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Dressed for Sex

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Double Penetration

This is a prequel to the Sissy Nicky story …

“Thanks Dana, I’m glad you could get here on such short notice.”

“No problem Angie, I’m glad I could help you out.”

“I’d have waited until Nick got home from his trip, but I really needed to get the laundry started and I haven’t had water all weekend.”

“Why don’t you show me to problem and I’ll see what I can do.”

Angie backed away from the door to let me inside. As she did, it was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra under her loose t-shirt. I really didn’t think anything of it as we were old friends and she was trying to get her chores done on the weekend, but I did notice the way her ample breasts swayed under the t-shirt. Angie led me to the laundry room. I pulled the washer away from the wall so I could take a look.

“Do you have some old towels I can use to soak up the water?”

She went into the garage and returned with some beach towels. I spread the towels around and soaked up most of the sitting water. I turned the valve off for the washer then unfastened the water hoses connected to the washer. As I suspected, the hose had cracked near the washer. “Hey Angie.” I walked towards the kitchen to find her. I rounded the corner to see her bent over at the waist. Her shorts were riding high up her thighs and the unmistakable ‘V’ from her thong bikini was evident. I paused and took in the view before speaking. “I just need to replace this water hose for you. I’ll run over to Home Depot. Do you want me to replace them both? It’ll be about $40, but the other one is just as old.”

“Whatever you think Dana. Here’s some cash, just let me know if I owe you more when you get back.”

It took me about forty minutes to get over and back with the hoses. Angie let me back in the house then went off to do her own thing. “It’ll only take me about ten minutes.” I was on my hands and knees collecting my tools when I heard heels clicking on the tile. Angie stopped just in front of me. Her toenails were painted bright red and she wore five-inch heels. My eyes slowly moved up her bare calves, then her knees, then her thighs. She was wearing a very short red robe.

“Thanks for fixing this for me, Dana.” As she spoke, she slowly pulled her robe open to show me the very skimpy red lace teddy on her body. Angie has very nice curves and great breasts that were exaggerated by the teddy she now wore. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I couldn’t look away either. “You know this is the position a man should always be for a woman. Do you think I look sexy, Dana?”

“U-h-h, very sexy. In fact too sexy for just the two of us to be here.”

“Relax Dana. Nick’s not due home for hours. Remember that’s why I called you to help me.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the ‘V’ of her high-cut teddy. It exposed her high hips and made it very evident that her pubes were closely cropped or non-existent. “I’ve thought about you and those conversations we’ve had about you getting all dressed up and having no one to play with. I want to see you!”

I was getting nervous just being in this position, but I could feel my penis stiffen in my pants at the thought. “This isn’t right. Nick’s my best friend. Besides I don’t have any of that stuff with me.” Angie smiled and bent at the knees. Her breasts were just twelve inches from my face. She just sat there for thirty seconds letting me take her into my senses.

“You’ve been a good handyman today and I want to thank you.” From behind her back she handed me two white lacy undergarments. “Take these from my hand and go into the guest bedroom. You’ll find a few other things for you. When you have them on, come into the family room and let me see.”

I hesitated, but the desire was too strong. I slowly reached out and took them from her. As I stood up, it was evident I was quite erect. When I was standing, my cock was straight out from Angie’s face.

She smiled. “You’ll have to do something about this. The panties are not that big.”

I quickly walked past her and into the guest room. Once inside, I closed the door behind me. Even though I knew what was in my hand, I unfolded them and looked at what Angie had given me for the first time. It was a bra and panties set. The panties were actually a little wider in the front than I have bought for myself, but I figured she was guessing. I looked at the bed for the first time and saw matching garter and stockings. She even left me a little tube of lipstick. Although I don’t usually use lipstick being home alone, it was quite intriguing. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and face to get the dirt mersin escort from the washer off of me. I stripped off my male clothes and folded them in a pile. My cock was still quite erect from my excitement. I knew there was nothing I could really do about it except to jerk myself off and I really didn’t want to do that. I put the bra on first and adjusted the shoulder straps to fit. Next I fastened the garter belt and moved it into place. The stockings were shear and rolled smoothly up my legs. I quickly fastened them to the belt. Finally I stepped into the panties and pulled them up my legs. They were just a bit loose, but the extra space made it a bit easier to contain my erection in the panties. I admired myself in the full-length mirror behind the door. I was very pleased I had shaved my pubes that morning while showering. I like to keep most of my pubes shaved all the way to my anus. I have just a small amount of dark curls between my navel and my penis. I could see my hand shaking as I reached for the door. I’d never been seen by anyone else while dressed this way. The door opened and I knew I was committed.

“Let me see you Dana.” I could hear Angie call me from the family room in the back of the house. I walked down the hallway in my stocking feet. I tried to look nonchalant, but my heart was pounding with excitement. I knew she wouldn’t laugh, but I didn’t want to disappoint her either. I stopped in my tracks when I first saw her sitting on the love seat.

“Don’t be shy. Come closer so I can get a good look at your sexy body.” Angie was casually stroking her breast through the teddy as she spoke to me. She was sitting with her back to the wall and her feet up on the ottoman. Her legs were parted and I could easily see the ‘V’ between her thighs. I moved to within four feet of her before stopping. I had entered the room with my hands in front of my crotch. “Don’t be a silly. Put your hands behind your back and stick out your breasts for me to see.” I did as she told me to and I could seemingly feel my penis grow in my panties. I could feel the moisture oozing from the tip as the silky fabric rubbed against it as I walked.

“You look wonderful. Please turn around so I can admire your backside.” I turned around and stopped for a moment. When I turned back around, I could see Angie had unhooked the teddy between her legs. Her shaved pussy was very prominently displayed for me. “Oh Dana. You were very modest. You look even sexier than you described to me. You did a nice job with the lipstick.”

“Thank you Angie for the compliments.” Angie’s left hand had moved down between her thighs and she was now lightly fingering her pussy lips. My eyes naturally followed her fingers. “You are making me so horny standing all sexy like that for me. I’m not making you nervous … am I?” She was making me very nervous and very aroused.

“U-h-h yes you are making me nervous. But please don’t stop.” Angie smiled a wicked little smile at me.

“I’ve read your stories and know how much you love to lick pussy. Will you lick mine?”

“I really don’t think that is a good idea. What if Nick walks in on us?”

“Relax silly girl,” that was the first time anyone had referred to me as a female, “Nick called while you were out. He was still at the airport and he won’t be home for another three hours. I told him you were taking care of my plumbing problem.”

Angie looked incredibly sexy sitting there with her legs spread and her fingers casually stroking her lips. “You know we both want you between my legs. Now get between my legs and show me how good you are.” Her tone changed slightly, telling me she was in control even if I hadn’t already felt that way. I slowly approached her and she kicked the ottoman away from her. She reached out and felt my erection through the panties with the ever-increasing wet spot.

“You have such a big clit. I hope you let me play with it later.” It jerked against her fingers and she smiled. “Now get on your knees Dana.” I dropped to my knees and suddenly felt a little slutty. Angie spread her legs a little wider and I soon found myself inches from the heat between her legs.

“Do you like to see my shaved pussy? It’s so nice and smooth, isn’t it?” All I could do was nod my head. I could smell her body’s aroma. I leaned forward and tasted her lips for the first time. My tongue licked up and down the crack of her lips, not penetrating, just teasing them.

“Ooh you are a bad girl. You’re going to tease me, aren’t you?” I moved my tongue up and found her clit for the mersin escort bayan first time. Angie let out a moan and her body slid down the chair closer to me by a couple inches. I used my tongue as skillfully as I had ever done so with a woman. Her body was very expressive and once I got her juices flowing, she had a very sweet taste. Occasionally I would look up at her to watch her playing with her now exposed breasts. Angie told me she loved to play with her large brown nipples and she was pulling and pinching them every time I looked. I had been between her legs for more than fifteen minutes when she clamped her thighs around my head and pulled me closer.

I worked her clit with my tongue, biting it, sucking it and stroking it. When she could take no more, she started moaning very loudly before I could feel her muscles shake from her orgasm. “Oh Dana, you do love to lick pussy and you are so good at it. That was wonderful.” She patted the sofa next to her and I sat beside her. We kissed for the first time. Her hand began to lightly stroke my fully erect cock through my panties.

“Now it’s my turn to please you. Sit here for five minutes then come upstairs to my bedroom.” I looked at the clock to see when it would be five minutes but also to check that I still had two and a half hours before Nick would be home. Angie stood up and walked upstairs. I waited for exactly five minutes before getting off the couch. I had to do everything I could to keep from running up the stairs. I walked into her room to find the bed covers pulled down.

“Lie down on the bed. I’ll be with you in a minute.” I looked around the room and saw nothing I hadn’t seen in previous visits. Of course, this was not like any previous visit. Angie walked out of the bathroom with a surprise for me. She was nearly nude. Well, she was nude except for the nipple clamps and the harness around her waist. A large rubber cock extended from the harness and swung between her legs.

“Uh Angie, I don’t know about this.” I kept looking at the size of the rubber cock and knew where it was headed. It scared me, but I found myself incredibly aroused.

Angie crawled onto the bed. “Get on your hands and knees and show me how a slut sucks cock.” Her tone surprised me. “I told you to suck my cock!” Her voice was louder this time.

I got on all fours and took the head of the large cock between my lips. I started slowly as I had never been with a guy before and was really unsure. Angie pushed more of the cock inside my mouth and I soon had half of the rubber phallus between my lips.

“That’s enough. I know every slut likes to suck cock, but they really love to take it up their ass.” I was really nervous now thinking it would split me open.

“Turn around for me!” I wanted to do whatever Angie wanted. Angie actually got off the bed and stood with her feet on the floor. She grabbed my stocking covered ankles and pulled me to her. She slapped my ass through the panties causing me to lurch. She gave me four more spanks before she rolled the panties off my ass cheeks. The front of the panties was standing out like a tent. I could feel a cool liquid being squirted on the crack of my ass then her finger was pushing it around the rim and inside the sphincter.

“You’re gonna need to relax Dana or this will hurt. But you’re gonna get fucked either way!” I was trying to relax but I was scared and excited and nervous. Finally I felt the tip of the rubber cock against the rim of my hole. She gave it a push and I felt the muscles began to widen around it. Even though she was talking tough, Angie was being gentle as she pushed more and more of the large rubber cock into my ass. I found myself moaning with pleasure as I dropped to my elbows. She had settled into a nice rhythm that had her pushing about two-thirds of the cock into me.

“You’ve got a very fuckable ass Dana. Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes I am Angie.” She slapped my cheeks a few more times before reaching around and pulling my panties down over my erect cock. Angie tightly grabbed my cock in her hand. She gave it a couple strokes and I thought she would make me cum, but instead she grabbed it and hung onto it.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Dana. Look up.” I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes. Nick was standing in the doorway to the room. He was naked, his body covered with dark hair. I looked at him and I’m sure the blood drained from my face. I tried to move but the large rubber cock in my ass and Angie’s grip on my cock held me on the bed. I realized if Nick was already escort mersin naked, he was in on it and I’d been had. Then I looked at his tightly bound cock and balls. It had been years since we’d gone camping, but I always remembered the size of his penis. It was very thick compared to my much thinner version.

“Nick’s been watching everything. He watched his slutty friend get between my legs and eat me to orgasm.” With his cock securely fastened by a steel cock ring against the base and his balls pushed being down by a four-inch leather strap, his privates now looked huge to me.

“Come here and give me a kiss.” Nick walked over to the bed and gave a deep and passionate kiss to his wife.

“Okay Dana, I let you practice on mine and now its time to show Nick how good you can suck on a cock.”

“This is crazy. Nick, what are you doing?” Nick got on the bed in front of me, his huge cock bobbing in front of my lips.

“Angie says I’m about to have a little slut suck on my cock. And I don’t ever disobey Angie.” Again I couldn’t believe what was happening. Slowly I opened my lips and he pressed his cock against them. I took him inside my mouth as Angie returned to fucking my ass.

“Good girl, suck on that big cock while I fuck you. You know you are so turned on by all this.” I couldn’t disagree with her. I had never been this excited in my life. I thought my own cock would explode from the rush of excitement, but it just continued to ooze pre-cum. Nick’s cock was stretching the bounds of my jaw as he pumped it in and out of my mouth.

“I’m getting tired and need to have my pussy taken care of again by this pretty girl. Nick, can you take my place?” Nick slid his cock from my mouth.

“Don’t move sweetie, we’ll be right with you.” I didn’t dare move for fear I’d touch my cock and it would explode. Angie got on the bed stripped of the harness and put her shaved pussy in my face. I was surprised when I felt Nick’s tongue dance around the rim of my asshole. He worked his tongue around the rim before probing it with the tip. That felt really great. But before I enjoyed it too much, I felt Nick’s hairy legs behind me. I soon felt his large cock at the entrance to my ass. He pressed his thick cock against the rim of my ass and was soon pushing inside.

“Just relax Dana, Nick’s gonna make you feel really good!” Angie slid her pussy against my lips and my tongue snaked out and tasted her sweetness once again. Nick’s cock was now three inches inside of me as he worked in and out of my ass. My tongue was lapping at Angie’s wet pussy, her juices flowing to my tongue. Nick grabbed my hips and he began to stroke deeper inside of me and I was finding his thickness very comforting. Within a couple minutes, Nick was able to get most of his cock inside of me as he thrust. Occasionally his bound balls would swing up and hit mine. It was a really weird sensation. I looked up at Angie.

“I need to cum Angie. I feel like I’m going to explode!”

“I’ll make you a deal. When you get me off, I’ll let Nick cum. After that, he’ll show you how to suck on a cock. Does that sound like fun?” I didn’t even answer, I just dove into her pussy. My tongue was now flicking her clit like there was no tomorrow. Angie began thrusting her hips up to meet me as my tongue feverishly lapped across her swollen clit.

“That’s it. Make me cum. Make me cum.” Just as she felt her orgasm, Angie pulled the clamps from her swollen nipples and let out a tremendous yell. The blood rushing back to her nipples was electric. The sensation pushed her over the top and her pussy thrashed against me. My face was soon covered with her juices. The next sensation I felt was Nick filling my ass with his warm cum. He shot at least three long streams inside of me. I ground my hips back against him as he continued to stroke inside my ass. I knew it was my turn.

“You’ve been such a good fuck Dana. Now it’s time for your reward.” Nick exited my ass and the two of them helped turn me over. Nick got between my legs and pulled my panties down to expose my cock. I knew I was so close that I’d probably cum as soon as he touched it. I tried to think about anything but sex. Nick’s tongue was very soft on the underside of my cock. He licked at my balls and around my shaft before finally taking me inside his mouth. Angie was squeezing my ‘breasts’ as Nick worked his magic on my cock. I was soon shooting cum into his mouth. It seemed like I would never stop cumming, as I had been so excited for so long. We finally all lay on the bed without saying anything.

“That was incredible guys. I can’t thank you enough for this. It feels so great to be able to get dressed like this with an audience. And the sex … you two are unbelievable.”

We eventually all showered and Angie suggested we grab dinner before I drive home. She did tell me to wear my new undies to dinner and based on the afternoon, who was I to argue?

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