back down. I then began circling both on each pass as slowly I noted moisture coming from her.

Her juices were sweet and light, better than any living girl I had tasted, and I began to lick her more enthusiastically.

So I was having an affect! I quickly gained courage and began really working her clit. She began humping back into my mouth. Then her legs clamped tight to my head, she lifted her mouth off my cock and she screamed like a banshee gushing cum into my mouth.

I was relieved that perhaps I would survive this night.

Then she suddenly resumed sucking my cock!

Oh my god! She wanted tuzla sınırsız escort more!

I quickly resumed licking her slit, now sliding my tongue as deep into her as I possibly could on every pass.

I knew I was getting close, so I began to use my finger on her clit as I thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt.

My balls began to tighten and I knew I wasn’t able to hold back any longer, suddenly my cum burst out of my cock, and she sucked it down hungrily.

I continued to lick her cunt and finger her clit as she was sucking me dry.

Suddenly her legs clamped tight on my head again and she screamed her orgasm again this time around my cock, which she kept in her mouth.

I knew this time I had done well enough, but she continue to suck on my cock.

Thank-fully it remained hard but how long was I supposed to be able to go?

Then she lifted herself off my face and crawled forward. She lined my cock up with her slit and sat down on it quickly, enveloping my entire cock in her warm pussy all at once.

I nearly came from the tightness of her cunt just upon entry and with new resolve I held back.

This ghost was going to be the death of me!

She began to slide herself up and down on my cock.

I wished I could see her, ghost or not, this was usually one of my favorite positions where I could watch a girl’s ass go up and down as she rode my cock.

She began squeezing my cock on the down thrust and I knew I was going to begin to have trouble holding back from much longer.

I decided to take a gamble…

I knew a couple of girls who were into having their asses played with, in their case it nearly always made them cum instantly if they already had a cock in their pussy. The risk of course was women who were not into it were really not into it and tended to take serious offense.

I slowly slid my hand along her ass. I could feel its tautness as she worked my cock in and out of her cunt.

I slid my finger along her crack, brushing her butthole, which seemed to cause her to shiver and whimper.

I stuck my finger in my mouth to get it wet, and then I slowly began to push it into her ass.

I heard her gasp as I pushed it into her, and then as I worked it in and out of her ass she began to increase her tempo.

I knew I couldn’t hold out for long so I began to wiggle my finger against the walls of her ass.

Suddenly her butthole clamped down on my finger as her cunt squeezed my cock tight. She screamed and slammed herself up and down on my cock as she came.

That was it for me, I groaned as the cum burst from my cock up into her vagina.

I was worn out, and I felt my body go limp as it was urging for some rest, how long had it been?

Would she kill me now? Had I not satisfied her enough? I slowly slipped into unconsciousness not knowing if I would awaken, and not really caring that much.

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