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Bend Over

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“Bend over, pull up your skirt.”

After 25 years of marriage it’s hard to figure out the erotic. Even if you still like each other.

When Sharon and I started dating everything seemed to be on the table. Pretty much anything I asked, she tried.

I loved getting her totally naked, just looking at her.

“Why do you like this so much? I don’t know what you want me to do.”

“I’m a guy, I like naked. And I particularly like you naked.” She’d shrug and stand there –not with a particularly sexy stance– while I jerked off, with a somewhat bemused look. That was OK with me. I loved her slightly droopy big breasts, her wide, round derriere, and her thick patch of bush between her legs. Perfect, live, sexy wanking fodder. Yes, eventually she’d lie down next to me and I’d make her come to before we did the old PIV.

Leaning her over the couch arm, I’ll tug down her pants, feeling and licking her ass. She’d bleat a little, or maybe moan a half hearted, reluctant “no” while trying to cover up, but in the end I’d get a dab in.

Once, on a weekend away, we stopped for lunch at a diner. Afterwards, before we drove out of the parking lot, I said we ought to fuck.

“Here?! Where? We can’t exactly get naked in the back of the car.”

“You’re wearing a skirt. Slide onto my lap.”

“No! No way,” she cried. “People will see!”

“They will not, your skirt will cover us up. Now get over here and let me get empty this hard on inside of you.”

Like I say, ultimately back then Sharon was game. She hesitantly scrambled over, facing the windshield and getting tangled up in the steering wheel. I reached up her loose dress, moved her panties aside and slipped it in and started feeling her up. She was slow, unsure at first, but boy was her cooch tight. And wet. Super wet. Let me tell you, she came as hard as she ever came, and all these years later, she’ll still blurt out every once in a while “Remember that time we did it in the car?” That usually meant that she was ready to romp that minute. Not that I could ever get her to do it in the car again.

The really surprising thing to me was that she didn’t seem to mind that I was into porn, unlike every other woman I’d dated.

“We all have our dark sides Ronnie.” I’m not sure what she thought was dark about my jerking it to naked women fucking their hearts out, but to each her own.

So I’d messenger over a book of dirty illustrations from the middle ages or something (softer than I got off too, but just right for her delicate, feminist sensibilties), and that night we’d have a wonderful array of sexing in every position she could think of, and then some. Sharon didn’t like my admiration of naked photography so much over the years, but her initial openness was a good signal to me about who we could be together.

During our enduring marriage, we’d already tried most of the things that turn us both on and we’d already settled the issues of what didn’t really work for one or the other of us. We risked the rejection of telling each other (some of) our fantasies and come hard to the ones that had been accepted. We fucked like bunnies before kids, and now that they’re out of the house and have all the privacy in the world we’re a little too tired and depleted to be the acrobats you used to be.

But, we still love each other and totally want the joys of sexy coupling. What to do?

In my case, I was determined to move past the past. No doubt I was more randy than my wife, who was always struggling to get past the inhibitions instilled by a trying childhood. She could be good, giving and game whenever I asked for something, but I was just as sensitive when she felt she couldn’t comply with a kinky request. Maybe too sensitive to her hesitations. But I was committed to restarting our libidos.

During our last talk about our stilted sex life Sharon and I agreed something had to be done. We wanted the same things –to be loved, coveted, aroused, and fucked– and new we’d have to work on a plan. We tentatively agreed we needed to schedule things–that sounded oh so not sexy, but it worked out well in the end– and Sharon came to terms that she would be more open to some new things, even if she had to drink a little wine occasionally to get there. And so it began.

What did I want? You mean, besides everything? Well almost. Most of my requests were run of the mill kinks. I would have liked it if she had a Escort Pendik crazy request here and there, but I was resigned to that not happening and that I’d have to be the first mover. OK, but how was she going to react after being so vanilla all these years? I decided it was up to me to make sure she didn’t have a chance to back out. It was that simple.

At first, we took it easy. She loved her skin being rubbed so a back massage often became a prelude to the main event. For our “dates” I tried to mix it up. Sometimes, we’d make out in the living room and lose our clothes on the way to bed. Or, I’d insist that she get naked for me and start rubbing her pussy while I watched. She was super shy about it, but slowly she got comfortable coming in front of me rather than beside me.

All good, our engines were getting back up to speed. It was time for the next level.

“Why do you want me to do that?”

I’d just asked Sharon to bend over.

“I like your ass, I want to see it.”

“You know too well that it’s big and fat. And my granny pants make it look even bigger.”

“Do it Sharon, turn around hike up your skirt.” She played along. “Nice. Now, down with your pants. Slowly. Bend over. ”

“Ronnie! It’s embarrassing,” she said.

“You have such a nice crack, you don’t need to be ashamed of it. I want to see it.” She started to wrench them down.

“See, it’s a beautiful crack.”

“Don’t say that!” She started pulling them up. “Stop it!”

“You stop! I’m going to look at your ass as long as I want, and then I’m going to fuck your furry pussy -hard!– from behind.”

“Don’t. That’s dirty.”

“Your hairy, fuzzy pussy? That’s dirty? Not to me. It’s sexy.”

“You’re terrible.”

“Stand still missy. Let me luxuriate in your terrible, naked buns.”

Sharon froze, with half her rear end uncovered, her tail sticking out as lasciviously as an uptight woman could. But I think I spotted her cheeks starting to quiver just a little bit.

“Do you know I can smell your sex from here?” A low moan told me she could sniff it too. “You like that, don’t you? I can smell how much… You love that I’m going to plow into you when you can’t see me? That my dick is hard just looking at your trembling ass?” I moved toward her and loudly unzipped my pants, exposing my erection. “Spread your ass for me baby.”

“Oh God. Please Ronnie. Just stick it in and fuck me. I’ll like that, I’ll spread my cunt lips wide open and you can fuck me really deep.”

My inhaling of her sex scent was loud enough that she quitely moaned “stop” again. But she opened even more and pushed that ass back against me.

“Please, fuck me. Deeper. Ohhhh.” She was really shoving back, almost losing balance. “You can look at my crack all you want if you’ll just fuck my smelly pussy even harder. I like your hard dick in my cunt so much. Harder!” Her pussy was seeping. “I can feel you cock up to my throat, oh God, it feels so big. Make me cum Ronnie! Shoot your sticky cum up inside me!! Fuck my fucking fucked cunt!!”

Her whole body started quaking, almost uncontrollably. Her cries were ear splitting, she came and came and came again, and when I was done our juices were running down her legs. She was smiling as she rubbed them into her skin.

I told you we both wanted it.

Over the weeks we kept up our sex dates with increasing enthusiasm from both of us. Sometimes it was just a leisurely lay, but thanks to Sharon’s ability to orgasm over and over again, we could ramp things up to a progressively wetter and louder finish, with both our screams echoing everywhere at once, soaking our sheets through and through.

But, I wanted more.

Sharon was a bit more dubious (that pesky childhood), even though she recognized the benefits. Now that we’d settled into a groove –or maybe I’d settled into *her* groove, as it were (ouch!)– I became resolute about going further.

After a few weeks Sharon had started getting used to my “bend over, show me your tush” routine. Maybe she was even getting to like it? When our sexy time came, without asking she’d put herself in position and lift her skirts or push down her sexy, high waisted Mom jeans. One time, I figured I’d try and up the ante.

“What are you waiting for?” Her underpants were down around her knees, her butt was starting to shake, and her sex fragrances were wafting up. “Aren’t you hard yet?” She was impatient to get to the next round.

“Put your hands on your cheeks.” She did. “Open them, slowly, let me look in there.”

“Please don’t.” She let go. “I don’t want you to look.”

“Sharon!” I walked over to her.

“Ronnie! Can’t you just put it in? You don’t have to look at my butt hole to do that.” But she slowly opened up. “Stop!! What are you doing?! Don’t!”

I was gently running my finger up and down over her starfish.

“Why are you doing that? It feels funny. Please don’t touch me there!” She was getting all worked up.

Now I was lightly licking it. She almost jumped out of the way. “Cut it out!”

I grabbed onto her hips and held her tightly. “I’m going to hold on and keep licking until you calm down.” I reached around and touched her clit. “Your cunt is sopping. You like it more than you’re saying.”

“I do not! I don’t care how wet I am, I do not like your near my back door, you know that. I want you to st… Ow! Get out of there, I don’t like that! You know I don’t like that!!”

Like a lot of people, Sharon had a thing –not a good thing– about asses. I’d tried, but never gotten her to poke around mine. And it was always clear she didn’t want me anywhere near her asshole.

“Out, not in,” she’d say.

Now, the wet tip of my finger was rubbing around her ass, at the same time I put two others up front.

“But you like this, don’t you?” A nice whimper came out. “You like me massaging your pussy like this.” Her groan came from deep in her throat. “You’re leaking buckets. Doesn’t it feel good to have my fingers filling you up? All over?”

Neither of us could tell if she was shaking her head no or nodding it yes while I went deeper in both places.

“I’m going to keep rubbing you inside, verrrrryyyy sloooowwly,” I was moving in and out of both her holes, “verrrrryyyy sloooowwly, until you can’t stand it anymore and your whole body starts…”

All of a sudden her whole body slowly convulsed, her sounds were almost out of hearing range.

“Eeeeeeeiiiiiiiii. OHHHHHH, ohhhhh ohmygodRonnie! OhhhhhhHHHHH!!”

Soon we were both naked and and pounding each other like there was no tomorrow. I shot so hard I thought it was going to come out her mouth, her ears, and her ass.

“I don’t know what happened, I came so much today,” she whispered when we were coming down from our fuck fest. “I never, ever wanted you near my ass but when you started licking it…” she trailed off.

“You tasted so good.”

“I don’t want to hear that, knock it off,” she whined. “It felt nice… No. No no no no.” She didn’t know what to do.

“You were so tight back there. You almost broke off my finger.”

“I did not! No.”

“You liked me in your ass, I could feel it squeezing and squeezing when you came.”

“Please don’t. I’m… I don’t know, it’s humiliating.”

“But you came so many times.”

“It’s because I like your cock fucking me, like I always do.”

“It’s because you liked my finger up your bum, it turned you on. Maybe next time…”

“Out, not in,” she said, but without much conviction.

“Sure, whatever you say.” Until the next time.

And so it went with our dates. More sex, better sex, better loving. More fun all in all. I had a few more places I wanted to go, but I was getting more confident we’d get there in time.

Even Sharon was getting into things more and starting to ask me for things that would turn her on. She particularly liked it when I licked her nipples, so much that she could have a rockin’ orgasm just from that tonguing. Which eventually led to…

“Ronnie?” Sharon was riding me slowly, dragging herself up and down over my cock, working both of us up, her breasts dangling in my face (“why do they have to be so big, like udders?”). She bent down and murmured in my ear.

“Ronnie? You know how you like it when I shake my tits in your face?” I mumbled yes. “I like that so much, I love turning you on with my tits.”

“Ronnie?” she started again, a little nervously. “Can you please take both my nipples, um, in your mouth, and when I start to shake them, just bite down? Gently? Really gently. But, bite both my nips when I’m shaking them?”

I would love it. I did, and she did. She started shaking them, I bit down –tenderly, like she asked– and the more she shook, the tighter I held, and as she jiggled her boobs her whole body started spasming uncontrollably.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God! Fuck fuck fuckfuck, I’m coming Ronnie!! I’m coming from my tits, I’m coming from my nipples, I love you chewing on my tits, I’m coming I’m coming!!”

Her orgasm took over her whole body and her pussy started squirting all over the both of us.

“Oh my God!” she said after she came down. “You almost bit my nipples off!”

“I’m so sorry baby.” The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her.

“Oh my God no! It was amazing,” she said as she was rubbing her juices all over the both of us. “Here, bite them –gently, now– again.”

“Ronnie?” A few weeks later, Sharon was looking at me tentatively. “Ronnie, I did something bad.”

What was she talking about?

“I, uh, I spent too much money on this new dress.” She spun around like we were in a Doris Day movie or something.

“That’s OK baby. Whatever. You look great in it.”

“Really? I knew you’d like it. It’s big, with easy access.” She winked at me. “No really, it was too much. I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Sharon, baby, it’s all right.”

“No, you have to help me.”

Did it need to be unzipped or something?

“You need to help me stop doing such bad things.” She paused, kind of looking down at the floor. “I need to be punished.”

What was she talking about?


“Please what Sharon? So you won’t buy another dress for a while. This one looks really pretty.”

She turned around, stuck her butt out, and raised the flouncy skirt to her waist, and bent over a little. “Take my underpants down, please.”

That was a first, but of course, I complied. As far as I’m concerned, any Sharon ass was good Sharon ass.

“I want you to teach me a lesson so I’ll never be bad again.” I was completely confused. “Spank me, spank my ass.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Make my bare ass really feel it, make it sting. I was bad. Isn’t that what happens to a bad girl?” she whined. “Spank me!”

Sharon had been liking our ass play more and more. Her pussy gushed when I fingered her back there, she liked me rubbing it, squeezing it, opening it wide when she was on top. Even her clothes –like this dress– were flaunting it more. And gone were the granny pants, now she wore those high waisted, stretchy things that really exposed her globes, no matter what she was wearing. They made her ass look totally brazen. A real change from “it’s too fat, it’s too big, don’t look at it.” Though she still played like it mortified her that it jiggled when she walked and I whistled. But this was a whole other level.

“Come on baby. Please Ronnie?” Sharon had never been a beggar before. “I’m getting wet just waiting for it. It’ll make me fuck you really good, I promise. Please spank my ass!” She stuck it out for me again.

So I did. I whacked her across her cheeks.

“Ow. Do it again. Oww! Again! Owww! Do it again!”

She was really getting into it. And was I getting hard from it? What was going on?

“I like it when you smack my poor little heinie. Punish my big behind some more! Make it hard for me to sit down! Owww! Again!” She was really liking this. “Touch my cunt, finger fuck my pussy Ronnie. See how wet it is? See what happens when I’m bad?”

She was right, she was totally gushing.

“Fuck me now. Fuck me with my new, expensive dress on. I’m all bent over for you the way you like it, aren’t I? I’m showing you my big old tushie the way you always want it.”

I was so hard it hurt. My penis slid in like… yeah, it slid in like it was melted butter in there.

“Your cock feels so good! Slap my ass again, fuck me, spank me, make me howl!! Ooooooowwwwyyeeeessssss!!”

I kept walloping her rear while I was crashing into her backside, and before you know it I was coming, she was coming for what must have been the fifth time. Her rear end was almost purple and she was laughing, crying, screeching.

“Oh Ronnie, you made my ass feel so good. I was so bad.”

“Maybe next time I can fuck you there.” I figured I’d try.

“I like you smacking it, I don’t want you fucking it.”

“Come on, you’ll love it.”

“You can fuck my pussy, bite my tits. You can stare at my ass all you want, and hit it till I shout. But you will not, you cannot, bugger my asshole, no matter how much you cry.”

“I know you’ll give in eventually.”

“Out. Not in.”

Yeah, that’s what she says now.

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